Day 11 - Cruising With Anna Again

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Anna (the captain's wife) had done me a favour in keeping the wives (Carrie and Supriya) on board so it was time for me to repay the favour.

Day 11. I had spent a very enjoyable morning with Lian. She had become quite comfortable with me burying my bare cock deep inside her very snug pussy, and particularly enjoyed the feelings when I pumped my hot cum inside her.

I headed back down to the buffet for some lunch and I was enjoying some solitude when I looked up to see Anna (the captain's wife) standing at the side of my table.

"Would you care for some company?" she asked. I nodded as I digested my mouthful of food.

When I was finally able to speak I thanked her "Thanks for helping out those poor wives for me. I really appreciate it."

"Hmmm ... I understand that you helped them out too" she replied with a smirk and a wink.

"Oh fuck..." I muttered under my breath but loud enough for Anna to hear me. She laughed and the sound of her laughter cracked me up, and we were soon laughing together. When we finally settled down, Anna spoke again.

"Now you have to repay your debt to me - it will be in two parts" she explained.

"Two parts?" I repeated with a questioning look.

Anna smiled "Part 1 is obvious...". I nodded because I understood that that involved another sex-filled romp with her in my suite". Then she continued "Part 2 involves the cardsharp that fleeced the husbands of their cash. I want your help in figuring out a way to bring her down a peg or two".

"Her... ???" I replied.

"Yes, the husbands lost their cash and have a debt to this young South American woman. Rosa is her name. She has been bothering the wives trying to collect the debts." Anna explained.

"Why is she still here? The husbands were put off the ship..." I was puzzled.

Anna explained "The husbands had been caught and warned before ... Rosa had not been caught before ... but she's now had her first and last warning..."

"Let me think of a plan ... shall we work on part 1 of my debt?" I asked with a smile.

"I never thought you would ask" Anna replied with a huge smile.

30 minutes later I was laying back slightly exhausted on my bed. Anna had just finished riding my cock to multiple explosive orgasms, and I had pumped a huge load of cum deep inside her bald fleshy pussy. I could smell her sexual aroma - it was quite a heady smell but one that I enjoyed inhaling. She had dismounted with a torrent of her and my juices streaming down onto my crotch.

"Oh ... let's not waste that" she remarked as she observed the creamy mess. She licked her lips as she crouched down, with her tongue coming out to lick up our combined residues.

"Hmmmm ... yummmmm!!!!" she moaned as she went about her work. Firstly, cleaning up all around my cock, before licking up and down the shaft to catch any dribbles. She looked at me, licking her lips before bring her lips to the helmet-head of my cock to kiss and lick the head. She swirled her tongue around and around the head before sliding my cock partway into her hot mouth.

Her eyes met mine for a moment before she locked her lips firmly around my cockshaft and started sucking. A hand went to my balls and palmed them as she skillfully worked my cockshaft in and out of her mouth. I watched in awe as more and more of my cock disappeared until I could feel my cockhead butting against the entrance to her throat.

A few days ago when she had sucked me off the first time, she had hinted that I was going to get an extra special treat next time that she sucked me. Right now she had about 7 inches of cock in her mouth with the remaining 3 inches still visible outside. She eased back up to the tip, then slowly descended back to her original position.

Then with a deliberate move, she slid the rest of my cock through the entrance to her throat and downwards until my cock was totally embedded in her throat and mouth.

"Oh fuck me..." I groaned as I became accustomed to the sensation of my cock being deep-throated by this Nordic angel. She eased back for a moment to catch a breath before sliding me back into her throat once again. She repeated the move over and over again until I couldn't take it anymore. I was so close to exploding in her throat, but I had plans for my next cum dump ... I wanted it deep inside of her ass - her virgin ass.

"Stop babe!!! ... I want to put my next load deep inside of your..." I paused a moment before finishing the sentence with " ... ass".

My cock popped free of her mouth before she spoke "Hmmmm ... and what makes you think that I want this big fat nasty cock in my petite tight ass?"

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