Day 12 - Cruising With Carrie and Emily

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Carrie looks absolutely marvellous in her pregnancy. He engages Emily to take some erotic nude shots which turn into shots of him and Carrie fucking. Emily is soon drawn into the coupling, and she is soon fucked by both Carrie and Grant.

Day 12 morning. I had met Carrie last night after dinner when one of the ship's photographers had take our photo together near the main dining room entrance. Emily, the photographer, commented on how beautiful we looked together, and how radiant Carrie looked in her pregnancy.

This had gotten Carrie and myself talking, and I suggested that a series of nude shots of Carrie with her swelling baby belly would make a sensational momento of this cruise (and help her forget about her hubby being booted off the ship for illegal gambling). Being adventurous, Carrie agreed, and I approached Emily to see if she would do a private photo session in my suite in the morning.

She was initially a little unsure - she would be working off-duty, and we had told her it would be nude photographs of Carrie. When I slipped her a couple of hundred dollars she readily agreed to the job.

Carrie was relaxing in my suite wearing just a robe when Emily arrived.

Emily was a young English woman. I found out that she was 23 years old and that she had been doing professional photography for the last two years. She stood about 5ft 6 ins tall, with long dark hair. Her English accent was really appealing as was her nice figure which was on display this morning. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans with a white figure-hugging t-shirt that did little to hide her nicely ample chest.

She had come prepared with her Canon Digital SLR camera and I was providing the memory card for her to use.

The session started off with Carrie moving about flashing bits of her delicious body at the camera. A bare tit was poking out from beneath her robe now and then; then it was one of her slim legs exposed all the way to the thigh. Finally she dropped the robe to her waist and exposed her sensational tits to the camera.

Emily worked Carrie through a number of poses until the robe was discarded fully and Carrie was playing up to the camera, exposing her sensational pregnant body to the lens. Hundreds of photos must have been taken before Carrie asked for a short break to have a drink of water.

Carrie stayed naked as she sipped the water as she talked with both Emily and myself. I thought that Emily may have been a little uncomfortable with a naked Carrie standing close to her peering over her shoulder as we reviewed some oif the photos on the camera.

"OK ... I'm ready to continue" Carrie said as she moved over and sat on the lounge. Emily was soon clicking away as Carrie went through a series of poses - poses where she was offering her tits to the camera. I noticed the Emily's nipples had become hard and were making little peaks in her white t-shirt.

Carrie then started to part her thighs to give the camera short glimpses of her pussy. Emily continued to take photos, as the time that Carrie held her thighs apart became longer and longer, until Carrie was keeping her thighs open all the time as she ran her fingers teasingly over her now very wet pussy mound.

"Oh ... ohhh..." Carrie moaned as she worked herself towards an orgasm - all being caught by the camera which Emily had moved closer to get a closeup view of Carrie's very wet pussy. She slipped a finger inside as she rocketed towards a massive cum.

"Ahhh ... ahhhhhhh ... cummmmiiiinnnggg" Carrie moaned as her juices streamed down her fingers. She teased the camera with her swollen pussy and her very wet fingers before she licked them clean of her juices.

"Oh my fucking god..." I heard Emily exclaim a couple of times as she continued to capture this sensational sequence of shots.

I had pre-arranged with Carrie that I would join in the posing at this point of time. I had stripped naked whilst I stood behind Emily, and then I walked up to the lounge with my massive hardon. I moved closer until I was able to insert my cockhead between Carrie's lips.

Emily took her camera away from her face when she realised that I had joined the posing.

"Keep taking photos please ... we want photos of us together" I explained as Carrie gave me a gentle suck as she smiled towards Emily.

"Oh god..." Emily responded before lifting her camera again to take more photos.

We moved through a sequence of poses before the grand finale pose that Carrie and I had selected. This would show me seated with Carrie facing away from me and slowly lowering her very very wet pussy onto my cock, and it slowly disappearing into the depths of her pussy.

As we moved into position, Emily moved frantically around taking photos from every angle as Carrie and I slowly embedded my cock into her pussy. I noticed that Emily would chance a quick feel of her own pussy through her jeans as she moved around. Clearly she was becoming very excited too.

After snapping many many photos of our joining, Emily put down her camera and watched us slowly fucking.

Carrie spoke to her "Come closer please".

Emily walked closer until she was within arms reach of Carrie. I had my hands on Carrie's hips directing my thrusts into her very wet and tight pussy. Carrie's hand snaked out and pulled Emily by the back of the neck until their lips met in a passionate kiss. Soon Emily's arms had gone around Carrie's back and the ladies were in a close hug with their lips mashed together.

"Oh fuck..." Carrie gasped when they broke apart "I want you naked..." she commanded Emily as her hands went to the bottom of Emily's t-shirt to drag it up over her ample bosom and then off over her head. The bra catch was quickly released and Emily's sensational tits were soon being smothered in kisses by Carrie.

"Oh my god ... lick them ... suck them please" Emily pleaded with Carrie as she pushed her nipples towards the wanton redhead's mouth. "Oh fuuuuuuccccckkkk!!!!" she groaned as Carrie latched onto a nipple and sucked.

I was watching Emily's face from my position behind Carrie - I could see arousal level quickly rising as Carrie switched back and forth between nipples. My movements in and out of Carrie's pussy were small at the moment as I allowed Carrie to do her thing with Emily without my presence in her pussy distracting her.

"Take your jeans off now ... now ... I want to see your pussy" Carrie again commanded Emily. She stepped back, kicking off her thongs and pulling her jeans and panties down together and kicking them away. I got a gilmpse then of heaven - her pussy was totally shaved except for a very thin strip of hair on her mound. I could see droplets of her juices clinging to her pussy lips as she stood up straight again.

"I want you to lay back on the ottoman" Carrie directed Emily where to lay. She obeyed. "Now spread your legs and play with your pussy whilst Grant gives me a nice cum".

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