Chapter 1

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"9-1-1 ... What's your emergency?"

"My Mother just shot my Dad ... DADDY? ... I don't think he's breathing ... Hurry, please Hurry!"

Let's go back a few years...

The Poindexter family was unique. David and Mary, the patriarch and matriarch of the family, never raised their voice in anger.

Steven and Julie, their two children, were a parent's dream. They both were 'A' students, involved in a few after-school activities.

They had breakfast and dinner together every weekday without fail.

That shouldn't be unique, but in this day and age, the Poindexter clan, all care for one another.

Steven is 16, Julie is 15 — they attend Sacred Heart Catholic School, for grades one thru twelve. Among the usual school routines, they attend Religion class each day.

The boys all have crew cuts, wear white button-down shirts and either brown or black slacks ... jeans aren't allowed.

The girls wear a white or light grey blouse, with a choice of two designs of a skirt. The skirts could be no higher than three inches, above the knee.

Every class began with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Steven would often ask to say the pledge. He was also a Boy Scout leader of Troop 38.

Despite having his driver's license, Steven had barely driven as his mother and father insisted on taking their children everywhere. They lived only six blocks from their school, so they walked to school and back every day.

Their conversation was usual...

"Anything interesting happen in any of your classes today, Julie?"

"There is a new boy who started. His name is Jeff Lloyd. He's kind of cute."

"Don't let Dad hear you say that, or he may call you a jezebel, Sis."

"I spoke to him. He said he had a step-sister starting today as well, did you meet her?"

"Yeah, she was OK, not as pretty as you though."

She stopped. "You think I'm pretty?"

"Yeah, most of the boys in my classes think so, so do I!"

"What is the name of Jeff's sister?" Julie asked.

"Jolene. She's younger than me. Blonde hair just like you ... green eyes, not as pretty as your blue eyes. She has a pleasant figure but nothing great."

This time their conversation had strayed...

"Is that your way of saying that I have an unpleasant figure, Steven?"

"That's not what I said at all. You're prettier than she is — that's the point I'm trying to make. The difference is that she's not my sister."

"So she's pretty enough for you, since she is not your sister?"

"Now you're putting words in my mouth, Julie. Well, you could say that. If you weren't my sister, I would probably ask you out on a date."


"Sure. There are rules that keep us from dating!"


"We're brother and sister. That alone keeps us from doing anything with one another."


"Julie! It's plain as day in the Bible — Genesis 20. The story about Abimelech and his sister?"

"What about Genesis 19? Zoar, and his daughters. They both 'lay with their father' and even had children with them!"

"That doesn't mean what you seem to think it means, Julie. If I thought for even a moment we could be more than brother and sister, I would be willing to talk about that with you."

Julie moved her books to her right arm allowing her left hand to grab Steven's right hand as they walked the remaining distance to their home.

They walked into the house together. Their mother saw them and watched as they still held hands going upstairs to change from their school clothes.

She worked on the dinner meal for a while, and then headed upstairs. She knocked on her son's door opening it and seeing him working on his homework. She went to Julie's room, knocked and peeked in to see her typing on her computer.

"Did you need something Mom?" Julie stopped to talk.

"No, just checking."

That night at dinner, the kids came down together holding hands. Both parents noticed but said nothing.

As nonchalantly as he could David asked, "Anything interesting happen at school today?"

"A new brother and sister started today, Daddy — the Lloyds. Jeff's in my class."

"And his older sister Jolene is in mine," Steven remarked.

"Know anything about them, what their father does anything like that?" Julie asked.

"Not really," Steven said. "Jolene did say that they moved here from New Orleans, but not much else."

"Is she pretty?" David asked his son.

"Dad, that's not a fair question. I wouldn't want to talk about another girl with both Mom and Julie right here. She's OK, but she's not as nice as either Mom or Julie."

The parents had a look between them, as everyone went on to finish their meal.

As usual, the kids washed the dishes after dinner.

"Steven, that's twice you've mentioned that I'm prettier than Jolene. Are you in love with me?"

"You're my sister; I love you like a sister — that's all."

As she handed him another plate to dry off, she then asked, "I think that I love you, but not like a sister — like a lover!"

Steven dropped a plate, breaking it into many pieces. He had started to clean it up when Mary walked in.

"What happened?"

"I dropped a plate, Mom — Sorry!" Steven said.

He finished cleaning up the mess, and then they went back to finishing the flatware. After putting it away they grabbed each other's hand going back upstairs. Mary was wondering what had started this to happen, but decided against saying anything yet.

Up in their rooms, Steven finished his homework. He knocked on his sister's door and was invited in.

Sitting on her bed, he remarked, "Julie, what did you mean when you said you loved me like a lover? Have I ever done anything that would make you say that?"

Saving her document and stacking up her schoolwork, she moved to sitting next to her brother. His hand opened, and she put hers inside his.

"You haven't Steven. It's just the way you look at me sometimes. I'm having a difficult time not thinking of you as a lover. I've even dreamed about you and I sleeping together."

"But we're only 15 and 16 years old! Not only are we brother and sister — we're also too young to do anything ... even with one another," Steven remarked.

Already sitting next to each other, Julie got closer and put her lips on her brother's. As she pulled away, he hadn't moved. This was a first between the two.

"Why did you just do that, Julie?"

"I've been wanting to for a while. We were talking about love - I love you, so I kissed you. Are you mad?"

"Nooo, I love you too. I just don't know if it's the same kind of love you feel for me or not."

She took his hand and placed it on her covered breast. He attempted to move it away. She put her hand over his as they kissed again. This kiss was more than just contact. She put some pressure against his lips. He pulled away, including his hand.

"Julie, this isn't right. The Bible says it isn't right. The law says it isn't right. We can't be doing this."

"Didn't you like it?" she asked almost to tears.

"That's not the point — sometimes we can't have what we desire for lots of reasons."

"You desire me?" she said with hope in her eyes.

"Yes, too much! I had better get back to my room. Goodnight — I love you!"

As he walked through the door, she said, "Not as much as I love you!"

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