Tales of the Dryden Dna Disaster 03: One Man's Odyssey

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Hermaphrodite, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Robot, Incest, Mother, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Lactation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Size, Transformation, Sci-fi sex story.

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Joseph Anderson thought of himself as a normal man. Seemingly unaffected by the monstrous genetic change caused by the Dryden virus, he hated all futanari. When his futa mother pushes him too far, Joe has an idea! He’d use equipment from his job at Cake is a Lie to enter into stasis and join the male resistance he thought would grow in the future. They’d need a REAL man to lead them! His plan would send him on an odyssey undreamed of, and teach him lessons no man had ever learned before!

Thirty-three year old Joseph Anderson, Joe to his friends, drove through the night. As usual, he was fuming after a hard day at work. "Who does that little snow white bitch think she is?' he muttered as his hands gripped the steering wheel tighter. Aurora Fitzpatrick-Dryden may be a genius, but Joe resented having to take orders from a damn nineteen year old kid! Today she had gone too far though! The little bitch had the unmitigated gall to hit him with a government inspector, of all things! The pink eyed brat had decided to perform background checks, and personality profile interviews on all of her employees!

The evaluation bitch was a knockout though. Miss Aureate was a tall leggy blonde falling just short of the tit size that would make her into one of those futanari freaks! It took all his willpower to keep his eyes from wandering down to the hem of the exceedingly short tight black skirt she wore, as she sat on the edge of his workbench. His cock was rock hard the whole time she talked with him. For some reason she never took off her cheesy big lens mirrored sunglasses throughout the damn interview. Joe would have loved to see her eyes. He was certain that they'd be a beautiful baby blue, to go with her overall baby doll appearance.

"Now Mr. Anderson." She had said with a sultry low voice. "I just have one final question. I see here that you are single. Why hasn't a handsome young man like you ever tied the knot?"

He saw that as an opening. Rising from his chair, he had placed his hand on a warm lovely knee. "Perhaps I just haven't found Miss Right yet, honey. Are you doing anything tonight? Perhaps we can get to know each other under less formal conditions."

The bitch had laughed in his face! "Sorry champ! You're ten thousand years too early to have a shot at getting in my panties!"

Miss Aureate, whatever the fuck her first name was, had then packed up her papers and left his workshop. He later saw her out in the hallway laughing and joking with Aurora. The two made quite a pair. Both were sizzling hot, and both seemed to have similar eye trouble. Aurora had on her ever present deeply tinted goggles, and the damn government spy still had on her tacky 1970's mirrored sunglasses. Joe had a fearsome boner as he mentally undressed the giggling pair.

It was a shame he would never see Miss Aureate again, but she was obviously a dyke, or one of the many sick demented woman that worshipped the very ground those genetic freak futanari walked on. Fuck her! Thankfully his work day still had its perks. That exotic little Asian albino never failed in making him pitch some serious wood!

"I can't believe that tasty little trick went and married the monster that ruined the entire human race!" He pounded the steering wheel. "She knows the score! How can she even look at that dick-girl bitch, and ignore a real man!" Joe was disgusted. He had hacked Aurora's private database one day, just weeks after being hired as a fabricator at "Cake Is a Lie", and had learned a sobering truth.

His suspicions had been confirmed as he read the hidden data. "Men are dying out, and nobody seems to give a shit!" The rock hard boner in his pants told him part of the answer. He had caught the Dryden Sniffles as had everyone else, but it had no real effect on him. He seemed to be about the only male in the world that didn't undergo a noticeable reduction in libido. He was proud of himself for remaining a REAL man!

If Joe were honest with himself, he would have realized the truth. He had always been a sexual addict. He had been the first boy in his class to discover the wonderful and wet thing that would happen if he took things "In Hand" while looking at pictures of pretty girls. He had avidly practiced this solo hobby ever since, every chance he found a few moments of privacy and a handful of tissues.

As an adult, even on the numerous days he scored with a girl, or paid one of a long string of prostitutes, he had always beaten off four, five, six or more times daily. Now Joe was down to "Chokin' the Chicken" only three times a day, four on Saturdays. He still popped wood like a teenager any time he saw a sexy woman. He just thought of himself as now having the maturity and control to wait until a more appropriate time to rub one off.

He gritted his teeth. Once again he was going home to masturbate before going to bed. He hadn't been laid in well over a year. It was that Dryden bitch's fault! His last girlfriend had left him, when the woman that did her hair suddenly grew a fifteen inch cock! The cunt had actually called him up and told him all about being fucked right in the damn hair salon chair as if he would be happy for her! The bitch had then laid the "Lets just be friends" bullshit on him!

Joe couldn't even find any relief with hookers. Futanari never had to pay for sex, and the lack of libido in men had caused all the brothels he knew about to shut down. He trolled all his old hunting grounds, and couldn't even find any skanky crack whores walking the streets! Being exposed to the Dryden Sniffles seemed to have somehow helped people kick their drug habits!

His own mother had even cock-blocked him! The few times in the last year he had finally managed to find girls drunk enough, um, interested enough to come home with him, mom had stolen right away! Granted she was tall, with breasts big enough to make his boyhood friends drool, but why the hell did his mother have to go and grow a fucking gigantic dick?

He had been humiliated to actually hear Mary Anderson bragging on the phone his grandmother about being an astonishing eighteen inches! To his shame, his own mother was actually eleven whole freakin' inches longer than he was! He was just glad that pop had passed away years before, and would never have to face THAT monstrosity!

His ego was battered even farther after hearing over the speakerphone that Granny had not only thrown away her wheelchair, but had sprouted a twelve inch cock of her very own! Why did the old bat have to sound so proud and happy? The now youthful healthy and energetic eighty year old woman had a cock five inches longer than his! It was so damn unfair, not to mention embarrassing!

Granny had been thrown out of her nursing home after she had knocked up two nursing assistants, and a young nun who volunteered her time reading from the bible to bed ridden patients. It hit all the papers when Sister Mary Margaret renounced her vows, and ran off with Granny to get married!

Joe had almost puked when he saw the wedding picture as it spread all over the internet. Granny, looking a youthful fifty, wore a white tuxedo. The slacks fit her so tight you could clearly see her huge disgusting package! Mary Margaret had been the one to make the picture newsworthy though. Good God, the sick weirdo wore a traditional black habit and wimple as her wedding dress!

Men all over the world hardly batted an eye when women turned to those freaks! Sure most guys still saw a little action now and then, but the writing was on the wall! The birth rate for infant boys was starting to taper off! Any women impregnated by those androgynous creatures gave birth to normal girls, who the press had taken to call mono-sex females, monos for short and hermaphroditic beings. Futanari and female union NEVER bore fruit to a boy child. In a few hundred years, males would go the way of the dinosaur if nothing was done about it!

"Dammit, there has to be some way to insure that men will continue!" he shouted into the night. "I can't let men die out, to be replaced by those damn futanari monsters!"

Swerving, he only just managed to miss running down a woman riding a bicycle straight at him! He had almost hit the stupid bitch head on! There was something unnatural in the way she had swerved the bike at the very last second. She handled it as if it were actually a part of her body. Slamming on the brakes, Joe leaned out the window and waved a fist at the laughing leggy blonde cyclist. Her skin tight Daisy Duke shorts and skimpy halter that hardly contained her bouncing breasts as she pedaled distracted him. It took a second for Joe to recognize her.

"What the fuck Miss Aureate! What in the hell are you doing out here? Are you retarded? It's nighttime! Take off those damn mirrored sunglasses before you get yourself killed!"

"I left something at Cake!" she had called over her shoulder. "See you soon, Joseph!" When she turned to head around the bend in the road that had almost caused her death, not to mention his insurance premiums to skyrocket, he heard thunder and saw a flash of light in his rear view mirror. It seemed odd on such a clear moonlit starry night.

"Wait a minute." He said as he scratched his head in puzzlement. "Did that bike even have a chain? I could swear that there weren't even any gears connected to the pedals or rear wheel! It must have been one of those electric bikes. Yeah, that's it."

Putting the car back into gear, he just started to accelerate when he saw the light and heard the thunder again just ahead of him. He slowed down and drove more cautiously. In the distance the headlights picked out a pale form in the road. Shit! Thank God that Aureate bitch made him stop! There was a naked chick staggering down the street! He would have killed her if that stupid bike whore spy hadn't delayed him!

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