Day 10 - Cruising With Pippa

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He had ordered room service as he sat in his suite's spa. Pippa delivered his snack. He discovered that he had fucked her daughter (Laura) and that she was initially outraged then curious. He showed her what Laura had been raving about afterwards.

I'd had a pleasant morning with both Chantel and Vicki. I'd been 16 year old Chantel's first lover; and I'd fucked her mum (Vicki) once again after she came deperate for a fuck to my suite.

I was relaxing in my spa bath when I decided to order a light snack to keep up my strength. I rang room service, ordered my food and waited after telling them that the door would be unlocked and that the waiter should come right on in.

My name is Phillipa, but I answer to Pippa. I'm a 40 year old mother and I work on the ship with my daughter. My daughter and I are very alike physically except that I have a bigger set of C-cup tits. I had just finished my shift and I was down chatting to my friend Jo when the room service request came in for Grant's suite. I'd heard all about Grant from my daughter Laura. Yes, Laura was fucked by Grant yesterday.

Initially I had been annoyed and outraged that a guy who was much older than Laura had fucked her. But the more she told me about what she had experienced and how she loved it, the less outraged that I became. Laura had told me about her previous sexual experiences and how they didn't satisfy her, and then last night she raved about her experiences with Grant. I finished up feeling a little jealous because my sexual experiences with Laura's father had been equally unimpressive.

Whe the room service meal was ready for delivery I volunteered to take it to Grant's suite on my way back to my cabin.

I heard a knock on my door, and then the door opened and in walked a slender beautiful woman with a tray containing my room service order. I watched her as she walked in a few steps before stopping in the middle of the lounge room.

I called out for her to bring the tray over to the edge of the spa as I sat there enjoying the bubbles from the spa jets. She knelt down and put the tray beside me. I was able to get a closer look at her as she knelt. She had a look that haunted me. I felt that I had met her before.

"Excuse me for asking ... but have I met you before. You seem so familiar?" I asked as she stood near the edge of the slightly sunken spa.

She hesitated in responding for a moment before she replied.

"No, we haven't met before, but you may be confusing me with my daughter ... her name is Laura" she replied with a smile and with her eyes locked onto mine.

"Oh..." the puzzle was solved. I had had a very pleasant sex-filled session with young Laura yesterday.

"Am I in trouble?" I asked a little sheepishly. I was a little concerned that this mother may not be impressed with a 50 plus year old male fucking her young daughter.

As she stood over me, I glanced up at her, taking in her body and face. She was indeed an older version of Laura, except I noted that Pippa had a much larger bust line hidden behind her crisp white blouse.

"Yes ... you were last night ... until Laura assured me that she had enjoyed the experiences with you and that she was now much better aware of what good sex was". Pippa smiled more as she finished.

Seeing that this conversation was not going to turn ugly, I slipped my hand down into the bubbles and started stroking my cock under the water, and out of sight of Pippa. I decided to flirt with her and see where that might lead.

"Do you have to hurry away ... it's not often that I get to talk to the mother of a young lady that I have fucked". I deliberately used 'fucked' to see what reaction that I got.

"Hmmm ... no, I have finished my shift so I don't have to be anywhere for a while" she replied.

I became very cheeky with my next suggestion "Why don't you come join me in here?". I smiled at her and laughed a little. What impressed me was that she didn't say no immediately. She looked to be actually thinking about my suggestion, so I upped the ante.

"Talking to you would be so much easier if you were down here with me" I prompted her as she evidently thought about it.

She hesitated so I prompted her again "I bet your body is as sensational as Laura's ... I've already noted that your boobs are much bigger ... and I bet yours are sensational..."

She smiled with that compliment and her hand drifted to the front of her blouse.

"C'mon ... don't think about it ... just do it..." I coaxed her some more.

With that prompting, she started undoing her blouse buttons, and I stroked my now hard cock a little more as this mature beautiful woman disrobed in front of me.

"Oh fuck me ... you are georgeous" I muttered as Pippa stood naked in front of me. I could now see that her tits were sensational with nice bulk and tipped with rosy red nipples surrounded by dark pink areoles. The nipples looked to be rock hard at the moment. My eyes drifted down over a flat tummy to find a fluffy bushy pubic mound, however her large pussy lips were devoid of any hair covering.

"Oh yumm ... you look good enough to eat" I added as she blushed at my previous comment.

She moved closer and I held up my hand to help her step into the bubbling spa. She took my hand and stepped into the spa and sat down right beside me. I'd expected her to sit across from me, but she wasn't as shy as I thought she would be. I slipped my arm around her shoulders as she snuggled into me.

I thought I'd play it cool for a while, so we chatted about the ship and heaps of other things that we had in common. All the time my hand dangled precariously close to the top of her sensational tit. I finally moved a little and my hand came in direct contact with her tit. I cupped it and waited for her reaction. The only reaction that I got was for her hand to seek out my cock under the bubbling surface of the water.

We were now facing each other so I leant into her and brought my lips into contact with hers. The kiss started out slowly and gently but before long we were mashing our lips together and her tongue had come out to play. All this time her hand was milking my cock and grabbing at my big balls. My hand had worked its way back and forth betweeen her tits, cupping them and tweaking at her bullet-like nipples.

Finally we broke the kiss and I asked her to sit up on the edge of the spa and dangle her legs into the water. I moved between her legs and eased her thighs apart so I could get an uninterrupted view of her naked pussy. Her large pussy lips were still pushed together but I could see that her clit had become engorged and was poking out from under its hood. It looked to be one of the bigger ones that I had ever seen.

"Oh fuck ... your clit is so ... so..." I started to say but Pippa finished my sentence by saying "ugly".

"Oh fuck no ... never ever would I, or anyone else, say 'ugly'" I countered. "That is a clit that is meant for licking and sucking - a clit that I'm going to enjoy playing with"

"Why..." she started to say but was cut short when my fingers came out and stroked it gently.

"Oh ... ohhhh ... oh fuck" she groaned as the sensations of having her clit stroked overcame her. I moved closer so my tongue could take over what my fingers had started. I ran my tongue back and forth over her clit before capturing it between my lips and giving it a gentle suck.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she screamed as a massive cum rocked her body as I worked her clit between my lips. The cum was a very wet one, with a huge spray of her juices drenching my face. They smelt and tasted divine as I tried to lick up every droplet of her juices. As she recovered from her cum she looked down at me in amazement as I licked all over her pussy, with my tongue already pushing her lips apart to find the entrance to her pussy canal.

"Oh my god ... I can't believe that just happened ... and that you liked it so much" she whispered.

"Oh my fucking god ... you just fed me with the nectar of the gods direct from your pussy. I loved it" I replied happily.

"My ex-hisband only ever went down on my pussy once. He said it was ugly and he hated it when I wet his face. He said I pissed on him" she admitted with a sad voice.

"Oh ... what a moron he was" I observed "You are a guy's dream come true ... A fantastic body and a pussy that has it all - looks, smell and taste ... and I want to know just how snug its going to feel wrapped around my cock".

Pippa smiled at my comments but her face changed to one of concentration as my tongue and lips made contact again with her pussy. This time my tongue was burrowing between her large engorged pussy lips and poking at the entrance to her pussy canal. As my tongue breached her canal entrance, I could smell and taste her inner core, and I could feel her inner heat beconning me inside.

"Oh fuck ... oh fuck ... oh fuck..." she chanted as I worked her pussy with my lips and tongue. Boring my tongue as deep inside as I could reach before sliding it between her pussy lips to pick up her abundant juices. Then with a quick movement I seized her clit between my lips again and sucked it.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Cummmmmmiiiiiiinnnnggggg!!!!" she shouted as she drowned my face in her hot cum juices as a new massive cum rocked her body. Her juices sprayed all over my face and into my open mouth as I unsuccessfully attempted to capture every droplet. As her cum started to wane, I moved my mouth to her inner thigh where I gently bit her thigh, latching onto her thigh near her pussy and sucking with increasing pressure until I was sure that I was leaving a very well-placed hickey.

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