Day 10 - Cruising With Chantel and Vicki

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Cheating, First, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He gets a visit from young Chantel who wants him to be her first fuck. He obliges, trouble is that her mum comes looking for a quick fuck. He obliges her too but in the lounge room before returning to fuck Chantel again.

Day 10 morning. I had spent a tiring evening with the delectable pregnant Carrie and her new friend Supriya (the dusky Indian wife). I made it back to my suite in the early hours of the morning after having watched them fuck each other, and having fucked them both for over 12 hours.

The ship had docked for the day and most of the passengers were disembarking, going off to see the local sights. I was content to sleep until about 10 AM and then after showering I relaxed on my balcony that overlooked the dock.

There was a knock on my door. I wondered who this may be, hopefully not one of my previous bed partners as I was completely knackered from last night. Opening the door I found that it was Chantel, the 16 year old daughter of Vicki (the 53 year old MILF that I'd fucked a couple of times so far). I'd also spent some pleasant time with young Chantel in the whirlpool.

"Can I come in?" she asked when I opened the door.

"Sure" I responded as I stepped aside to let her pass into the suite.

I noted that she was wearing a ship's robe that had been tied at the waist. Her feet were bare with her toenails painted a bright pink, which also matched her fingernails too. She walked further into my lounge area before she stopped and turned to face me.

"Grant ... I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed our time together in the whirlpool and...". She stopped speaking for a moment before she untied her robe and let it drop to the floor.

"Oh my fucking god..." I muttered as I took in her naked beauty as she stood just four feet in front of me. All my memories of her body came flooding back, her big tits were much more than a handful, maybe at least two handfuls with her nipples pointing excitedly at me. I gazed downwards towards her pussy, noting that her landing strip still pointed to her heavenly grotto, one that my tongue and fingers had enjoyed immensely last time.

I was speechless as I took in all of her body, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. My eyes scanned up and down her sensational young body, and my previously dormant cock filled with blood and filled out my shorts.

"Fuck me ... you are georgeous Chantel" I uttered as I stepped forward to eliminate the gap between us. I soon had her naked tits boring into my bare chest and my still covered cock was rubbing against her tummy.

One hand went down to her bare ass and the other around her neck to draw her into a passionate hug closely followed by a searing kiss with our lips locked together. Her hand went to my waist, grabbing at my shorts and pushing them down off my hips until they finally fell around my ankles. My exposed cock felt so good as it rubbed against her soft smooth skin.

We kissed for a few minutes before she broke off the kiss.

"Grant. I want you to fuck me ... I want you to be my first, not some boy who doesn't know what they are doing ... fuck me now" Chantel whispered into my ear.

My cock leapt at hearing that request. I had thought it was dead after the marathon fuck session of the previous night but the pleading request of a nubile 16 year old virgin goddess had the effect of waking the dead.

I took her hand and led her into the bedroom, directing her to lay back on the bed. She spread her legs, showing me that her pussy was already excited by the prospect of being fucked. Her pussy lips glistened with her juices. I started to kneel to give her pussy a lick but she stopped me by saying.

"Later you can lick me ... right now I want you to slide your beautiful big cock into me".

I responded by moving her a little higher on the bed, and knee-walking between her thighs until my cock was able to lay upon her landing strip.

Chantel had propped herself up on her elbows to watch my cock approaching her pussy.

"Oh wow ... that looks so good ... so big too ... but I want you inside of me".

Taking my cock in hand I rubbed it up and down the crease between her pussy lips until they parted and I was able to run it between them. I picked up some of her abundant juices with a few swipes of my cock before I paused with my cock poised at the entrance to her very tight pussy canal.

"This might be a little uncomfortable" I warned her as I applied some firm pressure to push my cock into her pussy canal. There was lots of initial resistance but with a little patience I felt her pussy give and just the head of my cock slipped inside her.

"Oh my god..." she gasped.

My hands went to her hips to steady her and to direct her for the few minutes as I slid more cock inside of her. I started a short gently thrusting movement into her. I could feel slight progress being made as my cock made slow but steady progress deeper inside her pussy.

Looking down I observed that about half of my 10 inches had disappeared from view. I stopped for a moment.

"How does that feel Chantel?"

"Oh soooo gooooood ... I feel so full and stretched, but its good. Please don't stop" she replied.

I started a steady thrusting with a couple of inches cock sliding back and forth in her clenching pussy sheath.

"Ohhh ... ohhhhh ... ooooooohhhh" she chanted as she built up towards her first cock induced cum. I was steadily fucking her, easing off when I sensed that she was near to cumming. I wanted her to have a massive first cum with me inside of her, and preferably with me cumming inside her too.

More and more cock was sliding inside of her until I nudged the back of her pussy canal on my next stroke. I held still and looked down, finding that I had about 2 inches of cock outside her, with a fat 8 inches buried inside.

I eased myself down to lay across her heaving chest as I brought my face close to hers.

"Wrap your legs around my waist and pull me deep inside" I asked her before I locked my lips to hers in a passionate kiss. We kissed gently then with passion, alternating kissing styles until she broke off to groan.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh ... I'm cummmmmmmmiiiinnnngggg!!!!!"

I could feel her pussy tightening so much around my cock as it went in to orgasmic overdrive, milking my cock for all its worth. The additional stimulation brought my balls to the boil and I exploded deep inside her youthful pussy, pumping hot long ropes of my cum into her, filling her pussy until I could feel a mixture of our excess cums leaking back out onto my balls and onto the bed below us.

I continued to hold her as she came down from her cum with my rigid cock still deep inside of her. I looked down and noted that she had fainted from the experience. I could see her chest rising and falling as she laid there oblivious to the surroundings around her. Easing up off her, I clowly pulled my still hard cock from within her flooded pussy. Unplugging her pussy resulted in a flood of cum streaming out of her engorged pussy.

I looked down in awe of the young lady laying naked on my bed. I'd fucked her - I'd been her first lover.

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