Chapter 1: They Like Us

Our time in Topeka went quickly, despite deciding to not be in regular contact with our high school friends any more. Except for the occasional call from Lindsey - she really missed Kara. Nobody knew where in Topeka, we lived. It was tough on both of us, but we gradually found ourselves busy with other things.

There was a major fire in a Metropolis high-rise. We flew there and saved many people from it, getting hugs as we set them down. From two directions, we blew out the flames from the three highest floors to help out. Despite the press's desire for us to stay and be interviewed, we simply said, "Thank you!" and flew off.

When we got back to Topeka, we turned on the TV to find out how the press was handling it. We could use their coverage as a kind of 'self-teaching' moment.

Deciding to forgo college, we would visit Metropolis often as Jimmy and Lois. From the ground, it seemed very large – almost too big. From the air, it appeared less intimidating. We walked all day, learning the city from below the tops of the many skyscrapers. We walked right by Lana, interviewing a person on the sidewalk with a WMET-TV microphone in her hand. She didn't have a clue who we were - Mission Successful!

We found a place on the three hundred block of Clinton Street, a two-bedroom un-furnished apartment in Midtown Metropolis. We rented a truck that we loaded with everything we wanted to take with us. I gave our manager notice and an extra month's rent to lessen her troubles. Our place would be pristine for the next tenant!

We kept Jonathan's chair from our Smallville home and sold the few things that the new Mr. and Mrs. Ross didn't want. In the dead of the night, we moved completely into our new digs. In addition to being centrally located, there was an alley behind us that we could use to change out of our day-to-day clothes. The pockets in our Cape stretched tremendously, so I tried putting my change of clothes in the two receptacles – fitting comfortably. Everything but the shoes, but I could figure something out. Maybe change to loafers – easier to pocket!

We were Kara and Kal at home and working for the city and the government. When we walked about the city, we were Jimmy and Lois.

The day came for Lois to apply to work at the Daily Planet. Her bubbly disposition along with her beautiful hair and figure will be hard for any HR person to ignore.

Together, we wrote some stories about the most interesting events happening in the city – including a great story about Superman. Considering no one had ever interviewed me - it was awesome.

She was home in two hours showing a sour face. However, she couldn't hold it back, breaking into a fabulous smile saying, "Lois Lane has a job. The Superman story nailed it. They asked me to come back in tomorrow and do the paperwork for a new hire."

"I got a job!" she practically screamed, jumping up and down giving me a kiss. "I need to get some new clothes, come with me please?"

"Sure, sounds like fun – Barneys is only about five miles north of us!" I said.

We took a taxi there, and I paid. We got out, and she was so excited.

"Lois," I said, "You need to calm down a little – all right?"

I offered her my arm, which she took as we entered the store. It was indeed a fabulous place. Much grander than any clothing place we'd been in before.

"Can I help you?" a tall thin woman asked approaching us.

"Yes," I said. "My girl here got a new job and needs some nice clothes."

"Wonderful," she said. "My name is Katarina. What specifically are you looking for? Work clothing or maybe some party dresses?"

K turned to me, and smiled really big. I nodded her to turn back to Katarina.

"Work clothes. I'll be working in a newspaper office - sitting, standing and rushing around. It needs to be comfortable, but fashionable would be nice too," my wired woman said.

She ended up with a varied selection of skirts, blouses and some dresses. She usually wore flats, but she got her first pair of high heels – drawing extra attention to her fabulous legs.

She sat, as I got myself, a few slacks and some shirts & bowties. I thought of trying a completely new look! Lois liked it. Katarina fixed the red one I decided to wear out. She gave me a ... wink.

We left taking a taxi to home.

The next morning, we had a fun time in the shower before my hot girl Lois Lane, left for her first day on the job. She looked so good with black hair – I'm falling in love with her all over again.

I kissed her as she got a taxi, and saw her head off to work.

While Lois spent the day at work, I decided to take a walk. I checked out as many subway platforms as I could, figuring that might be a good way to get around the city during the day. I would never have the patience to drive in this city.

It really was like we had entered a different country. Except for the fact that most people were speaking English, I saw car accidents, street performers doing the strangest things, and walked into a jewelry store that was being robbed.

I used my heat vision to blow up the power switch – turning off the lights. After that, in the dark, I took his gun and crushed it. The police showed up, and I told them that the electricity blew up. I enjoyed my ingenuity in the moment – no shots fired!

I got a call from Lois asking me to meet her at Bryant Park, in Manhattan. I put my Jimmy clothes in my Cape and flew from our alley. I saw the beautiful park area, dropping in between some buildings and quickly turning back into Jimmy.

I saw my sis ... cousin strapping ice skates on her feet, motioning me to get some of my own. I thought that was too romantic to deny. I got some skates and put them on just as the lights came on. It was 7pm and a few people were showing up.

We had skated years before at a frozen lake north of our farm. Our old skates got thrown away in one of Martha's attempts to clean out the junk we had all accumulated.

I thought that if we're going to do this often, we should maybe invest in some new ones. My ebony-haired goddess got up and grabbed my hand, as we were practically alone. It must have been before the after-work crowd got here.

Some music started, and we skated together. I remembered now that she could always out-skate me. She could do spins and jumps. That was before our powers had existed. Now, I think she wanted to show off. We caught a rhythm with the calliope-sounding version of 'In the Good old Summer Time, ' with the irony very clear. That was over quickly as the Charlotte Church version of 'Papa, Can You Hear Me!' began, to which we slowed down, and began the one routine that we prepared for the county fair six years ago.

We started - picking up speed then did matching Axel jumps coming out of them pretty close to perfect. We heard applause - which inspired us to our next move – matching arabesques, me putting her into a backward inside death spiral.

We came out of that with a kiss, again hearing people enjoying us. We had one good move left. On our next time around the perimeter of the rink, I raised her on one hand. I did some fancy footwork I barely remembered, as I put her down for our final move.

I got her in close and asked, "Triples?" to which she nodded. Our move from our youth was a series of single loop jumps. We're older, and we have motivation to end with a flourish for those watching.

We got up to speed, swung ourselves backwards getting on an inside edge. I asked if she was ready, and she said, "Do it," and we performed four consecutive triple loop jumps, landing perfectly and coming to a stop as the music ended.

My partner laughed and fell into my arms, "Did we really do that?"

"I was just going along for the ride, Beautiful!" giving her a great big kiss as the crowd cheered and came on the ice to skate themselves. Many people embraced us, and they loved what we did and told us how gorgeous she was. I knew that already!

We thanked everyone as we turned in our skates and thanked the operator of the place for that music. He thanked us giving me my money back and invited us to come any time. His name on his shirt said 'Sylvester'.

"Next time we're in Manhattan, we'll try to get back here. We hadn't skated together in over seven years, Sylvester. Thanks again!" I said walking with my hot lady.

"I'll set aside the shoes for next time, folks!" he said, and we got to where I had changed. We changed together quickly and started back to our place.

We heard police cars, as we traveled over Broadway. We decided to stretch our presence and got to the car they were chasing. It was smoking but still moving. It was running every stoplight barely missing cars along the way. I got ahead and flew alongside the driver, who didn't understand why someone was flying. The way he smelled – Whew! I tore off his door, and grabbed him while my partner in crime fighting got in front of the car and stopped it.

The many police cars stopped, and I handed the man to the closest officer who approached me. Supergirl came back with the door I tore off, dropping it to the ground.

A Sergeant came up and said, "Thank you, Superman! We had heard of you, but most of us hadn't seen you yet. You probably saved many lives tonight – you and Supergirl here. The city owes you."

"They owe us nothing Sergeant O'Hara," I said, "We're here solely to help the policemen, firemen and anyone else who asks. I believe that he's very drunk. Goodnight!"

My lady got alongside me, and we left together.

I heard the suspect say, "He's not even a cop - this arrest is bogus!"

We stopped - to hear Sergeant O'Hara say back to him, "That man ... Superman -- is what this country has been waiting for, for a very long time. He's officially recognized in every town and city in the United States, to 'Protect and Serve'."

"Will somebody take this drunk to the nearest precinct?"

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