Day 8 - Cruising With Courtney

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lactation, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He was resting after a fuck-filled day with Kay. A knock on his door heralded the entry of Courtney - she was his fill-in room attendant with Terri being sick. Courtney asked for help in the bedroom, and he obliged. He got a great fuck and she had her milky tits drained.

Day 8. I had been back on board a couple of hours after spending a fantastic day with the beautiful Kay. We'd spent a lot of time at the secluded rock pool and within its fantastic cave. I was lounging around on my suite's balcony watching the ship depart port and make its way steadily back onto the open seas.

I heard a couple of knocks on the door. I wasn't expecting anyone except maybe for Terri who did her rounds of the suites about this time of day. But Terri normally let herself in with her pass-card, and on occasion had joined me for a quick romp in bed before making it again for my night time enjoyment.

I made my way to the door, opening it to find a tall well-built young brunette in a cabin attendents uniform.

"Hi. I'm Courtney. Terri is feeling a little ill tonight. I'm going to be doing your room service tonight" she explained with a very engaging smile.

"Hi. I'm Grant ... c'mon in" I replied as I checked out this young lady. She was young looking - I estimated her age to be around 21 or 22 years old. She was about 5ft 10ins tall with her brunette hair in a ponytail. Her face was simply beautiful - a very clear complexion with brilliant blue eyes. My eyes dropped a little lower, finding a very sizeable set of tits hiding behind her top. They looked huge - at least a F cup if I wasn't mistaken.

As I retreated to my lounge to take a seat, and Courtney made her way to the bedroom, I noted that her butt was nicely rounded and well-shaped for a set of male hands to grasp. I sat there almost in a trance as she disappeared into the bedroom. I could hear her moving around in there for a few minutes then I heard her call me.

"Grant ... would you be able to come on in here and help me please?" she asked.

I made my way to the bedroom door and stepped inside. I came to an immediate stop - Courtney was laying stark naked on my bed. She had her legs spread with one set of fingers stroking her closely cropped pussy, and the other hand manipulating her massive tit.

"Oh my god..." I muttered as I watched her play with her sensational body. My cock reacted immediately coming to a full erection and pushing my boxer shorts outwards.

"Terri said that you are a sensational lover for an older guy ... and that you have a sensational cock" she explained.

I pulled off my shirt and pushed down my shorts, stepping out of them and advancing naked to the side of the bed. I was now within reach of her hands, one of which immediately grabbed my cock.

"Oh fuck ... you look so big ... and feel even bigger ... fuck me you're huge" she whispered as she gently manipulated my cockshaft in her small hand, her fingers unable to wrap themselves fully around my girth.

Courtney shuffled about on the bed, bringing her face closer to my cock until she could now kiss and lick it. She planted lots of small kisses on my cock head with occasional licks before slipping it between her lips for a gentle suck. I could feel her tongue swirling around and around my cock as she sucked me even harder. I could feel an explosion building but I wanted to plant that explosion deep inside her pussy. I pushed back on her forehead to reluctantly disengage her mouth from my cock.

I crawled between her legs, pushing them a little further apart. She continued to stroke her pussy as I moved closer until my cock head was touching the back of the hand stroking her pussy. She grabbed my cock and redirected it to between her pussy lips where I ran it up and down between them to gather her abundant moisture. My cockhead soon glistened with her juices.

Her hand stopped my stroking, directing the cock head to the entrance to her pussy canal.

"Now ... fuck me!" she groaned as she flexed her hips a little enabling my cock to slide a little way inside her very wet and hot hole.

"Oh my fucking god..." she groaned as I continued to push deeper and deeper inside her, working my cock back and forth, back and forth until a large portion of me had disappeared inside tight pussy.

"Oh fuck you're hot ... so very fucking hot..." I gasped as I felt her pussy muscles working on the shaft of my cock. This was one very talented lady, especially when it came to pussy muscle control.

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