Day 8 - Cruising With Kay

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oriental Female, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He went onshore to take in the local views. He was met by Kay a Harley riding petite lady. She took him on a tour that ended up with him and her fucking near a secluded pond in the countryside. Kay was expecting him to be so well equipped.

Day 8 morning. I'd got 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep after pushing both Carrie and Alex out my door just before midnight. When they weren't fucking each other, they were availing themselves of my tongue and cock. I was totally drained at the end.

The ship had docked for the day and by the time that I had risen and showered (alone!!!) most of the passengers had disembarked for the day. I made my way off the ship and was browsing the brochure stand in the terminal building when a voice came from behind me.

"Can I interest you in a guided day tour of our beautiful city?" was the question that prompted me to spin around. There in front of me was a petite slim young woman. She had an engaging smile delivered from a very pretty face. Her hair was a lustrous black and had been cut short. She was dressed in black motorcycle leathers, her leather jacket undone at the moment to reveal a tight-fitting black tee-shirt with obvious nipple bumps.

Hmmm ... I was interested to hear what she had to offer. "Please tell me what you have to offer?" I asked.

"I provide a half-day or full-day tour on my trike. Showing you all the lesser-known parts of the city" she responded with a smile.

"SOLD!!!" I replied with a big smile and a wink.

"Oh wow ... that was too easy" she said "My name is Kay".

"I'm Grant. Pleased to meet you and I'm sure I will enjoy the day" I responded.

We had been riding around on her trike (a very shiny modified Harley) for about an hour or so, having made a few stops along the way to take in the city. We were now heading just out of the city and along a country road. We'd picked up a couple of drinks and some food and Kay said that were heading to a favourite spot of hers.

Conversation with Kay was hilarious, we'd been using the comms between our helmets to talk as we rode. I'd also enjoyed sitting behind her on the trike with my front plastered to her back with my hands around her waist. She'd actually held hands with me as we walked around during the last stop.

I was interested in this young lady. I'd found out that she was part Chinese and part Indian, a blend that had produced a woman with striking features - slim body, nice little tits, just right butt and delicate hands.

We turned off the road and proceeded down a lane deep into the bush until we came to a small grove of trees. In amongst the grove was a crystal clear running stream with a small waterfall feeding into a clear pond. We stopped in a shady spot next to the pond, the area looked beautifully manicured and well-kept.

We dismounted from the trike, peeling off our helmets and riding jackets, leaving them hanging from the trike.

"This place looks so well-kept ... not at all wild-like" I observed.

"My dad owns this land and he maintains this area by mowing it" Kay explained. "Let's explore. You are in for some surprises" she said as she grabbed my hand and led me off in the direction of the waterfall. Water was streaming over the rocky edge creating a curtain of water that crashed into the pool below.

We skirted around the edge of the pool eventually coming to the edge of the waterfall. There I saw a small entrance which Kay led me through until we were behind the curtain of water in a cave like area.

"I'd never have suspected that this was here" I remarked as my eyes adjusted to the light in the area. I could now see that it was a large cave like area with some modern conveniences inside. I could see a large low wooden table and a large trunk over near the wall.

Kay went over to the trunk, opened it and extracted a couple of large towels. She threw one at me saying "Time for a swim ... clothing optional!" she remarked as she started to pull off her boots. I was a little stunned and was slow to respond.

"C'mon ... I know you're not shy. I could feel you against me all morning" she teased me.

Her boots were off and she lifted off her shirt, revealing a set of petite tits tipped with dark nipples surrounded by dark areolas. The nipples appeared to be very hard. I was mesmerised and had done nothing when she spoke "C'mon ... get it off slow-poke!"

I was prompted into action, quickly pulling off my boots and then my other clothing. When I looked up, I noticed that Kay was naked and watching me as I dropped my undershorts on the ground.

"Oh wow" she exclaimed as she spied my half-hard cock that was rapidly expanding and lengthening.

I was checking her out too. Petite feet with bright red toenails, slim legs that led up to her shapely thighs. Hmmm ... a pussy with a generous closely-cropped covering of jet black pubic hair on her mound but naked around her pussy lips. Her lips were crinkly and pronounced.

"C'mon ... time for looking later and..." she said as she held out her hand to lead me to the left side of the cave. At that point, I saw that the pool protruded into the cave. She slipped into the water, drawing me in with her.

"We can swim under the water curtain here and pop out on the other side into the open" she informed me as we frolicked in the cool waters.

We swam and lazed around for the next 30 minutes, making bodily contact numerous time with her occasionally stroking my cock underwater, and me groping her ass and tits. Finally we rested. I picked her up (she was very petite and light) and placed her on the rock edge to the pond. I parted her legs to get a close up view of her glistening pussy as I stayed crouched in the water.

"Mmmmmm..." I uttered "That looks like prime pussy for the eating". I slid forward until my lips and tongue came into contact with her pussy lips, parting them with my tongue to find a very wet pussy channel.

I slid my tongue back and forth between her pussy lips, passing across the entrance to her pussy canal with each swipe of the tongue. She tasted delicious - I wanted more.

"Oh ... oh ... ohhhhhh ... oh fuck..." she groaned as her first orgasm gripped her body as my tongue pushed at the entrance to her pussy canal. Tongue-fucking her canal was a challenge, my tongue was feeling a very small opening. I eased back to do a visual on her pussy.

"Oh wow..." I whispered as I observed the smallest pussy entrance that I'd ever encountered. I slipped a finger forward to prod at her opening, and failing to penetrate with any finger other than my little one. "Oh fuck..." I thought "I may not be able to actually penetrate this pussy with my big fat cock".

I worked my little finger in and out of her pussy as I shifted my tongue's attention to her clitoral hood. Pushing the hood upwards with my tongue until I found her tiny little clit hiding underneath. I ran my tongue across her clit, teasing it gently into action. Her hips bucked against my tongue as I made contact repeatedly.

"Ahhh ... fuck ... fuck ... fuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk..." she screamed as another bigger cum racked her body. "Cummmmiinnnggg ... don't stop ... keep going..." she yelled as one cum followed another until she finally pushed my head back from her crotch. "Enough ... enough ... you'll kill me otherwise" she groaned.

My face was covered in her cum. I used my fingers to swipe it from my face and feed it into my mouth, enjoying her taste until none remained.

Kay laid back on the smooth rocky edge to the pool. I found that I could stand on a wide ledge in the water. I was thigh deep in the water at just the right height to introduce her pussy to my rampantly hard cock.

I rubbed my cock up and down between her pussy lips, picking up juices that still leaked from her pussy. My cockhead glistened as I nudged it at the very small entrance to her pussy canal. It looked to be an impossible task - my cock appeared to be much larger than her pussy entrance. I pushed a little harder and a fraction of the head eased into her pussy.

"Oh my god ... what are you pushing into me?" Kay asked in a startled tone as she pushed herself up on her elbows to see what was happening.

"Oh my fucking god ... you're fucking huge. Stop ... stop ... stop for a moment" she pleaded. I had nudged about an inch of cockhead into her impossible small canal. I held my cock there by controlling her hips - she wasn't able to pull back and undo all my hard work so far.

As she settled, I started gently manipulating her hips from side to side, the effect being that my cock was stretching her pussy entrance and very slowly sliding inside of her. Kay was watching every movement that I made. i had now slid about 3 inches inside of her when she spoke again.

"Oh wow, I would never have believed that I could take anything that big inside me. I feel so stretched" she groaned as she started to push against my cock, trying to embed more and more inside herself. I kept hold of her hips as we worked in unison until a large portion of my cock had vanished.

"Oh fuck ... I'm so full ... I can't take anymore" she groaned with about 7 inches of cock inside of her ... and another 3 inches still outside.

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