Day 7 - Cruising With Carrie and Alex

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Cheating, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Carrie and him moved to his suite to carry on their fuckfest. She had a ache that needed massaging so he called for a massage therapist. Alex came to the suite and he realised that they had worked together before (and he'd been unsuccessful in getting into her panties). Tonight he did get into her panties and her pussy as Alex gave Carrie a good tongue fucking.

Day 7 evening. Carrie and I had left her suite and moved next door into my much larger suite to continue our sex play for the evening whilst her hubby was locked in the casino playing a poker tournament. I had fucked both the pussy and ass of this delicious pregnant redhead when I visited their suite, leaving a puddle of her cum near the doorway, and another puddle on the bed.

We were sitting in the spa bath together with her seated in front of me. My cock was rubbing against her back as my hands caressed her baby bump and tits, tweaking her nipples occasionally. Carrie commented that all our fuck-play had given her a sore back and that she was feeling a little uncomfortable.

I suggested that I call the Day Spa and see if they could send someone up here to give her a massage.

"That's a great idea" Carrie responded as I reached across and dialed them as we continued to sit in the spa.

After a short discussion they agreed to send someone up to my suite. Unfortunately Mali wasn't available but Alex was, so she would be on her way up soon. I told them that she should let herself in when she arrived as we would be waiting for her.

About 5 minutes later, Alex let herself into the suite and walked across to the spa area of the suite.

"Oh my god" was the simultaneous cry as we recognised each other. I had previously worked with Alex. Not for want of trying, I hadn't gotten into her panties - she was a 23 yr old slim petite blonde with apple-sized tits which sat prominently on her chest. A great body that she often showed off in tight skirts and shirts; and always wearing those strappy high heels that showed off her succulent dainty feet.

Just before I left that job I discovered that Alex in fact liked girls more than guys, so I didn't feel so bad in not having gotten into her panties.

We exchanged small talk as she setup her table in the area near the spa. Carrie was still sitting in front of me, her tits appearing to float on the surface with her nipples breaking the surface regularly. She could feel my cock growing against her back and she made the most of it by wiggling against it. I retaliated by slipping my fingers through her pussy slit and teasing her clit.

"Ok I'm ready for you Carrie" Alex said as she stepped towards the spa to hold out her hand to Carrie. I eased Carrie up from behind as Alex took her hand. Carrie was soon standing in the spa and was heavily covered with our bubbles.

"Oh wow ... you're pregnant" Alex observed "They didn't tell me that little fact when they sent me here".

"Is that a problem?" I enquired.

"No. not at all" Alex responded and continued "Congratulations Grant".

Carrie interrupted then saying "Oh no, you misunderstand. Grant didn't knock me up. It was my hubby who did the deed. I've just known Grant and his monster for a couple of days...". She stopped in mid-sentence as she blushed before continuing "Oops ... too much information I think".

"No ... no ... sorry for my mistake" Alex replied. "Let's get started ... Step out here and I will get you dried off."

Carrie stepped out and slightly stumbled, sending her crashing into the arms of Alex, wetting all the front of Alex's uniform in the process. The girls finished up in each other's arms for a brief moment with their heads close together. They looked quite sexy for that brief moment.

"Oh sorry ... sorry" Carrie spoke anxiously to Alex as they parted. Alex's uniform was quite wet with many bubbles clinging to her. The girls passed the towel between them, drying off Carrie and trying hard to dry off Alex's uniform.

Cheekily I suggested "Hey Alex ... why don't you take off your uniform and hang it up to dry near the door to the balcony? Then I'd get to see that sensational body that you teased me with for months at work." I grinned at her, hoping that my suggestion would not get my face slapped.

"You horny old bastard. Is that all you think about?" she fired back at me still sitting in the spa with a hidden massive hardon.

"Ahh ... YES" was my emphatic response.

Carrie interjected here "He may be an old bastard and a pervert ... but I can vouch for the fact that he is always horny and has satisfied this lady with his skills."

Alex thought for a moment before responding "Alright ... that is a good suggestion but you have to stay sitting in that spa"

"Ok ... ok..." I agreed as she peeled off her skirt and draped it on the balcony chair before peeling off her shirt too.

"Oh fuck!!" I muttered as I realised that she was braless under the shirt and that her apple-sized tits were on full display with their hard red nipples pointing slightly upwards.

She returned to the side of her massage table wearing just a G-string panty that covered very little in front. She had kicked off her sandals so my eyes were flicking back and forth between her tits and her feet, and pausing between to check out her thinly hidden pussy.

"Come here Carrie. I want you to sit on the side of the table for me" Alex addressed Carrie.

With Carrie sitting on the edge of the table, Alex stood behind her and after squirting some oil onto her hands she started to massage the upper back area. Carrie's eyes were closed as she enjoyed the soothing touch of the massage. Using some more oil, Alex moved lower on Carrie's back with some touches to Carrie's sides.

Alex stepped forward a little and it was now obvious that her tits were now touching Carrie's back as she massaged lower on Carrie's thighs. Her hands had crept lower and lower and had moved forward until they were touching the tops of Carrie's thighs which had spread slightly, giving me a full-on view of her delicious pussy.

Alex continued to rub her tits into Carrie's back as her fingers crept closer to Carrie's pussy. They skirted the pussy lips for a moment, probably waiting for a reaction (adverse or otherwise). Getting no complaints, Alex ran her fingers over and through Carrie's very wet pussy lips.

Watching this had excited me enormously, so I boosted myself up out of the water and sat on the side of the spa so I could face the ladies. I had my enormous 10 inch fat cock in hand as I watched them. I stroked it and milked it as I watched Alex playing with the pussy that I had fucked just recently.

Alex's eyes met mine for a moment before drifting downwards to look at my cock. She didn't say a word but her eyes widened at what she saw. She brought her lips to nuzzle Carrie's neck just below her ear before kissing there. One hand stayed at Carrie's pussy whilst the other was caressing tits and nipples with occasional caresses of the baby bump.

Carrie turned her head to face Alex and move her lips to meet Alex's. A deep sexy kiss started between the ladies with tongues getting involved as their lips mashed together. Hands were now going everywhere - clutching at tits, grabbing nipples and pulling them.

The two girls broke apart for a moment to allow Alex to move to the other side of the table to face Carrie. They came back together, kissing hard and caressing each other's bodies. Alex moved a little so that her lips trailed down Carrie's chest until she was now licking and sucking nipples. They stayed there for a couple of minutes until Alex moved lower again with her kisses, across the baby bump and towards Carrie's very wet snatch.

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