Day 7 - Cruising With Carrie Again

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He had a bad case of blue balls from his encounter with Fleur so he went next door to see if Carrie could help. She could and she experienced her first ass fuck in the process.

Day 7 afternoon. I returned to my suite with a very bad case of blue balls. I had just had an oral session with teenager Fleur in the stuck lift. I'd brought her off a couple of times with my tongue but due to lack of time my cock had missed out on enjoying her tight teenage pussy.

I was almost at my door when Carrie's hubby came out of their suite and passed me in the hallway. I'd spent a morning with the delicious pregnant Carrie a couple of days ago. She was a sexy redhead that had all the right attributes for a thorough fucking - great little tits and a hungry pussy - and a very beautiful body and smiling face.

I kept on walking past my door and stood at her door. I knocked and waited.

"What did you forget... ?" she asked as she opened the door. She blushed when she saw it was me.

"Oh hello Grant. I thought it was my hubby coming back for something that he'd forgotten ... it certainly wouldn't be sex tho" Carrie explained with a smile. "He's off to a poker marathon in the casino. I don't expect to see him till after midnight".

"Hi Carrie, you look sensational" I replied as I took in the sight of her standing there with a flimsy gown loosely tied at her waist. I could see a large portion of the curves of her pointy tits exposed by the poorly fitting gown. I wondered if she was totally naked under the gown.

"Oh my god Grant ... the way you look at me excites me. Your eyes devour me." Carrie whispered as she stepped back inside to allow me to enter their suite.

The door closed behind us as I reached out and untied her robe and pushed it to the floor. She was indeed naked under the robe. I took her hand and directed her to stand facing the door.

"Put your hands on the back of the door" I commanded her "Spread your legs just a little". She did as I asked and soon she was leaning into the back of the door. Her pointy tits were hanging down, and her ass was sticking out in my direction.

I dropped my board shorts to the floor and peeled off my shirt. I was now as naked as her with my rigid cock pointing directly at her ass. I stepped forward until I was immediately behind her with cock in hand ready to slap her ass cheeks with my cock.

"Slap ... slap!" and she had a slap to each cheek, quickly followed by sliding my cock between her ass cheeks, starting from her pussy and ending at her asshole.

My cockhead picked up pussy juices with each stroke. I was nudging between her pussy lips on each stroke, pushing them apart and opening up the entrance to her delicious tight pussy. My cock was now glistening with her juices so on the next stroke through I stopped at the entrance to her pussy canal and nudged my cockhead into her canal.

I place my hands on her hips to steady her ... before I pushed slowly but firmly into her wet hot pussy canal.

"Oh fuck ... fuck..." she groaned as my cock sliced into her under-utilised pussy. I stopped and started my penetration, mixing it up with some short thrusts until all my cock had disappeared from view into her sensational pussy. Fully embedded, I stopped and held her hips; she had started to churn them now, actively pushing back at me.

"Oh ... ohhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhh ... cummmmmmiiiinnnngggg!!!!" she groaned as her first cum racked her body."Oh shit that was good" she moaned as her juices streamed down my cockshaft and across my balls, dripping to the floor.

As she started to settle I ramped up my movements inside her. I could feel the different textures inside her pussy at the different depths, as I fucked slowly in and out of her. I moved closer to her, putting a hand under her baby bump and another across her tits as I brought her upright as I fucked her from below doggy-style.

"You are such a wanton fucking slut ... going crazy over a big cock that's filling your fucking tight wet cunt. I wish that I'd knocked you up myself" I whispered in her ear as I pounded into her pussy.

"Yes ... yes ... yesssssssss!!!! I am your fucking slut. Fill me with your hot baby-making cum!" she yelled.

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