Flex Appeal

by Stormbringer

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Lactation, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Black Bodybuilder takes his two friend's wives while on a trip to the Florida Keys.

"I love this drive," said Marisa, staring out at the scenery passing by.

"Me too," added her husband, John. "Here's the big bridge. Not much longer."

Marisa turned her attention from the blue water and the palm trees towards the famous seven mile bridge in the Florida Keys. Big Pine Key was their destination. It was just on the other side of the bridge. It was quieter then some of the keys, but close enough to Key West, they'd only need a short drive for a good meal, sightseeing, or drinking in Key West's famous bars. Marisa and John preferred things quieter especially with a new baby with them and they were looking forward to seeing John's frat buddies and best friends.

The young red headed wife turned to check on the baby, peacefully sleeping in the backseat. John had a bag resting on the floor and she saw several magazines sticking out of it. She grabbed them both. One magazine was called Iron Man and the other was Flex. The same black man was on the cover of both. The man was a bulging mass of muscles. His skin was as dark as Marisa's was white and he had referred to her as the whitest white girl, he'd ever seen. He wasn't an attractive man normally and even less so when he was posing, muscles straining, veins bulging across his forehead, skin oiled and glistening. "Why did you bring these?" she asked her husband.

"I thought I'd get Flex to sign them. Joking of course," replied John.

The bodybuilder was one of John's frat buddies. His name was Shane, but everyone called him Flex after the magazine that had given him his first cover and the current issue was his third time. He had been called Token at first as he was the only black guy in the fraternity, but he hadn't cared for that nickname. He did approve of Flex and told everyone to call him that. Marisa didn't care for the black man. He was arrogant and full of himself. He had no problem flirting with her or any other of his friend's wives. He drank more then she approved of and usually had pot with him when he wasn't competing. She'd met him three times now. The first was at her and John's wedding. Shane was 26 then and dating the woman who would become his second wife. She was a lovely black girl named Lola. Lola also competed and looked great when she wasn't posing which made her look man-ish. Marisa had met her again a year later when she married Shane and then again on one of their weekend getaways. Lola was pleasant and funny, completely smitten with Flex. Her only physical flaw was her chest was as flat as John's. She was close to 0% body fat and often commented on how she wished she had Marisa's breasts. Marisa had always been buxom with heavy C-cup breasts. Wait until she sees me now, thought Marisa glancing down at the milk laden DD's she'd had since having Jack eight months ago. She was looking forward to seeing Lola again, even if that met spending a weekend with Shane. Flex was 6'2" and weighed according to the magazine 320lbs and none of it was fat. His dark black skin had been a problem for him. He was African black and when posing always had to have a light background and plenty of lighting to see his musculature. His pose on Iron Man was full frontal and everything was bulging out, it even looked like he had muscles under the tight crotch hugging dick sack he was wearing. Jesus, but that was a huge bulge. "What is that thing under his suit?" she asked staring closely at the magazine cover.

"Uh ... Um," stuttered her husband of four years. "Uh ... don't tell him I told you this, but he stuffs his suit to make it appear that he has a big bulge. You know what they say about bodybuilders."

"No, I don't."

"Steroid use makes your dick small and limp, so they stuff socks in their suits."

"Oh," she replied.

"You don't find that attractive do you?" he asked. John asked that same question every time she saw Shane. The huge black man was a manly man and though John and his other buddy Grant, were both good looking, fit men, they deferred to Shane as the alpha of the group.

"God no," said Marisa, reassuring her husband. "I don't know any woman that finds that attractive. Lola being the exception." Marisa bent her head down closer to the magazine. It didn't look like Shane stuffed his suit with socks, she could almost make out the outline of a penis under the tight material, a really big penis. As she stared, something dripped on Shane's crotch. The fluid was a milky white liquid and she watched it spread out to cover Shane's penis shaped bulge. Marisa glanced down at her breasts, nipples rock hard, milk appearing on the tips of each. "Oh god John, I'm leaking. Can you pull over?"

"We're almost there."

"I know, but my udders are screaming to be milked."

John glanced over at his wife's bosom with appreciation. Since having Jack, her nipples were hard and ultra sensitive. The two times they'd made love since Jack was born, sucking and pinching her nipples had given her a rare orgasm. Marisa would have been happy having sex more often, once a week maybe and possibly more, but John had felt weird about sex since the baby was born and truthfully even before she'd gotten pregnant his sex drive was much lower then hers. He'd even seen a doctor and was told he should start taking testosterone supplements, though he hadn't gotten around to it yet. Of course at thirty, he was well past his sexual peak and Marisa at twenty-seven had a ways to go to reach her peak.

He glanced over at her breasts again. Her bra had been driving her crazy where it rubbed her nipples and she lost it during the first hour of their five hour drive. All Marisa was wearing over her black shorts was a green blouse that looked lovely under her red hair. The blouse was loose and gaped open between buttons and she'd even undone a couple as if her breasts needed air. He could see tantalizing glimpses of flesh through the gaps and it was enough to make his penis stir. She'd be getting some this weekend. Even if he wasn't in the mood, it was their fourth anniversary in two days and he was obligated to perform his husbandly duties.

Her breasts looked like two over inflated balloons under her top with her normally rose colored nipples now swollen and angry to a brownish purple. "Hurry, I want to feed the baby before your friends see us."

John pulled over into one of the private picnic areas along the beach. Marisa quickly unbuckled and exited the car to retrieve Jack from the back seat. The baby woke as she lifted him and true to form, he was hungry. Marisa sighed with relief as he noisily sucked on her milk laden breasts. She sat back down beside her husband and let Jack nurse until he was content.

John's cell buzzed. He checked his messages. "Grant and Candace have arrived and are waiting at the beach.," he read. "Candace says the cabins are too small."

"She's always complaining," said Marisa, shaking her head. Marisa actually liked Grant better then his wife though she and Candace got along fine. Candace was never happy with anything, she liked to gossip, and she was a little too religious for Marisa's taste, though both she and John dutifully attended church every Sunday. Candace on the other hand, volunteered at her church, ran vacation bible school, Sunday school, and was there three days a week. "I don't know what Grant sees in her."

John snorted. "She looks like a fucking Victoria's Secret model!"

"John! The baby!"

"He doesn't know what I'm saying. Besides, the little bugger's busy."

Marisa looked down at her son, hungrily slurping and as he so often did while breast feeding, Jack's eyes were growing lidded, closing, and then her nipple sprang free as he fell asleep. "Stop staring," she scolded her husband, feeling his eyes on her breasts. Marisa buttoned her blouse to hide her breasts from passing traffic. She gently placed Jack back in the back seat carrier and buckled him in. She retrieved her bra from her bag and returned to the front seat, struggling to put her bra on under her top and wincing as the material rubbed her sensitive nipples. She needn't have bothered for when they arrived at their destination there was no one around the cabins and John went alone to retrieve their keys from the office.

Marisa carried Jack into their room while John unloaded their car. Traveling with a baby had doubled the amount of luggage they normally took. "For once, I agree with Candace," said Marisa surveying the small cabin more of a trailer. The three couples had rented three cabins near the beach. They weren't much larger then a small camper. The cabins were circled like wagons with a lawn between them. There were chairs and cots, plus hibachi grills in their private courtyard, a picnic table, and a fire pit.

"This explains why they are so cheap," said John. "I'll hold Jack and you can go put your swimsuit on."

The only room with a door was the bathroom and that was just too tiny for her to change in. Marisa retrieved her bikini from the luggage and started undoing the buttons on her blouse. She paused when she saw her husband staring at her with delight. Her pale skin turned pinkish as she blushed realizing that her needy pussy might actually get some servicing this weekend. She almost told him to turn around and would have before the pregnancy. Since the pregnancy, John had seen some disgusting things come out of her body and she no longer felt much shame around him. Instead, she turned to face him and boldly stripped under his appreciative stare.

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