Dog Walking
Part 1

Caution: This Bestiality Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Zoophilia, Light Bond, Interracial, Bestiality, Workplace,

Desc: Bestiality Sex Story: Part 1 - Teenager Margaret Kendall finds herself a job at a Veterinary clinic and is unexpectidly introduced into a life of sexual experiences beyond her wildest expectations. She discovers love with a female co-worker, to eventually fall victim to a rape by many of the dogs in the clinic. This leads her into a new lifestyle in the Porn market, while keeping it a secret from family and friends.

Margaret Kendall was a 16-year-old girl with a well-toned body from cheerleading and gymnastics at school. The blonde teen stood 5'4" and weighed in 90 pounds. She also had a nice figure for her age at 34B-28-32. She had just finished her school semester and was looking through the want ads in the local newspaper for any job she could make an application for as a summer job.

The young blonde cheerleader couldn't afford to take the summer off like her friends, nor could she afford to take a summer vacation. So her only option was to find some job to get herself some cash so that she could at least enjoy the time off from school in some way.

She circled three or four promising opportunities and started dialing them to make an appointment for a job interview.

The first one was a bust because they required prior experience, which as a student she never got any. The second one sounded interesting though. She quickly dialed the number and waited for someone to answer.

"Sweet Dreams!" A man answered after the third ring. "What can we offer ya today?"

"Err, I'm calling about the job," Margaret replied nervously. "Err, from the ad in the paper."

"You always this nervous sounding on the phone, sweetheart?" The man asked.

"Err, no, sir," Maggie told him.

"Good to know," the man replied. "Because the job's all about answering the phones, honey."

"I can do that," Margaret said, a bit over enthusiastic at her possible first job.

"Ya got a sweet sounding voice," he then said. "How old are ya, sweetheart?"

"I just turned 16, sir," she told him.

"Really!" The man sounded a bit too enthusiastic at hearing that. "Can ya talk slutty for me?"

"Wha ... what?!?" The teen cheerleader gasped at the man's forwardness.

"Ya know, talk dirty for me," he insisted.

"Why in the world would I want to do something like that?!?" She had to ask naïvely.

"Well, honey, that's what the job's all about," he explained quite bluntly. "Guys call ya up, sometimes some gals will, too, and ya get to get all slutty on the phone with them. Ya know, fulfill their fantasies and stuff like that."

"Wha ... what?!?" The blonde teen stammered unbelievingly too stunned to hang up.

"Sure, some guys might ask ya to orgasm for him," the man went on. "Can ya fake cummin' for me?"

"Nooo!" Margaret told him, scandalized at his demand.

"Anyway, we can work on that later," the man went on. "Other sickos might ask ya to tell him how it was sucking another girl's pussy, ever do stuff like that?"

"Of course not!" She was getting flustered by all this talk, but she still couldn't put the phone down.

"Now, mind ya, some guys will ask you to come over to their place to suck 'em off," the man just wouldn't let up, despite the girl's obvious discomfort. "But I don't allow that sorta thing in my business."

Margaret was getting a bit dizzy with all of this lewd talking.

"Now some of the kinkier callers will ask ya to describe how it was fuckin' or suckin' an anim..."

Margaret finally slammed the phone down before he continued his lurid job description.

The flustered 16-year-old had to take a few minutes to recover her wits after talking to that man. Once she regained her composure Margaret turned her attention back to the newspaper for another option. She then called her third prospect.

"Newborn Kennels," the receptionist answered.

"Err, hello, I'm calling about the ad in the paper," she cautiously replied.

"The one about animal care?" The woman on the other end asked.

"Yes, that's the one," the blonde teen replied. "I've always loved animals and I think it might be interesting."

"Can you come by tomorrow?" The woman asked. "Dr. Stevens could fill in you in with the details. Shall we say around... 3:00."

"I'll be there, thank you," Margaret replied, excited that she might have finally found what she was looking for, a decent job.

The next day the 16-year-old walked into the veterinary clinic dressed quite presentable in a tight fitting skirt, and white blouse. Even dressed so, her athletically toned body shone through.

"Can I help you, miss?" The receptionist asked as she walked in.

"Err, yes, I called about the ad," the teen said nervously.

"Oh yes, I remember," the woman smiled. "I'm Chantale. Dr. Stevens is in back right now, but he'll be done soon. So while we're waiting why don't I get you started on your paperwork."

Chantale Chambers was 26-years-old black woman and had been working in Dr. Stevens' clinic since she was 17. The receptionist stood 5'7" and weighed about 115 pounds with a nice 36B-26-35 figure. She too looked quite athletic as she worked out regularly. Her looks are very reminiscent to Jayne Kennedy as she looked in her Playboy photoshoot back in 1981.

Chantale had started working in the clinic doing the type of jobs that Margaret was here for today. She worked steadily at her job here until she took over as his the receptionist five years ago. She had no interest in her boss, even if he looked nice for his age. No, her taste was for the female variation. So seeing this blonde cutie walking in was a thrill for the older girl.

For the next twenty minutes the receptionist asked Margaret questions which she gave prompt and honest replies. Soon her paperwork was all done and all that was left was to meet with Dr. Stevens for his final approval.

A few minutes later the door to the examination room opened and the doctor stepped out. He was much older than Margaret expected, or maybe hoped.

Dr. Stevens looked to be about 50, but was actually 54-years-old, but had a very friendly smile.

The older man picked up Margaret's form and perused the information that she had supplied. He then reached out a hand invitingly, and the young teen grasped it, shaking hands with the man.

"Margaret is it," he smiled. "Is that what your friend's call you?"

"Err, no, sir," the girl answered back, a bit nervous at her first job interview. "Maggie is okay, too."

"Okay Maggie," he smiled again and invited her into his office. "I see here that you've never had a job before. First time, uh?"

"Yes, Dr. Stevens," she said. "But I'm really looking forward to it."

"No need to worry," he smiled that comforting smile again. "Everybody has to start sometime."

Maggie decided that she liked the old doctor and smiled back with her best smile. She then realized that she had been holding her breath for a long time and let out the air from her lungs and breathed in a fresh lungful, heaving her perky tits in the process.

The sight of the teenager's heaving chest didn't go unnoticed to the old doctor, causing even his withered groin to twitch in appreciation. He then had to cough to bring his attention back to the girl's application form.

Looking it over carefully he couldn't see anything wrong with it and knew that the job wouldn't entail anything too complicated for a teenager. And even though he was hoping for a lad to apply for the job he decided to give it to Maggie. But was it because nobody else answered the ad, or how his old penis reacted to her body.

"Well, Maggie, I think we'll give you a try," he finally said.

"Oh, Thank you, thank you, Dr. Stevens," the teen leaped in joy. "I won't let you down."

"And the name's Robert," the doctor interrupted her.

"Okay ... Robert," Maggie said, catching her breath again.

"Now a lot of your duties will involve taking care of the cages and the pens out back," the doctor explained. "So when you come in tomorrow I would suggest you wear jeans and shirt."

"Okay," Maggie said in agreement.

She could understand Robert's suggestion. Working around dirty cages and pens would mess up her clothes, so work clothes would probably be best.

"This will include feeding the animals," he added. "And exercising them as well."

"Exercising?" Maggie asked. "How do you mean?"

"Well, for the cats and such all you need to do is let them loose in an exercise pen I have out back," he explained to her. "And rodents have their own gear in the cages."

"You mean the wheels," Maggie giggled.

"Exactly," Robert smiled. "Now as for the dogs. Well, the dogs will need to be walked daily. Think you can handle that?"

"Sure, I can't see why not," the teenager smiled.

"Well, some of them are somewhat large dogs," the doctor warned.

"I think I can handle them, sir," Maggie assured him.

"Well, I think you should only take two at a time to start off with," Robert smiled.

Maggie nodded her head, though she was sure that she could handle more than just two dogs on leashes at a time. And she decided right then that she would disobey the doctor's instruction on this matter.

"How about if I get you started on Monday," Dr. Stevens told her. "Be here by 7:30, the back door will be unlocked by then for my staff."

A few minutes later Maggie walked out of the clinic with a bounce in her stride. She went to the mall to celebrate her very first paying job.

Since she still had four days free for herself she went out with some of her school friends and partied the weekend away. This included catching a movie, going to three different parties, which included partaking in smoking a few joints of marijuana.

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