Contest Winner
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, TransGender, Shemale, Fiction, Violent, Transformation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man's entry into a very special contest has shocking and life changing results for him.

My cellphone jolted me awake from an erotic dream which I could not remember now. The voice on the other end said- congratulations, you have just won our very special contest, you will now receive your prize. It is worth more than any amount of money. To collect your winnings please go to this address - 104 west Hollingsworth ave., please be there at 9 a.m. tomorrow the 16th. thank you. The call ended with a text message from the same caller, it said - you can be the person of your dreams- please come - you will not be disappointed.

After a day filled with both apprehension and anticipation, I arrived at the address exactly on schedule the next morning.

I rang the bell twice before the door finally opened. standing before me was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen, She was tall, almost 6 feet, in her 20's and with light brown radiant skin. She was dressed in a honey colored teddy and high red heels. I instantly became hard and my pulse went up. She spoke with a deep sensual voice- welcome Mr. Jones, we are so glad to see that you have arrived. are you ready to receive your just reward? Yes, I said, my dick was more erect than it had been in years and years. Oh, my name is Rose, she said in a husky voice that drove me crazy, please follow me.

She led me to a staircase down two flights of velvet carpeted stairs. At the foot of the stairs was a small room with a luxurious couch. next to the couch was a blue metal door. Would you care for a cocktail?. Rose asked. Sure I said- give me a vodka rocks if you have, I said. Sure my honey, she said and disappeared down the hall. A few minutes later, she returned with my drink. Enjoy honey, soon, you will feel brand new- heeee.I did not know what she meant exactly- I thought she meant the vodka would do that.I drank slowly and enjoyed every sip.

The last thing I remembered, I was looking at the metal door next to me and wondering what was in there. I then passed out.

I awoke bound hand and foot to a long black leather table. I was totally naked in the cool room. I could not move. What happened? I said out loud. Rose answered me softly. Honey, I know you're secret desires and we are here to fulfill them. You see. we know of your secret desire to be castrated, total removal of your genitals, to be relieved of all desire and to experience not sexual love, but pure love and worship for another person without the interference of lust.

My heart started to pound and I realized how right she was. Ok I said, lets get on with it. Rose gave me a local anesthetic in my spine. I went numb after a few minutes and my legs were spread on stirrups. Then Rose and another short older woman who did not say anything to me began to give me an bilateral orchidectomy. Apparently, they had some medical training, for the procedure took no longer then a half hour. After my testicles were removed, they showed them to me on a plate. See, Rose said- this is what you've lost but more important, this is what you've gained. You have gained total control over lust and impulse.

Now, we will remove your scrotum and sew you back up, you should heal quickly with no problem. You will be smooth as a newborn where your balls used to be.

My scrotum was then removed and sown up. I was only half awake through it all. I felt no pain.

I was tired and only wanted to sleep for hours, but before I drifted off- I remembered what the contest was.

A few months ago, while I was totally drunk, I had answered an ad on-line about indulging my wildest desires- about nullification. I had given my personal information on-line like a fool and this was what it had come to. The ad said a name would be picked at random and the winner would be contacted. My wish had become reality.I felt shock but at the same time I felt such joy and freedom about losing my balls, I could wait for the next step- penectomy. That would come in 2 weeks after my healing was done on what used to be my scrotum.

After I awoke in the room, Rose entered. She kissed me tenderly on my lips. Her lips tasted like the sweetest honey in the world. You ok? she asked. Yes I said with a tired but grateful smile. What happens now? Well, you go home, rest and in two weeks you come back here for the next step- removal of your penis.

Let me show you something, Rose said with a sweet smile. With that She lifted up her teddy, dropped her panties and showed me her totally smooth shaven genitals- with amazement, I saw that there was no pussy there, but scar tissue, where her male parts were. She had the same procedure as I was having.

See, hon? I am like you and there are many people out there who desire the same thing- freedom from our lusts and freedom to be who we want to be, neither male nor female but just us- ourselves.

I could not wait to return in 2 weeks.

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