Virgin Crossdresser Gets Forced in Sauna by Gang!
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Pedophilia, Rape, Blackmail, Gay, BiSexual, CrossDressing, True Story, Rough, Humiliation, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Size, Public Sex, Prostitution,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Iv been curious about cock for a few years now and up till a week ago i had only touched another mans cock but my life suddenly changed when a group of guys in a gay sauna i decided to try decided no wasn't a good enough answer. Then came the problem of getting away!

Well this was going to be a saterday afternoon I would never forget! Should I say can't ever forget ... Read on.

I'm a 26 year old slim built athletic guy. I have had a secret obsession for wearing women's lingerie for many years and my craving to try cock also increasing so a few weeks ago I grabbed the bill by the horns. I decided I would go to this sauna I heard of, it's for guys only. When I got there I walked in an the guy at the desk was very sleazy saying "oh we have a young un here let me see your cock" well as I had never even been near another guy apart from one other penis I have touched but that is all I have done I was pretty scared but he put his hand down there anyway telling me to relax its going to be fun. I explained I was a virgin and I like to dress up. He replied "mmm well it's your lucky day I have 22 guys in here at the moment and your the only crossdresser plus the youngest here, there's only one other bottom here and he's having a sleep! So trust me there's some hungry cocks upstairs" I was fairly worried and in two minds wether to turn around and walk out, but I'd already paid and he wasn't going to let me Leave that easily. " let me show you around" he said and tell me more about u and what you like. I told him I'm a virgin and I want to be fucked, he laughed and said u can be sure that will happen today lol" why I said" " because there's no rules in here guys do whatever they want. It's all on camera so u dont have to worry il be watching haha" may even join in later, wouldn't mind banging that tight little arse" he was saying all this while watching me get changed into my lingerie ... There were two saunas a steam room, jacuzzi, dark room and a couple of rooms with beds and ties! I was quite freaked out, I was getting dirty Pervy comments and looks from the men in there they were just walking around naked touching me as I walked past. The guy who was showing me around then informed them all of my innocence to gay sex and my virgin status started getting them all very hard! I gulped at the size of some of those dicks. I turned round and said I don't think This is really for me and tried turning away. With that a guy grabs me and says its ok we'll look after you.

With that I had maybe 10 guys not counting all pushing and shoving to get over to me and all these hard wet dicks being shoved in my hands and my face, taking it in turns to shove there dicks in my mouth, a coupe of thrusts and out and then next. They were all quite hung and not very forgI'veing. I asked them to stop multiple times begged them and tried to get away but there was just toady of them. They said I mite as well accept it I can't get out and of I tried then they would post the videos of me everywhere! Plus I have a girlfriend who knows nothing about my little desires who can't find out I had no choice. And with that came a horrible blackmale request, the guy from downstairs said I've Locked the shop and I'm joining in, you will come back here every month at least once and take every guy here if you don't we will ruin your life and everyone will find out! I cried as they molested me and begged them to let me go I promised I wouldn't tell, but it was having no effect on them they kept telling me how they were all going to rape me and use both my holes as cum dumps. They laughed and jeed each other on and laughed as they violated my body and raped me over and over. My tight hole had never had a cock in it before and as u can guess it hurt a lot! Big dicks shooting hot cum up me and gaping my once tidy tight hole. In minutes I had cum dripping from every hole and part of me my lingerie soaked from steam and them all pissin on me. They took it in turns passin me around pissing cumming fuck making me suck and lick clean there dirty cocks. It felt like it lasted a lifetime and I never new how I was going to get out. 3 hours into it I was fucked I could hardly move but they kept cumming, ping off for a jacuzzi to reload then back upstairs to stick it back up me. They kept me there all night I was cold wet sticky and stinky my lingerie ruined with cum and piss my arse hole still gaping and leaking. I was fed pills to make me stay hard while they assaulted me and after 6 hours I was pretty much on deaths door. I fell asleeep only to resale about an hour later with a cock hitting my g spot and releasing warm cum up me, knowing I was in trouble I kicked the guy off and made a run for the door. I didn't care I was wearing my lingerie and looked like a dirty little tranny prostitute but I didn't care. As I got down the stairs and in the corridor I grabbed my jacket and went for the door. Being locked I had little chance but I kept trying. This only angered them majorly and they took me back upstairs and tied me to the bed. "We will let u rest now but we havnt finished, they chucked me in the shower and put me in one of the rooms. I lay there crying and scared wondering hat was next, I fell asleep an when I woke there was 3 guys sitting on the bed naked with breakfast they had brought me which I was greatful for as I really need some energy after all that. My arse felt like I was having a constant poo felt like there was a cock still deep inside me! I ate the breakfast then asked nicely if the guys would let me go. They replied I doubt that's going to happen but we will try and see if we can make it just is 3 that fuck you "what do u think?" I replied ok I suppose ... Then I don't remember much for quite a while. Well actually speaking it was around 7 hours I was out. They had drugged the food and sleeping tablets took its toll on me. That meant they had full access of me and I still now don't no what they were doing to me. They said next time I come back they wil show me the video. All of this was recorded and there were guys wanking off to it in the other room. Needless to say when u woke again I was in a dark room on my own cum leaking again from everywhere and my body feeling like I'd been thrown off a building. My arsehole was wrecked! As I managed to clamber off the bed I managed to gets my clothes on and make for the exit. But knobody was around the front door was open so I didn't stumble I was strait out the door ... Gathering my breath and slowly coming into realisation what just happened I decided to get away quickly. When I got down the road I receI'veed a text on my phone. They stole my number. It read. On reading This letter we want to say we meant no harm to u just having some naughty fun, glad you chose to come see us and we will be seeing u again very soon, 31 days left let us know when your cumming in so we can get plenty of guys to sort you out...

Looks like today is th day have to return! It's been 30 days! I've let them no ad you will here from me again. Wish me luck! At least my hole is used to having cock! I went from virgin to having about 25 dicks in one night!

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