Chapter 1: High School

So far, we've met Kara and Kal. Apparently, the last two survivors of a planet doomed to destruction! Their fathers, who were brothers, whisked them just over 10 billion light years away, to a planet with a yellow sun. Under this white star, yellow to the persons of Earth, they would become strong and powerful. This Book starts with Kara and Kal, at Smallville High School. She's a freshman, while he's a sophomore.

They were keeping their promise to Jonathan and Martha. The promise not to have sex until they both were 16 years of age. That would happen to Kara, in less than 10 months.

Kara didn't quite get her goal of starting high school as a sophomore. If she were willing to give up part of her upcoming summer, after her combined freshman/sophomore year, Kal, and she would be juniors together.

The same large parcel of property had the original elementary, junior and senior high schools in Smallville. With a burgeoning population, now at 27,000 people, there was a total of five sets of schools, in the Smallville sector of the Osage County School District.

Fortunately, Pete, Lana and Lindsey, along with the Kent's, all stayed together at SHS. Pete's parents, had met Chloe, and his mother loved her immediately. His father William, known as Bill, was still antsy about the relationship, but because he and his wife, Abigail, were having regular issues, he deferred to his wife's opinion, in an effort to appease her. Being married to a Municipal Court Judge, has its disadvantages.

Lana's parents, Dr. Lewis and Laura Lang, were much more traditional parents. They were rather 'well off, ' giving Lana an air of superiority over everyone she comes across. Her and Kara were still 'mortal enemies, ' as K put it. Nevertheless, they seemingly had a respect for one another. K became buddies with Chloe, both blonde and beautiful.

Lindsey Parker, the daughter of the police chief, was still Kara's best friend. Both, along with Chloe, were practically inseparable.

New to the regulars already mentioned, was Dr. Potter, who was Lana's uncle and Dean of Smallville High School.

The First day of School

I convinced my sister, to take the bus, the initial day of the new year of high school. Instead of being let off at the first stop, we now waited until the third, which was right in front of Smallville High School.

As soon as we were let off, Kara ran to Lindsey and Chloe, as they all shrieked, as girls often do, and started chattering among themselves. Pete and I got off the bus, and walked towards the blonde triad.

Chloe took Pete's arm, while Kara took mine, leaving Lindsey alone.

"Kal, we need to find Lindsey her own guy," my lovely sister said.

The curves that had started when she turned 12, increased enough, for her to catch the eye of any teenage boy on campus. I was proudly her brother, who planned on protecting her from any young man who approached her too aggressively. Except for our small group of friends, we let the rest of the school believe, that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I let K talk me into wearing our outfits under our school clothing.

The blue fight-suits Mom made us, fit really well, but Kara insisted we include the red pants. She had sketched the stylistic 'S', and Mom made one for each of us, using red and yellow fabric. With that, she had several yards of red material left. We asked her to keep it somewhere, just in case. As I had anticipated, the outfits stayed comfortable, as we grew towards our final physical dimensions.

"Kara, what kind of boy, does Lindsey want?" I asked, "Not that we can do much more than talk her up to someone, do you know what she's looking for, in a boyfriend?"

"Well, before she knew you were my brother, she'd told me, that you looked 'dreamy' to her, but I told her, you were 'off the market.'"

"Does she know..."

"That we're star-crossed lovers from another planet. Yeah, like I'm going to let anybody know that!"


We walked up the stairs to enter the halls of SHS for the first time. There were arrows pointing to show us where to go, to pick up our schedule of classes.

There were four doors, labeled A—G, H—N, O—T, and U—Z. We found ours, and entered the room, falling into a very long line. At the front of ours, I recognized a waving hand to a very pretty lady, Miss Lindsey. When we got nearer the front, I noticed her nametag had said, Miss Audra Lindsey. Oh joy, she's still single!

When Kara gave her name to the registrar of our group, she pulled both of our schedules and handed them to us, as Miss Lindsey, pulled us to one side.

"Hi kids ... Well, I guess I shouldn't call you that anymore. Look at you Kara, you were cute before, but now ... gorgeous is the word that comes to mind. And this big handsome older brother of yours, my goodness, look at those muscles. I made sure that both of you were in my Creative Writing class together. This will be our seventh year together, Kal. I think of you as my own son ... almost."

"Miss Lindsey," I said, "that would mean that you would be seven years older than when I first met you, but you haven't changed a bit still as pretty as always!"

She beamed, giving me a wink. K and I gave our good-byes and headed to get our books, which were listed on our class schedules.

Osage County had some clout, along with some friends with deep pockets. Because of that, schoolbooks and writing equipment were free to all registered students, at all levels of school, not counting SJC, or Smallville Junior College. At SHS, many elements of our previous school experiences would be similar. There was no homeroom anymore, the first class of the day, was 75 minutes long, 15 for school-wide issues, then the remaining hour was a module, much like before.

Still starting at 7:30, all the public schools did, but now we had nine separate classes, A thru I, rotating like before, but ... slightly different. Today, for example, I would have A first, and H last. Tomorrow, I'll start with I, then A thru G, dropping H. It was rather progressive for Kansas. Only 15 years earlier, you had your classes in the same order, every single day.

Miss Lindsey had explained all of that to me, when she sat at my lunch table in fourth grade. Most of the students, back then, would grab their backpacks and food, to move to another table. Sitting with a teacher wasn't 'cool.' I didn't mind. I thought she was pretty - I still do!

"OK, Kara, see you at C period, hold me a chair, if you get there first," I asked unable or unwilling to give her a peck on the lips as I had all last year. We'll find time.

"Bye Kal, see ya," she said, flashing that grin that she only gives me.

I headed to my A class, Physical Science. My teacher was Mr. Siegel, a very likeable guy about 35, I would guess. Having poured over all the science I could find, when researching my powers and such, I felt ready for this class. All we did was have everyone stand up, and say their name and something about themselves. When I heard my name, I shot up. I said, "My name is Kal Kent. Our family makes the best butter in the county," and sat down. Half the kids, nodded their heads, saying things like, "He's right," and "My mother swears by it." The rest of them made fun of it. I didn't care. I go home to the best Mom in the county - they don't!

My B period was Math, with Mr. Allen; C was Creative Writing with Miss Lindsey ... and my D class was History with Miss Langston. After E, which was Spanish with Mrs. Rodriguez, I had a 30-minute lunch period, catching up to Kara. So far, we had C, and E together, sitting side by side.

We went to an empty table, which Pete, Lana and Chloe joined us. Lindsey had the other lunch period.

"Isn't Mrs. Rodriguez hot?" Pete said. Chloe lightly slapped him on the back of the head. He was talking to me, so I answered, "Not nearly as pretty as any of the girls at this table, Pete." That got me a kiss on the cheek from Kara and Lana, who were sitting on either side of me.

"Have any of you had Journalism Class yet?" Lana asked.

"That's my I class, so I don't get it until tomorrow, first period," I said. "Any of you got it in I as well?"

Chloe answered, "I'm taking it, because I want to be on the school newspaper next year."

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow, won't I, Beautiful?" I said, out of habit.

"That is my girl, you just said that to, Kal," Pete said.

"Sorry Pete, all girls are pretty to me, especially when you got a standard like my little sister around," I replied.

I got another kiss on the cheek for that.

"I heard what you've been using as your introduction all morning, Kal," Lana said, "Are you sticking with it for the rest of the day?"

"Yes, Beautiful, I am!" I said, getting another kiss on the cheek from my sister's archenemy. K gave me a love tap on my left shoulder.


"That's first bell. We got five minutes to be in our F class, see you guys later," Pete said. He came back to give Chloe a kiss.

Kara reached over and gave Chloe a high-five after Pete left.

"Why did you do that, K?" I asked.

"Because of how well she has Pete trained," she answered with a knowing smile. Everyone left at our table, smiled or was laughing out loud.

Three more classes, starting with F, being Music Appreciation with Mr. Summers. When asked to stand and say something, after I said my name, most of them said with me, "His family makes the best butter in the county," breaking everyone into laughter. Mr. Summers even laughed, although he was unlikely to understand why it was funny.

Next, was G class, Physical Education. We met at the gym, with Coach Bain. Instead of the routine going on everywhere else, he broke us into two teams of 12, giving each team a basketball. We weren't about to shoot baskets; this would be a good old game of pass-around. You catch it - you continue. You don't - you sit down. You can pass it to anyone, boy or girl. I've played this many, many times. You look one way, but pass it the other ... misdirection was the key to this. Kara was in my group.

Our group slimmed down to four; Kara, Joe Newman, Jeff Bain, the coach's son, and me.

Next one out was Joe, and then Jeff. When this game gets down to two, it gets to be who can throw the ball harder. Kara and I were the only ones playing from either group. The rest of them were watching us, half rooting on my sister, half throwing their support to me.

Kara was playing for status, while I was playing for fun.

Back and forth - again and again! The first bell rang, so I fumbled it, hopefully convincingly enough. Kara's hands went up. She was hoisted in the air and was cheered on. I saw her wink at me as everyone put her down, and headed to his or her next class. As Kara walked by, she said, "Thanks Kal!"

Last class today, was H, an elective, not usually given to high schooler's, Typing ... learning to touch type. Even with Superspeed, I was clumsy on the keyboard. I expected to test out of this class after a few weeks, but the teacher was a surprise ... Miss Lindsey!

Each desk had an electronic typewriter and a computer laptop; you could choose which to learn using. This class wasn't very full. With most of the kids our age, using game units or smart phones, learning to type was a 'lost art' as Miss Lindsey had said, in her opening remarks. She excused everyone early, but asked me to remain.

"Well, Kal — I have you in Creative Writing, Journalism tomorrow first thing, and now this. You must really want to be a newspaperman, don't you?"

"Well, it seems like its part research, part detective and typing, of course. I want to be there, interrogating people, using my own words, to tell a story. I don't see the Smallville Telegraph very often, but when I do, the stories, I like the most, seem to have a clear beginning, middle and end. The best also draws you into it. All of that, with my own byline, would be a blast."

"Well said, Kal! You certainly sound passionate about it, and ... passion is a good thing, don't you think?" she remarked, re-crossing her legs.

"Miss Lindsey, have you met Mr. Siegel, who teaches science?" I asked.

"Are you trying to set me up with another teacher, Kal?" she said, breaking into a rather pretty smile of her own.

"Well, ma'am — if I was old enough, I would probably ask you out on a date, but there have been recent stories in the news, you know."

"Thank you, Kal. You really are a nice young man. See you in the morning, bright and early."

"Thank you ... anything you could tell me about the class in advance?" I asked offering her a hand to get up.

"Practice typing, at home if you can. The keys ... it's all about learning the keys. Do you know about the Home Keys and the Home Row?"

"No, I don't?" I honestly answered.

She picked up my left hand, and rested my four fingers on the A, S, D, and F keys. Then she took my right hand and placed my fingers on the J, K, L and ; keys.

"That is the home row, while those are the home keys. Notice how the rest of the alphabet is equally distant from any finger. Look at the typewriter, when they were in prominence, many of them had an actual bump on the F and J keys. To remind you there were 'home.'"

The last bell rang. I got my things, and said, "You have always been my favorite teacher, Miss Lindsey!"

"Than you for saying that, Kal ... I appreciate it!"

"Bye," I said, heading to find my blonde bombshell of a sister.

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