Naomi's Story From Second Time Through
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Pedophilia, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, True Story, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Food, Public Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - As my Grandmother always said "no matter how flat the pancake it has two sides". So it is with every story. This is Noami's side of the story from Second Time Through.

Naomi sat looking at the bottle of pills in her hand and the bottle of vodka on the table, tears streaming down her face she was heartbroken, no more than that her heart was shattered and she felt she could not bear the pain any longer. If a broken heart was fatal Naomi would have been dead months ago, but at last fate does not allow for anyway out of the pain except through it and Naomi felt she could not make it through this.

Naomi had given her life to her husband Phil for over 40 years, her dreams, desires, and needs had all been pushed back without a thought on her part. Since the moment she had fallen in love with Phil at 16 he had been her life's work. She had wanted to be the perfect wife to make his dreams come true she had bent and given to the point when she looked in the mirror she wondered who the face was looking back at her. She knew she was not perfect, but she was human and within all her power she had been a devoted wife for the 38 years of their marriage. In a marriage of 38 years there are good times and there are bad. Naomi and Phil had had their share of both, and the last few years had been some of the worst. She had felt Phil becoming more depressed and slipping away, several events over the last few years had left him lost and confused. The death of his father, the failure of several huge business and personal ventures and then he had been forced to face several health issues leaving him realizing that his body was aging and that his youth was slipping away. Naomi had talked him into going to see a counselor and it seemed to help for a while but there were the little things that looking back where the real signs she should have noticed.

The Beginning: First Kiss

Phil and Naomi had meet at a Campus Crusade for Christ rally on the University of Tennessee campus. It had been a rainy night and Naomi had driven a group of her friends to the rally including her best friends brother who she had a huge crush on. Tom was a Senior and a star on the high school basketball team and Naomi had a crush on him for several months. Now here she was sitting by him on the gym floor and wishing she had washed her hair that morning. Naomi heard a high pitched giggle and looked up to see her friend Suzanne running over with a tall skinny guy in tow Naomi did not recognize him as anyone from their school. Suzanne introduced everyone to the boy named Phil and all Naomi could think was "man he is tall" as she almost fell back on the floor looking up at him. He sat down on the gym floor next to Naomi and start to talk which was annoying because she was trying to talk to Tom. Soon the speaker came on and things became very quiet the speaker was a young long-hair man talking about sex and how wonderful it was but that Christian youth should stay pure until God had sanctioned a union with marriage. Naomi was listening intently when the tall stranger named Phil lean over and whispered in her ear that there was 1,677,006 bricks in the building, she laughed out loud and several hundred people turned to look at her she wanted to sink into the floor and she really wanted to slap the boy. Still when she got home she had to laugh again about the incident and how funny the boy had been. Naomi did not give him another thought until several weeks later.

There was a big dance coming up at school and Naomi had just broken off with her current boyfriend Jerry and her latest crush Terry was just warming up to her and she was sure he was not going to ask her as he was on the shy side and it was a Sadie Hawkins dance meaning the girls were to ask the guys. Naomi was not bold enough to ask Terry so she needed to do something fast as she could not miss a dance that would be social suicide. Her friend Suzanne had ask Naomi about fixing her up with someone for the dance and that gave Naomi and idea. She would find someone for Suzanne and Suzanne could find someone for Naomi and they would double date to the dance in 2 weeks.

One week later it was sat Suzanne would be going with Naomi's cousin Ron and Suzanne had told Naomi that Phil who went to another school would go as Naomi's date. The night of the dance came Ron picked Naomi up first then they went to Suzanne's picked her and she guided them to Phil's house. Naomi had talked to Phil several times over the last week and while she did not feel a "love connection" she did enjoy his sense of humor and felt that they would have a good time.

Naomi had learned that Phil was the oldest of 4 his father was a preacher and his mom a teacher and he wanted to be a minster like his Dad when he grew-up. They got to the dance and Naomi had been surprised that Phil had been a little too touchy, feely for a preachers son he even tried to kiss her in public ... When they all decided to leave right after pictures where made Naomi was glad he had really started to get on her nerves. The small group of 4 went to a local hang-out for a quick bit to eat and then drove around (Cruz in) for a little while before heading home. Ron was heading to Phil's home to drop him off first and when they were going down a dark residential road Phil leaned over and kissed Naomi. She was taken by surprise and even more surprised when she parted her lips and let his tongue slide into her mouth. As, the kiss lingered on and became more intense Naomi could actually feel herself melting like a pat of butter. She had never experienced anything like this he tasted like warm fresh Carmel covered donuts. Naomi was falling in love and with that one kiss her fate had been sealed.

Naomi had, had crushes before but she had never experienced the depth of emotion that Phil invoked in her, she loved him so much it hurt. She wanted to be with him every moment and he made her feel safe like no one else ever had.

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