Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Celebrity, Interracial, Black Male, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Maré becomes the playa that gets played.

I always had a crush on Alisha Jenay. She was a short, brown-skinned busty model mixed with Black, Brazilian, and German. Her physique, face, and ass were on point! I liked her shoulder-length blonde hair and perfect smile. I felt elated that she got in contact with me and wanted to hang out.

One evening, after putting Crystal Knight to sleep from wild sex, I pulled out my BlackBerry and contacted Alisha. We talked and flirted a little, and planned to meet later that night. I felt guilty because I was falling in love with Crystal, but I could not pass up the opportunity to fuck Alisha. I took a shower, dressed, and left.

I met Alisha at a midtown Manhattan nightclub. We ordered a few popular drinks like Jack & Coke, Patrón, and Cosmo. As we drank and flirted, I felt the definite air of sexual tension. I had an erection as I glimpsed at Alisha erect nipples. I think I got her wet when I rubbed her fat-ass thighs.

Alisha pulled me out to the dance floor, and we started dancing. I enjoyed staring at her big brown eyes. When the deejay put on Drake's "Find Your Love" things heated up. Alisha gave me a passionate kiss that lasted for a while. We literally danced until the club close, which was a first for me.

We hopped in my black Maserati GranCabrio and headed for Alisha's house. I was so hot that I was driving shirtless. Alisha and I had fun describing what we did in the nightclub. It made us both horny, and I reached over and played with Alisha's erect nipples. She unzipped my pants and performed fellatio on me like an expert. Her lips drove me crazy! I did not expect to have any action inside my new car. After several minutes of kissing and fondling each other's genitals, the car windows steamed up. Alisha stripped out of her dress and straddled my lap, faced me, with her feet on the back of my seat. I loved her chocolate skin, and it was easy to ease my dick in her wet pussy. I held her ass firmly as Alisha rode my dick like a wild woman. Thank God, there was no traffic on the road. We both climaxed, Alisha lifted herself off my dick and laughed.

Once we were in Alisha's house, we wasted no time shedding off our clothes. We raced to the bedroom. I got on top of Alisha and sank my dick in her pussy. She shuddered, moaned, and screamed as she climaxed. Her wet body felt great under mine.

"Fuck my pussy, Maré," Alisha grunted. "Take it! Your dick is so good!"

"I'm going to make you cum all over this dick!" I groaned.

One colossal wave of orgasm after another overtook Alisha. Her body shook with excitement. I fucked her faster and harder. Then I rolled on my back, taking Alisha with me. She bit her lower lip, closed her eyes, and settled on my dick. Her nice hips undulated, stirring my dick around in her pussy. I enjoyed watching her bounced up and down furiously. Alisha let out a shriek as she climaxed again. I pulled the condom off and ejaculated on Alisha's navel.

"Oh no, we're not done yet, Maré!" Amelia announced. "I want that anaconda up my ass!"

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