Mandy - The Complete Story - Book 2

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Nudism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Prologue - The saga of Mandy and Bob continues with the introduction of Jason, Bob's son. Like Bob did for Mandy, Jason saves the day for her too, in more ways than one, after Bob leaves. She was a castaway before and Jason makes sure that doesn't happen again. Author's Note: It's a good idea to read Book 1 before reading Book 2.

Amanda Milton!

How Mandy liked the sound of that name.

She was ... Amanda ... MILTON!

Just the name brought joy to her heart.

Everything that had happened to her in her 17 years and 9 months before she had met Bob, dwindled to dim memories.

All of the hurts and deceptions which her mother had cast upon Mandy, had melted away. All the hurts had been eradicated because she'd met Bob that life changing evening.

Bob had done all that and more for her.

Now it was, all ... right.

She was, all ... right.

She was Amanda Milton, Bob's wife.

Bob had kept his promise not to "Just Throw Her Away."

Not only had he not let her go, he had given her a new name. One she cherished: 'Mrs. Robert Milton'.

It was difficult, but she smiled at him. Patted his shoulder and stroked his face. Her love spilled over when she kissed him on the cheek and a tear filled the corner of her eye. "I love you," she mouthed to him. "I love you."

She thought back to the day Bob gave her an engagement ring. It was right after they had become millionaires, each in their own right.

Bob had a photography assignment with Stan Wilson, Lawyer, City Councilman, and Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Department. He invited them to lunch in his office for a personal interview after the dedication of the city's newly renovated park and playground.

Stan was her lawyer too. Well, she had found that out during that delicious afternoon. Bob, a freelance reporter, had known Stan many years and Bob was considered just about the best by Stan. So when they were dedicating a redesigned Veteran's Park in the city center, Bob was Stan's choice.

After an interview with Stan at his office after the dedication, he explained her father had left her an estate worth in excess of 5 million dollars. On her 18th birthday she would get the first of four million-dollar inheritance checks plus a huge interest check.

After spending five years almost destitute it was mind boggling.

Then because Mandy stuck up for Bob, they both found out that even though he thought he was penny-less, his wife really owed him about a million dollars too.

The evening they found out they were both wealthy Bob and Mandy had dinner her favorite restaurant, McDonald's.

It had been a fantastic day. One where they both turned into instant millionaires. Mandy, even more so.

But, for Mandy, the most magnificent part was that Bob was going to be her Guardian and when she turned 18, he would became her Conservator until she turned 30.

She had someone to rely on. Someone who would not just throw her out into the street like her mother had done. Someone she loved and knew in the deepest reaches of her heart and that they were for meant for each other.

It had been a long and very strange day for them.

Back at Bob's place after finishing with the attorney, they stripped each other. As they relaxed in the warm tub, Mandy slipped onto Bob's Lap. She put him inside of her and, as Stan had instructed them, they made 'Love!'

Relaxing there in the tub a little later, still coupled in a way only lovers can, Mandy asked Bob if he had actually read the Guardianship Certificate.

His answer was, "Well. Not completely but I trust Stan and know he wouldn't do either me, or you, any wrong."

"I read some of it," she told him. "You know, the part where it says that you're my Guardian until I'm 21."

"Yes. I know that," Bob had answered.

"Did you see the part where after I turn 21, until I'm 30, you're my Conservator?"

"Yes. I saw that too."

"So that means we're tied together until I'm at least 30. Is that correct?"

"Yes," Bob said softly to Mandy.

"How do you feel about that?" she asked him.

"Well. I'm not too happy about that part and I would like it changed."

Tears welled up into Mandy's eyes.

They had only known each other for barely two days. They were definitely in love but Mandy was still very gun-shy. She was finding it hard to believe that by knocking on a red pickup's window, at a man hunched over his steering wheel, it would be the life changing event that it had been for her.

All she had wanted that evening was to get as drunk as she could and even to perhaps find a way to end the hell of a life she had.

Mandy was desperately afraid to ask how or why Bob wanted things changed. She had the feeling she had been betrayed one more time. She was crushed, completely scared she would be tossed away once more just as her mother had done.

Mandy held her breath as Bob simply said, "When you turn 21, I want that that to be changed to, 'Till Death Do Us Part!'


Mandy's eyes swelled over with tears.

"I do," she said. "I do!"

As Mandy cried buckets of tears of joy, the happiest she had been since the day her father died, they made love again.

And again.

They had both found peace for the other.

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