The Seduction

by chinookwind

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Lolita, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A precocious 16 year old decides to seduce her neigbor. The Mother and daughter team up together and invite the unsuspecting neighbor to a week's stay at a resort. Not leaving anything to chance, the Mother is given a specialized drug from a pharmaceutical friend.

01.01 Mary, Lilly, John, The conspiracy:

01.02 Mary, Lilly, John, The preparation:

01.03 Lilly, John, Seduction, Handjob:

01.04 Lilly, John, Seduction, Deep Throat:

01.05 John, Lilly, Seduction, Mating:

01.01 Mary, Lilly, John:

Mary, 30, a widower, and her daughter Lilly, live next door to John, a 32 year old who is still recovering from a three year old failed marriage. Their relationship is close but not intimate. Lilly is a precocious 16 year and has come to look at John as both a friend and surrogate father.

Lilly's sex education classes at school has made her want to learn more about a male's sexuality and being internet savvy, has surfed the forums and porn sites for the information she was seeking. The more she learned, the more excited she got. Thoughts of having sex with John were building in her mind.

One morning while Lilly was at school, Mary saw that her laptop had not been turned off and her curiosity got the better of her. She clicked on the 'Favorites' tab and her eyes flew open when she saw the sites and forums that her daughter was visiting. That evening, Mary decided it was time for a Mother daughter talk. Lilly confided in her Mother that she wanted to have sex with John and was using the web to help her do it. A stunned Mary suddenly realized that Lilly's actions with John, over the past several months, was more than an infatuation with their neighbor. The tight fitting shorts and blouses along with the thong bikinis.

She now saw the promiscuous side of her daughter every time she was around John. Despite her ongoing talks, Lilly's advances toward John continued. John's thoughts about Lilly were 'fatherly' in nature and knew she was going to be a heart breaker to the boy's she went out with. Mary finally reached the conclusion that this wasn't going to end until her daughter had seduced John. Mary began to visualize the seduction and a strange sense of perverse excitement filled her mind. She told Lilly that she would arrange for a week's getaway at their favorite resort and would ask John to join them. In the meantime, she was to stop her obvious advances toward him.

Mary knew that she would have to have a little 'help' and contacted a close friend who was a pharmacological researcher. He was developing drugs which have effects similar to Viagra and would keep a male or female aroused for at least two hours. In males, the drug would enhance semen production and permi multiple ejaculations. He agreed to send her a two week supply if she agreed not to disclose when she got it. When the package arrived, Mary opened it and looked at the fourteen packages.

The instructions were simple,

1. Pour contents of one package into any drink or beverage. 2. Effects are within ten to fifteen minutes. 3. Minimum time between doses is two hours.

Mary showed Lilly what she had received.

"One package is enough to give you the edge that you need with John. The others can be used to heighten the experience of any 'follow up' encounters you have with John."

The resort was picture perfect, long curving sandy beaches rimmed with majestic palm trees. Behind the trees were the guest bungalows, each with its fifty foot path to beach and the ocean. Each bungalow had a golf-like cart which was used to visit the resort's main buildings, malls and beaches. The bungalows were luxurious in every respect with two bedrooms, separate kitchen and dining room. Groceries, food and beverages could be ordered and delivered by the resort's guest services. Mary had arranged for two adjacent bungalows.

They arrived on the island around noon and checked in. The desk informed them that some landscaping work was being done between the two bungalows and they should be careful if they were walking across the open ground. After unpacking and ordering what they wanted from the resort's services, they changed into their bathing suits and headed to the beach. Mary saw John staring at her daughter's thong bikini and smiled.

John looked at Mary and said,

"Hard to believe she just turned 16."

Mary understood what John was alluding to and nodded her head.

Around 5:00pm they returned to their bungalows. While John was changing, Mary told Lilly that their plans for John would start in the morning after a good night's sleep. Mary made dinner and after they finished eating, they relaxed in the living room, watching their HDTV. At 10:30pm John stood up and said that he was going to turn in. Mary told John to join them for breakfast and wear his bathing suit.

Mary followed John out the door and with a gentle and diplomatic voice suggested that he use the depilatory in his bathroom to remove his genital hair which was was pushing abundantly past the edges of his bathing suit. John looked down and blushed when he saw that it was true. When he got back to his bungalow he went into the bathroom. Mary suggested the same to Lilly. Lilly hugged her Mother and went to her bedroom. After an arousing session with the depilatory and the silky soft soap, Lilly drifted off to sleep with visions of a naked John.

01.02 Mary, Lilly, John, The preparation:

As luck would have it, the rains settled in during the night. In the morning, Mary was preparing breakfast when she looked out the kitchen window and saw John navigating through the muddy landscaping area and saw him slip. He stood up covered with mud over most of his body. Since he was closer to her bungalow, she opened the window and told him he could use her shower and she would wash his T-shirt and swim trunks. An embarrassed, but smiling John nodded his head and took off his sandals as he entered the door. Lilly smiled sympathetically at him as he made his way to the bathroom. Mary waited by the door and soon John handed her his T-shirt and swim trunks. She told him to use the robe that was hanging on the door.

Mary looked at Lilly and whispered,

"This is perfect, all he will be wearing is a robe."

Lilly dashed off to her room, removed her bikini. She put on a sexy negligee that she had ordered online and then put on a robe.

In a few minutes, John came out of the bathroom and they sat down at the kitchen table enjoying each other's company as they ate their breakfast. When finished Mary suggested that John relax in the living room and watch the HDTV while she cleaned up the kitchen. She made him coffee and laced it with the package's powder. John settled back on the sectional, tuned to CNN and began sipping on Mary's 'special' coffee.

It started as a wonderful warmth that flowed across his loins seeping into his penis, testicles and nipples. He continued watching the HDTV and sipping his coffee as the exquisite sensations intensified. Mary saw John begin fidgeting on the cushion and knew that the drug was taking effect. The feelings that were spreading across his body were much like those that he felt when he was about to have sex with his ex wife. His nervousness escalated as his mind tried to figure out what was happening to him. Mary nodded at Lilly and she walked in front of John. He looked at her with mounting apprehension as the unwanted sensations intensified and flowed throughout his body. Lilly smiled and undid the sash to her robe and shrugged it from her shoulders. John's eyes opened wide when he saw Lilly's youthful, curvaceous body, firm breasts and nuded labia beneath the sheer negligee. Before he could react, Lilly knelt down in front of his bent and closed knees. She looked up into his dazed eyes and smiled as she ran her hands along his robe covered thighs. He flinched at the touches and whispered,

"Lilly, for God's sake what are you doing?"

He looked at Mary and was equally stunned when he saw her smiling back at him.

01.03 Lilly, John, Seduction, Handjob:

Lilly's hands began massaging the soft fabric onto thighs and John franticly fought back the sensations that were from that were seeping into his tingling penis. He opened his mouth as if to say something, then quickly closed his eyes as her fingers pressed into fabric near his and balls. John shifted his thighs trying to evade the delicate touches of Lilly's exploring fingers tips. His breathing quickened when he felt his penis stirring and made an attempt to stand up but quickly stopped knowing that his arousal would be seen through the parted folds of his robe.

'Oh Jesus how can this be happening to him ... not in front of Mary and Lilly.'

Mary and Lilly smiled as a twitching 'tent' slowly rose higher under John's robe. He closed his eyes as a strong wave of arousal flooded his body and his balls ached between his closed thighs.

Mary remembered her friends words,

"An aroused male's erection would be solid for the next two hours, with no loss of sexual arousal or semen production."

Lilly smiled and stood up. Her hands grasped the bottom of her negligee and she pulled it upward and off of her body. A soft, reluctant sigh escaped John's mouth as he gazed at the fully exposed treasures of Lilly's young body. His induced erection jerked under the robe and Mary could see a small moist circle forming at the tip of the 'tent'. She smiled when he saw him bunching the robe between his thighs trying to make his arousal less noticeable.

Lilly knelt down again and rested her hands on his thighs and whispered,

"I want you to make me a woman. I trust you and know you won't hurt me."

An embarrassed and bewildered John was trying to make sense out of what was happening, 'why' is so aroused and 'why' is he so turned on by this naked 16 year old. Lilly's fingers slipped slowly under the edges of his robe and his hardness throbbed within the bunched fabric.

John pleaded,

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