Dory Drake: Dickgirl Detective
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Blackmail, Lesbian, BiSexual, Hermaphrodite, Mystery, Cheating, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, BBW, Public Sex,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - These are the chronicles of Dory Drake, who is just your ordinary 30 year old private investigator in Seattle, Washington with an extra-ordinary condition! After closing her most recent case, the hermaphrodite returns to her home with her clothing tattered, bite marks on her breast, and copious fluid on her thighs-- What the hell happened to her?

"Is it really only Wednesday?"

Dory Drake was exhausted, mentally and physically. After locking her bedroom door, the 5'6" brunette with the 'girl next door' face and body took off her blouse and examined her chest in the mirror. Her nipples and breasts were midsized and pert, but freshly scratched with several bite marks. Her only remaining piece of clothing was her favorite gray dress skirt, a staple of outfit she loved so much while on the job.

Too tired to stand anymore, she laid on her bed and reached in between her legs and retrieved a small blob of semen that had been caked to her thigh and stared at the substance. She began to recall the last 72 hours, which had brought so many potential changes in her life.

The affair all started on a mundane Monday morning, as she engaged in her usual pre-work rituals over breakfast in her favorite living room chair.

"Where the hell is Vashon Island, anyway?" Dory muttered, rhetorically more than anything, as she glanced over the emails on her tablet.

"About an hour out of town ... if you must know." replied Anna Drake, a shorter, smaller version of Dory with classic makeup and a pixie haircut, as she passed her elder sister on her way through their large apartment to the kitchen. "Why? New client?"

Dory nodded, not bothering to look up.

"Do you still have time to take me to the airport today?" Anna inquired, now from across the apartment.

"Oh, about that--"

"Save it, Dory. It's fine." Anna sighed and continued, peeling an orange. "I can take a cab, but you're paying for it. The most important audition in my career and my own sister doesn't have time for me. It's tragic, really."

"Los Angeles will have to forgive me for trying to keep the bills paid around here. Even a talented actress such as yourself can appreciate that." she added, lowering her computer to take a bite of cereal.

The peppy youth, wearing skinny jeans and distressed tee shirt, certainly looked the part of an LA socialite. She brought a small bowl of fruit back into the living area and sat in a loveseat next to Dory, whose loose nightshirt and flannel pajama pants made for a humorous contrast. "You're just jealous that I'll be getting some sun and--"

Anna paused in disbelief as Dory raised a glass to her lips. It was filled almost to the quarter mark with a cloudy white liquid. Much thicker than milk, the murky contents had begun to separate. Dory noticed her sister's silence and decided to break it. "What?"

"I really wish you wouldn't drink that around me. Well, I wish you wouldn't drink it at all-- but ESPECIALLY around me."

"Relax, Anna." Dory sighed, putting the glass down. "Of course, I could always throw it on you. You could be a different kind of actress right here in Seattle."

"So gross." she stood up, but not before hugging her sister. "I'll see you next week."

Dory had just turned 30, and was just as thrilled about as you might expect. But she was still one of Seattle's most renowned and successful private investigators, with a reputation that enabled her to afford this spacious and upscale apartment that she was about to exit. This particular client was unusual and she had to drive outside of the gray city and into the country of eastern Washington.

While she loved Seattle, Dory often found herself hating driving downtown. Public transit was no better either. She found the lonely country drive liberating, mostly because she could now dance to Depeche Mode without fear of being spotted doing so at a traffic light (a frequent occurrence). She was strangely calm entering the waterfront area of Washington's elite and well-to-do.

The Ackers family did not match the wealth of the Gates by any stretch of the imagination, but you not discern that by the difficulty Dory experienced getting through the gate of their multi-acre estate. The brick driveway lead up to marble steps and ionic columns that held up the front of the Ackers mansion did much to remove her initial calm. Even though she was now wearing her most professional outfit, black suit jacket with matching skirt and heels, Dory still felt lightly out of her league.

A maid escorted her through the spacious marble interior, which was sprinkled with with antiquities of mostly Greek in origin. A statue of Athena, Mercury's helmet on a pedestal, Dory was led out to a veranda where she assumed she was meeting Zeus himself. She was wrong about that. It was Hera.

Helen Ackers introduced herself as the head of the household.

"Thank you for coming on such a short notice, Ms. Drake" she greeted with a firm handshake. The woman was in her mid-60s, with striking sandy hair and a thin, but strong stature. Her beauty was refined and powerful. In short, Dory thought, she was a Greek Goddess in a pantsuit. "Please sit down and make yourself at home."

Dory sat across from Helen and a younger woman. She looked to be about 25, with plain, brown hair tied in a ponytail behind her. The girl, whom was introduced to her as Casey Ackers, was slightly plus sized with curves she failed to hide in the frumpy blue dress she was wearing. Her meek and reserved appearance made it hard to believe the two were related.

"My daughter is why I've called you here." Helen began. "Casey is engaged to a young man in the city, Vince York, some real estate investor of some kind" she gestured, throwing her hand up, disapprovingly. "Casey is set to inherit our family's holding company, so I need your help in assuring that her assets are well taken care of. I've heard rumors that Mr. York has a reputation as a ladies man, seen coming and going to all sorts of social gatherings and--"

"And you want me to see if he is cheating on her, then?" Dory confirmed as she jotted away on her tablet.

"I see you are fairly astute, Dory." Helen confirmed. "I trust that your investigation will be equally as precise."

Dory would periodically glance over at the aloof Casey Ackers, who seemed to be present in body only. She barely paid attention to the conversation, and spoke even less. 'This must be breaking her heart' Dory pondered, adding the notion to her notes. After gathering her usual logistics, she excused herself from the setting. It was almost six o'clock, and she had someone to meet.

Dory had barely taken off her heels before she heard the familiar jiggle of the entrance lock. The door opened ad walked in a tall woman with dark blond hair and a California tan. Closing the door gently, she removed her long white jacket and glasses. She instantly looked 100 times more casual, with neat black sweater and jeans ... You would not have thought she was one of the best surgeons in town.

"Good evening, doctor." greeted Dory from her seat in the living room. "So nice of you to make house calls."

The blonde joined her on the chair, sitting on her lap while kissing her deeply. "How was your day, Amber?"

"Just a few consultations. Scheduled a procedure for next month..."

"Just another day in the life of Seattle's greatest surgeon" Dory playfully giggled, laying her head on Amber's shoulder. The woman sneaked a bashful grin before she deflected.

"Did your client meeting go okay?"

"It did, I just have to run some intel tomorrow."

"Great." Amber tucked her chin under Dory head, as she usually did when she had something uncomfortable to talk about."So, I have good news. I met a doctor that would be willing to perform a very discreet vasectomy should we ever need one."

Dory sighed heavily and rolled her head off of the shoulder. She squirmed and crossed her legs. "Dory, what's wrong? I thought we agreed that neither of us ever want children and we haven't been enjoying the condoms!"

"I-- I know. I just ... don't know if I like either idea anymore." the young woman replied, voice trailing off into a whisper. Turning her head away from her girlfriend of two years, she could feel the blood rushing to her face.

Amber retrieved Dory's chin and readjusted her so that they were face-to-face. "You really don't expect birth control to be my exclusive responsibility, do you?"

"No, of course not. I'm sorry, I didn't invite you over to fight ... I--"

"And I didn't come over to fight."Amber slipped onto the floor in front of Dory and uncrossed her legs, gently running her hands up her skirt. Dory relaxed a bit and lifted herself up slightly so that Amber could easily roll off the detective's nylons and expose her toned thighs. The doctor then hiked up her girlfriend's skirt to reveal what she was really after.

She ran her hand over Dory's 6 inch, half erect, uncircumcised penis, carefully peeling back the soft foreskin and placing the head between her lips. Amber gently stroked Dory's shaft as her mouth suctioned the tip, her own saliva trickling down into Dory's wispy pubes. The skilled surgeon glided her free hand past the hermaphrodite's petite testicular pouch and slipped her fingers into Dory's quivering feminine folds.

Dory allowed a coo to escape her lips as she gleefully bounced on Amber's hand-- she loved when her female parts did not go unnoticed. Her vaginal muscles tightened around her girlfriend's slick as she felt her hot fluid rising up her shaft.

"nnngh! I'm so close!" Dory blurted out, huskily as she jerked forward slightly. Amber continued her rhythm on Dory's organ until all of its milky contents had safely flooded into her mouth. She spotted a clear glass that was empty except for a thick white substance that lined the very bottom. Picking it up, she spit the mouthful of warm saltiness into the glass, filling it almost to the mark it had been that morning.

"I swear..." Amber started, wiping her mouth "Sometimes I think you're trying to drown me."

"Its not my fault you're so hot" Dory replied with a goofy smile. Amber was always able to make her bashful.

"We'll see about that." The tall blonde stepped out of her shoes, stood up, then started to unzip her pants. The dropped to the floor after clearing her shapely hips. She placed her hands on her lover's shoulders and slowly lowered herself on the still rigid member.

Dory's heart raced as she felt the hot and moist vise grip her organ. She desperately wanted to bounce Amber up and down until she spent inside of her, but she knew that wasn't the plan. The woman on her lap barely moved. She simply nuzzled and bit Dory's neck while vigorously massaging her own clit.

The couple had not been having sex for five minutes before Dory realized she was in trouble. Every time Amber's muscles flexed, it coated her shaft with more juices. 'I should warn her' she pondered 'But she's so close to cumming ... God, so am I.' she grabbed Amber's swaying hips and massaged them 'Hurry up, dammit!'

The more she thought about why she shouldn't spend her invasive seed in Amber's womb, the greater the desire became. She found herself in agony, so much that she had not noticed that Amber had already shuttered in orgasm, and was now calmly resting on her lap.

"Let's go to bed" Dory whispered, pent up, but still relieved beyond measure. "I'll make us breakfast in the morning. I'm definitely craving pancakes."

The couple past by a closed door on their way to Dory's bedroom. "I'm surprised you didn't want to fuck me in Anna's bed. Why you terrorize that girl, I'll never understand."

Dory laughed "You know I love the taboo. Plus, she has no idea we do that ... speaking of Anna, by the way..." she decided to change the conversation as they covered themselves with Dory's cream colored Egyptian comforter in the bed. "She's probably moving to LA soon."

Amber nodded, silently.

"So I'll need a roommate..."

The surgeon smiled "We'll talk about it over pancakes." kissing the elated Dory on the mouth. She felt half her age, but she didn't care. She squealed with anticipation, and it was hard for her to get to sleep.

But her breakfast chat did not occur, and deep inside Dory knew it would not. Amber had left a note 'ER called. See you tomorrow, honey'. There was always a new emergency, or so Dory thought. Her girlfriend's erratic and demanding hours kept the two apart more than not, and while Amber's top-notch professionalism compelled Dory to admire her, it didn't stop her from sometimes feeling like the mere 'dickgirl booty call'.

"She's out saving lives and I'm laying in bed, bitching about pancakes..." Dory commented to aloud before mockingly smothering herself with a pillow.

Dory made instant oatmeal that morning.

'It's not so bad, I suppose.' Dory thought about she and Amber's relationship as she drove in downtown Seattle, en route to one of Vince's reported hangouts. But she didn't know if it was fear of loneliness or fear of love that kept in her current grab n' go union. After all, Amber had accepted her 'condition' when the two meet in college, and it was the rejection of a girl she had fallen in love with that humiliated Dory to the point of relocating from Portland to Seattle several years ago.

"I know this bar ... its..." It occur to her until she was parked outside of its entrance that Helen gave her the address of somewhere that she was familiar with. It was '2-d-20', a hipster gay bar with adjoining bookstore that Dory had frequently when she first game to live in the city. Eventually, anxiety would win the day and she stopped socializing altogether. 'If Amber hadn't contacted me, I'd still be alone.' she believed solemnly.

She started to recall their last discussion about birth control and remembered last year's pregnancy scare with mixed emotions. The couple, drunk beyond reason, attended a mutual friend's beach wedding in NorCal. In the twilight hours, Dory and Amber found themselves alone, rolling about in a patch of sand on a shoreline. Dory couldn't readily remember who's idea it was, but it didn't matter. Dory had Amber's dress pulled up to her chest and was buried balls deep into her ... Panties discarded elsewhere, Amber's muscular legs were locked behind the brunette's back. Despite her inebriation Dory maintained a commanding rhythm as she would thrust in and out.

Looking down, Dory could obverse the moonlight shimmering off the wetness on her cock she retracted. The air smelt of saltwater, clean and pure. There was a mild chill in the air she recalled that nipped goosebumps on her bare shoulders, and the cold sand numbed her bare feet as dug in it for traction as she plowed her new girlfriend for the better part of an hour.

The night was perfect. Amber was perfect. She wanted it to last forever. But the tingling she felt on the tip of her organ meant the moment was likely not to last another 60 seconds.

She knew she had to exit her lover, as they could ill-afford an 'accident'. But whether it was the alcohol, heat of the moment, or an amalgam, something caused Dory to lay her head on Amber's shoulder as she began to spend her liquids into the only person she had coupled. She halfway expected the woman to push her away, but the young surgeon accepted Dory's glorious deposit, gasping at the sudden rush of heat, shaking and shivering in aftershock. The two would lay like that until morning. 'We'll deal with it tomorrow' Dory thought, predicting this was also Amber's opinion.

But they did not deal with-- not well anyway, when Amber's period did not arrive on time. Both women kept irregular hours in their professions. What would they do about child care? What would they put on the birth certificate? What if she was born like Dory? It was a terrifying two weeks until Amber's cycle finally began and it was the last time the two would engage in such reckless behavior. Still, Dory was relieved and let down all at the same time. Her memories of that magic night flooded back to her now and she didn't even readily notice the man matching the picture in her Vince York file walking towards the bar. About to the exit the car, she finally noticed something else-- dampness uncomfortably sticking to her thigh, making a large circular stain through her denim.

It didn't take a PI to deduce that she had rubbed herself to climax during her daydream session. It scared her that she had not noticed until now.

"Un-fucking-believable, Dory" she chastised herself loudly. "You JUST had sex last night. You need to get over last year." she whimpered, attempting to wipe the stain away in vain. Not feeling the need to walk into a bar smelling like semen, she snapped a few quick pictures of her quarry before he disappeared between the doors.

"I'll lose him if I go home to change. What the hell is he doing in a gay bar anyway?" Mustering up her bravado, Dory stepped out of the car and down the street towards the entrance.

Dory spied her mark through one of the building's main windows. He had already moved through the bar and into the bookstore next door, promptly joining a group of gentlemen playing cards at a round table towards the back.

"Its tabletop game night..." Dory read the sign on the door. "He picked an interesting night to cheat on his fiance'.

But Vince didn't even cheat in the card game he was playing, much less on his fiance'. And with the exception of bathroom breaks, the night was as mild as this morning's oatmeal. Finally entering the establishment, Dory managed to catch Vince at the bar during a rare card game intermission.

"Buy a girl a drink?" she playfully raised her eyebrow. "Maybe I'll let you teach me how to play Pokemon."

"Tempting." Vince retorted, placing money on the counter. "But its Yu-Gi-Oh." He sidestepped Dory and returned to his table.

Dory adjusted her breasts, bewildered that an alleged ladies man would pass up a chance to talk to-- well, a lady. Slightly pissed, she followed him, dragging a chair behind her to join the men at the cards table.

"Look, I'm sorry about that just now" Dory addressed Vince, ignoring the other four players."I don't want you to think I'm a poser. I was just kidding about the pokemon cards." A dead hush fell over the menfolk at the table, somewhat stereotypically of what you'd expect of a bunch of 20-something Yu-Gi-Oh players when confronted with an assertive, aggressive woman.

" ... so do you guys play this because you can't afford Warhammer? That's what the kids used to play here."

The quip broke the silence. Vince chuckled "I know, but Warhammer is for nerds, little girl." Dory was very proud of herself for not punching him in the face.

"Besides, this location is temporary." added a heavyset bearded gentleman. "We're going to open up our own shop as soon as our capital comes in."

"You should probably be quiet about that." Vince tapped on the table and started to shuffle his deck.

"Why? Is Casey pulling out?"

"Shut up, Steve."

"Who is Casey? Your girlfriend?" Dory asked intently

Vince opened his mouth, but then thought better of it, and smiled asking "You know you totally smell like cum, right?"

Something wasn't right. If Vince was a playboy, he was unlike any she's ever met. There was a few hours of daylight left, and now seemed a good time to get a change of clothing and drive out to the Ackers estate...

Casey was home alone, something that wasn't unheard of, as Helen spent most evening at galas and fundraisers.

"Will you be joining me for dinner?" the young Ackers inquired as Dory entered the mansion.

"Um, sure. I appreciate that. I've been on the road all day."

"All guests after 6:00pm are to have dinner. So says mother." Casey replied, turning her back and walking down the hall away from her 'guest'.

"In other words, don't mistake your hospitality for kindness?" Dealing with Vince had put Dory in a bad mood.

The retort stopped Casey in her tracks. She carried a shallow saucer of sweet honey tea, which she paused to lap up, retaining the stoic face Dory had always seen. "I think I might like you after all, Ms. Drake."

Throughout the dinner, the shy girl from the veranda melted away, and was replaced with a delightful social butterfly. The Ackers heiress chattered on about various topics, from politics to nature, and who was currently on the red carpet. Not once of course, Dory noticed, did she mention her fiance. Not wanting to spoil dinner, she would bide her time until the two finished before she suggested they get more comfortable.

"I saw your rack on the way out. How about a glass of wine to toast our evening?" Dory requested. The girl complied, walking to the kitchen and returning with a vintage red and two glasses. They took their bottle out to the starry veranda.

"Where is Vince tonight?" Dory asked, bluntly while she uncorked the bottle.

"Don't YOU know, detective?" Casey returned, not nearly as defensive as she would have before dinner.

"Don't YOU care, Ms. Ackers?" she was quite happy with the trap she had set. She slid the tip of the bottle into Casey's cup, liquid splashing against the sides of glass. The younger girl recoiled from standing so close to her new "friend" to sit at one of the area's loveseats.

"You wouldn't understand our relationship."

"Try me. I'm in a pretty strange one myself." Dory sat down next to her.

"It's terrible, really." Casey began. "I could be the most powerful woman in the world and the only question people would ask of me is 'where is your husband? ... what does he do?' she paused to finish her glass. "Even my mother, who has managed an entire empire for as long as I can remember, and still she demands I marry to the end of stability ... and Vince is nice enough."

Dory almost laughed, but managed to stop herself "There are nicer guys than him, probably. And besides, your relationship is fake anyway-- isn't it?"

Casey sighed and rubbed her empty glass on the neck of the bottle Dory still held. After being topped off, she continued. "It's a win-win. I get my mother off my back and Vince has some financial backing for his ... umm ... nerd projects." she concluded gesturing as her mother did the previous day when speaking on the same subject. "I didn't think you were very competent, but now that I've been so honest with you I would consider myself greatly indebted to you if you were corroborate this scenario for me."

"You're a bit young to give up on finding a real partner, don't you think?"

"Maybe so, but the men that have been forced upon me have all been the same. Weak, fragile egoists who think their genitalia earn them certain special treatment."

"That genitalia can actually be more of a hindrance, in my experience." Dory sighed.

"What about you, Ms. Drake? I saw your beauty and quiet strength the first time I met you. Tell me you have the same conflict ... subjugating yourself to a man, just because he is a man? Whom do you want to submit to Dory?"

Casey gazed into Dory's crystal blue eyes, now it was time for the PI to be interrogated. She had locked eyes with countless interviewees, but few intimidated her-- even less gave her butterflies. All this, she was feeling right now. Dory was suddenly flushed in a sweat. Was it the wine? She felt that she was naked in front of Casey. The stand off lasted for what seemed like hours.

Dory lowered her head slightly and drifted it towards her friend. Casey tilted her head, as her soft brown eyes still studied every nook of Dory's body. She caught whiffs of Casey's breath, sweetened by the wine. Another eternity passed...

"Thank you for visiting, Dory. Tonight was enjoyable"

The detective swallowed dryly and rose from her seat, heart still pounding like a scared bunny as limped away. She hoped Casey didn't notice.

During the long drive home, Dory had plenty of time to yell at herself. "You looked like a damned fool, Dory. You've got a crush on a 20-something rich girl who is ALSO a client?" she flung her neck backwards, banging the headrest. "And let's not forget the sex you have not TWENTY-FOUR hours ago with your HOT girlfriend! Dammit!" she screamed and punched her steering wheel, horn blaring loudly as the car rolled down the country road, bird and mammal occasionally scattering.

"How was your audition?" Dory held the phone with her shoulder, as she straightened her nightie and laid in bed.

"It went okay, I think I'll know more tomorrow." Anna reported. "So what's wrong? You never call me and I've only been gone for a day."

Dory decided to match Anna's directness. "I interviewed a client tonight and I think it was pretty clear that I was into her more than I she was into me and-- what the hell is so funny?" she was bewildered for the second time of the day. She didn't expect Anna to find her plight so humorous.

"Jesus Christ, Dory. You're so damn afraid of being out of the control any situation for even a second. This is why you and Amber won't work out."

"Seriously?" Dory sat up abruptly. "You have to pick right now to be a bitch to me?"

Anna paused for a second to remove the humor from her voice, slight static from the Los Angeles wind the only sound audible. "Dory, I'm really sorry Emily hurt you. I don't know what it's like to be you. But you're in a new city, with a new life, and an awesome sister-- don't roll your eyes, Dory."

This was the first time Dory laughed all day. She needed it.

"You just have to find the person who's going to catch you when they make you fall. Too hallmarky?"

"Quite." Dory choked on her 'Q', and laid back down, eyes welling up with water."I guess you're right."

"And I know its unlikely, but maybe your client came on to you because she has a dick too."

The older woman giggled softly as tears streamed down her face, soaking the bed. " I don't know, I still love Amber y'know."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah ... just do me one favor. Don't fuck her in my bed like you do Amber. I don't know why you think that's funny."

Dory was speechless " ... how long have you known?"

"Never you mind why or how I know, just remember your little sister tolerates a lot of your bullshit. You should give her a break sometimes. Good night, Dory. I love you."

"I love you too, Anna." she whispered, dropping the phone to her side. 'I thought I was supposed to be the big sister?'

Wednesday afternoon was a bright and crisp day for autumn in Washington state. 'Its a good day for bird watching.' thought young Casey Ackers as she sat alone on the veranda table, warming her hands with a tall cylinder used to hold coffee. She just finished trickling droplets of sweet cream into her container when a gray skirt suit wearing Dory Drake approached her.

"I just delivered my full report to your mother."

"Is that a fact?" Casey smugly asked, taking a sipping the mixture. She seemed to have forgotten about last night.

"Yup. Better luck next time."

"What are you talking about--"

Dory tossed the folder she had been carrying onto the table in front of Casey, pictures of Vince spilling out.

"Imagine your mother's reaction when I told her that Vince was a male escort. You would have thought the world was ending!"

For the first time she could readily remember, Casey had a hard time keeping up with what was happening. "Vince? No ... no, you idiot he's nothing like--"

"Now, at first I only had these pictures of him entering 2-d-20, but with the modern marvels of photoshop, I provided a very convincing argument."

Casey felt her blood start to boil. She had already started paying Vince, blaming his incompetence over Dory's deduction. She regretted meeting him in a Yu-Gi-Oh grand prix years ago. 'I'll have to remember never to trust a gimmick puppet player in the future' she thought.

"You're going to have to find someone for your sham wedding. OR, you could use this opportunity to grow up, stand up to your mother, and get what you want out of life. Of course, if you choose the former I suppose there isn't much to stop me from ruining that too." She was addressing Casey, but she was really talking to herself. Things were about to change, and the detective felt on top of the world as she reached across the table to retrieve her folder. "And she WILL hire me again. Your mother LOVES me."

She was a little more than startled when Casey snatched her wrist, gripping it tightly and pulling her closer.

"You've got a lot of nerve getting in my affairs after I requested so nicely that you not." she snapped "Don't assume to know me at you all peasant girl. I am my mother's daughter and could have you killed if I wanted."

Dory looked in the enraged girl's eyes. She believe her. Casey was powerful, very capable of ordering a hit on someone. But her?

"You don't 'look' like you want me dead..." Casey's grip had loosened considerably, she only slight pressure on her veins.

"Perhaps not..." her eyes finally softened "But your pulse is racing. Are you afraid I'm going to hurt you?"

'In a manner of speaking.' Dory's voice trembled, hardly enunciating. She only managed a sigh before Casey moved in to connect their lips together.

Dory was only slightly smaller than Casey, but the Ackers girl's powerful kisses and embrace almost lifted her off her feet. The intense rush of passion was too much for her and she broke the kiss off very quickly. She stumbled away, tripping over the loveseat arm. The confused girl found herself laying on the cushions, propping herself up just in time for Casey to resume her lustful attack. Dory fought the next kiss less, and allowed their lips to open and tongues to flick each other playfully.

Dory was still dizzy, and Casey had practically ripped her blouse open, and greedily licking and biting her b-sized breasts. 'Why has Amber never done this?' she thought, then winced in disgust. Her lovely girlfriend was off helping people while she was helping herself to steamy bowl of infidelity. She could feel her mound start to moisten, joining her hardened nipples, and erect cock in betraying her.

"Casey, stop it." she panted between breaths "Your mother is right in the next-fucking-room!" the thrill of the forbidden nature of her deeds was getting to her. Here she was, having sex with a client's daughter in broad daylight, with the older woman in the next room. While these were all immediate concerns to Dory, they paled in comparison to one. Casey's hand was creeping up Dory's skirt.

"Funny, it looks like this is the only 'fucking room' in the house right now"

It was all too much. Casey knew her mom was yards away from them. She didn't care. She was being filthy, and Dory about was about to get off on it.

"Casey, please stop I have to--"

"Oh my-- what the hell?" The younger girl pulled arm her hand. Locked in a catatonic gaze, Casey stared at her hand. It was covered with semen that strung across her fingers in thin ropes. She said nothing-- and would not look Dory in the eye. And the other girl's member deflated, so did her confidence. Casey was paralyzed. Dory wanted to die. Another rejection. She couldn't bare to wait for Casey to wretch in disgust like Emily had.

"I ... I really have to go Amber-- I mean, Casey-- Ms. Ackers ... I just have to leave." Dory scrambled over to the table for her folder, randomly grabbing at items not bothering to check if they belonged to her and ran for the exit. Casey gave no chase, and instead continued to carefully examined the coating on her hand.

The disgraced detective sprinted for her car door as if she hand planted a bomb on the veranda. Moreover, she was convinced she had done just that. Still, she managed to drive all the way home before she burst into tears. For ten minutes, Dory cradled her steering wheel in her building's parking lot and bawled. It wasn't the first time she felt alone and useless, but it never got any easier.

An hour later, zombie resembling Dory Drake emerged from the car, walking in the building, and got on the elevator. She didn't bothering pondering the immense about of damage control she'd have to do. Between her career, Casey, Helen, and Amber ... Fuck it. She'd deal with it tomorrow.

She opened her apartment door to find Anna in the middle of the floor, watching an anime on television all, while polishing off a bottle of wine. The pixie drunkenly popped up to greet her sister.

"Now, hear me out Dory." she gestured with the bottle. "Actresses are a dime a dozen in California. Why should I waste my talents in Hollywood when I have the perfect career in Seattle..." she paused to dramatic effect "as an detective..." another pause "in your expanded detective agency!"

With disheveled clothing and her tear stained, puffy face, Dory could sparsely process Anna's pitch. She turned away from her sister and headed to her room.

"Well, I know what you're thinking Dory, but let's look at the facts. I'm probably already a better detective than you. I knew about you and Amber in my room without you telling me. HA! Speaking of which!" the girl jumped remembering something very important. "I've already came up with a name... "Dory Drake: Dickgirl Detective!" Anna belted out an obnoxious squeal. "Let's turn your 'condition' into a positive! Plus, the alliteration alone is going to make us millions! What do you think?"

But Dory had already closed her bedroom door, locking it behind her.

"You look like shit, Dory. Who've you been fucking today?" she yelled from the living room.

It really was only Wednesday.

Dory almost fell asleep staring at the clump of cum on her fingertips, leftovers of the load Casey had milked out of her. Without further thought, she placed her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean. It was her comfort food and she didn't care if it was weird ... it certainly wasn't in the wake of recent events.

"I think this is the most normal thing I've done all week." she said, just before turning out the light.

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