Chapter 1

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Kylie, a black college coed, is asked to change room assignments by her sorority, she doesn't realize that her new roommate is a dominant lesbian determined to turn Kylie into her personal pussy slave!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Lesbian   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Interracial   Black Female   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   School  

"So, what are we going to do tonight, baby?" My boyfriend sidled up next to me, putting his arm around my waist.

"Rodney!" I spoke softly and gave him a look. "Not here, okay?"

"Not here?" He ignored my tone and kept his hand on my waist, our hips touching as we left the lecture hall.

"Someone will see," I told him, for like the millionth time.

"So?" he grinned, looking down at me, and he was seriously cute. "This is college, Kylie, nobody cares."

Rodney was black like me, which is to say a rather friendly shade of brown more than deep African black. His hair was short and kinky and he looked good that way. With his big brown eyes and ready smile, Rodney had been popular in high school, we'd both been, and quite naturally we'd ended up together. There weren't a whole lot of minority kids at our school; mostly it was a lot of white, just like our college was. That was okay though, this wasn't a hundred years ago in the deep south or anything.

I hardly thought about it all, deciding to leave racism to experts like Louis Farrakhan, and I don't think Rodney cared about it either. But I could see the looks on those curious white faces as they walked past. Blonde college coeds who wanted to know if it was true what they say about black men. White guys from small towns, licking their lips and thinking a black girl like me was pretty exotic. It was almost funny, but mostly it was just another reason I liked to stay cool in public. I wasn't out for anymore attention than I was already getting.

Rodney and I had dated for almost two years, since halfway through our junior year in high school together. Now we were in college and in love and thinking about marriage, or at least it had come up, kind of in the half-serious, half-joking way it does when you're just eighteen and brand new to the world. The truth was that I wasn't ready for it at all. Rodney was nice and I thought I loved him, I was sure of it, but I wasn't sure that was enough. My doubts were all about me and I suffered them silently.

"I'm just ... uncomfortable," I smiled, feeling self-conscious. "You know me."

"I do know you," Rodney's own smile seemed forced. "So, it's Friday. Do you want to see a movie or something?"

"Or something?" I giggled and we were walking through the unusually warm autumn afternoon, towards Abernathy Hall where my dorm was.

"There's a party at one of the Greek houses," Rodney suggested and I knew that was what he wanted to do.

"Oh, no way," I groaned. "I'm not going to a frat party."

"Awww, come on! It'll be fun," Rodney gave me a squeeze. "I'll be there with you; we can meet some people, hang out a little."

He was always the socializer, although I could usually put up a pretty good front when I needed to. People expected me to be outgoing because I was attractive, as if being pretty carried an obligation with it to talk and laugh and meet everyone and their brother. I'd never been like that, although I could pretend when I needed too, as I said. I wasn't afraid of people, just what they thought, and don't ask me why. Like Rodney putting his arm around me in front of a thousand kids at college, it was natural for him, but my first instinct was to feel a little embarrassed by it.

I was trying to change, seriously, but it wasn't easy.

"You'll get drunk again," I predicted. "And all those guys will be hitting on me and..."

"What?" Rodney laughed. "I get drunk one time when I was sixteen and you'll never let me forget it, huh?"

"I'll never forget that I got grounded for two weeks," I giggled.

"Well, your dad isn't here," Rodney said. "It isn't just a frat party anyway, it's a mixer, and some sorority is going to be there too."

"Oh, I don't know," I shrugged.

"Hey, it isn't going to be yours, is it?" Rodney asked.

"Mine?" I shook my head. "No, I don't think so anyway."

"Okay," he shrugged and I couldn't tell if he was disappointed or not. "We'll get a late dinner and then check out the party," Rodney suggested. "If it's no fun, we'll do something else, okay?"

"You promise?" I stopped at the steps to the freshman girls' dorm and looked up into Rodney's brown eyes. I liked his eyes a lot.

"Promise, yeah." He was so big, looking down at me and smiling. "I love you."

I had to resist the urge to look around, but my face still turned a little darker than just brown. I just wasn't used to being intimate with my boyfriend, to touch and kiss and say those things in public. It wasn't how things were in the small town where we'd grown up.

"I love you too," I whispered automatically and I braced myself for his kiss, enjoying it a little, but I couldn't forget the people who were walking past us, staring at us. It's silly, I know. It was just a kiss.

"I'll come by at eight, okay?" Rodney let me go reluctantly and he did love me which made me feel so good all over. "Meet you right here."

"Okay," I smiled and caught the look from a couple girls walking past, they were smiling at us and it wasn't bad, I thought. It was nice having a handsome boyfriend; I just needed to relax.

"Hey Pledge," a girl's voice made me blink.

I hadn't noticed Carol sitting on the steps. Sister Carol, I corrected myself mentally, a senior, four years older than me and my sponsor with the Lambda Pi sorority. I hadn't gone looking to join a Greek house, that would have been so totally not me as to be funny, but Carol had found me. She'd struck up a conversation one day, become my first college friend, and somehow talked me into rushing her sorority.

It was one of the things I was doing to try and change, or so I told myself, and the girls were all very nice and friendly. The pledge period was pretty much over and I didn't have any horror stories of abuse or hazing, or anything like that. There'd been a few strange and funny pranks pulled on me, and I'd been embarrassed more than a few times, but mostly that was just me being oversensitive, really. I'd been pleased by the experience and I'd made some good friends. Rodney had certainly been surprised when I'd told him I was joining, but he thought it was pretty cool too. He was a really good boyfriend, sweet and supportive.

"Hi, Sister Carol," I smiled at her and I tried to forget that she'd just watched me kissing with Rodney. She knew I had a boyfriend anyway; they'd made me describe him in detail one night, much to my giggling embarrassment.

"Hello," Rodney smiled at Carol pleasantly and waited for me to make the introductions.

"Rodney, this is Carol, my Lambda Pi sponsor. This is my boyfriend, Rodney," I said, feeling vaguely self-conscious for some reason and silly because of that. This was the most normal thing in the world.

"Hi Rodney," Carol remained sitting, offering her fingers and smiling up at my boyfriend. "I've heard so much about you!"

"It's nice to meet you," Rodney shook her hand briefly. "Well, I guess I better go."

"Okay," I nodded and Carol just waited patiently as I let Rodney kiss my cheek. He'd gone for my lips, but I'd turned my head, feeling quite embarrassed enough as it was.

"Bye Rodney," Carol waved at him and Rodney was busy giving me a funny look, doubtlessly wondering again why I acted so remote with him in public.

"He's cute," Carol decided, watching my boyfriend walk away. "Seems like a nice guy too."

"Yeah," I shrugged and I really didn't feel like talking about Rodney right then or especially there.

"Are you ready for tomorrow?" she asked me, meaning my initiation into the sorority.

"I'm ready," I nodded, sitting down on the steps beside her. "I think so."

"It'll be fun," Carol said. "Are you going out with Rodney tonight?"

"Yeah," I sighed a little. "He wants to go to some mixer or something."

"Oh, the Phi Beta Kappa's fund raiser?" Carol grinned.

"Fund raiser?" I looked at her. "I thought it was a party."

"Yeah, it is," Carol shrugged. "But they're charging to get in. That's how they make the money for their private parties."

"Oh," I shrugged too. People did the same thing back home when I was in high school, but I think most of those guys lost money on the deal.

"Anyway, I wanted to ask you something." Carol looked at me and she was a beautiful woman, which always made me feel a little insecure for some reason. Maybe because she was white. I'd always had some kind of inferiority thing with white girls my own age. Not with boys or anyone else, just my so-called peers and I didn't really understand it.

I shouldn't be insecure though, I know, because I'm probably more than just pretty myself. All the girls in the Pi Lambda Society were attractive and sometimes I wondered if my appearance was the only reason I'd been invited, or even befriended by those girls. I liked to think I had more to offer the world than just my looks. Some people did stereotype me though; I knew that. They'd take one look and decide I was the token African-American, or so I feared. No one had actually said that to my face, of course. But still.

I'm a little over five foot eight, with a lot of thick black hair that just sort of ... Goes. Like I've just gotten out of bed, no matter what I do with it. Mostly I tied it back in a long ponytail, and I wanted to cut it sometimes, but Rodney wouldn't let me. He loved my hair. My eyes are bright brown and I have a serious body, although I thought my boobs were too big for the rest of me. They're just C-cups, but being thin like I was, kind of, they looked bigger. I'd started growing when I was twelve, an early riser, as my younger sister had teased me, and I'd gotten a lot of attention before I had even the slightest interest in such things. It had made me a little more self-conscious than I would have been otherwise, I'm sure.

The rest of me is just fine too, my butt and legs especially. I've always been proud of my ass, which is hard and nicely round. All of my height comes from my long brown legs. My hips were a little narrow maybe, but soft nonetheless and I shouldn't complain. It is and was a very good body and I'm proud of it. I enjoyed showing it off, but only in private, only for Rodney. The rest of the time I dressed down, not ugly, just ... down, you know?

I couldn't do anything about my face though, which was angelic, according to my high school yearbook. I didn't even know what that meant, but that was what people called me. I guess angels have high cheeks and pouting lips to go with their heart shaped faces, I don't know. I shouldn't complain about my looks, that's dumb and probably conceited in a way, but honestly, sometimes I really wished I didn't get all the attention I did. Whoever heard of a black angel anyway?

So, that was me sitting on the steps, wearing a long, loose skirt in boring beige, and an oversized college sweatshirt that did very little to hide my chest, actually, but it made me feel a little better. Carol was dressed a little more fashionably, and getting her own fair share of attention, but she was one of those girls who really thrive on that sort of thing. She could ignore other people completely when she wanted to, or fix you with so much generous attention that it made you feel like the most important person in the world. It had taken her all of two seconds to become my new best friend and the really cool part was that Carol was in fact a very nice person, at least to me.

"We were wondering, some of the other Sisters and me," Carol continued, "what you would think about changing room assignments."

"Changing rooms?" That surprised me. "Why?"

"Well, there's a girl named Loren and we're really trying to get her to join the sorority," Carol told me. "Maybe you heard of her? Loren McKenzie?"

"Loren McKenzie?" I narrowed my eyes a little. "Ummm ... I don't think so. I thought all the pledging stuff was done anyway, the initiation is tomorrow..."

"She's here on a sports scholarship," Carol explained. "Loren plays soccer, like she's really, really good at it, so it's a big deal that she's even here. If we could get her to join Lambda Pi, it would give us a big boost on campus."

"Oh, okay." I didn't know anything about sports and campus politics. I knew it was there, the rivalries and whatever, but I was totally naïve about stuff like that.

"We're a pretty small Greek House, so getting Loren..." Carol smiled like I could figure it all out. "Anyway, our charter is pretty relaxed when it comes to new members. We can still take pledges, right up to midnight tomorrow, and then we have to file our membership with the Dean of Students and the NPC."

"I see," I said, even though I really didn't. NPC was the National Panhellenic Conference, the people who watched over all the sororities, or something. I didn't really know about that stuff either.

"What does that have to do with me changing my room assignment?" I asked, getting back to her original question.

"Well, Loren is interested, but she wants to room with a girl from the sorority if she joins," Carol said. "Since freshmen have to live in the dorms, it has to be another freshman and she already said she likes you."

"She likes me?" I blinked at that. "I've never met her."

"I don't know," Carol shrugged. "Maybe she's in one of your classes or something."

"Huh," I pulled some hair out of my eyes.

"You're going to be a full member after tomorrow," Carol smiled. "So it's better for you to be with one of your sisters anyway."

"Yeah, I guess so," I didn't really mind, except I was pretty comfortable where I was. My roommate was okay, another black girl which is neither here nor there. We got along mostly because I hardly ever saw her. She had her own boyfriend.

"So you'll do it?" Carol asked and when I nodded she smiled big. "Awesome, cool. We've already got your paperwork."

"What?" I stared at her as Carol opened her book bag.

"Well, it's Friday," she laughed at the look on my face. "We had to move kind of quickly, you know? Shelly has a friend in student affairs, she took care of it."

"I'm glad I'm so predictable," I said, frowning a little.

"Oh, don't be mad, Kylie," Carol was smoothing the papers which had my new dorm assignment on them. "Nothing's official til you sign it; we were just hoping that you'd say yes."

"If I said no, would I still get into the sorority?" I asked, being kind of a bitch, but really wondering about it.

"What?" Carol looked hurt and I felt instantly bad. "Of course you would, we bid on you because we like you. I like you, okay?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry," I looked down and sucked at my lips briefly.

"It's okay," Carol laughed lightly. "I'm sure some sororities someplace play those games, but not us."

"I know," I smiled and looked up. "Where do I sign?"

"Right here ... and here ... and initial..." Carol was happy and my suspicions were all forgiven. "How much stuff do you have?"

"Me?" I laughed. "Um, not much."

"It's not far anyway, I'll help you," Carol said and she was right, I was only moving around the corner into Sutton Hall.

"Right now?" I probably looked as shocked as I sounded.

"Well, yeah," Carol giggled. "When did you think?"

"I just..." I shrugged, thinking Rodney didn't even know I was moving and all my stuff and ... It was just weird. "Okay, I guess."

The college had more or less organized the dorms by student interest, or something. It seemed that way, at least. Abernathy, the dorm I'd been assigned, was mostly filled with average girls who had gotten in with average SAT scores and big student loans. Lowry Hall was for girls who came on academic scholarships mostly, or so I'd heard. It was called the Geek House for a reason anyway. Sutton Hall was for the jocks, a term which was equally applied to men and women, and the girls there played soccer or lacrosse mostly, and gymnasts too, I guess, and whatever. The jocks, you know.

I was definitely not a jock and one look at me told every girl there all they needed to know about their new dorm mate.

"Here we are," Carol said and we were a little breathless from climbing three flights of stairs and lugging all my junk, which hadn't seemed like all that much just sitting there.

She knocked on the door, since I wasn't going to get my key until Monday when I turned in my paperwork. It probably wouldn't have been good to just barge in anyway, since I really didn't know the girl, despite what Carol had said about Loren knowing me.

"Hey," a young woman said, opening the door and I guessed she was Loren. "Hi Carol."

She was smiling anyway and she looked like a soccer player, I suppose. Tall and big, like healthy, with some seriously toned legs and arms, from what I could see, muscular even. She was wearing a pair of black nylon shorts, tight ones, and a plain white t-shirt over her smallish breasts. I could see her nipples sticking out, dark and pointy bullets that she apparently didn't notice, or at least didn't care about.

Loren's hair was light blonde and short, kind of spiky and she must have used some gel to keep it that way. It looked pretty punk, to my innocent eyes, and she had like six piercings in her right ear and none in her left, which seemed oddly lopsided. She wasn't ugly, and not really pretty, but just ... Loren. A rather long face with thin lips and a big mouth, nice eyes though, sort of green, but dark and ... blue, I decided. They were gentle too and I thought they softened her features nicely.

"Hi Loren, this is Kylie," Carol introduced us. "Your new roommate."

"Right, I've seen you around," Loren smiled at me and held out her hand. "Nice to finally meet you, Kylie."

"Okay. Hi, yeah," I smiled back and set my laptop down so I could take her hand. I'd never really been into the shaking hands thing and Loren gripped me kind of hard, making me wince with surprise, though I didn't think she meant to.

"You're a pledge, right?" Loren asked me, stepping aside so we could come in.

"Until tomorrow," I nodded, glancing at Carol with a smile. "I hope."

"She'll be a full Sister after the initiation," Carol reassured us. "You're coming over to the House tonight, right Loren?"

"Yeah." She pointed at an unmade bed. "You can put your stuff over there," Loren told me and turned back to Carol. "I guess you guys are serious, that's cool. I like that."

"I told you, we keep our promises," Carol told the woman, setting my suitcase down near the bed.

"What promises?" I wondered, but Carol and Loren didn't really pay attention to my question.

"We'll see how it works out then," Loren said and she turned to look at me. "But I don't see any problems with joining you guys."

"Great," Carol was smiling happily. "I'll leave you two so you can get acquainted then." She turned her eyes on me, "See you later, Kylie. Don't forget, noon tomorrow, don't be late!"

"I won't," I promised. "Bye."

"Bye guys," Carol gave us a little wave and left the room, closing the door behind her. "Have fun."

"Uh, I guess I'll unpack," I smiled at Loren.

I looked around the room and it was pretty much like any other. Not overly large, with two beds and a couple desks. There were two small dressers and one large closet, but Loren had gotten herself a little refrigerator and a small television/DVD combo to sit on top of it. I guessed that was a perk of being a star soccer player. My old room hadn't had anything like that. Loren had a boom box too, near her bed, and a lot of clothes scattered around, clean or dirty I couldn't tell, and she struck me as not very neat. Her desk was cluttered with stuff, homework and magazines and I don't know what all. She had some posters on the wall, girl soccer players I guessed, since they all showed girls kicking soccer balls.

"I've got a better idea," Loren said and I tilted my head slightly. "Come here."

She was standing near her bed, which wasn't very far away at all, less than a dozen feet, and I didn't move.

"Come on, it's okay," she was smiling at me, crooking a finger at me, which seemed rather strange.

"What?" I gave her a confused smile, walking slowly towards her until I stood only a few feet away.

"Take off my shorts," Loren said and it was like she was speaking Chinese. I didn't understand a word of it.

"What?" I stared up at her, because she was six feet tall in her bare feet, I swear. Probably an inch or two taller than that even.

"Go on, get on your knees and take off my shorts," she said softly.

"No," I laughed, thinking it was some weird joke.

"Do it, Suzy, or I'll have to spank you," she said and her voice wasn't menacing at all.

"My name is Kylie and I'm not going to do ... That!" I shook my head and started turning around.

"Have it your way then," Loren said and she grabbed my left wrist and yanked me suddenly off balance. She was pulling me back as she sat on her bed and before I could begin to understand what was happening, Loren had me over her knees like a little girl.

"What are you ... Hey! Stop!" I started protesting loudly and I struggled as well, but this woman was so much stronger than I was.

Loren put a hand between my shoulders, pushing my upper body down, while her other hand jerked my skirt up to expose my panty covered ass. I felt my face burning with sudden humiliation and I was so angry it actually hurt, my stomach knotting up with cramps. I tried to get some leverage at first, but Loren seemed to hold me effortlessly. She was giggling, for crying out loud, and rubbing my round black butt through the thin white cotton of my underwear.

"God, what a beautiful ass you have, Suzy," she told me, stroking me and then grabbing my left butt cheek in her hand and squeezing it hard. "I love your ass."

"Let me go! Are you crazy? Help!" I was screaming and pushing at the floor, trying to force myself up.

"You think anybody is going to come into my room and help you?" Loren laughed. "Let's get these off."

She pulled my panties hard, trying to rip them away as much as pull them down and I tried slapping at her as the material dug into my skin before finally giving way with a quick shredding sound.


Her hand came down suddenly on my exposed behind, and it was hard! I gasped at the hot stinging sensation and it felt more like my father's belt than a woman's hand.


"Owww ... Loren! ... Stop!!" I yelled.


She didn't say anything and all my protests went unanswered but for the rapid spanking of Loren's heavy hand on my delicate flesh. The pain was unbelievable. I hadn't been spanked since I was eight or nine and never like this.


Over and over Loren slapped my ass until my screams died to hoarse whispers and choking sobs. I had tears in my eyes and my nose was running. I was limp and my ass felt like she'd taken a blowtorch to it. I wasn't fighting her at all anymore and my anger had been lost beneath an avalanche of humiliation. I was being spanked like a little girl by another woman, another college freshman girl. She was just nineteen, like me, and nobody special, but she was spanking me. I felt utterly degraded by the experience. Helpless, that's what I was, completely at Loren's mercy.


The fact that she was a white girl wasn't lost on me either. A white girl spanking a black girl. I'm loath to admit it, but at the time that was the thought most profoundly in my head. I had white friends, like Carol, and I'd never been treated differently, I didn't think. At least I'd never been called names or embarrassed by my color, not so I could remember. But this? It made me feel differently, inside, way down in my knotted up belly. This was a white woman and she had me down, submissive and helpless, and some part of me was thinking about that and...


... And still she didn't stop. I was trembling, with goosebumps on my skin. The blood was rushing to my head as I lay over Loren's thighs. My ears were pounding and I was gasping for air. My weeping was pitiful, like the sound of a baby, and I hated myself for it. The pain was terrible and I spent what little energy I had begging Loren to stop, telling her I was sorry. My butt felt swollen and every slap was a thousand times worse than the one before it.

"Mmmm..." Loren purred breathlessly. " ... Now that's a perfect ass, Suzy. How's it feel, huh?"

I winced, my body going stiff as I felt her fingers digging into my tortured flesh. She was massaging my butt now, working my cheeks with both hands, since she no longer needed to hold me down. I hadn't even noticed when she'd let up the pressure on my back. Even so, I couldn't do anything but lay there and cry, feeling my body throb with hot pain. She had me completely under her control, with just a good hard spanking. I wouldn't have believed it were possible if it wasn't happening to me.

"Let me go..." I breathed. " ... I'm sorry ... Let me go..."

"This is what'll happen to you every time you disobey me, Suzy," Loren said, never pausing in her cruel ministrations. "I'll spank you when you're bad, understand me?"

"Ohhh ... God..." I whimpered.


I spasmed with an explosion of fresh heat.

"I asked you a question," Loren said. "Do you understand?"

"Y-Yesssss..." I hissed between clenched teeth.

"Yes what?" she asked and I had no idea what she wanted.

"I ... I understand..."


Fresh tears sprang from my eyes as I gasped in pain.

"Good," she chuckled. "That one was for good luck. Now get on the floor and take off my shorts like I told you to."

The girl pushed me off of her legs, so that I more or less collapsed on the floor at Loren's feet. She stood up then, looking down at me with her hands on her hips. I moved slowly, still crying and confused, and the humiliation was the worst. I had some thoughts of trying to get away, of getting to my feet and running to the door. Someone would help me. Someone would care. Loren couldn't do this to me; no one could. It was illegal; it was ... I don't know ... It was rape or something. It was assault and battery and she couldn't get away with it.

But the idea of telling someone, irrational as it seems, filled me with dread. How could I run for help, telling someone that another girl had put me over her knees and spanked me? It was ludicrous. Everyone would know, people would talk about me. The little black girl who'd gotten spanked by a white woman. Carol would find out. Rodney would hear about it. The other girls in the sorority, in the dorm, they'd all know what had happened to me. It was insane to worry about that, I know, but I did. I felt like a child, like the whole world was against me and I didn't know what to do.

"Hurry up, slut," Loren stood there smiling down at me and I was burning with embarrassment, getting to my knees in front of this girl.

I reached for her shorts and my fingers would barely work. I had to flex them and search for the muscles with my mind, willing my clumsy digits to grab the slippery material. I closed my eyes as I tugged Loren's shorts down her narrow hips and thighs.

"Open your eyes, Suzy," Loren said. "Watch what you're doing."

I swallowed hard, tears running down my cheeks as I did what the girl commanded. I opened my eyes and found that Loren wore no panties. Her sex was right there in front of me, thick with soft blonde pubic hair, and I could see the distended nub of her clitoris, pink and hard like the tip of my little finger. Below that her pussy loomed through the wiry tangle, her labia swollen with an excitement that I didn't share. They were greasy with the oil of her arousal and I felt my stomach churn at the sight of her. I wasn't a lesbian at all and the idea of being this close, this intimate with another woman, made me almost nauseas.

"All the way off, cunt ... Keep going," Loren was nodding and if my unhappy reaction to what she was making me do meant anything to her, Loren didn't show it.

I pushed her shorts down to the floor, so that Loren could step out of them. She spread her legs slightly and I didn't know what to do with her shorts, so I just kind of dropped them and more or less hoped that whatever we were doing, it was over. That proved to be ridiculously naïve on my part though.

"Kiss my pussy now," Loren told me.

"No," I said shaking my head and feeling my body quiver with a rush of adrenaline.

"Don't say that word," Loren warned me with a gentle voice. "Come on, you're going to be good friends with my pussy, Suzy."

"I can't ... Please..." I looked up, into her pretty blue-green eyes, trying to appeal to her good nature.

"Yes, you can. Go ahead, slut," Loren reached out with her right hand and I jerked back, but not nearly quick enough.

She had a fistful of my hair and Loren pulled me unwillingly to her pussy, rather enjoying the weak fight I was putting up. I didn't actually do anything, but try to pull away. I wasn't trying to hit her, or stand and run. I was just resisting and Loren was a lot stronger than I was. She pulled my tightly closed mouth to her hairy sex and then used both hands to hold me, grinding her pelvis against my face. I tried not to breathe or even look at her, but even through my runny nose and closed mouth I could smell the girl's musky odor. It was rich and thick and covering my face, and like it or not, I had to take a breath. I opened my mouth to take a breath of air and then I did get a taste of her.

Loren was playing with me that way. She was smiling and even laughing, rubbing her wet pussy over my cheeks and nose, from my chin to my hairline and side to side. She was wet, very wet, and my skin felt sticky and more than ever I felt the urge to throw-up, either from the idea of wearing another girl's cunt juices on my face, or just from the sheer humiliation of what was happening to me. I was impotent with anger and when I did use my hands, pushing against Loren's thighs and even hitting her with my small fists; it was like she didn't even notice.

"You're going to have to do better than that, Suzy," Loren let me go suddenly, just after I'd given up fighting her. "Get these clothes off; let's see that hot little body of yours."

"Why are you doing this to me?" I whimpered, looking up at her with my wet brown eyes and Loren just smiled.

"Because I never had a black girl," she said. "And I always wanted one. Now get those clothes off, Suzy."

"P-Please..." I swallowed hard, kneeling there and not moving. "I'm sorry. I'm not gay, alright? I just want to go."

"Suit yourself," Loren chuckled. "Fuck, I love breaking straight girls!"

If I thought she meant I could leave, I was sadly mistaken. Loren grabbed my shoulders and shoved me back hard, catching me by total surprise. I fell onto the floor, landing hard on the thin carpet, and let out a breathless yelp as she followed me, sitting on my stomach before I even knew what was happening. It was so quick that I was still trying to understand why I wasn't on my knees anymore. My legs were spread wide, almost painfully, bent at the knees and tucked outside my hips. Loren shifted her body down and it was like I was pinned to the floor, there just wasn't any leverage at all. When I raised my hands, as if I might defend myself somehow, Loren knocked my arms away effortlessly.

"Yeah, fight it, Suzy," she chuckled. "I love that shit."

"Stop! Oh please ... Stop!" I whined, slapping at her, or at least trying to, and Loren would meet my wrists and hands with her own, batting my resistance away.

"Enough, now ... Come on..." she sighed, growing tired of my struggle and suddenly she just grabbed my wrists in her strong hands, like a man's fists and it hurt a little, she was squeezing me so hard.

She pushed my arms up, holding them to the floor above my head as Loren leaned forward and then her mouth was on mine. I tried jerking my head, but she just followed me, kissing my wet cheeks and lips and finally, somehow, I found her tongue pushing into my mouth. I was surrendering, that's what it was. I felt tired and helpless, which is a sensation almost indescribable. Like despair almost. I couldn't fight her. I couldn't beat her. Loren was superior to me, that's what I thought suddenly. She was bigger and stronger and ... White? Could I really believe that?

A white girl was kissing me and I'd never kissed anyone but my black boyfriend before. My Rodney, he was my first and only, and now this white girl was kissing me hard and deep. Her tongue filled my mouth and I gave into it almost willingly. Without even realizing what I was doing, or most especially why I was doing it, I was letting her kiss me. She wasn't holding my arms anymore, I realized after a minute, or perhaps longer. Loren had let me go and I hadn't even noticed. I was still stretched out, still trapped beneath her as she sat across my hips, but my arms were free and I wasn't pushing her away.

"Kiss me back, Suzy," Loren whispered. "Kiss me nice."

"No," I blinked at her and the woman had her fingers in my hair. She was leaning on her elbows above me, playing with my hair while her thumbs rubbed my high cheeks almost tenderly.

Loren kissed me again, not caring if I kissed her back, not really. She was doing whatever she wanted and I was just lying there, swollen with guilt and humiliation. My body burned with it and tears filled my eyes. Her tongue was in my mouth, licking me all over, across my teeth and in my cheeks. Loren tickled my own tongue, coaxing me to kiss her back, wanting me to fight her that way perhaps and to my own horror and chagrin my tongue did move. Weakly at first, pushing against Loren's as if I could get her out of me somehow, but this was what she wanted.

We were kissing and whether it had been my intention or not, my tongue was moving against hers. Loren stroked my hair and gave me a soft moan, turning her face slightly so that our lips were sealed tightly together and this woman, this blonde white girl was kissing me so ... Nicely? My heart was pounding and my stomach churning. Blood rushed through my veins and tears flooded my eyes and yet, what was happening to me? Why did this feel good? Not just the kiss, you understand, that was only a part of it and small part at that. The yielding, the surrender, that's what was confusing me the most. That's what was frightening me even more than Loren herself.

I found my hands on her, tentatively at first, just touching her sides and Loren responded with a tiny nod and low sigh into my mouth. I'd pushed her tongue into her mouth and somehow I'd chased her there, so that our kiss continued between her lips. I wasn't just being kissed, or merely responding to Loren's tongue inside me, I was kissing her now and that realization made me shudder almost violently. I was in her mouth, wriggling my tongue urgently across hers, tasting the girl's saliva and swallowing it eagerly.

My hands pressed against her body through the t-shirt Loren still wore. I wasn't pushing, or scratching. I was holding her, stroking her body and encouraging the woman. How long that lasted I couldn't know. It was too long. It was long enough to ruin any sense of my own self, who I thought I was and what I wanted to be. I wasn't like this, I thought suddenly. I had a boyfriend. I wanted to get married and have children and be a wife and mother. I wasn't a lesbian. I wasn't a white woman's little black slave girl either. Loren couldn't do this to me!

"N-Nooo ... No!" I was pushing her away, coming to my senses and I turned my head to break our kiss. "Let me go!"

"Had enough of that for awhile, huh?" Loren smiled, catching her breath much as I did, both of us panting for air.

"I gotta go!" I breathed. "I'm not like this!"

"Oh, you like it, Suzy," Loren laughed lightly. "Let's get this off..."

"W-What? Stop! No!" I was fighting again, like I'd only been taking a little time out from my struggles, now they were renewed.

"Yeah ... Sweet bitch!" Loren sighed and she was grabbing my sweatshirt, yanking it up my body while I tried to knock her hands away from me.

"Help me! Help ... God! Stop!" I was yelling and I mean really yelling now.

I didn't care who might find out, not anymore. I'd been spanked and forced to kiss Loren's pussy and then forced to kiss her. The idea that I might like any of that, the possibility that I'd been giving into it the way I had, it filled me with angry humiliation and nothing could be worse, I thought. So long as someone came and helped me get away, I wouldn't care what happened tomorrow. I'd survive the whispers and giggles, I'd survive Rodney's questions, but this was too much, being kissed and kissing her back, being undressed. I couldn't take it.

"Upsy daisy!" Loren laughed, like I wasn't fighting her at all and my sweatshirt came up, over my heaving breasts to cover my face and then my arms were trapped inside it as Loren pushed it higher.

"What's going on in here?" I heard a voice, a girl's voice, not sounding angry, but merely curious and then I heard a giggle.

I couldn't see who it was, my face was covered completely, my arms once more drawn up and this time bound by my own clothing. I was helpless as ever with my breasts stretched taut beneath my bra and exposed to Loren's gaze. Loren's and whoever else happened to be there, I realized, and I whimpered with muffled unhappy noises at the image I must have presented just then. A black girl helpless on the floor, her top pulled up and inside out to bind her arms and cover her face. Loren, naked from the waist down with her nipples hard and pointing through her t-shirt, sitting on my hips, straddling me as she laughed.

I wanted to die, I thought. I'd been wrong; there were worse things than what Loren was doing to me.

"Hey Christy," Loren said. "Just making friends with my new roommate."

"Cool," the other girl said without concern. "Still going to that kegger tonight?"

"Oh yeah, we'll be there," Loren agreed and she brought a hand down to play with my tits, squeezing my right breast through my bra.

"Ohhh ... No! Stop ... Help me, please!" I whined softly.

"Heh!" the girl laughed. "Have fun, Loren. See ya later."

"We will," Loren chuckled and she pulled my tit so hard I thought it would come off, making me arch my back and groan sharply.

"Please..." I sobbed, but the door closed with a loud snick.

"See?" Loren said. "Nobody in this dorm is gonna help you, Suzy. I can do whatever the fuck I want with you."

"I'm sorry!" I gasped as the woman moved her hand to my other breasts, pulling the cup of my bra down and giving it a painful squeeze.

"You got great tits, Suzy," Loren sighed. "Fuck! I want to eat you up, you know that?"

"Ohhh ... No! God!" I moaned and then her mouth was on me, on my nipples and she was sucking the left hard, washing it with her tongue.

I writhed beneath her, struggling to free myself from my sweatshirt, but Loren held me easily, cinching the material tightly in her fist and every jerking movement I made only seemed to constrict me further. She was eating my tits the whole while too, moving from one to the other and laughing at me as my nipples hardened despite my complete distress. It was natural, I suppose. My body was full of adrenaline, hot and confused, struggling with my fight or flight instincts. The pleasure as well, it was undeniable, although I tried to deny it. I felt nothing good emotionally, but physically? Loren was biting me now, dragging her teeth across my skin and pinching my nipples with her teeth, and I was responding to that seductive torture.

"Big fucking nipples too," Loren breathed. "Gonna pierce those black tits of yours, Suzy. Put you on a leash I think."

"Oh God!" I sobbed.

"You like that idea?" she chuckled. "I knew you would."

"N-Noooo..." I wailed softly and then she slapped me, taking me by complete surprise as I had no way of seeing it coming.


Her palm fell on my left tit hard.


She hit the right and I jerked with the flash of pain, which wasn't terrible, but only surprising. It was a hot explosion that didn't feel entirely bad, I have to confess. I always liked rough play with my breasts and how often had I begged Rodney to bite me harder, to pinch me and pull my flesh. To work my tits with his strong hands because I did love it so and now this woman, this white girl was giving me exactly what I'd asked for so many times before. I shivered with the sudden pleasure of it, there's no denial I can make. If there was a secret lock to my desires, a hidden door into my heart, this was it and I found myself forgetting, just briefly, where I was and who I was with.


Loren slapped my tits repeatedly, and harder as she continued. She was chuckling breathlessly, grinding her sex down against my lower tummy, riding the soft swell beneath my skirt. We were both getting off on this and I think Loren knew it, or sensed something different about me. I was moving a lot, but not to get away. I arched my back, thrusting my tits out for more and I hitched a sharp breath everytime I felt her hand upon my burning flesh.

"Suck me now, slut," Loren said and she pulled my top over my head and moved her body up, straddling my face so that her pussy was on my mouth.

I was flushed with arousal and having her cunt on my lips only added to my complete humiliation. She knew I was hot for what she'd been doing and Loren was taking advantage of my confusion. I didn't have any fight left in me. None at all and the girl didn't have to hold me. She just looked down into my big wet eyes as I opened my mouth and pushed out my tongue.

"My little cunt-lapper," Loren nodded. "Tell me that's what you are."

"I'm..." I blinked and tasted the strong tang of Loren's sex on my tongue. " ... a cunt-lapper."

"Yeah, you're my cunt-lapper now, Suzy." Loren sighed happily. "Eat me good, muffin."

She grabbed fistfuls of my hair, pulling my face up as she pushed her cunt down, grinding her soaked sex against my open mouth. I was giving into her completely. Not out of love or lust, or anything so pleasant as that, but because she was stronger than me. She was bigger and dominant and she knew what she wanted and now Loren had taken it. She'd taken me and I hadn't been able to stop her. My pride was gone, my self-respect in shreds at that moment. I sucked her cunt willingly, bringing my hands to her hips and thighs, stroking her while Loren fed me her pussy.

"Tongue, it!" she commanded. "Stick your tongue in there and fuck me!"

I did everything the woman told me to, stiffening my tongue and stabbing it between her swollen labia. I got a mouthful of her juices instantly, as I pried apart the soft folds of her sex. Loren's tart fuck juice flooding my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow it down. She watched me all the while, smiling and nodding, moving my head with her hands so that I could kiss and suck whichever part of her Loren desired. I was her toy, her fucktoy now, and there was little doubt in my mind that it was true.

"Oh Fuck! I'm gonna cum! Suck it, Suzy! Beautiful bitch! Cunt sucker!" Loren gasped and pushed her sex down on my mouth hard, grinding with her hips and ass.

She pressed her thighs against my cheeks hard and a fresh flood of Loren's hot cum seemed to pour out of the woman. I swallowed thickly, tasting it much stronger than before, so tart it was almost bitter, making my tongue curl and my lips pucker. I should have been sickened by it, and perhaps I was, but mostly I felt worn out and used. I was tired and unable to resist anything anymore. I tongued Loren's hole while she came, feeling my lips bruised as she worked her cunt down hard. I was a real cunt-lapper now, a cum swallowing bitch for my roommate and she was very happy about that.

"Good girl, good little Suzy," Loren panted, lifting her cunt from my face and smiling at me.

"I'm Kylie," I said softly, licking my lips and breathing hard. I'd almost thought I was going to pass out for a few seconds there.

"You're Suzy until I say different," Loren told me as she stood slowly. "Now listen, you're my pussy slave."

"Slave?" I frowned, just laying there and Loren was standing, legs spread and straddling my prone body. Her hands were back on her hips and the woman was looking down at me like a blonde goddess.

"Slave," she nodded. "I picked you because you're beautiful and black, not because you're a nigger." Loren was staring at me. "You're not ... Are you?"

"N-Nigger?" I blinked at her and shook my head, "No."

"Good," she smiled. "But you are my pussy slave. You're going to keep this room clean, that's rule number one. You do the laundry, do the cleaning, all that stuff. Understand, Suzy?"

"Yes," I nodded slowly.

"Two. You don't wear any clothes in this room, unless I tell you to," she stared at me with those deep blue-green eyes. "You come back from your classes, you strip down. Understand that? You get your period and you can wear panties, but you better be bleeding. What's your schedule?"

"My ... What?" I blinked at her.

"When's your period due?" she asked me.

"Um..." I had to think about it. "Maybe t-two weeks."

"Good," she nodded. "No clothes until then, right?"

"All ... Alright," I looked down in shame, wishing I was stronger than this and knowing I wasn't.

"And you better be coming straight back after school," Loren said. "I don't want to have to go looking for you. No sucking some other girl's cunt. I'll get real jealous, real quick."


"You sleep in my bed, understand?" she jerked her head. "You sleep with me. That other bed, I'm gonna have it taken out. We don't need it."

"Uh, okay," I swallowed hard.

"When I want you to suck my pussy, you do it. When I want to fuck you, we'll fuck," Loren told me. "Whatever I say, you do it. If you don't I'm gonna spank you, understand?"

"Yes," I closed my eyes.

"I had a couple pussy slaves in high school," Loren said. "A white bitch and a little Mexican slut, so don't think I never did this before. They didn't like it either at first, but after awhile both those girls loved it."

"Okay," I opened my eyes again.

"You're gonna love it too, Suzy. Now get up, get the rest of those clothes off. I'm gonna spank you again."

"Wha ... What?" I swallowed hard. "But I didn't do anything!"

"You're gonna get a lot of spankings," Loren chuckled. "I can tell."


"You want me to spank your ass downstairs?" Loren asked me. "In the commons? I'll do it."

"Oh!" I gasped and shook my head quickly.

"Then get that skirt off and get over here," Loren smiled and she was sitting down on the bed already, patting her bare thighs. "Hurry up."

I undressed completely for her, keeping my eyes down as the woman openly admired my body. I didn't know what I was feeling. Part of me had accepted her, I think. Some portion of me that was naturally submissive was enjoying this and I felt that pleasure, but it was mixed with my fear and guilt and above all the deep humiliation at surrendering so completely and easily. It was only an hour after I'd met her, maybe a little longer, and I was putting myself willingly over Loren's muscular thighs.

"We're gonna shave that little muff of yours," Loren was saying. "Make it soft and smooth. You're a femme bitch now, a pussy slave, so you need to look like one."

She played with my ass for a few minutes, teasing me and telling my how beautiful I was. How my ass was perfect and that she loved it. Loren kneaded my flesh gently and I was still sore from her previous spanking, but her fingers were so strong, digging into my firm black ass and massaging me deeply. It was good like that and I felt like a little girl beneath Loren's hands. I felt like her slave and I wished I could understand why I was liking that so much.

"Look at this," Loren chuckled softly and I felt her fingers finding my sex as she forced my thighs apart. "You're wet!"

"N-No ... Oh!" I protested weakly and gasped as I felt Loren stroking my pussy from behind.

"Yes you are!" Loren laughed. "You're fucking soaked!"

"P-Please ... I don't know..." I swallowed hard and I thought I would cry again at her discovery of my body's betrayal.

"Little slut," Loren slipped a finger between my puffy lips, finding the tight hole between my legs and she entered me slowly until...

"Ah! Stop!" I gasped as I felt my hymen stretched, but only barely. It was right there at the entrance to my vagina and not very deep at all.

"Oh, Suzy!" Loren gasped as well, with obvious delight. "You're a virgin?"

"Y-Yesssss..." I hissed between clenched teeth and my heart hammered in my chest. It didn't hurt at all, the way Loren was touching me, it was just my desire to keep my maidenhead intact.

"Don't worry, I'll be careful," the woman sighed and I could feel her finger exploring my pussy. Loren was caressing the innocent walls of my sex, my thick outer lips and the smaller, softer inner labia.

"Just don't break it, please?" I whispered and I had my eyes shut tightly.

"Shhh..." Loren pulled her finger back slowly. "I'm not gonna break your cherry, Suzy. Not until you beg me for it."

"Ohhhmmmphhh..." I moaned as Loren pushed her finger into my mouth, sliding it in and out like a thin white cock.

"Do you taste good?" Loren chuckled. "I bet you do, Suzy. I bet you taste sweet, huh?"

She spanked me then, just as Loren had promised and it hurt a lot.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Suzy?" Loren asked, lying on the unused bed while I cleaned our room.

"Yes," I said softly, making her bed ... Our bed, I corrected myself mentally.

"Black guy?" Loren wondered and I nodded. ""What's his name?"

"Uh, Rodney," I cleared my throat.

"Rodney, eh?" she chuckled for some reason. "We'll have to fix that."

"W-What?" I blinked at her.

"You're my pussy slave, Suzy," Loren smiled. "No more cock for you."

"But..." I stared at her, " ... I love him!"

"Not enough to give him some of that sweet pussy though, huh?" she laughed.

"I'm ... We're waiting," I protested softly. "Until we can get married and..."

"Married?" Loren rolled her eyes. "You're not gonna marry a cock, Suzy."


"You're gonna marry a pussy you can lick," Loren nodded at me and spread her thighs. "You might even marry this pussy, who knows?"

Loren smiled at me, rubbing her hairy blonde bush while I burned with embarrassment at stared at it. I wanted to look away. I should have. I should have grabbed my clothes and run out of there and never looked back. But I didn't. I just stared at Loren's pussy as she spread her labia for me, showing me the moist pink interior of her sex.

"You want it, huh?" she asked lightly. "Come on, don't be shy. Give it a lick."

"N-No," I licked my lips.

"Don't say that word, Suzy," Loren shook her head. "Come on ... I know you love my cunt now."

"I love my boyfriend," I protested and closed my eyes briefly, opening them to plead with Loren. "Please, don't make me..."

"Come on..." Loren sang softly, " ... Down your knees ... That's it ... My little cunt-lapper"

I was on my knees, at the side of the bed, leaning forward and I shivered as I found myself kissing Loren's cunt lightly.

"That's it ... Good girl," she stroked my hair. "Look at me while you suck my pussy. Give me those beautiful brown eyes, Suzy."

I looked up, sliding my tongue in a deep furrow between her pussy lips and tasting Loren's sex once more. I kept my eyes on hers the whole time, eating her pussy like it was all I wanted and unbelievably, that's exactly what it was. I did want to suck her pussy, to submit myself completely to this strong white woman and she wasn't forcing me at all. She expected it from me now and I was doing it. I thought of Rodney and guilt rose from my belly, hot and aching. What would I ever tell him? How could I explain what I was doing or why? It was impossible.

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