The Pleasure of Doing Business
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lots of people start businesses while they're in college. Here's all about mine.

I started a business when I was in college and it's been quite successful. The problem is that I just can't tell most people what it is.

Let me explain.

There was a girl's dorm on campus that got a bit of a reputation when it came out that they were making sex videos and selling them to one of the porn sites that specialize in that sort of thing. You've probably seen them.

Well, my idea really came from a particular interest of mine: older women.

Yes, okay, we all have our little obsessions and I find older women to be quite sexy. I found that out the first time I ever had sex.

It all happened when the house next to ours was sold. The former owners, the Massens, were elderly and had moved into an assisted-care facility and, after remaining empty for five or six months, the house was purchased by a woman, Irene Bond, a nurse who worked at a local hospital.

A few days before she moved in, she came over and introduced herself and my parents were pleased to have such a kind and considerate neighbor. For me, at fifteen, I was happy to have such a pretty neighbor somewhere around forty years old, I figured. Truthfully, I was rather smitten the moment I met her.

I'll try to give you an idea of what Irene was like. She was medium-height, probably about five-five or so, slender but nicely curvy, and with a set of boobs that were larger than you would expect. She had short blond hair and gray-green eyes. Yes, I did notice her eyes that first time we met, they seemed to sparkle as she asked me about school and girlfriends and the like.

Both my parents worked and it soon happened that when I got off the bus after school, Irene would be outside doing some gardening, cleaning up the beds and things.

She would invite me in for a snack and a drink and I probably saw her two, maybe three times a week.

It was one afternoon, a warm afternoon in late spring, when I was sitting at her kitchen table as she passed over a bag of Oreo cookies and the peasant blouse she was wearing drooped open, revealing her very pretty, bare breasts. She looked up and saw immediately where my eyes were.

"Gary, I do believe you're growing up," she laughed as I sat there red-faced.

"Um ... sorry, I didn't mean to look."

"Oh, now, come on, Gary. You're what, fifteen, sixteen? I'd worry about you if you didn't look. Surely you've seen a girl's breasts a few times by now. It's hardly a big deal, lots of beaches around the world are topless, they're pretty common. You go to school with lots of girls."

"I've never seen any of them," I admitted.

"You mean, mine are the first you've seen?"

I nodded and she said she hoped I liked what I saw. I couldn't believe she said that.

"Did you?"

She asked again so I felt I had to tell her.

"I really think you're very pretty and really beautiful there," I said nodding to her front.

"That's nice, Gary," she said as she leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips as I looked down once again at her breasts.

"You keep looking at my boobs, Gary. Should I show them to you?"

No, I didn't faint but my mind did go blank for a few seconds as her question went around and around in my head not fully registering.

"Do you want to see them?" she asked again, smiling quizzically at me.

I was able to nod and she reached across her front and pulled her top off over her head and sat there looking at me looking at her.

All I could do was stare, stare at her beautiful, full boobs, the lovely curve under each one and the wide nipple, pretty and pink, with each center raised and hard.

"You're really beautiful, Irene, so pretty," I managed to say.

"Thank you. That makes me feel good. Would you like to feel them?"

Now I almost did faint as she added, "Go ahead if you'd like to," and I slowly reached across the table and put my fingertips on her right breast. She scooted her chair closer and told me to go ahead and see what they were like so I cupped one in my palm sensing its weight then slowly massaging it in my hand.

"This will have to be our little secret, Gary, just for you and me, okay?"

"I'd never tell anyone, you can trust me, I'd never tell."

She moved her chair around to right in front of me and took my other hand and brought it to her other breast.

"You're so soft, so nice. You're really beautiful," I whispered.

"They like to be kissed and sucked," she said as she stood up between my legs as I leaned foreword taking a nipple in my mouth. I'm not sure what it is, though, no doubt, psychologists have done studies on it, but this male sure did like sucking Irene's soft nipple with the hard, swollen center. It was both exciting and calming, both at the same time. She was looking down at me as I sucked and she brought up her hand to caress my cheek.

"You look very sweet, Gary. And very happy," she said softly as I now felt her hand rest on the bulge in my pants and press down to rub. I knew then that things would never be the same with my new next door neighbor and that I wanted this to go as far as it possibly could. I was fifteen but I wanted sex with this woman who I would find out was forty-three at the time, nearly thirty years older than I was.

I felt her fingers dragging down the zipper as my mouth pulled on her nipple. Then her hand slid inside as it wrestled my dick out of my pants.

"Mmm, you're really excited, Gary. Have you had sex before?" she asked and I shook my head keeping my lips attached to her nipple. "Would you like to? Would you like to come to my bedroom so we can continue this with our clothes off?"

If you're a guy reading this, I'll bet anything that reading her words just now has given you a hard-on. Her saying them to me sure did, a raging, pulsing hard-on that did my thinking for me. I nodded and she took my hand and we left the kitchen, went down the hall and into her bedroom where she pulled the covers back and began to take off her slacks, then panties.

Standing there naked, she asked me, "Well, Gary, you don't have to do this if you don't want to."

She was so nice. Her figure was curvy with a nice, trim waist and there was no hair on her pussy, just the pretty slit that made me so hard when I looked at it.

"Oh, I want to," I managed to get out as I pulled my shirt off, next my shoes and socks, then unbuckled my belt and got my pants down and off. Finally my briefs hit the floor as she got into bed and patted the spot beside her.

I got next to her and we were instantly hugging and kissing as her hand gripped my dick. All I could think about was to hope that my dick was big enough to satisfy a grown woman like Irene, a woman who must have had numerous lovers, experienced lovers.

"Are you ready, Gary?" she whispered in my ear, sealing her words in with her tongue.

"Whatever you want," I told her and her arms gripped me and she rolled onto her back, pulling me up on top of her as she spread her legs open under me.

"I'm ready," she said softly as I raised myself on my hands and positioned my dick and began to push. She lifted her legs high in the air and opened even wider as I entered my first vagina, sliding deep inside, sensing for the first time what a wondrous place it was and was to become.

As my cock slid inside her, the feelings radiated outward all along my body, the most wonderful feelings of my life, feelings that I would now be having frequently for Irene, the woman next door, was to become my first lover.

We began an affair, me at fifteen, she at forty-three, that has lasted to this day; I'm now twenty-six. We've had sex thousands of times and it just gets better. I do live with another woman now but she's understanding and lets me freely have sex with the women in my past.

So, that's what made me so receptive, even eager, for sex with older women. I've been with one high school girl (MaryBeth Willis), two college girls (Suzy Banion and Deb Grenville) and all the rest have been older, one was sixty-seven (Marilou Krebs), another a year older.

Remember my business? The one I started in college?

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