Day 7 - Cruising With Fleur

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Fleur had been teasing him from day 1 of the cruise. The problem for him was that she was a teenager - a young one. He got to apply some sunscreen to her back and butt. She teased him until passions boiled over trapped in a lift for 15 minutes with this young lady.

Day 7 after lunch. I had spent the morning indulging in carnal delights with Anna, the wife of the ship's captain. She went away much better educated in the delights of the flesh. I showered again (this time alone), slipped on my board shorts, grabbed a towel and headed to pooldeck to catch some rays of sunshine.

Arriving at the pooldeck I found a vacant sun lounge and parked myself there. From behind my dark sunglasses I could observe the comings and goings of the nubile young women taking a dip in the pool. About an hour after my arrival I noticed that young Fleur (the young daughter of the ageing hippy) had arrived and was cavorting in the pool near me.

I noticed her and paid a lot of attention, mainly due to the skimpiness of her bikini. For someone so young it was very brief, hardly covering her ass and pubic mound (a fully shaved one I suspected). The top was very brief and only just covered her small teenage tits.

She noticed me on the sun lounge and moved closer to me whilst still playing in the pool. I got a wink or two when she noticed me watching her. It was about that time that the lounge beside me became vacant. Seeing the vacancy, Fleur brought her towel and bag to the lounge, draping the towel on the lounge and then laying on her tummy.

"Oh my god" I thought "She has a sensational body and it looks to be silky smooth. I just wish I could touch it".

"Hey mister" she said to me "Could you put some sunscreen on my back please?"

"Oh god ... dare I touch her" I thought as she made up my mind by handing me her sunscreen bottle.

I carefully poured some into the palm of my hand then proceeded to carefully run it onto her back.

"Oh my god. Her skin was so soft and smooth" I thought as I rubbed the lotion into her back. I could have done that all day but that may have aroused the suspicions of those around us especially with an older guy touching a teenager, and a scantily clad one at that. I finally stopped.

"Don't forget my butt cheeks" Fleur whispered to me.

"Oh fuck" I muttered under my breath, as again I poured some lotion into the palm of my hand before carefully applying it to her butt. I moved a little to obstruct the view of others as to what I was doing. In doing so I got a much better view of between her legs. She made it easier by spreading her legs just slightly.

The view was so fucking hot. I could see clearly her rosebud with the only obstruction being a thin piece of bikini string across it. Her pussy was covered but only just by a thin piece of material. I covered her butt with lotion and drifted my fingers down to between her thighs. My finger tips were just fractions of an inch from her pussy.

"Hmmmm..." she moaned as I lightly touched her inner thigh. She moved her hand from above her head to by her side then she pulled on the side of her bikini. The effect was to pull the material covering her pussy to the side, baring her pussy to my gaze.

I reacted almost by instinct as my fingers drifted over her pussy with one sliding between the tight lips that concealed the entrance to her pussy. She was wet, very wet. I gazed at the sight of my fingers touching her pussy and sliding between her nether lips. My cock was alive in my boardshorts and feeling quite cramped.

"Mmmmmm ... mmmmm" I heard her reacting to my finger play.

"Fleur ... Fleur..." I heard someone calling her.

I quickly removed my hand and slid back onto my lounge as her father came up to her.

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