Day 7 - Cruising With Anna

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, First, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Anna was the captain's wife. She had led a sexually sheltered life. He helped further her education showing her new positions to enjoy.

Day 7 morning. I'd sent Joanne on her way this morning after a sex-filled night for the previously sex-deprived cruise director. She had a couple of physical reminders of her night with me - a sore, but satisfied pussy and a hickey on her inner thigh. I dragged myself to the shower to try to freshen up for my next visitor - Anna, the captain's wife, and a true Nordic vision of the perfect woman. She was blonde, beautiful and with what promised to be a sensational body.

I was standing in the shower enjoying the water tumbling all over me when again my shower was interrupted by the shower door sliding open. It was Anna in all her naked glory.

"Oh my fucking god" I thought.

Anna did in fact have a sensational body. Working my eyes from top to bottom I found a beautiful smiling face with sparkling blue eyes, a pert nose and luscious dark pink lips. Her tits were more than a handful (about one and a half hands!) topped with dark pink nipples surrounded by a slightly lighter pink areola. A flat tummy separated her tits from her shapely hips with a totally bald mound whose main feature was a pronounced set of fleshy pussy lips that guarded the entrance to her pussy.

Her thighs were perfectly formed and sat atop slim calves and ankles. Oh ... and her feet were perfectly shaped and formed, and a source of many a future wet-dream for this avid foot lover. Perfectly shaped toes with pink toenail polish caught my wandering eyes and caused my already awakening cock to harden quicker.

"I couldn't wait any longer ... sorry" she whispered to me as her hand reached out to grasp my cock. "Oh wow ... he feels so fucking big in the flesh". My hands went to her tits to feel their weight and softness, lifting and stroking them and tweaking her rapidly hardening nipples. She leant into me under the shower, joining me with the water tumbling over us. Her free hand went to the back of my neck and drew my face to hers, lips meeting and mashing together as we kissed first softly then with increasing passion.

I slipped my hands to her ass and pulled her closer, trapping my cock and her milking hand between us. I molested her ass cheeks, pulling her closer against me and rubbing my cockhead across her flat tummy.

Our kisses turned hotter with our tongues duelling, parrying and thrusting between our lips and into each others mouth. I caught her tongue between my teeth and pulled on it for a moment before releasing it. Next time I caught it I sucked on her tongue for a moment.

We finally broke apart and I flicked off the shower water, leaving us dripping wet in the shower recess. I took her by the hand and led her through to the bedroom, leaving wet footprints across the carpeted floor.

I laid her back down on the bed, pushing her thighs apart as I knelt on the floor between her thighs.

"What ... what ... what are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm going to introduce my tongue to your delicious pussy" was my response.

I was floored by her response which came at the same time that my tongue first touched her pussy. Anna said "I've never ... never had that done to me". I had started ... I wasn't going to stop to find out more ... that could wait until later. I was busy swiping my tongue back and forth over her fleshy outer pussy lips and teasing the crease between them.

My nose was already picking up her sexual aromas - hers was a heady one, much stronger than others that I had smelt, stronger but sexy and earthy rolled into one. I liked the smell, taking it all in.

A short time-out here to explain Anna's comment. She was a 28 year old lady married to a 40 year old guy who had been her first lover when she married him at age 21. She'd had previous boyfriends, and she had petted heavily with them but had never allowed them into her panties. She had become quite adept at sucking cock as a compromise - a fact that I benefited from too.

Her hubby (the captain) was an unimaginative lover who liked his cock sucked but never attempted to lick her pussy. He was strictly a missionary position man who didn't last too long.

Her forthrightness at dinner had been steeled by a few vodka cocktails, and her boldness coming into my shower had been the result of Susan letting her into my suite, stripping her naked and pushing her into the bathroom before leaving.

My tongue ran the full length of her pussy slit, parting her outer pussy lips and tasting her sexy juices that had leaked from her hot inner core. I pushed deeper with my tongue, parting her inner lips to find the entrance to her hot pussy. Her sexual aroma was beguiling, I wanted to inhale it forever because it was different and it excited me.

I teased the entrance to her pussy canal with my tongue before pushing my tongue as deep as possible into her canal.

"Oh my ... fuck ... fuck..." she groaned as I tongue fucked her pussy canal with my broad tongue. It was hot inside, very hot on the tip of my tongue.

After a few minutes of tongue fucking, I eased back to licking between her pussy lips. She relaxed a little, stepping back from a cum that was building. I eased back a little to look at her pussy, finding that her once closed pussy lips were splayed open from my oral attentions. I could see her pussy entrance winking at me and inviting me.

I slipped a finger to her pussy entrance and slowly pushed it deeper and deeper inside of her.

"Oh ... oh..." she moaned as I worked my finger back and forth within her. Her juices quickly covered my finger and made the stroking easier. I added a second finger to the first and slipped both of them inside her again.

"Oh my god ... I'm feeling stretched ... feeling good too, but take it slow" she groaned. Evidently hubby wasn't really well endowed if my two fingers were stretching her pussy.

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