Day 6 - Cruising With Joanne

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He was invited to sit at the captains table for dinner. He sat beside Joanne (the cruise director) and danced with her. She grabbed his cock whilst dancing with promises of more to come later that night. More did cum - over and over during the night.

Day 6 evening. I was all dressed up for my dinner engagement at the captain's table. I had my tuxedo on, and looked great. Mind you, I had to go 'commando' under my trousers cos my cock just couldn't stand the confines of any underwear. You see, Mali had given me a great massage this afternoon, but had helped herself to a free ride (or two or three) on my cock in the process. The tightness of her pussy and ass had almost skinned my cock.

I was shown to the captain's table by the waiter. I arrived there to find that I was seated to the right of the captain's wife (Anna) and to the left of the cruise director (Joanne). I hadn't met either lady previously so it was a pleasant surprise to meet them both.

Anna was the true vision of a Nordic woman. Tall and blonde with a little meat on her bones but in all the right places, that is, hips and bust. She had the most engaging of smiles radiating from a beautiful face framed by longish straight blonde hair. She was dressed conservatively in a dark blue knee length dress that displayed her figure beautifully.

Joanne was a tall slim brunette with short wavy hair to her shoulders. She had a nice little bust - my initial assessment was a hand and mouthful. She was also dressed beautifully in a mid-thigh dark maroon dress.

Sitting between them meant that the conversation was both animated and fun.

After we had completed our main course, the band started to play some slow dance music. I invited Joanne up to dance, which she accepted. We were joined on the dance floor by a number of other couples hence the small dance floor became crowded quickly. Joanne slid closer into my arms as we danced. Her tits were now rubbing against my jacket as her head moved closer to mine. Her hand was restiing on my hip as we danced but as we moved into the middle of the dance throng it slipped down between us and grasped my cock.

"Oh ... wow ... no wonder Susan has had a big smile on her face lately" Joanne whispered in my ear as she milked my cock and palmed my balls.

"Oh fuck ... how many people know of my encounters?" I thought as we danced closely together.

"Tonight you are mine" she whispered in my ear then she licked my earlobe, sending a shiver down my spine and putting extra steel in my rapidly hardening cock.

"May I cut in?" I heard.

It was Anna, the captain's wife, asking to dance with me.

"Later" mouthed Joanne as she made way for Anna to slip into my arms. I expected her to dance at a polite distance but she moved in close and poked her substantial tits into my chest and pushed her hips against my tented cock-filled trousers.

"Hmmm ... Joanne must have made a BIG impression on you ... huh?" she whispered as her head came close to mine. Her hand too slipped between us to grab my very erect cock.

"Ooooh ... fuck that feels so big" she said. It was funny to hear such a conservative looking woman utter those words.

We continued to dance closely together through that song and the next one before we made our way off the dance floor.

"Don't wear yourself out on Joanne tonight ... save some for me tomorrow morning when my husband is on duty. I'll come to your suite at about 8:00 AM" Anna whispered as we parted to return to the table.

"Oh my fucking god..." I muttered under my breath. I was going to need a holiday far from any female after the end of this cruise holiday.

Joanne arrived at my suite at approximately 10:30 PM and by 10:31 PM she was naked and on her knees with my cock deep inside her mouth. She hummed as she sucked and licked me, milking my exposed shaft with one hand as she played with her pussy with the other. I just held her head lightly as she did all the work.

"Oh god ... you are one crazy bitch ... cocksucking whore..." I muttered as she sucked me and tried to swallow me whole. She sucked me for about 5 minutes before she stood up and took my hand to lead me out onto my balcony.

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