Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Swinging,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story of a new journey into shared sexual fantasies.

He opens the front door, to be greeted as usual by the dogs. The 'grand dame' slowly makes her way, long tail wagging, greeting him with decorum. The 'young one' greets him with enthusiasm and lots of licking.

Everything is very quiet. His wife, Jade, must have had a bad day. So, quietly he takes off his coat, hangs it up, drops the extra work he brought home, grabs a can of pop and heads to the bathroom. The room in the house with the best seat. The dogs snuffle and snort at the door while he picks up a magazine and has a sit me down.

He comes out, noticing then, that the house seems extra clean. Not that it isn't usually clean, but there seems to be an extra sparkle to everything. There is a bottle of white wine and three glasses being chilled on the kitchen table. Bloody hell, he thinks, we have company, and he has a ton of work yet to do. He tries to remember if Jade said anything about having company for dinner and draws a blank.

There doesn't appear to be anything in the oven, nor, as he looks anything special in the fridge. No appetizers, nothing unusual at all, which doesn't make a lot of sense. He heads downstairs to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable that a suit and tie, quietly calling his wife, letting her know he is home and how was her day.

He turns the corner into his bedroom, his jaw drops and his eyes widen. No way, he thinks, this can't be happening. Covering almost every surface, dressers, tables, the small chest are carnations of every hue, their delicate scent filling the room. Except for small spaces on the night stands, where another bottle of wine and three more glasses rest, the room is filled. He looks toward the bed, and promptly drops, tie, jacket and jaw.

Jade looks up shyly and smiles. Softly she whispers, hi honey, you're home. In her early forties, Jade has soft brown hair with red highlights. She is wearing a black silk teddy which covers a not too badly shaped body, even if she feels there are a few pounds extra here and there. Her hair is done in a pixie cut, her eyes are large, very dark brown, and a small bow shaped mouth completes her face. Her hands, slightly shaking are long, delicate and holding a glass of wine.

Now, this is a surprise for Mark, it's not often he come home and his wife has planned a quiet seduction, but is has happened. What makes Mark drop his clothes and jaw is the lady sitting in the bed beside his wife, also dressed in a teddy, dark blue in color, with a large smile on her face, repeating, hi honey, you're home. Hair, the color of midnight surrounds an oval face, with deep blue eyes and a wide mouth, pale pink mouth. Again, long fingers, not shaking, hold a glass of wine. The smile and the twinkle in her eyes tells Mark that whatever work he brought home from the office is not going to get a second thought, let alone a second glance.

Jade, trembling, with hands a little cold watches Marks face. She wonders if she has done the right thing. This is new to her, and while she knows Mark isn't exactly a novice to this sort of thing, she certainly is. She looks up to his face to comment, Happy Birthday Honey. She tells him dinner won't be ready for a couple of hours but she does have some snacks beside the bed and another glass for wine, if he would care to join them.

Care to join them, Mark stutters. His eyes light up as well as the rest of him as he says, well how about I have a small sip of wine and then a quick shower. It has been a long day for him and he could use some time to wash away the day and the grime. He sits down beside his wife, grabs her and holds her tightly, tears welling in his eyes. He knows how scared she is and how difficult this surprise must have been. He whispers to her thank you My Lady and don't you dare go anywhere, he will be right back. Mark pours himself a small bit of the wine, tosses it back and heads for the shower.

He pats the dogs in passing and slightly in wonder and remembers he has no clothes. As he heads back into the room, Jades voice reaches him telling him not to worry there is something on the back of the bathroom door for him to wear. How did I miss that he wonders. Behind the door hangs a silk men's kimono, deep maroon with Chinese dragons woven into the material in deep greens and blues. There is a card. He reads, to my love, my life, my soul, may all your dreams come true, and fantasies too. He turns on the shower, his mind racing. He thinks about what is waiting in his bed, cock rising. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot keep it under control. He thinks to himself, control, what control???? It is his wife and another woman in his bed, waiting for him. The only thought that is even semi-coherent at the moment is how to keep his cock from spraying all over the shower. He manages some control, finishes showering, gets out, dries off, puts on his kimono and heads to the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Jade and the lady are sitting in the bed smiling. Jade sips her wine, saying, well, that didn't go all that badly, did it Kate? Kate leans close to her saying no, you did very well for your first time, but you have to remember this is only the beginning, and any time you feel uncomfortable, call a breather and we can talk.

Jade smiles, she knows, that is what the wine is for, courage, as well as the fact it really is good wine. Kate laughs quietly, the worst is over, really, she says, the first step is always the hardest. She tells Jade, you will do just fine, you have the imagination, you love him dearly and those two ingredients will make tonight something Mark will remember for a very long time.

Kate continues to smile and tells Jade you did just fine this afternoon. Sighing slightly she whispers that she really did enjoy herself, and knows that Jade did too. She, like Jade, likes to have her tits pushed together and have both nipples taken into a mouth and sucked on. She reminds Jade of how she reacted, starting with the warmth in her pussy.

Jade blushes as she remembers just how good Kate's tongue felt sucking her tits, running circles around them. She wonders why she hasn't done this before, other than just plain fear. She hears Mark coming into the room, takes another sip of wine and hopes the evening she has planned goes well. Kate grabs her hand, tells her to stop worrying, have fun, and just let it ride.

Mark is still trying to get his cock and imagination under control, without much success and enters the room. Peals of laughter greets him. Jade looks at him, wiping her eyes, laughingly saying that she sees the jacket fits, sort of, and that it is obvious that he has announced himself.

At that comment, Kate joins in the laughter and suddenly Jade realizes that everything is okay and this was a fantastic, fantasy idea.

Kate gets out of the bed, still laughing. She stands about five foot seven, slender, but not thin, with a damn good body, tits high, nipples hard, looking very sexy in her teddy and puts her hand out to be shaken. She reaches down, grabs cock, shakes it up and down and says how do you do, I am Kate, and it so nice to meet you. Mark's cock, of it's own volition, reacts violently. It has been twenty years since any other hand other than Jades has been friendly. Kate looks to Jade with a wicked smile, do you mind? Jade smiling, tells Kate to go ahead as she says that she doesn't think that any intelligent conversation is going to happen until that little problem is taken care of.

Kate reaches behind her, grabs a pillow, my knees she says, I am not as young as you wish I was. Mark stands

there, somewhat befuddled, as Kate reaches up and unties his kimono, grinning as she looks critically at his cock, remarking, not bad, not bad at all. Gently she takes Marks balls into her hands, gently squeezing, stroking them with long fingernails, the color of peaches. Her mouth opens and a small tongue flickers across the top of Marks cock, gently sucking, her tongue flickering quickly over the small crack and around the head. Her fingers pull and squeeze his balls in time with her mouth. Marks eyes start to close then widen to watch. He turns his head to check with his wife, who has an enigmatic smile. She reddens and says that she has already had a turn with Kate this afternoon. Marks cock reacts violently, jerking with the thought that Kate and his wife had been making love, his wife moaning with another woman sucking her clit. Kate, meanwhile, (as they say), has taken most of his cock into her mouth and is slowly moving up and down with a sucking sensation, making his cock harder, if that was even possible. Just, when he thinks, oh shit, I am going to come, Kate backs off, starts licking his balls, up and down, around and under, just touching the edge of his anus. Not yet, she mumbles, not yet. Her fingers, slightly wet, reach under and rub against his anus, not quite inserting, but putting pressure on a most sensitive spot. Mark is trying to think, but all that is running through his head is how Kate's mouth is moving up and down, teeth grazing on his cock, her hand caressing his balls, and fingers running up and down across his ass, in and out, up and down, in and out, up and down.

Kate's tongue works its way from the base of his cock to the crown, sucking, pulling, sliding. Jade reaches and slowly runs a single fingernail down Kate's back. Mark watches as Kate shivers with delight. Her nipples are rock hard, brown little pebbles and she is moaning softly. Mark feels himself begin to come, starting to growl, low in his throat. Kate matches his movements while his hands reach out to cup her head. She matches his intensity. His cock feels as though it is going to burst, the heat, the pressure, spreading from groin to balls to cock, as the hot, tight sucking to Kate's mouth moves faster and faster, her hand squeezing his balls in time.

Kate backs off, just as Mark come, juice spraying all over her tits, and as she once more reaches with her mouth to capture and juices let over, Jade leans in and with one finger, looking at Mark, scoops some cum from Kate's tit and licks it off.

Jade, slyly asks Mark if he would like to sit down. He looks a little 'worn out'. Kate laughs delightedly. Jade settles on the bed, watching Marks cock start to rise again. She reaches around to the other side of the bed and pulls out warm washcloths for Mark and Kate. She says there is nothing more unromantic than sticky people. She grabs the bottle of wine, asks Mark to go and get the other one. She pours for all of them, commenting that she thinks there is enough room in the bed for all of them, don't they think. Kate answers oh yes, more than enough room, but don't forget you and I have a turn coming now, don't we. Marks cock reacts, well, pretty much how you expect. UP.

Mark gets in the bed, between the women, with the wine. More wine ladies he asks. Jade hands out the glasses and while they sit back and relax against the pillows propped up, Mark is trying to think of something to say, like, how was your day, honey, just doesn't seem to be the right note to take. He looks at his wife, then at Kate and finally takes the plunge. Holding his wife's hand he asks, just how in the hell did you arrange this?

Jade laughs, a lot of courage, and a wee bit of scotch and you can get through most things. Actually Jade tells him, she had looked in that little book you got at the Love Shop. And there was Kate. Kate smiles, telling Mark that he has to realize that this wasn't the first time for her, but Jade had explained it was for her and how nervous she was, so Kate had been visiting on and off for the past month. Kate realized that she had to get Jade used to the idea and to be comfortable. As she had explained to Jade, the first step was always the hardest. Today, she smiled, was the first day they had actually 'done the deed'. She admitted that she was actually surprised at how good Jade was. Within minutes of being naked, with wine, Jade had gotten down to business and had Kate moaning and writhing on the bed. Mark listened, watching Kate's face. Her eyes seemed to go even a deeper blue, nipple hardening in memory of the afternoon. Mark looked to his wife and asked just what the hell did I miss this afternoon. Kate, looking at Jade, smirked. Ah, don't worry about it Mark, we can repeat it for you, and YOU get to watch. If you want.

If I WANT, Mark hollers, you have got to be kidding, right? Jade, more in control of the situation, laughs, how about some food first. You have not eaten all day if I know you, and I do, you must be hungry my love, and I mean for FOOD. Right on cue, Mark's stomach makes itself known, feeeed me, feeeeed me. Both Jade and Kate cracked up and Jade relaxed, the ice was broken, melted away and everyone was comfortable and happy.

After all three had some food, Jade WAS a good cook after all, and felt sated, Kate and Jade decided to really get down to business. Kate, getting Mark a chair from the corner, sat Mark and invited him to watch. Kate looked at Jade remarking, that she was the 'guest' after all, and it should be up to her what happened next. Jade replied that as a host, she would of course want Kate to be happy to be there. Mark's cock once again made a statement, all hands on deck, boys stand up and take notice ... and it did.

As Mark watched, Kate has Jade lay down on her back. Kate leans over Jade, beginning to kiss her on the mouth, gently, like butterfly wings. Jades arms reached up to hold Kate close, while a tongue flickered across Jades lips. Jade smiled as Kate's tongue slowly moves down her neck, circling, travelling to brown nipples, already hard that seem to be trying to lift themselves closer to that pink tongue. Mark's breath increased as Kate pushed Jades tits together, her mouth closing over both nipples, sucking, pulling, caressing. Jade moans as one of her own hands makes its way towards her cunt. Kate's voice, deeper now, whispers, not yet, dear, not yet. Pulling Jade's hand away, she adds, let me do the licking and sucking, while you just lay back and enjoy.

Mark's cock in the meantime, has once again, risen. While he gently strokes it absently, Kate looks at him, snapping, leave it alone. Don't you want to put it in a dark, hot, tight place belonging to your wife while I suck her clit. Mark almost loses it right there and then, however, he does manage some control and sits on his hands to wait.

Jade's moans fills the room as Kate attacks Jade like a work of art. Her tongue is like a paint brush, lightly brushing over tits, flickering over eyelids, gently stroking lips, strong licks over ribs, thighs, legs. Kate moves back to Jade's tits, sucking on them until Jade feels as though she could come without Kate touching her clit. Kate then takes Jade's hands, placing one, then the other under Jade's ass so she won't move. As Kate's tongue traces unknown designs below Jade's tits, Jade's moans become louder, more urgent. Jade's hips start to move of their own volition, rubbing against Kate's body as if seeking some movement, touch, a cock to fill up her cunt. Kate slowly drags her tongue to her clit. It is wet, bright pink and fully engorged. Mark can see fluid glistening on the insides of Jade's thighs as Kate's tongue begins to lap against Jade's clit. As soon as Kate begins to lick at the clit, Jade's voice drops a full octave, while her body begins to twitch and quiver. Kate draws circles with her fingers around Jade's tits, while her tongue repeats the same design around her clit. Mark can see by Jade's face that she is thoroughly enjoying this, and wonders if he can hold his load long enough to stick his cock up her hot, wet cunt. Somehow he doubts it. Not with watching what Kate is doing to his wife, and her reactions. Jade's toes start to curl, he notices, while Kate is busy rolling Jade's nipples between her fingers, her tongue gently pulling at Jade's clit. Kate whispers once more, "not yet, not yet". Jade's body jumps and twitches, as Kate's tongue continues to caress clit, around and around with little flicks over the top of the hood. Kate's mouth encloses all of Jade's clit, her hands reach over the side of the bed, pulling up a silver dildo about nine inches long.

Kate whispers to Jade to ask if she is sure that this is what she want, really, really wants. Jade's breath, coming faster and faster as the fluids of her cunt covers her inside thighs moans heavily, yes, yes, please, yes, stick it in me, hard, hard, hard, now, please Kate, now. Stick it in me, suck me.

Jade tries to open her eyes, to watch Mark, to tell him, Babe you have no idea how good this feels. Her tongue is so hot, quick, her hands on my tits, feels so good, pulling, pinching, caressing. I don't know why I waited so long. Kate continues to suck on Jade's clit and just when Mark figures by the sound and movement, Jade is about to come Jade's body goes limp. Don't stop she moans to Kate, not now. Kate face lights up with delight, uh, uh, it's my turn now ... I want you to suck on me for a while before I make you come. I want you heated, wanting me, wanting to come. Jade rolls over, quivering, shaking. Kate lays there, spread apart, tits, arms, and legs. Mark can see her clit and it is already engorged, pink and ready. Jade covers Kate's body with her own, kissing Kate's mouth. Jade's tongue circles Kate's as she gently licks lips. At that points, moans start to erupt from Kate. Jade reaches for Kate's tits. Never in his wildest imagination (okay maybe just a quick hop) did Mark figure he would be watching anything like this. Jade starts to trail a tongue down the side of Kate's neck. (where did she learn this?), to hard nipples, pushing tits together. Jade returns the favor of sucking on both nipples at the same time. Kate's moaning become louder. Mark cannot believe this is his wife, kissing, moaning, licking and sucking another woman. His cock is literally dripping on the floor.

Jade looks to Kate, shall we let him in, type of look. I really don't think he could last much longer do you? Kate raises one eyebrow and nods, as long as you do NOT stop what you are doing.

Mark leaps up, starting to fondle his wife. He reaches for Kate, but she pushes his hand away, commenting, I want Jade to make me come first then you can have your turn. Your wife has the most marvelous mouth than you have ever seen. Jade laughs, thanks for the compliment, but I am really, really horny, can we get on with this.

At this point, they do so. Jade's tongue leaves Kate's nipples to trail a path down to her belly to the triangle of dark hair. Mark is playing with Jade's nipples, pulling, squeezing, licking, biting (gently), rolling them between his fingers. His cock rubbing up and down against Jade's ass leaving a silvery trail. Jade's ass also seems to be pushing towards him, as if to try and get his cock inside of her. Mark isn't ready to lose control quite yet. He wants this to last. Continuing to rub his cock up and down Jade's ass, reaches for her clit. It feels to good, hot, wet, quivering. Jade moans as she feels the hand rub up and down. Like it or not, Jade is going to come. Jade's tongue still moving down on Kate, whips back and forth. Her hands reach down to spread the triangle of Kate's clit while her tongue traces circles around and then starts to suck on Kate's clit, gently tugging and sucking.

Kate's moans begin to fill the room as she too begins to lose it. Mark can see the muscles in both Jade's and Kate's asses tighten as they get closer to climaxing. His own cock is rock hard and jumping about. Just as he figures he is going to spray cum all over Jade's ass, Kate cries out with oh god, oh god, oh god, don't stop. Mark can see the ripples across Kate's abdomen as she comes. Jade's moaning increases with the pressure of Kate's clit on her mouth. Kate's hips reach up to push against Jade. A small smile reaches Kate's mouth as she settles back upon the bed. Okay your turn, she smiles, as Jade looks at Kate almost longingly, hungrily. Somehow Kate smirks I don't think this is going to take too long.

Jade's hips start to move against Kate before she even settles upn the bed. Kate sucking on Jade's nipples makes Jade's moans become lower again. A sure sign. Jade whispers to Kate to go lower, Kate, much, much lower ... please. Mark, watching is wondering when he can 'jump' in. Kate's head goes down on Jade's clit and while Kate's tongue whips back and forth against Jade, the words oh god, oh god, oh god fill the room.

At the sound of his wife's voice, Mark's cock leaps in the air. Both Kate and Jade look at him, with evil intent in their eyes. Or, at least, that is what Mark hope. Kate, taking one hand, Jade, the other, lead Mark to the bed and lay him down.

Jade grabs a couple of pillows, places Mark's ass upon them raising his ass about a foot in the air. With his legs placed around Jade's shoulders, he feels her tongue begin to work on him. Teeth once again are raking over his cock, while other hands are feeling up his balls. He can see Kate's head off to one side of his hips and just as he wonders what she is going to do, he can feel a tongue wrap around his balls, sucking, pulling, kissing, little bites. Kate's tongue moves down, along with her head. As he cranes his head upwards he can see Jade moving her wonderful mouth up and down his shaft while Kate's tongue is heading towards his ass. Kate's hands continue to play with his balls, while her tongue starts to lick at his asshole. He can feel the pressure of her tongue around his ass, while Jade continues to suck and pull at his cock. Never, in his wildest dreams did he believe Jade would ever do this. He knew she was good in bed, one of the many reasons he married her, but to suck off his cock, after he had watched another woman suck her off, was beyond his wildest dreams, maybe not fantasies perhaps, but dreams. Jade was busy, Mark's cock was fully in her mouth and she was going up and down it, sucking, nipping, licking, lapping, feeling the moisture he was exuding and relishing it.

Jade gives a gasp. A hand reaches up to her cunt and inserts three fingers. It is Kate, while she is licking Marks ass. She had a free hand. Jade reaches one hand down to capture one of her own tits as Mark's hands reach out for Kate's. Jade takes in the scene. Mark, flat on his back, being sucked off by her, his hands squeezing Kate's tits. Kate's tongue on Mark's ass while her hand is up Jade. Oh yes, this WAS a good idea. There is no more time for coherent thought as Jade reaches out to Kate's clit and starts to fondle. Kate's clit is as soaked with fluids as Jade's is. Mark can feel Jade's mouth, hot, running up and down his cock, while Kate's tongue continues to lick his ass. He really doesn't want to come, but he is starting to have no choice. Just when he thinks he is going to come, both Kate and Jade jump off the bed. Kate bends over on the floor, fingers touching toes with her ass in the air. Jade grabs the silver dildo and shoves it up her cunt, while Kate grabs Marks and shoves his cock up her cunt. Jade slithers under Kate. Kate starts to lick and tug at Jade once more while Jade keeps shoving the dildo in and out. Mark's cock, throbbing, slides in and out of Kate while Jade's fingers play with his balls. All three are sweating, moaning, growling. Jade and Kate both moving back and forth in time as if music was playing. Jade against the dildo and Kate's mouth, Kate against Mark.

All three are trying to hold off the moment of climax as long as possible. Mark's cock starts to explode, his growling sets of Jade who crying out of oh god, oh god, sets off Kate. Waves of heat pouring across Kate, Jade, muscles enclosing cock, dildo and fingers.

All three had managed somehow to come at the same time. As if it was a signal, Mark's cock slides out of Kate and he collapses. All three go down in a tangle of arms, legs and other body parts.

Mark gather what little energy he has left, grabs his wife, kissing her soundly. Breathing somewhat rapidly he sighs, my Lady, I thank you.

Jade queries ... well my love was it good for you. Laughter explodes. Jade checks the clock. Hmmm, it is only seven, how about some dinner, I DID make it and since it is a Friday ... we could use the fuel.

Mark looked at his wife ... nodded and stated ... I knew I married you because you were smart.

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