Day 6 - Cruising With Susan Again

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Day 6. He is totally shagged out after an extended fuck session with Cate. He's enjoying a relaxing shower when Susan joins him in the shower and asks him to fuck her ass. She gets him hard and he enjoys himself again.

Day 6 dawns. I was feeling totally shagged out having had a bare minimum of sleep. Cate, the 19 year old daughter of my boss, had done her best impressions of a sex-starved woman. She had arrived at my suite at lunch time of the previous day, and left this morning at 8 AM when I pushed her out the door. She walked out the door proudly displaying her hickey-marked neck (both sides) as evidence of her extended fuck sessions.

I was standing in the shower letting the water tumble down over me as I closed my eyes and tried to relax. Then the shower door slid open and in hopped a very naked Susan (the assistant cruise director).

"Can I help you wash anything?" she enquired as she palmed my worn out cock and balls.

"Oh my god Susan ... you scared the life out of me" I uttered "and no, I can wash everything all by myself".

She ignored me and continued to grasp my cock and balls, working life into what I thought was a totally dead cock.

"Hmmmm ... he is interested I see" she remarked as she coaxed my cock to a full erection once again. "I want you to fuck me ... fuck my ass this time. My pussy is still sore from the last ounding you gave me".

My cock jumped at the thought. I had observed her trim butt and I had imagined what it would be like to fuck her ass. Now she was delivering that pleasure to me on a platter. She moved so that she now faced the wall of the shower recess, placing her hand palms on the wall and poking her ass out at me.

"C'mon fuck me big boy. I'm all lubed up and ready to go" she moaned.

I moved behind her, taking my cock in hand and leading it to her ass. I slipped its head between her pussy lips to pick up some juices before positioning it at the entrance to her asshole. I nudged forward and I felt her hole give a little, allowing me to engage with her asshole.

Suitably engaged, I grasped her hips to steady her as I pushed forward, meeting some initial resistance until I felt her asshole relax. My cock started to slide into her ass.

"Oh my fucking god ... your ass is so fucking tight" I groaned as inch by inch her ass allowed my fat 10 inch cock to enter.

"Oh wow ... oh wow..." she chanted as I kept pushing until finally my cock was totally embedded in her ass with my balls resting against her ass cheeks. I held in that position to savour the tightness and the heat of her ass, and for her to appreciate being totally stuffed full of cock.

"Now fuck me you old fucking stud" Susan goaded me. "I don't have much time ... I have to work the bingo session in less than 30 minutes".

I took up the challenge and started short slow thrusts into and out of her clutching ass.

"Oh yes ... that's it" she groaned "Fuck me ... fuck my ass" she chanted as my thrusts became quicker and longer until I was slapping in and out.

Her moans became more frequent and louder as I worked her towards a huge cum.

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