Day 5 - Cruising With Cate

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Day 5. He escapes from Lara (his day 1 fuck) only to fall into the clutches of his ex-work mate Cate. She's 19 years old and has been throwing herself at him for ages, and he has resisted - she is after all the daughter of his boss. His resistance melts and passion results.

Day 5 after lunch. I'd spent the morning working up a hearty appetite with my pregnant next door neighbour. Carrie had entered my suite feeling unloved by her goof-ball hubby who'd been ignoring the sexual needs of his delicious redhead wife. She departed at lunch time with a new appreciation of what a considerate lover can do for a lady (pregnant or not).

I headed to the lifts to descend to the buffet for lunch. Arriving there I found that the ageing hippy and his family was also waiting at the lift. I'd seen them earlier in the cruise when I'd got up close and personal with the taut rear-end of the delicious teenage daughter named Fleur. She was there again and when we piled into the lift she positioned herself again in front of me in the rapidly filling lift.

As soon as the lift doors closed she pushed back against me, feeling my tumescent cock again pressing against her beautiful ass. She did a slow grind, teasing me for the 10 seconds that it took for the lift to reach our destination. She departed the lift but not before giving me a wink. I had that decidedly uncomfortable feeling in my pants. I hoped that the other passengers didn't notice as I made my way into the buffet.

I'd just sat down at a table when the delicious Lara sat down beside me. She was the MILF that I'd fucked in the accessway whilst I should have been at the safety briefing.

"You know that you have ruined me" she whispered.

"How?" I enquired.

"My husband's cock doesn't fill me like yours did. I just want more when he's fucking me" she whispered as she leant a little closer to avoid others hearing our conversation. Her hand slipped to my inner thigh as she spoke. She was scant inches from touching me under the table.

"Oh, hello Grant, is that you there?" I heard a female voice say. Lara quickly removed her hand and moved away from me as a pretty young brunette approached my table. It was Cate. She was my boss's daughter. I'd not seen her in a few months and I didn't know that she was going to be on the same cruise.

Lara stood up and moved away from the table as Cate slid into one of the other seats.

"Hmmmmm ... Grant have you been seducing women again ... you naughty man?" Cate chided me. I must have had that guilty look because she smiled and then laughed at me.

"You are incorrigible. I throw myself at you and you reject me, but you chase after women like that. You make me feel unwanted." Cate continued to berate me (but with a smile).

I responded "I told you that whilst we worked together there could be nothing between us. Your dad would have castrated me, especially as I'm almost the same age as him."

Cate smiled and responded "So you have no excuses now. I don't work with you anymore and what happens on this cruise stays on this cruise." Her hand slipped under the table and straight onto the growing lump in my shorts.

"Eat up" she said "You will be needing all your strength this afternoon".

30 minutes later, a very naked Cate was laying back on my bed watching me undress. Cate was 19 years old and about 5 ft 3 ins tall with a slim body (except for her B-cups tits). Her pussy was shaved except for a thin landing strip of dark coloured hair that pointed to her delicious pussy. Her pussy was dominated by a set of puffy pussy lips that at the moment had been parted by her fingers as she showed me the path to her hot inner core.

My cock had been at full stand ever since we entered my suite however it was still confined within my shorts which thankfully were in the process of falling to the floor.

"Oh fuck that's magnificent" Cate uttered as my cock was revealed "Oh ... fuck that's big too" she continued.

"Maybe its too big for you" I teased as I feigned to pull up my shorts again.

"Don't you fucking dare ... bring it over here" she commanded "I haven't waited this long to let this opportunity go by." She grasped my cock and drew me closer until its tip touched her cheek. She rubbed it across her cheek and under her chin before she led it to her mouth, taking just the tip inside for a lick.

"Mmmmm..." she hummed as she locked her lips to its head and swirled her tongue around and around the tip. I put my hand on her shoulder for the moment but she had other ideas as she moved it to hold her tit.

A little more cock disappeared into her mouth as one of her hands grasped my balls to caress them as she sucked and licked me. Oh my god, this young lady was an expert cock-sucker. She was teasing me and working my cock in and out of her mouth until she had swallowed about 5 inches of me.

She finally popped my cock free of her hot mouth to say a few words "Mmmm ... with a little more practice I should be able to take some more of you. But ... times a wasting ... it's time to introduce this beauty to my hungry pussy".

Cate directed me with her handhold on my cock to position myself between her spread thighs. I shuffled forward on my knees until my cock could rest of her landing strip. It was only then that she released her grip.

"I want to be fucked right now" she groaned "We can play later ... I just need your big fat long cock in me now".

I wasn't going to argue with this young lady. She had been waiting for this moment for the last couple of years. I grabbed my cock around the root and slid its head between her very slick pussy lips to pick up some of her abundant juices. Satisfied that the head had enough of ner natural lubricant, I engaged the cockhead with her tiny-looking pussy canal entrance. I pushed a little to get a firm connection at her pussy entrance.

"I'm coming in now" I groaned as I grabbed her hips to steady her as I pushed. There was initial resistance for a few seconds before I felt her pussy entrance give a little and allow my cock to slide just a little inside of her.

"Oh wow..." she groaned as she felt my cock making slow but sure headway inside of her.

"Fuck your tight" I replied as I pushed a little harder still, until with a sudden pop my cockhead had disappeared inside of her. I held there for a moment to allow her to become accustomed to my penetration. Then I started a gentle rocking motion that had me moving just a fraction of an inch in and out of her at a time.

"I'm fucking you now ... are you satisfied?" I asked her.

"Yes ... and no. Yes, because you are inside of me; and no because I want much more of your cock inside of me" Cate uttered.

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