Day 5 - Cruising With Carrie

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Day 5. In the morning, he was resting in his suite after a sex-filled night. A knock at the door and his pregnant next door neighbour was entering his suite and asking him if he thought she was 'fuckable'. He answered the question in the best way possible.

Day 5. Susan had come back and stayed the night so I was pretty wrecked in the morning, and so was the bed - it was soaked with Susan's juices. She was a real gusher when her arousal level hit seldom encountered heights.

Terri had come early and changed the bed. The only payment that she wanted for giving such great service was a promise of a thorough shagging that night when she came to do the night time room servicing.

It was about 9:00 AM and I had the room to myself again. I was dozing off on the lounge chair as I replayed in my head the events of the last four days. All the females had been willing participants in my carnal delights ... and wanted to come back for more.

Surprise ... surprise my cock started to lengthen and thicken as I thought about each lady. I was sure that Susan had mortally wounded my cock last night and this morning. She was just insatiable.

Knock ... knock ... knock - I was startled a little from my sleep as I realised that someone was at the door. I dragged myself up from the lounge and walked slowly to the door. Peeking through the security hole I observed a pretty young lady waiting outside. As I was respectably dressed (I was wearing a pair of shorts), I opened the door to see what was happening.

The young lady outside was stunning. She stood about 5 ft 5 ins tall with a slim figure. She had a pretty face framed by flame red hair and a peaches and cream complexion. She was wearing a pink strappy blouse that did little to hide a nice set of pointy bra-less tits with very pronounced nipples. The skirt was short, really short and a darker shade of pink. Her feet were bare ... yummmm, and she had petite feet with pink coloured toenails.

Oh ... and I forgot to mention she had a very distinct baby-bump - not overly large but large enough to be noticed on such a slim body.

"Hi. I'm Carrie ... I'm your next door neighbour. Could I have a private word with you?" she asked.

I showed my manners by inviting the young lady into my lounge room and shutting the door. I put her age at about 23-25 yrs old.

"I'm Grant. Pleased to meet you. What can I help you with?" I enquired.

She hesitated a little and had a couple of false starts before she stood up and walked over to face me.

"Am I pretty?" she asked.

"Whoa ... where is this going?" I thought.

"You see, I'm 23 years old and as you can see I am 5 months pregnant" she explained before she continued. "My husband hasn't touched me since I found out that I was pregnant. The lack of sex has been driving me crazy."

I listened with speaking. I was a little stunned by this conversation.

"I've been listening to you and your lady friends for the last four days ... fucking up a storm in here and getting even more frustrated by the minute." Carrie explained.

"Oh god ... I'm so sorry about the noise. I'll try to be quieter in future" I responded.

"No ... no ... no ... don't do that!" she pleaded. "My husband has heard you too, and even that hasn't given him the hint that I desperately horny".

"Oh my god that's sad" I said as I realised the situation that this young lady was in. "How can I help?" I asked again.

Carrie pulled her top off over her head revealing her slightly saggy tits - tits with very erect dark pink nipples. Then she pushed her skirt off her hips and let it fall to the floor. She was naked now.

"Is this a fuckable body in your opinion?" she enquired.

"No ... don't answer that. I have my answer already. I can see it in your eyes and I can see a huge bulge in your shorts. Answer me another question instead." she said.

"Will YOU fuck me ... fuck me now?" she enquired.

I answered by standing and taking her in my arms and kissing her, feeling her baby bump pressing against my tummy and my rock-hard cock. We kissed for a few minutes, devouring each other may be a better description, until we broke apart. I stepped back a couple of steps before I pushed my shorts to the floor.

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