Darkness and Light
Chapter 1: Snippets

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Magic, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Fiction, High Fantasy, Incest, Brother, Sister, DomSub, Rough, Harem, Anal Sex, First, Size, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: Snippets - This is the continuation of Law of the Blood. If you didn't read it, there is no point reading this one. If you didn't like it, you shouldn't bother either, because you won't like this one any better. Those of you who did read Law of the Blood and did like it, I hope you will have fun again.

Not far from Falkath, out on the ocean, clouds darkened the sky and the wind was gathering strength. The Antussie were readying their ship for bad weather. Standing at the stern, two women absently watched them busily swarming around, but a storm already romped through their minds.

“I didn’t want to believe you, but now I guess I have to,” Esthera angrily remarked.

“I can’t blame you; I didn’t really believe it myself,” Ayphera answered dryly.

“All of us created to rectify a mistake that could cause our eradication, and now, after thousands of years, they suddenly blab it out? Our family is smarter than that; they let us know for a reason. Why now, and what reaction are they hoping for?” Esthera continued.

“They probably just want to force any kind of reaction. Sureyssa’s masters already knew more than we did, and who could have told them, if not one of our own family. That would mean at least one of them has allied with the enemy, if there really is an outside enemy at all. It’s just as always, lies and deceit, their favorite occupation.” Ayphera commented disgustedly.

“No Ayphera, the enemy is real. Your father told you about Destruction and Chaos disturbing Dharkuntis’ invasion of Vernya, and my father told me about Urgon taking the Throne of Blood. They both thought it was Khor’s doing, but they were wrong. We told Urgon where to find Destruction, thinking there wouldn’t be a fight, not knowing that Urgon was sent here to kill Destruction’s vessel. Trying to use others, we were used and deceived by someone else. We and our family have been beaten at our own games that, if nothing else, should warn us of how dangerous this new enemy is.” Esthera stated emphatically.

“Don’t remind me! For the second time now, within just a few months, one of my supposed slaves has tricked me. Deception, do you think she’s got something to do with this?” Ayphera asked skeptically.

“The last time I heard from her she was busily praising Ghania to her followers, still Priestess of the Great Mother. I never had any clue what she was up to, and still don’t. Gluttony isn’t involved in any of this, that’s the only thing I’m fairly sure about at the moment.” Esthera shrugged helplessly.

“That will be the day, when our drunkard cousin will outsmart me as well. At least now I understand the reason he was created.” Ayphera laughed.

“I hardly can discern friend and enemy anymore, what should we do now?” Esthera asked resigned.

“Dharkuntis will arrive in Vernya soon. I told him I will abide by our contract and expect the same from him. He still has what we want, no matter if he’ll ever be able to reach Erylaness. We should stay close and get as much information as we can. Unlike the last one, our next move had better be well prepared.” Ayphera suggested.

Far south of the ship a man was riding, absorbed in thought as well. Following him was a long troop of mounted hunters. The Thenkis Clan was heading for the border of Tularkis.

“You have been quiet and thoughtful all morning, Great Fusan. Are you worrying about passing the Tularkis border?” A man riding at his side noted.

“Not in the least. King Malrik is a coward and fifty-thousand Ogusi will join us before we are entering into his land. I was thinking about something else. A few months ago a tall warrior from the north, a Norgar, visited our camp. He was searching for his little sister, a young girl with almost white hair and pale blue eyes like his own; so pale of color they looked like ice. Although he was very young, these eyes were old and looking into them, I saw memories of fighting for centuries.

This morning I received a message from the Emperor; the Ghallan-Clans of the Northern Territory of Vernya choose a High-Protector for the first time in more than three-hundred years, a little girl with white hair. Dharkuntis didn’t mention it, but I received another bit of information as well. A part of the advance party of his army, twelve-thousand mounted warriors, lost a battle against three-thousand Ghallan warriors and a few Amazons. A tall Norgar was leading them.

I don’t believe in coincidence, but in destiny. This won’t become the peaceful occupancy of a surrendering country as Dharkuntis promised it would be. This will be a war. Thousands of Ghallan warriors from all over Vernya are traveling north to join their brethren. The clans that didn’t join our alliance will follow and join our enemies as well. I believe Fusan Djargis knew this already, but didn’t tell us at the gathering.”

“Djargis and the Burganis are honor-less cowards!” The man riding along heatedly interrupted at this point.

“No my friend, Fusan Djargis is neither honor-less nor a coward. More than one hundred-thousand Manthakin, probably about twenty-thousand men from Tularkis and our fifty-thousand Ogusi; the biggest army I’ve ever heard about. How could anyone joining the opposition be an honor-less coward? None of our enemies will be a coward, those will be at our side, like King Malrik. It was my dream to become Great Fusan of the united Ogusi and rule over all the land. Now I have to pay the price, and a steep price it is. I always thought honor and glory would be at my side fulfilling my destiny, but now I fear that honor and glory will be our enemies.” Rhogunata sadly responded and didn’t speak any further.

Far to the north, the haggard figure of an old woman was hiding behind bushes. She was watching a group of fugitives from the farmsteads fleeing their homes. They were heading for Notabir to find shelter and wouldn’t reach the town for another day.

Her old body was tired and exhausted, but her mind wasn’t, as she was thinking sharply about the best way to approach. After all, her sharp mind was the reason they had picked her for this task. Desperation fed her determination to be successful with this assignment. No room for pity, it was a last chance. A chance she didn’t know she would ever have. Opportunities didn’t exist where she came from.

So she watched the group and selected a target. She had done so many times before, but that was centuries ago. At that time she would have sold her soul for the ability she now had, but she didn’t have a soul to sell anymore and it was given to her as a gift to aid her at this task. Better not think about the past, it was a distraction and distraction led to failure. The result of a failure was unthinkable. She couldn’t fail and lose this chance after the end of all chances.

The group passed and her target would never know the reason it was chosen, but the little girl wouldn’t understand why she had to lose her chance at life anyway.

West, across the mountain chain, in a town named Albatis, a group of men, almost as old as the woman, were holding a war council.

“Even if we lose the vanguard, what is the problem? The winter is over, two months and our army will reach Notabir. All the Clans in Vernya combined can’t muster more than fifty-thousand warriors, at the most. With Tularkis and the Ogusi at our side we will have almost two-hundred-thousand warriors to fight them!” One of them asked irritated.

“Only half of our army is Manthakin and how much can we trust in Tularkis or the Ogusi?” Someone else replied.

“The Manthakin Empire is built on fear, not loyalty. Fear of our invincible army, our bond with the cruel gods and our magic. At present we are the only ones who know what happened in Vernya. Once our army passes the mountains, rumors and news will spread all throughout the lands. The gods are fighting and defeating our army, their priestesses are killing our warlords and even our own dogs are turning against us.” A wrinkled, little, bald man stated calmly.

“Numbers of warriors don’t mean anything if we don’t even know whom we are fighting. We’re fulfilling a contract with Queen Ayphera and Iane is her slave, but Iane ordered the Priestesses to kill Jochias. Rebellion, that’s what Ghergias is talking about.” A tall man in a purple robe added.

“Ayphera has told me she will uphold the contract, but she can’t pay up anymore. Iane joined the Norgar siblings, the contract is void. Now we’re fighting the Norgar siblings to get Iane.” A wry, emaciated man croaked.

“A little girl and her brother; High-Protector of the Ghallan-Clans and the heir to the Throne of Blood; a myth or living gods, Chaos and Destruction. Who are they Dharkuntis?” Ghergias asked.

“Did you believe that becoming immortal would be an easy task to accomplish? We are fighting human destiny, death. What are you willing to do to win this war? They are our enemies and they have what I need, that is all that matters. I’ll sacrifice everyone, to the last child of this Empire, to win this war.” Dharkuntis answered emotionless.

“Who will you sent to lead the army?” The man in purple asked.

“You weren’t listening Paneas. No one will be sent, we are moving to Vernya.” The Emperor replied.

East of Vernya, across the ocean, another war council was in session. Officers were bent over spread out cards, discussing strength and weaknesses, weather and terrain conditions. Two women watched them dispassionately, one of them their Queen.

“They sound like it would matter where they place some archers, when tens of thousands of Norgar brutes will come to raid Paras.” Leandris commented disparagingly.

“They are soldiers, what did you expect them to do? The Norgar Chieftain called to arms and their fleet is gathering at Falkath. Your spies said they will come for us, so it’s not like they have a lot of options.” Jenaya shrugged.

“This is all wrong. The Norgar have never raided Paras, why now? Who is this new Chieftain Urgon anyways? All we know is he arrived in Falkath the day Roban should have claimed the throne. What is his special interest in Ghota and Paras?” Leandris asked upset.

“The question you didn’t ask is probably the reason for it. Where is Roban?” Jenaya replied, watching Leandris intently.

“Dead or still searching for his mother and little sister, it doesn’t matter.” The Queen answered angrily.

“We could ask Chalissa and Meyra if he’s dead.” Jenaya suggested.

“Stop it, no more of your mystical nonsense. They are just two horny sluts missing a big cock and don’t know anything.” Leandris huffed.

“They told you he claimed them and they can’t be members of your harem anymore. You released them and gave them their own quarters. So don’t tell me now you never believed them.” Jenaya answered grinning.

“I released them from my harem because they became useless. All they did was moping and whining after Roban left and no one wanted them.” Leandris replied, her temper rising.

“Moping and whining, yes, they really became extremely moody. Almost as moody as you and it even started at the same time. What a strange coincidence, isn’t it?” Jenaya noted innocently.

“Be Careful Jenaya, I’m mad enough as it is, don’t go any further. If he’s dead or alive doesn’t matter anyways. The Norgar are coming and their Chieftain is Urgon, not Roban.” Leandris stated.

“I’m sorry, you’re right my Queen. So what are you planning to do when they arrive at Paras?” Jenaya asked subdued.

“I’ll give them what they want and hope they’ll leave again. If I can’t give it to them, we’ll fight and they will take it anyways.” Leandris answered resigned.

The two women turned and silently continued listening to the officers discussing the best tactics for defending their town.

A few miles south of Falkath, a woman was sitting all alone at a campfire.

Urgon is no more. He could fight the vessel, but not Destruction. The Norgar swore allegiance to Khor’s son, but he and his sister proclaimed dissociation from their family. Ipochone’s daughter Iane is joining them. Her other daughter, Ayphera, left Kurgath together with Esthera, Maldurin’s daughter. They’ll probably sail to Vernya, but I can’t say what Khor’s children and Iane will do next. What do you want me to do Mother?

Staring into the flames Sureyssa received an answer.

They don’t know yet, but she is gone. It changes everything. We have to find her, nothing is more important than this. I don’t know how or where, but if she has found a vessel she won’t be awake for a while, but once she is, she will start searching. Find her!

Sureyssa watched the flames slowly dying. ‘Find her‘, but how?

The distance to the cave can’t be measured in miles; it was in a different dimension. Those seated around the table weren’t humans either, but gods and goddesses. Still, they were discussing the same subjects.

“It really looks like I need to apologize; for once I was wrong to accuse you of cheating. It wasn’t you who lured your son back to the Norgar. I’m sure you’re happy he finally claimed the Throne of Blood.” Injontas sneered at Khor.

“Your daughter Iane willingly became his slave, and her sister Ayphera is still following her own plan to get rid of her human boundaries, ignoring you totally. I’m not the only one troubled by his children.” Khor grunted in return.

“None of us has any reason to feel gleeful about this mess. If Urgon had killed the vessel, we would already be facing an even bigger mess. We don’t have anyone of us to thank that the plan didn’t succeed; to the contrary, some of us even helped it along. This isn’t a game anymore, it’s war,” Feya stated.

“We’ve all agree about that, Feya, but whom are we fighting?” Khor asked.

“Why are you all so blind to the obvious? Forged from the bones of Calmyra, guess who created him! Our own mother planned our extermination.” Feya shouted angrily, but quickly calmed down again and continued. “Before you start any self-righteous uproar, do I need to remind you of the reason for creating Destruction? Ghania refused to share her power of creation with us, so we decided to use Destruction as a threat against her. An epic failure, if there ever was one, but it doesn’t change the fact we started this war!”

“Well, admittedly you could see it that way, though we never planned to eradicate anyone of our family,” Injontas argued.

“It doesn’t matter, Feya is right, but that doesn’t matter either. It never matters who started a war, but only who ends it. If you’re right, and I believe you are, we are at war with Atanea and probably Harohn as well. That’s bad, but they have no powers that we don’t have and are limited in the same way. It’s a placeholder war; humans are our soldiers, Calmyra the battlefield and prize.” Khor voiced his opinion.

“You didn’t mention the vessels, but since your son just eradicated an immortal through one of them, I guess that wasn’t a simple oversight,” Injontas noted grinning.

“Still, there are the children. Most of them have turned against us, at least for now, but what about your daughter, Feya? She always was our most useful ally on Calmyra.” Maldurin asked.

“She is still busy covering up this mess and hiding our biggest vulnerability. Ghania, the Great Mother. What a joke and how brilliant to hide it in plain sight. I told you she won’t go anywhere near Destruction as long as Chaos is protecting him. Now it’s even worse, because Submission joined them and is protecting him too. What do you expect from her?” Feya asked frowning at him.

“Messaya and Balkhor said they would take care of them, but if they succeed we could use Deception’s skills at diversion,” Maldurin replied.

“Even if they succeed we still need a new vessel for Destruction before we can risk trying to get rid of his present one. Roban doesn’t have a son, and we shouldn’t use his bloodline anyways. I don’t know how or why, but they became stronger with every generation. His sister’s vessels have changed as well. I’ve mentioned it for centuries, but you refused to listen. Something is going on and it has nothing to do with this war and Atanea or Harohn,” Feya pointed out.

“Yes you did, but this vessel business is delicate. We can’t create anything living and have to use what’s there. Exactly the reason we wanted to force Ghania. By the way, has anyone tried talking to her recently?” Nyome interjected.

“Ghania hasn’t talked to us for a thousand years and will continue to ignore us. She is Creation, but Obstinacy would be a fitting name as well. She doesn’t trust us anymore and the only way to regain her trust would be to give her back what she wants. Since we won’t do that, it’s futile trying to reason with her. It’s my aptitude; I know what I’m talking about,” Ebora declared.

“Amazing nonetheless, a thousand years without a word, nothing but watching and mourning her loss,” Ipochone sympathetically commented.

“Surely very romantic, but we should return to our present problems. We need a new vessel for Destruction. There has to be a strong connection between human and immortal to forge a vessel. Destruction doesn’t have priests or believers, so it needs to be a child. Feya doesn’t want a son of the bloodline, but what about a child from another woman. At least there is no shortage of lovers,” Khor suggested.

“The problem with that plan is we can’t force him to impregnate a woman, but I’m way ahead of you brother and have already been working on it for some time. I’ve selected the mother, let it be a surprise,” Maldurin told them grinning.

“I can’t imagine Chaos would ever agree to her brother siring another woman’s child. Remember the Law of the Blood. Are you sure your plan will work out?” Ipochone asked skeptically.

“They dissociated and are no longer bound to the Law of the Blood; they now can have as many children as they want,” Maldurin replied smiling.

“True, it’s good to see something useful resulting from it as well,” Khor commented dryly.

“Once we have the old mess with Destruction under control again, we can focus on the war with Atanea and Harohn. Not much we could do about it now anyways. The only traceable connection to them was this Sureyssa thing and she is hiding,” Injontas stated, sounding relieved.

“Don’t feel secure; our plans are far from being perfect. I’m sure something will go terribly wrong, as it always has, or something new and unforeseen will happen,” Feya admonished.

“The goddess of Wisdom and Fortune obviously believes in bad luck.” Maldurin laughed.

The figures of a man and a woman solidified on two empty seats at their table.

“Welcome Balkhor and Messaya. What took you so long?” Injontas greeted the new arrivals.

Ignoring his greeting they looked around the table at the gathered gods and goddesses.

“She is gone.”

With that single line Messaya crushed every bit of relaxation her siblings had started to feel.

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