Getting Over It
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman's story of her sexual development.

I was raised in a very religious home and was taught that any touching of my own body in any sexual way was deeply sinful. You can imagine how intercourse or, evil of all evils, oral sex, was looked upon.

The man who would become my husband, Tyler, was pretty average, I suppose, with the normal desires most of us have but was understanding and didn't push too hard.

So, we were married and that night was our first sex. It was the first time anyone ever touched me between my legs and it was the first time I ever touched a penis. Yes, really.

He wanted to give me oral sex but I just couldn't let him put his head and mouth down there. Little did I know how wonderful being licked and tongued would feel or how much I would come to love it once I allowed him to do it. There was just so much that I was missing but not knowing what everyone else was enjoying, it didn't seem like a big deal.

So, we went on like that for several years and then last summer when we were going on a Caribbean resort holiday, he told me that I should buy a bikini, something that I had never, ever worn before.

I balked at the idea and we had a big argument and I finally agreed that I would give him my measurements and he could buy it and pack it in his own suitcase. Then, when we were there, away from friends and anyone we knew, I would wear it. And I would wear it all week when we were at the pool or at the beach.

I was so nervous on the flight down and when we got there and were in the room putting our things away, I asked him to let me see the bikini.

He pulled it out and tossed it on the bed. It was almost not even there. I lifted up each piece with my hands holding them out to ask him, "You really want me to wear these? Tyler, I'll be naked. You've got to be kidding."

"Try it on. Just try it on and see. Let me see how you look in it," he pleaded and I took my clothes off and put the top on and went over to the dresser mirror.

It almost didn't even look like me, at least the image I had in my head of me. I also saw that I was probably going to need to shave.

"There's nothing covering me. It barely hides my nipples, Tyler."

"Oh, come on, try the bottom, go on."

I put the bottom on and I certainly did need to shave.

"It's like being naked and it sure shows that I need to shave down there. It barely covers my labia."

I went in the bathroom to get my shaving stuff and Tyler came in with me and volunteered to do it for me. That was nice, I've always found it a bit tricky with the angle and all to do it without nicking myself in such a sensitive spot. And, I know Tyler just likes to do it; he is a guy, after all.

So I got up on the sink ledge and opened for him as he crouched down holding the shave foam and my razor. Before I knew it, he leaned in and kissed me right there and licked his tongue on me before I pushed his head away.

"Tyler, no, I'm not even clean there, stop it," I barked at him as he sprayed some of the lather on his fingers and began spreading it around, rather taking his time and pressing more than needed.

"What are you doing, Tyler? Are you going to be horny the whole time we're here? You're just trying to get me all excited, aren't you? Just shave me clean, that's what I want."

So he swept the razor around and ran the water until it was nice and warm and wiped the lather away. He rinsed the facecloth again in warm water and wiped me down again. Then he looked up at me and said, "You're all nice and clean there, Marie, how about letting me kiss you there a little. Let me do it for a few minutes and if you don't like it, I'll stop."

Well, that seemed like a reasonable compromise so I nodded and his head came forward and, well, there's probably no other way to describe it. My life changed from that moment on.

At first, I was completely silent as my whole body was overrun with the most exquisite and intense sexual feelings I'd ever experienced. It was really overwhelming and I soon couldn't remain quiet.

"Oh, oh, omigod, Tyler, oh, oh, right there," I moaned as he brought his fingers to my pussy and eased me open for his tongue to enter deeper.

SInce we've been married, I have had quite a few orgasms, probably about four a month or so. I now realize that isn't many by most standards and I now know it had far less to do with my husband's sexual skills and much, much more with my own hang-ups and my holding back.

But it was only just a few minutes, hardly any time at all, before my whole body froze, then melted into the most erotic, wild orgasm of my life. It was like I had ten of them all rolled into one.

I shook and screamed, just lost it as I threw my legs around his head locking his face against my throbbing pussy. I just never wanted it to end.

"Do it more, it's just so good, don't stop, omigod, it's so good," I moaned as my wonderful husband gave me what I wanted. I kept him between my legs for at least a half hour getting me through four orgasms, each one wilder than the last.

I was so limp and exhausted that we never went down for supper that night, instead had room service deliver us a meal, a meal that I really can't remember. But I remember his kisses and licks and tonguing. I had him keep giving me oral until I finally couldn't stand any more and fell into a deep and wholly satisfying sleep.

When I woke up, I asked him to do it again, I simply was becoming addicted to the wild, erotic feelings of him giving me oral sex. As he worked his tongue on me, bringing those joyous feelings roaring back, I began thinking about giving him oral sex.

I had never even considered putting a man's penis into my mouth before. It had always revolted me at the mere thought of it. But as his tongue took me up to the heavens I had all kinds of images of sucking on him, sucking the cum right out of him.

As I lay there while his tongue made wonderful love to me, I whispered, "I want to do you next. I want to suck you off." His eyes looked up at me, wide with amazement, for he knew this was something I'd never consented to do.

But I was so wound up, so aroused, it was all I wanted.

I was soon writhing in yet another oral-induced orgasm and as it began to fade some I got up between his legs and took his hard cock in my hands and slipped my wet lips over the tip and began to softly suck.

So, how did it feel to be sucking a cock for the first time? I was twenty-three at the time, rather older than many who take a dick into their mouths at a much younger age but it was thrilling. I felt truly slutty and bad. Not bad the way my parents made me feel about sex but bad the way it made my pussy drip with lust.

Oh, and when his cum began to shoot into the back of my mouth, I knew then that my life would be totally different. Oral sex changed my life. Now I desired sex not just accepted it as part of my marriage vows. I wanted it and I wanted it a lot, more than I ever thought was proper or even possible.

I went out in that bikini after that, proud of how I looked and especially about how I felt ... desirable, sexy, hot. I loved being that way now. All from my husband's tongue.

Every time I wore that bikini out and got so many looks from the men around the resort and, even some of the women, well, I was so horny and aroused that I'd almost rape my poor hubby when I got him back up in our room. And I was sucking him a couple of times a day. I just couldn't get enough.

While we were there, I did buy a few more swim suits that were even briefer, thongs and string bikinis. There was one of the latter that the bottom actually rode into my pussy's lips and really didn't hide anything. I loved it. I'm sure my mother would think I was a total slut and a whore but I sure had a great time. It was a life of orgasms, three, four, five a day. Life was so sexy.

It started, as I said, with that first oral sex from Tyler. After that I told him he never needed to ask me if he wanted sex of any kind, that I would be willing and eager for whatever was on his mind. And that led to a great deal of quite wonderful sex, right up to this day.

But I sure started dressing differently. And I was looking at porn now together with Tyler, looking for fun things I could do to his lovely cock. I found some of the Japanese massage and blow job videos were especially helpful in giving me new ideas on how to use my tongue and lips and mouth to pleasure my sweetie.

We also watched a masturbation video of a guy jacking himself off. I told Tyler that, of course, I'd never seen a boy do that when I was growing up and asked if he'd do it for me.

So, he went and got the little complimentary bottle of hand lotion from the bathroom and got on the bed and showed me how he did it. I found it really erotic to watch him pleasure himself and I began watching videos of female masturbation to get a better idea of the techniques women use so I could do it myself.

If that makes you think that I'd really never jilled-off, well, you're absolutely correct. Growing up I believed that it was sinful to touch yourself pleasurably there and after we were married, I just accepted vaginal sex as a wife's duty to the husband and rarely had a lot of pleasure from it. It was all mental, of course, and I was now hungry and wanting as many orgasms as I could have.

Tyler suggested that in addition to our sex, now including lots of oral for each of us, that we have a few times each week when we masturbate together, often doing ourselves but also getting each other off.

It may seem strange to you but these sessions have become eagerly looked forward to and we wouldn't dream of skipping them.

So, I had come a very long way from when we were first married, now eagerly welcoming sex and now far more open to it in its many exciting facets.

I was also more open to talking about sex as well and one Saturday night, after a nice dinner with our friends next door, Mark and Denise, we were telling them about our trip to the Caribbean.

I had described my struggle with wearing the bikini but I had left out the part about my discovery of the joys of oral sex.

But I had decided to tell them some of what I had discovered.

"There was one thing that I tried for the first time when we were there," I began as Tyler looked over at me wondering, I'm sure, if I was about to relate my introduction to the joys of cunnilingus. But I went on, "You may not believe this but I'd never masturbated in my whole life." I gave them a second or two to let that sink in then went on, "I also had never seen a boy do it. Not once, not even Tyler."

Denise was the first to jump in, "Marie, you mean you never got yourself off? Not ever?"

"Not ever."

"But you must have jacked-off a boyfriend, at least once?" Mark asked.

"Not ever, not even Tyler. Not even after we were married. Well, until our vacation. I never held a boy's penis, not even once."

"And, now you have for all those things, right?" Denise asked.

"Yes, all those things, including asking Tyler to masturbate so I could watch. Oh, that was so hot, I just loved watching a man pleasure himself."

"Oh, it is hot to watch. I love seeing guys get off like that," Denise said, then added, "Um, do you think I should tell them, hon?"

Mark shrugged his shoulders and she went on, "We've got some friends that, well, um, we kind of get together and watch each other do it. Oh, you tell them, hon."

"Well, it's a few couples we know. We all get together and get naked and get off for each other. Sometimes we each do ourselves, sometimes we do our spouse, sometimes we all watch as one does it then it goes on to another, then all the way around the room. It's pretty hot."

I sat there listening, letting all their words sink in as I felt my pussy warm and tingle at the thought of Tyler and me masturbating while other people watched us.

"Everybody gets naked? They all do it for everyone to see?" I asked really amazed that our friends were doing such a thing.

"There's three couples, yes, we all get naked and do it so we can all see," Mark said. "We've been doing it for about a year now."

"Are they're all about like you guys, like our age group?" I asked now wanting to know more about this interesting development with our neighbors.

"All about our ages, basically like twenty-five to thirty or so, all of us nice looking, pretty sexy group if you ask me. You guys would fit right in," Mark said.

"Would you guys be interested? Might just be the next step for Marie to experience a little more fun in life," Denise urged.

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