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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lisa wants to join a sorority and all she has to do is complete one last challenge, to get one of her sorority sisters laid. But that could be harder than it sounds, especially since the girl in question is a three-year-old black lab named Sophie.

"I don't know, Daddy. I'm just not sure if I have what it takes," I sighed and listened to my father. Two thousand miles doesn't seem as far on the telephone, but when you hang up it seems like ... forever. That's why I was still trying to explain my reluctance to join a sorority. If he'd been there, facing me, this conversation would have been over long ago.

"I know, I know ... Meet people, it's not who you are it's who you know ... yayaya ... Daddy, I know what you're saying" He hates it when I say that.

It's not who you know, it's who you blow; isn't that what you really mean, Daddy? I was dying to say it, just to get some real attention. This sorority thing was just an excuse for our weekly Father-Daughter quality time. On the telephone. Right.

I watched the TV out of the corner of my eye. I found myself wishing Big Bird was on, and then it would have been juuuust perfect. Like I'd never even left.

Later, after I'd almost forgotten my conversation with Daddy, I had another one.

"I don't know Susan, I'm just not sure I have what it takes, ya know?" I sighed with a strange sense of deja vu and listened to my roommate yell at me from the bathroom. Her voice echoed down the short hallway into the kitchen and made me wince.

"What? What do you mean? Of course you have what it takes! God! Don't be so dense!"

I looked at my salad and dropped my fork into it, pushing it away. I wasn't hungry anymore.

"Look," she said, padding across the carpet with her wet feet, knotting one of my towels between her breasts. "You're almost in anyway, right? I mean, you have like one thing left to do and that's it, you're home free!" She tilted her head to one side and gave me a funny crooked smile while she rubbed stiff fingers back and forth through her short black hair, separating the wet strands and giving it a puffy spiky kind off look before combing it straight back.

Susan was a junior and a member of the sorority. She was also my sponsor, which was why we roomed together. Once I'd accepted the invitation to apply, my campus housing assignment had suddenly changed. I wondered if I failed the final test, if I'd be moving again.

"Yeah," I reluctantly agreed. "One thing left and I'm home free."

Susan was going out, mercifully. I loved her like a sister, I guess. My own sister, Erin, was a total bitch and she'd run off with a guy named Coors on the back of his motorcycle when she was seventeen. When we were both seventeen. Daddy sometimes confused us, calling me Erin when he was really angry. Like Lisa would never do that to him. Of course, that would set me off ... if I wasn't already. Bad enough being twins, but didn't it ever stop?

I sat down in the soft glow of the television, turning the sound all the way down so that all I could hear was the drip of the faucet in the kitchen. Like a metronome keeping the beat, keeping me company. I rolled my eyes. If I started talking to the sink I was going to lose it. I picked up the little piece of parchment. Literally. It was real parchment.

Sorority games; I shook my head.

It was rolled up and tied with a red bow. It had even been sealed with wax and imprinted with the compass and scales of the Phi Lambda's, as if someone might want to steal their secrets. The writing was hand lettered and even beautiful, I thought in abstract. I wasn't quite ready to give them too much credit. What was I resisting, I wondered? A sorority was a good thing, right? Meet other women, foster friendship and contacts for success later. We were all business majors, all of us struggling with the knowledge that we were preparing for a male dominated world that really didn't want us in it.

Was that it? Second thoughts and self doubts; Lord knows I'd considered switching to journalism often enough. It wasn't too late. Or ... I looked at the parchment, unrolling it. Maybe it was this final little thing that was bothering me.

"To our most beloved pledge-sister Lisa..."

You know you're in trouble when someone calls you most beloved anything. In this case, disguised within the prose of whereas and wherefore and to wit lay the real challenge...

" ... Thus have thee been charged, pledge-sister Lisa, to discover and deliver upon our most noble traditions suitable companionship and comfort to the passions of our dearest Sophie..."

Sophie was a dog.

" ... Above all knowest thee, our Pledge-Sister, that lovely Sophie, being a soul of such sweet countenance and fervent grace that mortal staffs should ne'er deign her petal bruise..."

Blah Blah Blah

" ... Tis a mighty fount of youthful vigor required to quench the fires of her deepest thirst..."


" ... Know ye that only such a staff as might a Grecian God posses shall entertain thy holy endeavor; let him be known to precious Sophie from Beginning unto End..."

Subtle huh? It went on for awhile like that, believe me.

It was signed by the President-Sister of the sorority, who had deigned to pen, in her very own crimson ink ... there at the bottom... "This means get her laid by an Alpha Omega!"

As if I couldn't figure that much out.

I scratched my head anyway, just because it felt good. Our sorority mascot, our precious, thirsty, delicate Sophie, was a 5 year old Black Lab. At the nearby school for boys, Winchester Academy, our sometimes rivals, sometimes partners in all inter-school activities, were the Alpha Omega's. Somehow I needed to get one of those young men, the cream of our nation's Ivy League preparatory school youth, to...

I shook my head, not really wanting to believe it.

... to have sex, intercourse from beginning to end, with Sophie. I glanced at her, sleeping on the corduroy covered bean bag chair that she came with. Yeah. That's right, she'd been entrusted to me. What would I say to a guy? How drunk would he have to be? I mean, I could probably set up something over the phone, guys were guys, right?

I tried to think of her as ... well ... as..."She's ... a short girl. Sort of ... likable. Very friendly." I frowned, not liking the way it sounded at all. "She's dark, with brown eyes ... deep brown eyes! And, um she's ... very oral!" I said it sexy, like "Mmmmm ... she swallows!"

And then I laughed. This wasn't going to work.

I could lie, you're thinking. But no. I had a camcorder too; I had to get it on film for the archives. Not to mention a roomful of drunken cheering college coeds watching some drunken college guy fucking their dog. Some of them no doubt would be hoping that that particular Grecian God would become someone important so they could blackmail him later. It's not who you know, it's you blow ... Thanks Daddy.

Did I want to have what it takes?

I only had a week too. The initiation was happening on the next full moon. Journalism ... sounded better and better. I fell asleep holding my brochure for Columbia, dreaming of interviewing the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the shower after a concert. It was so hot and wet in there!

"Hey ... Lisa ... Wake up..."

I opened my eyes expecting to see Flea stroking his huge ... Dildo?

"You didn't play with Sophie did you?" Susan shook her head. "You have to do it or she's going to get moody!"

"Huh?" I rubbed my eyes and sat up, only to have that big strap-on doggy toy shoved in my lap. "What time is it?"

"It's time for you to play with Sophie. Come on!" She tugged at me and I swear, if she hadn't been my best friend for 2000 miles I'd have...

"Yeah, yeah. Okay already," I sighed.

This wasn't so bad anyway and I did have a pleasant little warmth down in my tummy from that dream. I picked up the dildo, 8" of flesh like space-age rubber stuff shaped like a human penis.

"Are you sure you don't want to..." I looked at Susan and she shook her head with a wry smile.

"Honestly, Lisa! You're such a dyke!"

"No I'm not. I'm just horny!" I stood up and stretched, taking off my oversized t-shirt and pulling down my panties. "Besides ... you're the one who seduced me, remember?"

"Well, not tonight. It's Sophie's turn."

I nodded. It was useless arguing with Susan anyway. I'd been losing arguments all my life and she knew it. I'd never been with a girl until I got invited to join the sorority. Our first challenge as pledges had been to submit to the pleasures of Sapphic love. It's not who you know...

"Here Sophie!" I whistled, holding up the dildo and she lifted her head, opening her mouth so that long rough pink tongue lolled out. Of course our submission to Sapphic love had started with Sophie. I sighed and felt my pussy tingle as the dog licked her lips and jumped off her chair.

She knew what she wanted. The term for it is flagging and Sophie was flagging me. Moving around me playfully while I tried to strap the dildo around my waist. There was a little teaser that slipped right inside my lips, not much, but it rubbed the clit just right. I was getting it perfect while Sophie held her tail high and started rubbing her ass against my thigh. That dog was insatiable! But what could you expect being the mascot to over two dozen college girls?

I reached down to tease her, whispering to her gently while Susan sat down in the chair I had just vacated to watch. I knew she'd masturbate and eventually use my mouth, or maybe Sophie's to get off on, but I didn't mind. I'd be getting off too in a moment. I rubbed the soft tulip shaped vulva of Sophie's sex. It was soft and warm and I was glad to find she'd even started getting slightly wet. She didn't always and sometimes we needed to use a little doggie lube. I fingered her little hole gently, being careful because even though my nails were short, dog vaginas are pretty tender!

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