The Madness of Mrs Chiverton
Chapter 1: Spring Fever

While peering outside from my desk I smile at the sudden bright rays of sunshine and let out a sigh of relief. The tedium of winter had been endless. It was lonely enough with my husband away but then my son too, life had become awfully boring. But with Guy was finishing boarding college any day.

But my thoughts fade. Out side a pair of mongrels are crudely mating! In union, the dog and bitch form a bizarre panting two-headed creature, oblivious to the world.

I turn away blushing, embarrassed someone noticed me watching.

Having shed my jacket, I feel old Jones's gaze on my figure as I work.

Then he make's an offer. "I'm driving past your lane after work today Mrs Chiverton, can I drop you off?"

I surprise him by cheerfully accepting.

It's hot in the little car and Jones's elbow blithely rubs against my breast as he remarks on the rising sap of springtime. Bemused at the old chap's sauce, I ponder on events in my own life of Gilbert leaving me for the war over two years ago of my unanswered letters to him our romance lost in the past of Guy leaving me for collage and now hiss return within a couple of days.

When I thank Mr Jones at the end of my lane he grins broadly; his pipe clenched in his jaw. "The pleasure was mine Mrs Chiverton if I can ever be of service?" he said knowingly.

As I walk down my tranquil lane, I daydream over sunbathing in my garden. A far younger version of Mr Jones kneels attentively, applying sun cream to my naked shoulders. His hands glide across my skin, smooth and slow; his fingers bordering on my breast. Oh Mr Jones! What if my husband walked in now from the war?

Entering my kitchen I slip off my shoes, drink a refreshing glass of water and shed my blouse. Going to my room I pause at the open door, sensing someone's presence.

There, lying on my bed in only his vest was Guy. I thought he looked in pain.

In one hand he held a piece of my underwear while with the other he was masturbating. I was stunned.

Then he saw me. His expression took on shock and then resentment.

"Mother how could you spying on me like this?" he accused bitterly.

Maternal empathy drew me to him.

"Guy no, please! You mustn't think I was spying!" I pleaded, stroking his head. "I had no idea you were even home yet how could I darling?"

His eyes are searching my face for the truth before they focus on my breast.

"Well maybe so," he sulks "but you've still made me look foolish." he says putting a warm arm on my bare shoulder and murmuring, "anyway I've really missed you. His lips offer me a forgiving kiss.

I offer mine and somehow Guy makes that kiss deeper than is decent.

Suddenly I feel improperly dressed beside him but Guy closes his eyes and lies back calmly, so I relax.

His hand still held my lingerie and guiltily my gaze shifts to his naked torso. I'm in awe at his handsome endowment; wondering on the effects of excessive masturbation. I'm tempted to touch him but no; instead I meekly offer to get the kettle on for tea. Now Guy gave a soft smile; his tone more assertive,

"No don't go." he said looking at me closer now, "Help me with it; help me finish".

Aghast, my heart beats in alarm, " Guy! I cant I cant do that!

He gazed at me confidently with his good looks saying levelly, "Just this once you can. It will show you weren't't spying; and that you do care about me."

Anxiously I search his face for direction. "Guy, I do care, but If I did that"

Guy's brown eyes glinted as I faltered, " I really need you too show me you care." he stated while placing my yielding hand round his firm warm shaft.

I found myself complying, "Very well Guy," I whispered, "only, just close your eyes for me."

As my trembling hand worked, I felt the perspiration on my face. His hand gropes at my thigh while he moans is ecstasy, causing thrills in my groin; a sensation I'd forgotten.

A heady excitement builds between us as I feel his climax building in my hand.

Our cries chime out in unison as my forearm caught a squirt of his milky fluid.

Guy then let out a mournful cry and slumped into a stupor.

It is as suddenly over, as it had begun. Silently, I left him for the bathroom.

There, as I looked into the mirror with my thoughts amok, the guilt closed in upon me.

The following morning it seemed as though breakfast was passing in mutual denial. Probably, he was as embarrassed as I and simply wanted it forgotten.

We padded around each other in our dressing gowns getting toast and tea.

Then Guy wanted to talk of his college experiences.

He had made a great new pal called Ralph whose family had a country manor.

He had even stayed with them some week-ends. They were a bit posh but really good fun. Ralph called his mother by her first name; Iris. She preferred that.

Also he and Ralph had got out of college some nights and met local girls.

I showed my admiration but inside I felt how dull and lonely my own life had become.

"Boarding at college really helps chaps grow up quickly Mum." Guy stated.

Then a little sheepishly he added, "Look can I call you Margot at home, is that OK?"

It sounded odd hearing my name come from Guy.

"Well yes, if you'd like to Guy." I offered, curious at the idea.

"I earned two days off term for effort Margot, that's why I arrived home early."

Then he inquired, "So, do you think I'm more mature looking now than a year ago?"

I studied him with a smile and I realised he was now as tall as me.

"Yes Guy, you really have matured. And grown too! The girls are going to adore you!" I laughed and held out my arms for a cuddle and he came and embraced me.

"I've missed you so Margot and your far more attractive than those town-girls," he said quietly by my ear. Then he kissed me rather warmly on the neck.

His hands ran seductively over my arms as he began whispering to me as a lover.

"Look Margot what happened between us yesterday it was pure fate I've longed for something to happen just as I've longed to hold you like this."

I felt a strange fear creep into my chest.

His hands were caressing my waist and now my breast!

"Guy!" I went to pull away but his arms held me effortlessly to him.

"Oh, I've wanted you ever since Father left." he whispered thickly.

"Guy, stop, it's disgusting!" I protested as my pulse began to race.

His mouth went passionately onto my neck and I felt a rush of shame. " Oh Guy, you wicked, wicked boy " I cried as I struggled vainly in his grip.

His groin was hard against me and as his mouth came onto mine, I felt a rush of panic.

"You cant!" I cried emotionally, twisting sharply from him and leaving my dressing gown in his grasp. Naked, I fell face down onto the sofa in a daze.

I felt him behind me, his cock between my thighs, his hands gripping my waist.

Guy was going the whole hog and his attempts to enter me were hurting.

My maternal instincts melted as I groped for his cock and guided it into me.

We both gave out a primitive cry. Suddenly our bodies were moving in blissful union.

Our panting was the only sound we made now. Like a pair of mating mongrels, our copulating raced to its obscene conclusion.

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