Day 4 - Cruising With Susan

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Masturbation, Squirting, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Day 4. He has a bad case of blue balls after not fucking young Chantel in the whirlpool. He does however have a surprise waiting for him in his suite in the form of Scottish assistant cruise director Susan.

Day 4. I was on my way back to my suite with a very bad case of blue balls after a session with the delicious 16 year old Chantel in the private whirlpool room. I'd introduced the virginal Chantel to the joys of having her pussy licked and finger-fucked but I'd stopped short of introducing her very tight pussy to my 10 inch pussy pleaser (well, at least for the time being).

I opened the door to the suite to discover a trail of women's clothes starting at the door and leading to the bedroom. "Oh god, who?" was my thought as I followed the trail to the open bedroom doorway.

There I witnessed a stunning site. It was Susan, the assistant cruise director. She was the Scottish blonde who I'd met when boarding the ship. I remember her well, about 5 ft 7 ins tall with a slim figure and a nice set of C-cup tits which had the hint of large erect nipples at the time. Oh yes, and her face was very pretty with sparkling blue eyes and a nice mouth - one that I had dreams of having wrapped around my cock.

What made the sight stunning was the fact that Susan was naked on my bed. Well almost, she was wearing a yellow life jacket and nothing else. Her legs were spread and she was playing with her pussy with fingers sliding in and out - wet fingers, very wet fingers.

"Oh good, you're here ... time for your delayed safety demonstration" Susan responded as she continued to finger her delicious wet shaved bald pussy.

As I watched her finger her very wet pussy, I pulled my polo shirty off over my head and dropped my board shorts to the floor. I was now naked and my cock was rapidly rising to the occasion and would be fully erect and hard in a minute or so.

"Come closer and let me watch you play with your beautiful big cock" Susan asked.

I stepped forward and stood at the end of the bed, standing between her wide-spread thighs as I watched her play too. I stroked my cock with long and deliberate strokes, filling out the last fractions of an inch of its expansion room. It was soon rock-hard and at full length.

It was a beautiful sight, only improved if she removed the life jacket and I got to see her delectable tits in the flesh.

She reached for a small packet on the bed beside her. She threw it to me with the instructions "Here, slip this on". Inside the packet I found a red cock-ring. I'd used one before so I was no stranger to their use, and their effects. On me, the effect was to make my cock thicker as the blood remained trapped in my cock for longer.

I pulled the cock ring apart with my fingers and slipped it on my cock until it was around the base of my shaft.

"Ohhhh ... that looks so good" was Susan's observation.

"Watch ... it gets even better" was my reply as I stretched the ring a little and slipped my right ball through the ring, shortly thereafter followed by the left ball. "Now, that feels good" was my comment to her.

"Oh fuck me ... that's so nasty ... and so fucking sood" Susan groaned as her finger shifted to her clit and her stroking increased in frequency. She was now rubbing all her fingers across her clitoral region and her pussy lips below were opening like a flower in bloom. I could see her inner lips parting to reveal her pussy canal.

"Oh ... oh ... oh ... ahhhh ... ahhhh ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she screamed as she orgasmed and a massive squirt of pussy juices erupted from her pussy. The squirt was strong enough and plentiful enough to wet my cock and public mound.

I moved forward to kneel on the bed between her twitching thighs. I could now touch her mound with my cock. I grasped my cock near its base and used it to lay a slap across her bald pubic mound. Our mounds were both very wet from her squirts so my slaps were noisy and created more splatter of her juices.

I changed the target of my cock slaps, moving from her pubic mound to her clitoral region, pulling back on the hood so that my slaps hit directly onto her engorged clit.

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