Day 4 - Cruising With Chantel

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Day 4. Vicki (the MILF) returns to have a quick fuck before heading back to the family. Most passengers are onshore when Chantel (16 yr old daughter of Vicki) catches up with the lucky man in the private whirlpool. Chantel learns all about getting a good pussy licking and fingering.

Day 4 and I was awake early. Mali had came to my cabin late in the evening and we had spent a couple of hours exploring her and my sexual boundaries, only to discover that she had none! It felt so good to stuff by big fat cock deep inside her ass and fill it with a load of my hot cream. She left me about 7:00 AM to return to the crew quarters to the room that she shared with my other night-time fuck partner (Erin).

It was around 8:00 AM that I heard a knock on my door. I opened it to find the sexy MILF Vicki. She was wearing a ship's robe ... and as I discovered only a ship's robe ... after I had invited her inside.

"I need you to fuck me. I don't have much time before I'll be missed" she said as she pulled my shorts down to my feet. Her hand went immediately to my cock as she stroked me to a full erection in 2 minutes flat.

"Turn around ... hands on the door and spread your feet" I commanded as I moved her into position behind the cabin door. She assumed my desired position. I quickly moved into position, cock in hand and leading its head to the entrance of her dripping wet mature pussy. I paused a moment before thrusting forward and burying over half my cock deep inside her hot, wet and tight pussy.

For a 53 year old mother of two teenagers she had a sensational body. She had a nice set of melon sized tits that at the moment where swaying as I plunged my cock in and out of her rapidly leaking pussy. Her pussy had lost some of her initial tightness but she was still a very snug fit for my long fat cock. With a couple more strokes I was fully embedded in her hot pussy. I moved my hands from her hips up to grasp her swaying tit flesh, and to pull her against my now throbbing manhood deep inside her.

"Oh ... oh ... ahhh ... ahhhhh ... ahhhhhhh ... cummmmmmmiiinnggg!!!" she groaned as a really big orgasm racked her body. I increased my thrusting frequency and hardness as I tried to keep her cum rolling on and on for another minute or so. I didn't want her coming down from her high until I'd unloaded my cum deep inside of her.

"Oh fuck" I exclaimed as my cock went ballistic inside of her, shooting massive ropes of hot cum deep inside of her.

"Oh my god ... I can feel your cum shooting inside of me" Vicki groaned as her cum peaked once again. Her pussy clutched my cock in a vice-like grip for a few moments before releasing me. My hands went back to her hips to steady her as she wound down from her massive cums. Finally I was able to slip my cock free of her pussy and step back to observe my handiwork as globules of my cum dripped from her still wide-open pussy hole.

Vicki wrapped her robe around herself and left within a couple of minutes, albeit with my cum still trickling down her inner thighs.

Later in the morning I was relaxing alone in one of the ship's private room whirlpools when young Chantel (Vicki's 16 yr old daughter) came into the area. She was wearing a red bikini, one that showed off her amazing figure which was dominated by her melon-sized tits and her curvacious hips.

"Hi. Why aren't you ashore with the rest of the passengers?" I enquired.

"I ... I ... I wanted to talk to you" was her response, one that I had not expected.

"About what?" I asked.

She hesitated for a moment before she finally continued "Mum has been so happy in the last couple of days. Not even dad's grumpiness has fazed her like it normally does. Then this morning she came back and headed straight to the shower. I noticed she was naked under the robe that she was wearing"

She paused as she waited for my reaction. I did not react so she continued "What do you know about her current mood; do you have something to do with it?"

I paused and wondered how to answer her.

"What are you suggesting Chantel?" was my challenge to her.

She'd been making eye contact with me until this time, now she was looking down, standing there and fidgetting.

I continued "I feel uncomfortable sitting in here and looking at you standing there above me. Why don't you come in here and we can talk better?" I was asking her to join me in the whirlpool. She thought about it for a moment then decided to join me. She stepped into the pool and surprisingly she came and sat directly beside me.

It might look strange to have an older guy sitting in close proximity to a scantily clad teenager but I was not expecting to have anyone else for company. You see, I had tipped the attendant handsomely before. He would let in only one attractive female to this private whirlpool and to keep everyone else out after that. I just hadn't expected the female to be so young and delicious.

We sat there quietly together enjoying the solitide for about 5 minutes. She had cuddled closer and I had put my arm around her with my fingers dangling precariously close to the top of one of her massive tits. She had surprisingly let her hand drift onto one of my bare thighs under the swirling waters. This had become very cosy.

I could see that she wanted to speak, and had had a couple of false starts before she finally asked the question that had been on her mind.

"Grant, have you had sex with my mother?" she asked in a hushed tone.

I thought a moment before I responded. The truth would be a "YES" and twice so far, but I'm not sure if that was the answer that young Chantel wanted to hear.

"If anything has happened between your mother and I, then it is between her and I" I responded.

"Grant, sorry ... don't get me wrong. I would actually approve if it had happened. My father has made her life hell for so many years now. I actually like the new happy mum".

I was floored by that statement. An even more floored when Chantel put a hand around the back of my neck and kissed me. It didn't last long (the kiss) but the sparks flew and soon we were kissing passionately in the pool with my hand pulling at her bikini top to bare her tit to my grasping fingers. I tweaked her nipple as the kiss continued with my tongue pushing at her lips seeking entrance to her mouth.

"Oh god" was the simultaneous utterance from both of us when we broke the kiss. My hand was still mauling her tit as we looked at each other trying to make sense of the last few minutes. My head dipped down as I took her nipple between my lips, to suck and bite it.

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