Day 3 - Cruising With Mali

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Female, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Day 3. He had an afternoon massage session booked. A black beauty named Mali was assigned to him and offered him some extra special options on the recommendation of Erin.

It was the afternoon of day 3 of my cruise and I'd had a very fruitful morning with an early morning fuck session with Erin (my sexy Irish hairdresser) and my room attendant Terri (a slim sexy New Zealand Maori lady).

I'd booked a one hour massage in the Spa and Vitality Centre for this afternoon. I dragged myself to the front of the ship and checked in with the receptionist. I then sat and waited to be called to my massage session. I was sorta dreaming of my morning exploits when I heard my name being called. I looked up to witness a stunning vision - a jet black skinned, tall and slim, lady with the most beautiful of faces and smiles.

"Hi. I'm Mali and I'm doing your massage this afternoon" she said as she held out her slim hand to shake mine. I was mesmerised by this lady. I noticed that when shaking her hand that the palm of her hand was as black as the rest of her body - that's not normally been the case with the black people that I've met before - their hand palms have been much lighter in colouring. It started me wondering about the rest of her body - my mind was already undressing her.

Mali chatted as we wound our way through the corridors until we got to the massage room. She showed me into the quite spacious room and closed the door behind us. I thought I hear a click as the door lock was engaged.

"Hmmmm" I thought "Is that normal procedure?"

"Grant. I see that you have booked a one hour massage session." she said in the softest and silkiest of voices.

"For special customers, I normally offer some extra special options. Erin told me this morning that you are a very special customer" she said with a smile.

"Oh my god" I thought as my mind raced through the possibilities. I paused a moment to survey this beautiful woman standing in front of me. She was about 5 ft 10 ins tall with a slim figure with what appeared to be A-cup tits. Her jet black silky smooth looking hair was bunched up on top of her head. She had an hour-glass type figure from what I could tell as she wore her skirt and blouse uniform. My eyes descended to her feet to observe perfectly formed feet with pink toe-nail polish on her dainty toes. I looked back up to her face, catching her smiling at me.

"I'll have all the options that you think I might enjoy ... and those you like doing" was my cheeky response.

A couple of minutes later I was laying on my back on the massage bed with a towel loosely draped over my half-hard cock. Mali had stepped into an alcove as I disrobed and climbed onto the bed. She soon returned wearing a loose fitting mid-thigh length white silky robe that was was tied at the waist.

"I've told the front desk that you've extended your session for another 30 minutes" she explained before she approached the table and stood to my right.

"We can dispense with this" she said as she grabbed the towel and dropped it to the floor. "And this too" she continued as she dropped her robe to the floor too.

Oh my god ... this young black woman had a sensational body. Her tits were an A-cup and they were topped by big hard pierced nipples that stuck out just waiting to be licked and sucked. My eyes descended to her pussy to discover a hairless mound with pronounced outer pussy lips - very black pussy lips with small gold rings in each side. I was able to count 3 rings in each side ... and 1 ring through her oversized clit (not the hood, but through the clit itself).

I could already observe a fine sheen of wetness on her pussy lips as I devoured her body with my eyes.

My cock had come alive and was hard, very hard and standing tall from my groin. I watched her as her eyes were locked on my cock.

"Oh wow ... Erin wasn't kidding when she said that you were a very special man" Mali said in hushed tone.

She reached across to the small table near the massage bed and took some massage oil into her hands. I felt the table start to lower ... yes, it was lowering until I was only about 18 inches off the floor. Mali stepped to straddle the table now, with one delicate foot planted on each side of the table. She moved a little and then sat across the top of my thighs (just behind my upstanding cock).

She reached out and rubbed the oil into my chest, paying particular attention to my breast line and my large nipples. She tweaked my nipples as she worked the oil into my upper body. Reaching out she grabbed the massage oil bottle again and squirted some oil onto her tits. She lowered her body until her chest met mine, then she rubbed her oily tits against mine spreading the massage oil across both our upper bodies.

In this position, my engorged cock was trapped between our bodies and was poking at the underside of her small tits as she worked her upper body over mine. After a few minutes, the excess oil had disappeared and our bodies glistened with the oil. She reached again for the oil bottle, this time she let it squirt onto my cockhead and slowly dribble down the sides. Putting the bottle down, her hands returned, this time to my cock, as she worked the oil up and down my 10 inch shaft.

As she worked on my cock with her hands, her pussy was pressing down on my upper thighs. She was moving her pussy around in little circles - I could feel her piercing rings rubbing on my upper thigh, and I could feel her leaking her juices there too.

"Erin said she felt so full with all this cock inside her" Mali whispered. "I can't wait any longer ... I want you inside me right now" she groaned as she lifted up off my thighs and repositioned herself until my cockhead was now nudging between her very wet black pussy lips.

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