Day 3 - Cruising With Terri

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Day 3. He'd had a good morning fuck session with Erin before she left for work. He was dozing in bed (naked) when Terri (his private room attendant) came to make up the room. He offered her something she'd been missing for a while - a big fat cock.

Day 3 dawned early for me when Erin (who'd stayed the night) sucked and licked my cock to a solid erection before mounting me and fucking herself to a series of massive cums. She'd then left me in bed to resume my slumber whilst she showered and headed back to her staff cabin to get ready for another day working in the ship's salon.

I rested and slept on and off for the next few hours, laying naked on my back with my spent cock resting on my pubic mound. It was around 10 AM when my private room attendant came to makeup and clean the room - the bed was a mess from the athletic endeavours of the previous night with the almost insatiable Erin.

Terri is my private room attendant. I'd met her on the first day and flirted with her from the outset. She was a single lady of New Zealand heritage - a very nicely put together Maori lady with a perky set of tits on a slender body. Her face was very beautiful, more so when she smiled which was often.

I could hear Terri moving about the living room area of my suite so I feigned being asleep to see what she would do if she saw me naked on the bed. My cock had decided to join in on the ruse, and was filling out and getting harder by the minute until it was reasonably hard and threatening to stand up tall.

The bedroom door was open and I sensed Terri walking past the door a few times. The latter times she had paused before continuing on. Hmmm ... she was obviously checking me out so I decided to up the ante a little. Still feigning to be asleep, I let my hand slip down to play with my cock. I chanced opening my eyes a little - finding that Terri was standing in my bedroom doorway with her right hand down the front of her trousers - evidently playing with her pussy as she watched me.

She had closed her eyes as she concentrated on her own pleasure with her other hand grasping and pulling at her tit through her shirt. I wanted her to come closer so I could touch her, and help her achieve her nirvana.

I waited a little longer as she came closer to her peak before saying "Terri, come her now!!!" Her eyes flow open as I spoke to her. She saw that I was steadily stroking my big fat cock and beckoning her closer.

"Grant ... Grant ... I'm sorry ... I shouldn't be here" she stammered as she dropped her hands to her side and turned to walk out.

"Do not turn away from me ... turn back and come here". I spoke in a firm and authoritative voice to her.

She did stop and turned back, but averted her eyes from me by looking at the floor. I slipped out of the bed and walked over to face her, coming quite close to her so that her downward cast eyes were now enjoying a closer view of my very excited and hard cock. She was perplexed - continue to look down at my cock, or look up into my eyes.

I took a chance. I stepped forward and took her into my arms and started kissing her. For a few moments she did not react, then her lips started responding to mine, mashing against mine as the kiss became more animated. My cock was now trapped between us and was pressing into her belly below her tits.

I slipped one hand to her waist and the other behind her neck to keep her close to me. Surprisingly her tongue came out first and probed at my lips, turning the lip kiss into a full open mouth tongue-duelling kiss. With this development my hand slipped from her waist to her ass as I grasped it and played with its firmness.

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