Day 2 - Cruising With Vicki

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Day 2. He meets a MILF (mother of 13 yr and 16 yr old girls), seduces her and shows her what good sex is all about.

It was day 2 of the cruise, and I had spent night 1 in bed with the delicious Rachel. I had tried with moderate success to school her in the fine art of fully ingesting my 10 inch cock. She had been able to swallow nearly 8 inches and by the end of the cruise I expect her to be taking the full 10 inches. She had left me early to head back to the cabin that she shared with Susan (the assistant cruise director).

I had laid in bed for a while before showering and heading off to the buffet breakfast. As I waited for the lift a family waited with me. He was what I would describe as an ageing hippy and she had seen better years. They had a family of three children with the eldest being very easy on the eye. She looked to be about 16 years old with a very slim figure. I overheard her father call her Fleur. Hmmm ... my assessment as an ageing hippy seemed to spot on. He had very long greying hair tied in a pony-tail and his clothes belonged to another generation.

The lift came and as the crowd had grown, we all piled into the lift. I was against the rear wall of the lift and family was directly in front of me, with Fleur being the one with her back to my front. A late arrival squashed us up even more and Fleur was forced back onto me.

Her smell and her slim figure were a source of instant excitement for me with my cock making its presence felt as it rubbed against her ass. I expected her to move away but to my surprise she actually ground her ass into my crotch, continuing until we had to leave the lift to enter the buffet.

The buffet was crowded and I had to find a table to share. Looking around I saw a family of 2 adults and 2 teenage children with a spare couple of seats. I approached the table and asked if I could share with them. They agreed.

"Hi, I'm Grant" was my introduction.

The wife spoke "I'm Vicki and this is my husband John, and these are our children Chantel and Kira". The children smiled but John just grunted and kept eating his breakfast. We made small talk over our breakfasts until the children made their leave to go join in the teen club activities. I was now left with Vicki and John.

John was still grumpy and went off to get some fruit. Vicki apologised for his behaviour "John and I had a fight this morning and he would rather not be around me at the moment. I wanted some loving and he wasn't interested."

"Are you sure you want to share this with me?" I asked her. I didn't give her a chance to reply before continuing "Any living red-blooded man would jump at the chance of giving you some loving. You are very sexy and I think he's doing both you and himself a dis-service".

She smiled at my remarks. Vicki is quite tall with collar length black hair. She has a nicely proportioned body with a nice set of melon-sized tits that I expect would sag a little without a bra. Her fingernails are painted a nice shade of red and her hands look quite soft.

John returned with a banana in hand and told us that he has heading off to the gym to participate in a spin class. He turned on his heel and left the buffet leaving myself and Vicki chatting. We talked for ages about all sorts of things, with me flirting with her occasionally, and her responding.

We got to talking about our accommodation and she was amazed when I said that I had the royal suite for the cruise.

"What does the royal suite have?" she asked. I listed off some of the features before saying "Why don't you come up and have a look?". She thought about the invitation for a moment before she agreed saying "What harm can it be? You're not going to overpower me and have your wicked way with me, are you?"

I replied "Nothing will happen that the beautiful lady doesn't want to happen".

Ten minutes later we were in my suite. Vicki was naked on my bed and I was between her wide-spread thighs licking and probing her sopping wet pussy with my educated tongue. She was clutching at the bedclothes as another orgasm racked her body following on from the previous two. I held her hips to keep her connected to my lips and tongue as she writhed beneath me.

I looked up from my task to see her eyes were shut as she surrendered herself to the sensations of being licked and tongue-fucked to multiple orgasms. Her tits has sagged a little to the sides, to be expected given the size of them. They were at least a F cup with rosy red big nipples that I had yet to taste.

I slipped a hand from her hip up to grasp a tit. I caressed and grabbed at it, with occasional tweaks of the nipple to raise her arousal level a few more notches. After a minute or so I moved that hand back to her pussy and slid two fingers into her pussy. For a mother of two teenage girls she had a reasonably tight pussy. I was able to slide them inside her very wet pussy canal and started to finger-fuck her as I moved my tongue and lips to her clitoral hood.

Her clit had become quite large with the excitement of the situation and it was peeking out from the protection of its hood. I tongued it and sucked on it as I finger-fucked her for a few moments before I adjusted my digital probings to search for her g-spot. I had almost immediate success with her hips thrusting hard at me as I manipulated her spot.

"Ah ... ah ... ahhhhh ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she screamed as a massive very wet cum exploded from her pussy. It drenched my face with her hot and tangy juices. I noted that her taste had changed and it was much more tangy than before. I devoured as much as I could but lots of it was wasted as it soaked into the bedclothes beneath us.

I kept working her g-spot to keep her cum rolling on and on until she finally collapsed back onto the bed in exhaustion.

"Oh my god ... I've never ever experienced anything like that in my entire life" she groaned.

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