Day 2 - Cruising With Erin

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Day 2. He has booked a haircut and a waxing of his chest. He wants to know if she'll wax his cock and balls too. She is undecided about the waxing but definitely wants to sample his cock deep inside her mouth and pussy.

After my very hot and sexy romp with Vicki, the 53 year old mother of two teenage daughters, I made a trip to the ship's hairdresser for a haircut. I was very lucky and was able to walk straight into a vacant appointment slot with the beautiful Erin.

Erin was a brunette with wavy shortish hair which framed a very beautiful face. Her eyes sparkled when she smiled, but the the thing that turned me on the most was her very Irish accent. I could have listened to her all day, and I wondered how her accent would come across when she moaned in the throes of a massive orgasm. Hmmmmm...

I settled back in the chair as she washed and massaged my scalp prior to cutting my hair. We chatted about her home country and her family. I learnt that she had just joined the ship, and was working for a couple of months before having a break. She had a great touch, so good that my trouser snake was waking up again.

"Oh my god" I thought "I've only just finished an intense session with Vicki and I'm already wanting more fresh pussy".

As she cut my hair, we got to talking about the other services offered by the salon, and which ones she could provide. I had no ulterior motives or smutty thoughts at the time when we talked about other services, that was until she mentioned waxing. I have a smattering of hairs on my otherwise smooth chest so I asked about the use of waxing to remove them.

She told me all about the process and the costs, and we agreed that she would wax my chest on completion of my haircut. She broke off cutting my hair to make sure that the waxing suite would be available. She was gone a couple of minutes before returning to advise that all was sorted.

As she walked back towards me I had the opportunity to observe her body for the first time. She stood about 5ft 5ins tall, with a slim build with a nice set of C-cup tits that jiggled slightly as she walked. She was wearing a mid-thigh length black skirt with a sleeveless form-fitting top that emphasised her nice bust-line. On her feet was a pair of slip-on canvas casuals. Her skin was very white, obviously she had stayed away from the sun in her native Ireland.

The haircut continued and I became more flirtatious as it progressed. She responded in kind, and I swear that she pushed her tits into my face a few times as she worked around me. Finally the haircut was completed and we moved from the salon to the waxing suite. The suite was tucked away at the end of a hallway some distance from the main services area.

Erin showed me into the suite.

"Grant, can you take off your shirt so I can see what I have to do" she asked. I slipped my polo shirt off over my head dropping it onto the chair.

"Hmmmm..." she said as she ran her smooth hands over my chest to gauge the extent to the waxing required.

"Ok. First things first, I would like you to have shower before I start. Just wrap a towel around your waist after your shower and come back to here" she instructed me. She then showed me the shower before leaving the room.

I quickly stripped and stepped into the shower recess. I was fairly quick, but I did take the opportunity to give my cock a couple of quick tugs. Out of the shower within a couple of minutes, dried off and wrapping a fresh dry towel around my waist, I walked back into the waxing suite. Erin was waiting for me there. The first thing that I noticed was that she had kicked off her shoes and was now walking around barefoot.

Oh my ... I have the biggest of foot fetishes, especially young ladies with perfectly formed feet with painted toenails. Erin had both, petite feet with pale pink nail polish.

"Oh fuck" I muttered "that's all I need". My cock reacted immediately and started filling with blood.

"Come lay on the table here" Erin asked. "I'll turn my back so you can unhook your towel, lay on your back here and drape it back over yourself. Tell me when you are done"

Erin turned around and waited whilst I manoevered myself onto the table. As I did this, I noticed a small hand mirror sitting on the bench. Hmmm ... it was positioned in such a way that she could get a good view of me as she faced away from me. I stepped up my flirtation by giving my cock and balls a couple of tugs before I covered myself up.

"Ok. I'm ready" I replied.

As she turned I could see that she had a slightly flushed look to her face. Hmmm ... she had been watching and she had got an eye-full of my very full cock and huge balls.

"I ... I better get started" she said as she stood beside the treatment table again running her hands across my chest to feel my hairs.

I decided to increase the flirtation by asking her "Are you also able to wax my crotch too? Would you like to check it out too?"

"Oh ... oh ... I don't normally do that type of waxing..." she started to say as I pulled the towel off my crotch to reveal my rapidly awakening cock. It was laying across my trimmed pubic bush and expanding in the direction of my belly button and starting to rise to a standing position.

"Oh my god..." she groaned as her hand was drawn almost magnetically towards my crotch until she grasped my cock to feel its weight and fullness.

"Ahh ... I have you" I thought as her hand grasped and worked my cock shaft back and forth.

First one hand then two of her hands grasped my cock, one above the other with spare cock still visible above her two hands.

"Oh my fucking god" she exclaimed "You are huge!!"

"Stroke me baby ... just a little more. It's almost fully grown" I encouraged her strokings. "Lick the tip baby" I pushed her a little more. Her tongue came out and licked across the tip of my now very hard and fat pussy pleaser.

Erin licked back and forth for a few moments before taking the bell-shaped head into her wide open mouth, then closing her lips around it to suck gently.

"Oh fuck baby ... your mouth is so fucking hot" I groaned as she worked the head between her lips and swished it with her agile tongue.

She broke off sucking for a moment to say "I've never sucked one this big before ... but I'm up to the challenge" she said before returning to the task, this time taking more of my shaft inside her mouth.

Oh my god this young lady was very talented indeed. She worked on swallowing more and more of my cock as she sucked and licked. My thickness makes it almost impossible for any woman to take more than about 3 or 4 inches before the choke effect sets in. Erin had already swallowed that much and was working on the next inch. She paused to catch her breath a couple of times before she succeeded in digesting another inch. No ... make that two inches for a total of six inches now!!! I could feel my cockhead touching the entrance to her throat now.

She eased back for a moment before re-swallowing me again, repeating the move over and over until it became easy for her to take my six inches inside up to the entrance to her throat. Her attentions were having an effect on my balls too, my cum was coming to a boil and would soon spew forth.

This time as she took me back inside her mouth she removed her hand so I had an unobstructed view of the remainder of my cock as it protruded from her mouth. Six inches inside her mouth and four inches outside with her tongue working miracles in the confined space of her mouth. She paused at the moment, before looking me in the eye and pushing down further until I could feel my cock enter her throat with the last remaining four inches disappearing from view slowly.

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