I've Seen You

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I'm a nudist at home but the darnedest thing happened.

Chapter 1

There are probably more nudists that most of us realize. I've been one myself ever since I was about twelve. It really came about quite by accident, there were no clean towels in the bathroom after I'd showered one morning during the summer when I was home alone all day.

Well, being a boy I just decided that the easiest thing was to let the air dry me off and so I went down and had my first nude breakfast.

I liked the feel of not having clothes on, the sense of the air caressing my bare skin, so I stayed that way the rest of the summer. During school, I would come home and strip and stay that way until my parents were due home.

I never let any friends know about my enjoyment of nudism and I also kept it from any girlfriends I had growing up. Even the one that I eventually married.

I had thought many times about telling my wife, especially when we were newly-married, about my love of going bare-skinned but there was always something that kept me from it.

Marge, my wife, did have rather more conservative views on sex than I did and it kept me from telling her about this part of my life.

We eventually succumbed to a general degradation of feelings for one another, largely fueled by her dim views about sex and its enjoyment, though that only served to open our eyes to many other areas where we seemed so far apart.

The long and the short of it was that we divorced about three years ago and I kept the house which has since become my nude refuge ever since.

So, now I can indulge my wish to be naked when I want and have even gone to a few nudist resorts. There are more around than most people think and, while the first time I went to one, it was initially a little uncomfortable, I quickly relaxed and found it quite enjoyable.

I had gotten to know a few people in my neighborhood. I had an ideal kind of job which allowed me to work from home several days each week and I had an office in a spare bedroom at the back of the house.

Next door was Kelly Cochran, a nurse who often worked nights, and we had made friends on those days when we would both be out working in our yards. But I had never discussed my choice of nudism with anyone in the neighborhood.

I did invite Kelly in for coffee several times and had told her that if she sees my car home in the morning to drop by for a cup of coffee and a chat. She was quite pleasant and, well, rather attractive, tall and nicely put together.

Lest you think I answer the door nude, I always keep a pair of shorts I could slip on in the hallway for whenever the doorbell rang.

Then, one morning, there was a knock at my door, Kelly always knocked rather than rang, and I pulled on my shorts and let her in.

"Hi, Ed, came over for coffee. Got time?" she said and I told her I did and to come back to the kitchen so I could make a fresh pot.

"So, I didn't see you last week. Were you traveling?"

"Oh, no, took some time off and went to a resort," I told her not telling her that it was a nudist resort about two hundred miles to the south of us.

"Oh, nice. How was it?"

"Good, weather was great, lots of sun. There's a lake there so that was nice. What have you been up to?"

"Not a lot, um, you know there's something I've wanted to ask you."

"Sure, what?"

"I've seen you, um, well, from my upstairs window I can see down into a couple of the first floor rooms in your house. One, I think, is an office. And, well, I've noticed that you don't seem to wear much when you're home."

She certainly seemed to know my little secret so I decided to come clean, so to speak.

"Yeah, I'm kind of a nudist around the house. Should I put up curtains? I never thought about being seen from your upstairs."

"Oh, no, don't bother. I've just wondered, that's all. It's not offensive to me if that's what you're wondering. I'm pretty openminded to stuff like that, so it's fine. And, it's kind of fun to get a look every once in a while," she laughed.

"Well, I wouldn't want you to be upset."

"Oh, not at all. I have wondered about one thing, though, Ed. How come when I see you like that and then come over you never answer the door like that?"

I laughed and told her, "Well, you never know how people in general might react to seeing me come to the door naked and the truth is that I keep a pair of shorts, these shorts, actually, nearby so I can slip them on at a moment's notice. That's why you've been spared."

"Like I said, I'm pretty broadminded. Was this resort a clothing-optional one?"

So I told her it was and she asked me a number of questions about it, especially how I felt the first time at a place like that, the typical questions one would ask.

She did seem pretty relaxed with the idea that her next door neighbor liked to be naked around the house and after we chatted a bit longer she went back to her house and that was that.

As I was letting her out the door, she turned and said, "You know, Ed, I really think a person should be most comfortable in their own home and if you want to be nude, that's fine with me. After all, I've already seen you like that from upstairs so don't feel you have to change your routine just for me."

"Well, most people who are into a nudist lifestyle, don't push it on their friends and neighbors, but I appreciate your understanding."

It was Friday morning around ten when my phone rang and it was Kelly asking me if the coffee was on. I told her I would start a new pot and went and got it going. As I stood there listening to the coffeemaker, I decided to just go ahead and answer the door like I was.

I heard her knock and I walked up to the door and swung it open to let her in.

"Oh, good morning, Ed. Um, you look healthy this morning," she chuckled as she nodded down to my penis which was about half-hard; after all, I am human.

"Oh, yes, well, he seems to take an interest when he's shown to new people," I joked and we went in and I poured us coffee as we sat there and talked.

"I see that you shave. Um, all over. Is that common for nudists these days?"

"More and more, yes. And I think with more men these days no matter what their clothing preference."

"Well, it's quite a handsome look," she added and I told her that I had laser hair removal done and told her about some nudist websites that had discussion forums and such if she was interested and we went on to other things.

It was almost a week later when she called one morning to see if I would take a coffee break. Again, I answered the door au naturel and let her in. We came back and I poured us coffee and told her I needed a quick bathroom break and went off to relieve my bladder.

When I came back in the kitchen there was Kelly sitting there, smiling at me, totally naked. Her clothes were on one of the other chairs.

"Thought I'd join you, Ed," she said, "it does feel different but I rather like it. Feels nice with the air on your skin, it's quite pleasant."

There was no way I could completely control my cock which was rising as I stood there. Her eyes were aimed straight at my midsection as she asked, "Umm, am I possibly the reason for the rise of his interest?"

"As you know, Kelly, a man has little control over that part of his anatomy. Sorry."

She grinned, saying, "Actually, I take it as a compliment, always have, ever since Howard Carney first saw me like this. He had the same reaction. It's nice to know that I haven't lost my feminine charms."

"Well, it's nice to see my neighbor in such a new and, quite exciting, way."

"I thought you nudists never had naughty thoughts. Though I've been reading some of those forums and stuff and, well, I guess that's rather wrong. All that skin seems to stir things up from what I've read."

I chuckled and told her, "Well, nudists are still human beings and we know that that means, right?"

"Yes, we do. It means that when the opportunity presents itself, we all seem to have naughty thoughts." I agreed and she then asked, "Does anything happen when you go to these resorts?"

"Oh, sometimes."

"This last time?"

"Um, well, this may shock you but I was invited to dinner by a married couple there; it seemed that the wife liked how I looked and, well, they have one of these open-type marriages."

"So, you had sex with her? Was he there? Did he watch?"

"Yeah, that's what he wanted. He was open to that and I've got to say, his wife was quite wonderful in bed."

"I suppose when it's offered like that and you can see what you're getting, especially if the person is attractive and sexy, well, it would be pretty hard to turn down," Kelly said.

"It would, I'm only human, after all."

"I can see that quite readily, Ed," she snickered.

"So, if I was the man's wife, what might you do if he made the same offer?"

Chapter 2

I knew that her question was, all by itself, making me lengthen as I sat there holding my coffee mug.

"Um, well, if I were being honest, Kelly, what I see at my kitchen table is quite a beautiful woman, one that I find quite arousing, as seems evident," I said nodding toward my lap.

"So, do I get what his wife got?"

I was fully hard by now so I put my hand under my cock and answered her the best I could, "You can see what your offer has done for me and I would like to take you upstairs and give you my best efforts."

"That's all a woman can ask for, Ed. This nudism business is pretty fun, I'd say. Lead the way," she said and we both went up to my bedroom and got in bed, immediately kissing and feeling and making out.

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