Lady Virginia 2
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Father, Daughter, Uncle, Niece, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A continuation of Lord John Thomas's Lady Virginia's story, with his permission

Lady Virginia's Continuing Story

1 The DAY

Hi all, it's Lady Virginia again and I'd like to bring you more up to date on my life since the last time we talked. Several weeks after the revenge taken on the Morison family by my father and his hunt club, see Lady Virginia chapter 3 Lady Virginia's Revenge, I got a visit one afternoon by Jennifer Morison.

"My Lady" Jennifer began "I'd like to talk to you, please. I'm Jennifer Morison and I believe you have met my father and brothers." I invited the young girl in; I knew she had turned 18 several weeks earlier. While the hunt club had not taken revenge on her, she had been stripped and her father threatened with her being raped by the club's dog pack if he did not give up all copies of his movie of me and the arts director's from St Winifred. Mr. Morison and his sons had been sodomized by the illegal immigrants that had originally raped me and then the immigrants were drugged, restrained and raped by the dog pack. Mrs. Morison had been fucked by the stallion Iceberg before her husband's eyes and then Jennifer had been stripped and threatened. All copies of the 2 videos had been given to my father and at Uncle Charlie's recommendation all the Hunt Club member's now had copies of my video, as well as the use of my body on a number of occasions, as their payment for helping get revenge on the Morison's.

"Of course Jennifer, come in" I said and motioned the girl into my home. I led her to the sitting room and waited until she was seated. "Now, what can I do for you Jennifer? We're about the same age so please call me Virginia."

"Ok La ... er Virginia," the girl said. "I'm sure you know what happened at the farm several weeks ago and that my mother ended up loving Iceberg's fucking. She has been going down to the barn several times a week since then, throwing her dress up over her back and bending over holding on to the wall of his stall and allows him to fuck her. I had seen your video and the way you seemed to love it and while scared, was excited by the idea of the dogs fucking me. I'm not a virgin so it wasn't like I hadn't had sex before and had been turned on by the idea of them forcing me to fuck the dogs. It made fucking the dogs allowable since I was forced and wasn't doing it on my own. My father didn't want that and returned the videos and I thought that was that until I caught mommy fucking Iceberg. So I finally gave in and allowed Titan to fuck me. I loved it and have been doing it daily since that first time." The girl stopped for breath and I wondered why she was telling me all this.

"I was wondering if that has affected you in the same way" she continued. "Do you still fuck dogs and horses?" I admit I wasn't shocked by her question but it did surprise me. Why would I admit to her that I did that if I was? Tell her that my rapes at the hands of her family had turned me into a big slut? Or did it bring out the slut that was that was there, dormant after my marriage, but active in my high school days before I wed?

Before I could decide either way my dog Bruce entered the room and went to Jennifer and tried to stick his head under her skirt. Instead of being offended the girl stood, pulled her mini skirt to her waist and removed her knickers. Then she sat back down and slumped in the chair with her legs spread for Bruce who immediately took a lick and apparently liked the taste as he eagerly went back for more.

"Oh yes boy, that's it ... oh Gawd lick my cunt" Jennifer moaned and then looked at me. "What's his name Virginia?"

"Bruce" I responded as I got up and left the room. I returned holding a video camera with the intent of filming her for the next meeting of the Hunt Club. If she allowed me to film her then I would feel more at ease talking to her about my sex life and not so worried about her here on a spy mission for daddy in his possible efforts at revenge.

"Oh yes Bruce baby, lick my pussy and make me cum" Jennifer was panting as I entered the room and began to film her. She noticed the movement and turned to look at me and broke into a smile. "Oh yes, film this and after Bruce makes me cum I'll let him make me his bitch. I want to see the film afterwards and hopefully you'll show it to the men that used to come for the shows at the barn. Tell them I'd like to put on a show for them, that I want to fuck dogs for an audience. Oh Gawd ... OH I'M CUMMIINNGGG!!!! OH BRUCE ... EAT MEEEEEE BABYYYYYY." Jennifer's ass was all over the chair as she orgasmed on my dog's tongue and when he removed it and stepped back, she slid from the chair, turned around and laid her upper body in it and spread her legs wide. "Come on baby ... mount me ... make me your bitch like Titan has made me his."

As if understanding her Bruce leapt onto her back and his hips began thrusting. Apparently he found the wrong hole as she cried out in pain but Bruce didn't care, his cock was in a bitch's hole and he didn't care which.

"Oh Gawd ... he's in my ass ... oh it hurts" Jennifer sobbed. I thought back to her Titan and when he first fucked me and it had hurt but had soon felt fantastic so I just continued to film her. Apparently her responses mirrored mine as she was soon meeting his thrusts into her with her own back at him. I wondered if he could knot with her in her ass but apparently not as it was soon ending. "OH FUCK YES ... PUMP YOUR CUM UP MY ASS ... FILL MY BOWELS ... OH GAWD BRUCE YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD BOY."

Bruce finished with his second human bitch and then stuck his nose under my dress for a sniff before going to the corner to lick himself and then begin to snore.

"Typical male" Jennifer and I said together and then laughed about it. I picked up a box of tissues and handed them to her to clean herself with as I sat back in my chair and replayed the movie on the built in screen. Her cries caught Jennifer's attention and holding her knickers in her hand she came to look over my shoulder.

"I'd ask you for a copy of that but I'm afraid daddy would see it" Jennifer said. "Mommy knows I'm fucking Titan but keeps quiet about it as I do her fucking Iceberg. Daddy does know that she's doing it but when he said something she told him it was his fault. If he hadn't raped Lord Radelshome's daughter, you, then she would not have been raped by Iceberg and would not have discovered her love for having his cock imbedded in her."

"Yes, I do" I said as her film ended.

"What" Jennifer asked.

"I do still fuck dogs and horses" I admitted. "You asked if I did and I do. My Uncle Charlie has a magnificent stallion, Thunder that I fucked for the Hunt Club's enjoyment, as well as my own, and as for dogs Bruce, Boston my father's Doberman and Uncle Charlie's three Great Danes are all allowed to use me. Since the Hunt Club gangbanged me in your barn, I have allowed them to do so again on a number of occasions. I was a wild child in high school but had settled down when I married but your immigrant workers and father released it again with their gang rape and then having Titan and Iceberg fuck me."

"You do your dad and Uncle still" Jennifer exclaimed. "Even now when you all know who you are?"

"I realized it was my father the night of the show at the barn and went to the manor Saturday to confront him. Other member's showed up and I got a good fucking and then when I told about how I had been blackmailed into the show, they began to plan the revenge. I was asked to fuck them for their help and daddy and Uncle Charlie became regular visitors in my ass and cunt" I explained to her. "Uncle Charlie is a real backdoor man."

"Then please show them my film and tell them I want to be the entertainment for a party" Jennifer said. "Tell them they can tape it and all have a copy if they'll invite me."

"How many" I asked and Jennifer looked at me quizzically. "How many dogs, just 1, Uncle Charlie's 3, or the Club's pack; do you just want to fuck or do you want to pull a train and be gangbanged? Do you want a horse?" Jennifer finally returned to her chair and put her knickers back on but then sat there with her legs spread and the pretty yellow crotch pointed at me. "You can close your legs, I don't go that way" I told her. "Cocks, male dog or horse, it doesn't matter but it has to be cocks."

"Oh I'm sorry Virginia" Jennifer said as she hurriedly brought her knees together. "I was not trying to seduce you, I've never been with a woman either. I guess I just open my legs when I 'm deep in thought. The boys in high school loved me in class and the library as I studied and they could all tell you the color of my panties by the end of classes every day." I thought about that and figured if I had done that, as wild as I was sexually, I would have been fucking in the library and classrooms so the teachers would have also been involved. Once my body kicked into sex gear, I was pretty much ready and willing for anything.

"Tell them that I want to be the entertainment for a night and let them decide" Jennifer finally decided. "If they want the dog pack to gangbang me, I'll let them. If they want to watch me take a horse, they can come to the farm and watch Iceberg fuck me. Or they can bring the pack to the farm and let them gangbang me as mom fucks Iceberg and maybe other horses if they bring them. They could even force daddy and my brothers to watch it all as if we were being raped by all the animals that night."

Jennifer surprised me with all that, the pretend rape for her daddy and her volunteering to do what the club wanted. Since Daddy is the Hunt Master for our county, I called him and explained the situation to him. Daddy listened carefully and I heard his breathing growing heavier as all the details came out.

"Is that package still there" daddy finally asked after I had finished. I figured mom must be within hearing since he asked about the package and not saying Jennifer's name.

"Yes it is and the package allowed Bruce to fuck her and me to film it for the members to see at the next meeting" I informed him.

"OK, I'll be right over to see it. Boston hasn't had a car trip for awhile so I'll bring him along and Bruce and he can get reacquainted and play in the back yard" daddy said and hung up. I looked over at Jennifer and wondered if she had thought about having another dog and maybe my father fucking her today.

"My father is coming over to see you and bringing Boston with him" I told her and saw her face light up.

"Boston, his dog" she asked as her legs fell apart again.

"Yes, he asked if you were still here and said he was coming over and bringing Boston, so I guess you have to audition for him by fucking Boston or maybe both of them" I said.

"Whatever Lord Radelshome wants" Jennifer replied and dropped her hand to her panties and began rubbing. "I'll do the Lord and his dog, no problem. Anything he wants I will do today, tomorrow or whenever the Lord desires me. For whatever he desires me for."

"Don't let Uncle Charlie hear that unless you are serious," I said. "He'll put you to work on his estate as one of the housekeepers or something and have your keeping his dogs happy as part of your job assignment. His girls now, Jane and Babs, are lovers I believe but have no proof of it but I think they put on shows for him besides the stripping they sometimes do for the Club. But stripping is all they do and there is no touching or feeling of them while they perform or afterwards, or at least not when I've been there, because I'm the fuck toy after their show."

Thirty minutes later and Jennifer was still rubbing her knickers crotch when I heard daddy call my name and directed him to the library. I was a little surprised when Uncle Charlie walked in with him and Boston but it didn't faze Jennifer as she smiled and continued rubbing.

"What can I do for you my Lord and Squire" Jennifer asked the two men. "I am ready, willing and able to fuck or suck anything you desire." My dad and Uncle Charlie exchanged a look.

"Now there's an offer we haven't heard before" Uncle Charlie said, "to suck one of the dogs or horses." Jennifer was out of her chair in a flash and scooting under Boston. Reaching up she began to manipulate his sheath as she licked her lips and looked up at my two relatives.

"My Lord, I will gladly suck Boston's cock for you and release it and become his bitch when you tell me to" she said. "Or I will suck him until he explodes in my mouth and swallow every drop of his cum. I only await my Lord's command." Daddy looked at me.

"Awfully accommodating, isn't she" he asked me. "You could learn a thing or two from this young lady."

"What, to suck animal cock" I asked. "If you had told me to, I would have done it for you or Uncle Charlie."

We all noticed Jennifer's head rising under Boston and saw the tip of his cock was protruding from the protective sheath. Jennifer's tongue licked across the tip several times and then she wrapped her lips around it and started to suck. Both men began to get out of their trousers and like a good girl I crossed to them and went to my knees to begin playing with their cocks. With one in each hand I began to alternate, sucking on one and then the other as my hands jacked up and down their shafts.

"That's a god girl, get us ready so that after Jennifer swallows Boston's load she can take your father and I in her ass and cunt" Uncle Charlie said without taking his eyes from the girls lips wrapped around the dog cock. "You're a good girl too Jennifer, suck Boston off and swallow and then get ready for me to take your ass as my brother in law takes your pussy." From the corner of my eye I saw Jennifer respond by beginning to bob up and down on Boston's cock as her free hand delved into her knickers and began violently rubbing inside them. "Such a good girl Jennifer, suck that dog and rub that pussy for us."

I continued to watch Jennifer from the corner of my eyes and must admit my mouth began watering thinking about Boston or Bruce's cock in my own mouth. Looking to the other side of the room I saw we had Bruce's attention as he had woke up, raised his head and smelled the scent of sex in the air. I saw his own cock begin to appear and grow in length.

"Ginny dear" daddy said "I see Bruce is getting aroused and when Jennifer finishes with Boston and is fucking your Uncle and me you should suck him off in appreciation of all the fucks and orgasms he has given you."

"MMMMMHHMMM" was all I could mutter as my mouth was full of his cock at the time but I agreed with daddy and resolved to suck Bruce off and see what his cum tasted like when the men left me to fuck Jennifer. Soon we all saw Jennifer swallowing as Boston apparently emptied his balls down her throat and several minutes later I was left alone as the men moved to Jennifer and helped her strip and then positioned her on top of daddy facing him and Uncle Charlie on top of her. I called Bruce to me, got him laid down on his side and sank onto my belly for a close up view of his cock as I grabbed it and slowly stroked it for him. A jet of precum erupted and hit my nose and I took the tip in my mouth and started sucking. I wanted another blast of his fluid, but this time in my mouth and Bruce soon delivered 3 quick jets, one after another. It gave me enough to swill and swish through my mouth and over my taste buds. I loved the slightly metallic taste and swallowed what was in my mouth and seriously began to give Bruce the first blow job of either of our lives. He had never, to my knowledge gotten one and I had never given one to a dog before.

For the next ten minutes the only sounds in the room was Jennifer and my moans over the joy we were having with what we were doing and the grunts and groans of the men as they stroked in and out of her orifices. Then Jennifer apparently began to cum as she cried out and her spasming vaginal and anal muscles squeezing their cock set both men off as Bruce's first spray of doggie cum filled my mouth. I hurriedly swallowed to prepare for the next onslaught and continued to swallow until the last little leak was pooling in my mouth and his shaft began to withdraw into its home. I savored the taste of that last mouthful of cum and then swallowed and looked at the trio lying on the floor a few feet from me.

"Jennifer would you like a job" Uncle Charlie asked when he got his breathing under control. "I need another girl to help around the house, cleaning and emptying things as they need emptying." I laughed at that phrase and put my two cents in.

"And what needs emptying around the house Uncle Charlie" I asked.

"Oh trash cans, my balls, the 3 dog's balls, Thunder's balls, you know, just any cock or waste can that needs to be emptied" he said.

"Yes Squire Charlie, I would love to accept that job, but I would need quarters at your estate because I think my father will throw me out when I tell him I have a job with you" Jennifer said.

"Why would he do that" Uncle Charlie asked.

"Probably because he knows you came to his rapes of young girls and figures she'll be your fuck toy as part of her job" I said as if it should be obvious to him.

"Yes that, and because I'm going to fuck Titan in front of him as I tell him about the job" Jennifer replied with a smile. "I'd also like a copy of Bruce and me this afternoon to give him." I agreed to that and took the camera over to the computer and hooked it up. Putting a disc into it I copied the movie to the hard drive and then onto the disc. When it was through I gave it to Jennifer and after kissing daddy and Uncle Charlie she left for home. We all went to the door with her and were surprised as she actually skipped down the driveway to go home. Uncle Charlie lifted my skirt and ran his hand over my ass, stopping to snap the string of my thong into the crack.

"I'd like some of that ass little girl and I'm sure your father wants to unload again into your hot little cunt so let's get up to the bedroom and get these clothes off you" he said and they led me upstairs to once again fuck me in my husband's bed. After they had left I did a few things around the house and then led Bruce upstairs to the bedroom. We had almost 2 hours before Bob was supposed to be home and I wanted him to return the favor of the blowjob by fucking me through a series of orgasms. Thirty minutes later I was crying out my fourth orgasm as Bruce came for a third time when I heard

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THE MEANING OF THIS?" I managed to look over my shoulder and there stood Bob, apparently home early, and holding the video camera. I realized I had not deleted the video of Jennifer and Bruce and now he had caught me with Bruce knotted in my pussy. Since I was caught and couldn't think of a thing to say, I continued to stay mated with Bruce.

"That night at that farm, you weren't wearing any dress I had seen before, it was obviously too small and you climbed that ladder to the hay loft with all those men looking up your skirt at you naked cunt" Bruce exploded. He had made accusations about that night for weeks but I had never admitted that all 15 men there had fucked me. As had the 2 dogs and horse there. Even though it was all rapes I couldn't say anything because of the movie they had made of Iceberg fucking me that looked like I was willingly doing it. But the Hunt Club had all the copies of the movie so it couldn't be released by Mr. Morison now. Bruce finally pulled out of me and I heard Bob's exclamation of disgust as all that doggie cum flowed from my cunt.

"How could you fuck that dog, Virginia" he demanded. "My God I've licked that pussy ... have you fucked him just before then? NO! Don't tell me, I don't want to know I was eating a dirty dog fucked cunt." I looked up at him and decided to tell him what had actually happened, my car breaking down he knew, but I told him about all the rapes in their car, the barn, the animals, and the movie. I even told him about the Friday night show but told him it was a group of men from out of county and kept that it was my daddy and his Hunt Club that I perform for and was gangbanged by. But did my dear husband feel any sympathy for me?

"This is all too much Virginia," he calmly said. "You were a wild girl in high school but I still married you when we graduated and you promised that part of your life was over. You admit to all these supposed rapes, but I wonder with your history if they were rapes. Do you still go over for gangbangs and to fuck their animals, you fuck Bruce so I guess you do." What was I to say, no I don't but daddy, Uncle Charlie, their dogs and the Hunt Club are the ones I fuck? I just sat there and looked at Bob, waiting to see what came next.

"I'll pack a few things and get a room in town" Bob said. "My Solicitor will be in touch with you." A part of me was hurt that our marriage was over but another part soared free as a bird, no more trying to hide my sexual adventures from him.

"Very well, but remember Bob, I have nothing. There's no house, this is in daddy's name as is your Jag" I reminded him. "I have nothing so there is nothing for you to get. Don't try to blackmail me or daddy with this story because you have no proof and your work for Lord Dashwood who is in the Hunt Club with daddy and a long time friend. If you like your job you'll keep your mouth shut or I'm sure you'll be looking for other employment and with the Hunt Club blackballing you that will be impossible." Lord Dashwood, being in the Hunt Club, has fucked me and watched my shows, so if I said something to him Bob was out the door.

Two weeks later our divorce was final; Bob got the house and his Jag in return for his promise of silence about my sex life. He would have to put the house on the market as he couldn't afford to keep it with all the expenses and I moved back into my room at my parent's estate for a week and then moved to Uncle Charlie's. Mom had almost caught daddy and me several times and since daddy couldn't seem to keep his hands off me we would eventually get caught so it was safer for me to be with mom's brother. Of course that meant daddy visited a lot and he and Uncle Charlie would rotate between Jennifer and I for their sexual needs but those stories are for a future time.

Oh, before I forget, I just returned from a month's holiday at my Uncle Rupert's estate up North. He has a wild animal zoo and safari park and oh the stories I could tell about my time there. "Lions & Tigers & Bears, OH MY" No, I didn't fuck any of them ... but did some of the other animals.

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