The Return Journey
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An elderly man with a chequered past intervenes in a facas where another person is on the ground and in danger of being kicked to death by a teenage gang. He intervenes with consequences he could never have forseen. No sex in the first two chapters

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Time Travel   First   Oral Sex   Squirting  

I was making my way back from my local inn and taking a shortcut through the town park where the lighting was not great. For some reason a section of the lights had not come on. But as I neared a group of four teenagers I saw that they were actually putting the boot into a body which lay on the ground. In my youth I had been into martial arts, but now in my eighties my bones were creaking and my mobility was a bit limited. Nevertheless I could hardly stand by and watch some poor bastard being kicked to death.

Some building work had been going on nearby, so I picked up a wooden baton and walked softly up to where the gang was. They were so intent on their victim they did not notice my approach. I was able to clout two of them on the head before they noticed I was there. As I turned my attention to the two still standing, I noticed that it wasn't the body of a man or woman, but a strange looking creature I had never seen before.

I had difficulty taking this in but still managed to deliver a blow which caught one of the remaining youths on the side and chest. Then everything went black as a searing pain raged through my head and I collapsed on top of whatever it was they had been doing their best to send to eternity. I concluded later, there must have been a fifth person I did not notice.

When I came round I was lying in a bed in a sterile environment which at first I thought was a hospital. Then my eyes caught sight of another being which definitely wasn't human. As I took this in, I heard a voice in my head and I thought I was hallucinating, but it only took a moment or two to realize it was the being communicating with me.

"I am glad you have come round," it told me. "You have been unconscious for what would be four of your earth days. At your age, I don't think you would have survived the punishment you took, but we manage to rejuvenate your body and with our advanced medical skills we hoped you would survive."

"Who or what are you?" I asked, "And what do you mean you have rejuvenated my body."

"You will have gathered from my appearance that I am not from your world," he stated. "I am what you would call the senior medical officer on a galaxy patrol ship. It is our job to visit and keeps an eye on planets which could eventually venture into space in a meaningful way. We were engaged in looking at your progress. For a time it looked as if your people would venture out into space, though from this visit we are no longer sure that this will be the case."

I was struggling to take this in. "So it was possible that there were UFOs," I thought, "So much for my scepticism."

"You are quite right to be sceptical," the creature told me with a smile. "We keep visits to other planets to a minimum and seldom venture to put one of our crew on its surface. We had reasons for doing so on this occasion and since we are chameleons, we can take on the forms of other species for a limited period of time. So we had a man down on your planet."

It was only as he responded to my unspoken thoughts that I suddenly realized he was not only reading my mind but was also communicating with me without a sound emanating from his being. He was a telepath.

"He did not look much like one of us when I saw him lying on the ground," I told him.

"Unfortunately that is true. He got delayed returning to his rendezvous point and began to change back; that is when the gang found him and took exception to his appearance. Fortunately he was able to get off a distress signal but it was difficult for us to get a fix on him because his attackers were crowding him so closely."

"Surely if you could get him back to the ship you could have taken out the people around him." I stated.

"We were about to take that kind of drastic action when you weighed in and cleared a space. Unfortunately for us, and fortunately for you, you were attacked from behind and just before our transporter locked on to our man and you fell on top of him."

"What do you mean when you say unfortunately for you and fortunately for me?" I wanted to know.

"Had we got him clean away, you would have died from your injuries and the whole thing would have been seen as an event that happens all too frequently on your planet; an old man beaten to death by a teenage gang. It was for this reason we did not act sooner. If we had done so, five bodies found in a park might have been put down to a gang fight, then again it might have raised other questions as to how it happened since the dead were all from the same group."

"So you would have left me to die despite the fact that I was attempting to rescue your man. I am not impressed with your humanity."

He gave me a sardonic smile, "There are two answers to that my human friend. First of all as you can see for yourself we are not a member of your species, and secondly, as a human you should be well aware of the saying prevalent among your military, that sometimes you have to accept that collateral damage will result from your actions. You humans are very prone to accept that on a much larger scale than would have been the case in this instance. You could also say that in your case it our concern was lessened by the by the fact you were, at the age of eighty four, nearing the end of your days anyway."

I could not argue with his logic, collateral damage was often left out of consideration when our nations took action against one another. As he said that, however, I was reminded that he had not answered the second part of my question.

"That remark brings me back to the question which you have not answered. What do you mean when you say that you have rejuvenated me?"

"We are having this rather pleasant conversation in our ship's isolation unit to give you time to adjust to the fact that your body has been radically changed and also to come to terms with my appearance. Let me free your restraints and help you to stand then you will see what I mean."

I had not even realized that I was strapped into the bed. "Rejuvenation has not done much for my senility." I thought.

"You will find that it has," he told me with a chuckle as he helped me from the bed. "If you desire it, we can make your mind even sharper than it was when you were younger. Humans tend not to make the most of the brain power they have since they limit it by various factors."

"Like what?" I queried.

"Now is not the time to go into that, but let's get you across to the mirror."

He led me across to where the mirror was situated and I nearly fainted. I was not the eighty four year old man who left his local that evening. Staring back at me was the boy that I had been in my mid teens. I was still the same five feet nine and slimly built, but the ravages of the years had gone. Now it dawned on me so had all the pain I was feeling in various joints across my body. A miracle had taken place and I wondered why they had done it and what they were going to do with me now.

"Have you got fully used to my appearance," the doctor asked me. "Because if you have, I can now take you out into the main part of the ship. The captain and the man you saved want to speak with you."

I looked at my host. His head reminded me of an octopus and that was not the end of it. Where we had two arms he had four attached to a slender body that gave way to short legs which had joints similar to those on our human knees. He was dressed in a flowing robe which became diaphanous in the last few inches. It was this which enabled me to see the lower part of his legs.

He moved with a gliding sort of motion by which he appeared to slide across the floor and I guessed he could pirouette without seeming to move from the spot in which he stood. Despite the short legs which I could see through the diaphanous material at the hem of his garment, with his slender body and bulbous head he still must have topped me by at least three inches.

I found that I had quickly grown used to his appearance and the fact that he preferred to communicate directly with my mind and could also hear what I was thinking. I now realized that it was very difficult to control or hide your thoughts when faced with a person who had such gifts. I decided that I might as well get out into the wider realms of the ship and meet those who wanted to meet with me. Nothing was going to change. Forgetting myself I made one of my usual comments in answer to questions like the one he had just asked.

"Lead on Mac Duff," I told him and then blushed knowing that this is one thing he probably did not understand. He saw my embarrassment and smiled.

"I am familiar with the idiomatic expression," he told me, "While you have been unconscious your mind was still working and I have learned much about you."

This only served to make me more apprehensive about my situation. You know how embarrassed you would feel if you had to parade nude in front of a whole host of people who were clothed. This was a hundred times worse. The only way I can describe my reaction is to say that I felt mentally naked since I knew I could hide nothing from them. These were scary people and I wondered how they coped if they could do that with each other.

As he held the door open for me he smiled again. "We can shield our mind from each other and we only open it fully to those we love and trust. This has some wonderful side effects," he said, with a grin, "Especially when it comes to copulation. We can experience our own climax and at the same time share in our partner's just as she can share in mine."

I now discovered that the changes to my body had side effects. Despite the fact that I had eighty odd years of life experience, including several sexual partners, I found myself blushing like the teenager I now was.

Seeing my reaction and understanding it he laughed. "Don't worry my young friend," he said, "If they decide to let you go back, you will soon learn more control among your own people."

I did not like the sound of the "If" in that statement and my apprehension was raised another notch or two.

I entered the captain's office and he asked the medical officer and me to take a seat.

"If you don't mind us talking about you," he said with a smile. "I will ask the medical officer for a report on your condition."

"He has fully recovered sir, and as you can see we have restored his body to the state it was in when he was in his mid teens. If fact, I can say with some satisfaction it is probably in better condition because we have fine tuned it and repaired some minor defects."

"Then we can think about returning him to his own planet in due course and he will be better off than he was before."

"We have advanced him both physically and mentally sir. We have given him a photographic memory and also increased his brain's efficiency so that he will quickly master those subjects which he needs to do in order get on in his world. We have also added a proclivity which will enable him to learn and speak other languages, increased his musical and artistic skills, his balance and spatial awareness. All of these things have been enhanced. This means the martial arts skills of his youth will also be enhanced."

At this point the medical officer hesitated in the giving of his report, and then began again.

"There is one other thing; I would not have needed to deliver this vocally in order for him to hear it. He was immediately receptive to our telepathic communication and quickly realized that I was also reading his mind."

"I take it there is a point you want to make by telling us this," the other officer present said.

"Yes sir," the doctor replied. "As you know I was chosen for this patrol because I gave acquired a better knowledge of the human species than almost any other crewman in the service."

"So what is your point doctor?"

"A few humans are capable of a degree of making telepathic contact with other human minds. It is revealed in the way they sense another person's mood or anticipate their actions. There are a few who even develop a limited ability to read minds. If this man is going to be with us for some time, we may be able to help him develop this talent."

"That is an interesting observation doctor, but I am not sure it is one we would wish to pursue." The captain replied.

"That depends on what we wish to do with my rescuer," the other man said. "Whatever we decide it would be nice to know how far such a talent could be developed."

I was feeling a bit put out by the fact that they were talking about me as if I wasn't present and they were only skirting around the thing which was most important to me.

"While I am fascinated by this discussion about me gentlemen, and while I realize I am at your mercy, I would really like you let me know what you are going to do with me?"

"That is not entirely up to us," the captain told me. "We have to consult with our home base to see what they will permit us to do with you. They would not usually agree to us putting you back on your own planet even though the tales of UFO sightings and of people claiming to have been snatched by aliens are quite common. In this case though, they may allow you back if you are willing to give us certain assurances."

"Why am I a special case?" I wanted to know, "And what do I need to agree to?"

"Well the special agent who went down to observe the state of things on your planet despite my reservations is the General who is in overall control of our planetary enterprises. Further to that, his father is the president of our planet's government. So they will no doubt feel indebted to you for trying to save his life and are likely to use their influence to allow you to return"

"It is in anticipation of this that we decided to rejuvenate you in order to give you the strength to cope with the wounds you received," The general broke in to add to what the captain was saying. "If we had not done so, the likelihood is that you would have succumbed to your injuries which would have solved the problem your inadvertent boarding of our vessel has created for us."

"Even if we agree to put you back where you belong, it is going to take some time since we have already moved out of your earth's orbit. In fact it is going to be some time before we get back there," the captain went on, "but this gives us increased options which we will discuss with you when headquarters confirms the decision we have anticipated. For now we are pleased to see how well you have recovered, and in the meantime General Argon will take you to a place where he can discuss the possibilities with you and explain to you how long you may have to we wait. So if you will excuse me gentlemen, I have other duties to attend to."

General Argon obviously took this as a sign that we were dismissed, for he and the Medical officer saluted and beckoned me to follow them out and we left the cabin. We adjourned to a small but comfortable lounge area where we were the only people present. The general summoned drinks and snacks which were served to us by a steward, but whether male or female I could not be sure.

"I am grateful to you for your intervention on my behalf," Argon said. "Almost certainly you saved my life for the transporter beam would have recovered me too late. This makes me feel sure that my people will repay your bravery by giving you the chance of another life lived out on your own planet. I doubt however if they will agree to allow you doing so in the same time zone as the one you left."

"What do you mean when you say I won't be going back to my own time zone? I hope you are not thinking of putting me back into an era like the Stone Age, and how could you do that anyway?"

"Our vessel can travel faster than the speed of light. So we can proceed at a speed under that, and then on our return come back much faster. How much faster will determine how many years earlier we will arrive. In your case I think they may agree to arrive sometime in the nineteen sixties when your claims of being kidnapped by aliens would be so much less credible. I doubt though that in the light of your experience of these things, you would be stupid enough to make them. If that is the case, then you might even be given a degree of choice."

"So I would not be going back as myself?"

"We couldn't do that because you already exist," the doctor told me. "We have to try and do this in a way that will cause as little a ripple in your time continuum as possible."

"Indeed," Argon agreed, "And this being the case you could do me a favour and save another life at the same time. If you agreed to this it would also lessen the ripple effect of inserting a human being who previously did not exist."

"How could I possibly do that?" I asked.

"We do not visit planets too often and when we do it is only occasionally that we transform in order to put an agent on the ground. Just over fifty years ago I was there as a young officer. That was at the time when your first space program was really getting underway. It was this which prompted us to have a look at you and it was the last time we visited your planet. Strangely enough I was again the man on the ground and again I got into trouble. I was mugged and had my money and documents stolen and a wealthy young titled female student took me into her flat, treated my wounds and allowed me to stay there until I felt well enough to continue. She then she gave me a sum of money which she thought would enable me to get back home.

In fact, it enabled me to finish my mission and make my pickup. I never forgot her kindness, so this time I stupidly looked to see if I could find out what happened to her. It was this diversion which was partly responsible for my being slightly late and running into the trouble I did. What I found out, was that in her final student year, she took her own life."

"I am not sure that even if I met her I could prevent that, and how would that lessen the ripple effect of inserting me back into the world?" I asked

"Then let me pose this scenario. If you were to study at the same university at the same time and went out of your way to befriend her and a relationship between you blossomed this would indeed lessen the ripple effect."

If you and she married and had children it would cause much less disharmony, for she had no future. On the other hand if you meet and marry someone else then that creates a chain reaction. For the husband whom that person would have married will marry someone else and the ripple effect would go on through the timeline ad infinitum as the others had their lives affected and changed in the same way."

"I can see the reasons why this would be repaying your debt and at the same time minimize the impact of my return to earth, but I am not sure I like the idea of having my choice of partner restricted to one woman in order to accomplish this."

"Don't be too hasty in your decision," Argon said. "This is not a condition in order to allow you back to earth, but it might create a happier outcome for you if you agreed."

"What makes you think that? I asked. "I was quite capable of attracting the women I wanted in my life."

"Yes you were," The medical officer said as he came back into the conversation. "Sadly though, you were not very good at keeping them. As I told you I was able to get into your mind when you were unconscious so I know what your life was like. You had three marriages with children in each, and they were the real sufferers from these fractured relationships."

"That was not all down to me," I protested, "In the first two marriages my wives were unfaithful, and in the last I just could not be what she wanted me to be. She did not marry the man I was but her idea of what she thought I was and she went on to try and make me what she wanted."

We are not apportioning blame here," Argon said, "Merely pointing out that your choices did not necessarily make you happy and you ended up with no one and most of your four children were turned against you by your spouses."

"That was because I was thinking of my children and let the first two plead irretrievable breakdown as the cause of divorce. This meant they could blame me and turn my children against me. Sadly for me, this is what they did and they painted me as the bad guy."

"We appreciate that and it is one of the reasons why we ask you to do us this favour. If you listen to what we can offer you," the medical guy said once again, "I think we might be able to show you that this time around, by doing what we ask, it may well be in your best interests. Knowing you as we do and with the skills at our disposal we think we can equip you with the tools, not only to make better choices, but to bring you greater happiness."

"We may have to bend our rather strict rules a bit," the general said, "But if you are willing to give what we propose a try, then we will do all we can in order to give you gifts that will enhance your life. Once we put you back though, we are in no position to influence your decisions. In the end, we can only trust you to at least give what we ask a try. Once you are back on your own planet we will have no control over you."

"If that is the case," I thought, "I suspect that they are going to enhance my mind and give me other abilities which I did not possess last time. So with a clear conscience I can give what they ask a try, and if it doesn't work out, I can get on with my life and live it anyway I want. I have nothing to lose by making that kind of promise and if I give it my best shot I can do so with a clear conscience."

"In the light of what you have just told me, I am willing to give your way a try, but I have to say this, if I don't think things will work out, I reserve the right to find my own way thereafter."

"I am already in your debt," the general told me. "I can ask for no more than that. My old friend and colleague here, with my help will do as we promised and give you talents which will help you to do what we ask, and if properly used, will enable you to lead a happier and more prosperous life than the one you previously lived."

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