Maryanne and Sis
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Spanking, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Derek suddenly finds himself providing physical therapy to his sister’s best friend, whose lake house he is repairing. The girls have been naughty, trying to sneak away from parental supervision for an overnight tryst with their high school boyfriends. Thunder and lightning interrupt their plans. Life gets better, worse, better, and much better for him.

Maryanne and Sis drove by and stopped as I walked home from a tennis match. Sis asked, "Derek, ride with us?" I gleefully accepted.

After I climbed in Maryanne asked, "Do you need to go right home?"

"The only thing I have to do at home is to take a shower. I worked up quite a sweat." I enjoyed the air conditioning and got pleasure being with them. Maryanne's smile gave me butterflies as I sometimes thought she deliberately teased me, but our lives were never in sync.

Maryanne giggled. "Since you're back there, DeDe and I will take our chances with the aroma. Let's go down to the drive in and get a drink." She laughed out loud. "If we stay in the car, you won't offend any inside customers."

DeDe, my sister, laughed at Maryanne's remarks. "I read on the Internet that smelling males who are sweating is supposed to be a turn on for women."

Maryanne giggled. "I guess we'll have to try that out on Derek sometime." She laughed again. "So, all the men's deodorant TV commercials are supposed to keep us celibate?"

"Hmmm. After all that tutoring you guys do for them, I guess you know what football players smell like."

Sis replied, "No shower, no shorts and T, no tutoring. They all smell like locker room soap."

They had a good time teasing me about my smell and laughing. They both wore their tight blue shorts and belly shirts. There was plenty of lovely belly to see. Sometimes I think they try to look like twins. After we finished our drinks, Maryanne said, "Mom said that you were going to be working out at the lake this weekend."

"Your dad called the other day and gave me a list of tasks to be completed before he could have guests for the summer season. It seems like that list gets longer every year."

"Well, I'm sure you know how Daddy is. Everything has to be perfect before he can have anyone out there. He likes to show his customers a good time."

"Of course. I never complain because he pays quite well for what I do. Sometimes his idea of perfection and mine don't completely agree, but he's the boss."

Maryanne asked, "What will you be doing tomorrow?"

"Just like old Santa Claus, I'll be making my list and checking it twice. I have to order all the materials at the same time so that we will have everything on hand when it's needed." I threw my arms up in the air and said, "Even for Malcolm Mays, the builder's supply house doesn't like to make more than one delivery and I don't like to drive back and forth anymore than I have to."

I noticed that Maryanne had raised her eyebrows, flashed her incredible blue eyes and smiled. "Will you be staying there all the time?"

"Most of the time. It doesn't make sense to go back and forth any more than I have to. Past experience told me that I will have to go back to the building supply more than once, but that's how it goes."

"When will you move?"

"Tomorrow. I'll take enough food and clothes with me to last a couple of days. Your mother said she would bring out some more groceries in a day or two. Mavis does a nice job of bringing me good things to eat most of which I can cook in the microwave or on the barbecue grill." Mavis was a MILF that I never grew tired of ogling.

During the conversation I noticed Maryanne and Sis exchanging sly glances and smiles at each other. Maryanne asked, "Will you be staying out there tomorrow night?"

"Yeah, I think my fun time is over for a while."

They nodded at each other and smiled broadly. Two years ago burglars roamed the area and Maryanne's father became livid, installed burglar alarms, and made a family rule that a male had to be there if women were staying overnight. Not only did the male have to be there, but he had to be "approved," and armed with a shotgun and pistol.

Last year, he decided that I was capable of guarding the fort and asked me to do guard duty from time to time. I happily agreed, particularly since he overpaid for my efforts. I was beginning to understand the silent exchange between Maryanne and my sister. I sensed that they were planning something that might not be according to the rules. Not my problem.

Maryanne asked, "Why don't you play football anymore?"

"I had a concussion. The doctor said that I should not play more this season. On top of that my folks wouldn't sign the release."

"How did you feel about that? Do you miss playing?"

"I miss playing. I was resentful at first. In fact, I stayed angry with my father until he said, 'You go look up concussion on the Internet, then we'll talk.' It only took an hour for me to discover that it was foolish of me to play."

Sis said, "I heard him when he apologized to dad. I was really glad dad wouldn't let him play."

"But I see you at practice all the time. What do you do?"

"Coach wanted me to stay with the team. He sent me to a short course on physical therapy so that I could help him and he wouldn't have to pay a full-time physical therapist. He gets the recommendations and routines from a orthopod friend of his and then I put them into practice."

Sis said, "Oh, I thought when you went away that week, it was for remedial English."

"Better watch your back Sis; I know how to remediate you."

Maryanne interjected, "Hey, that's Claudia walking over there. I'll bet she's going home. Let's see if she needs a ride." Just like Maryanne to pick up more strays. Maybe she wasn't a "do-gooder," but she helped others. When she stopped, she called out, "Claud, want a ride?"

The black-haired girl quickly approached the car. "Hi, MA, sure. It's hot out here."

"You might change your mind. You have to sit in back with Deirdre's smelly brother."

They had another laugh at my expense. I said,"I wish my friends could see me now. Riding around with three of the hottest girls in school."

Claudia cringed. "Oh, God, I hope that Carlos doesn't see me. I'd be in trouble."

We were already at my house so I thanked Maryanne for the ride and assured Claudia that she was now safe.

Maryanne smiled with her big blue eyes and luscious lips. "Have a good one." Any of those girls could raise the lust level in a mortuary. My level of desire had gone over the top and I was with them only for an hour. No time like the present to get relief.

While pleasuring myself, I envisioned Maryanne naked, an image I reused ever since she grew up. That did the trick well. After my shower and self-abuse I packed up my computer, flash drives, and my digital music player. I put my work clothes in one suitcase and the casual ones in another. Remembering last year when I ran out of underwear I made sure to double up. Doing laundry is not one of my favorite things, no matter how important it is.

After I finished packing, I decided there was no point in staying here overnight and chose to move out to the lake. Having recently broken up with my girlfriend, I was as they say in show business, "between engagements." If I left soon I could get there before dark and in time to watch a ball game.

Sis saw me packing. "Are you going out there tonight?"

"Since Marisa left me, I don't have a lot to do on Saturday night so I thought I'd watch the ballgame there."

She gave me a little hug and said, "It must be kind of awful after you enjoyed her charms for so long."

"To be sure, it gets lonely. Not only that, but I continue to have these unsatisfied needs."

She blushed. "I really understand unsatisfied needs."

"And what is my beautiful sister doing tonight?"

"Maryanne and I are going out with Paul and John on a double, which I agreed to do if they did well in our classes. We thought it might be fun. She's still got the hots for John and it's more than lust."

I hissed. "You are old enough to know what you're doing, but Paul is fairly smooth. Do only what you want to do and make sure he understands that. If he gets too aggressive, I'll have to deal with him."

She threw her arms around me and said with false meaning, "Oh Derek, I love it when you try to protect me from myself, but I think I'll be all right." She giggled. "And what happens if I get too aggressive?"

I turned her around quickly and slapped her tight bottom. "Then I will just have to deal with you."

"Ouch! I think I get your point." She turned around and said, "After you punished me, I shouldn't tell you this, but Maryanne wanted me to invite you to ride. Her feelings were hurt when you didn't ask her out instead of Marisa. I know she likes you, but right now she's still angry. She couldn't admit it, but she was jealous of Marisa. Strange as it seems she is angry both at you and herself because she didn't do anything. It is almost irrational.

"She and Marisa are friends. They discussed you at length." She giggled at her clever statement. "Marisa told her that you were a good kisser on both important places. After that, she was even more resentful." She then smiled, cocked her head, and asked, "Are you really a bilingual?"

"I guess you'll have to ask Marisa for the truth. I enjoyed every moment."

"Maybe I will." She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, said, "Wish I could go with you," and then twitched back into the house as I admired her derrière. Although she was my sister, when she grew up and out I thought of her only as a really beautiful girl. I never knew why girls dressed so provocatively.

Rather than do cheerleading, both girls joined a service club that satisfied their school requirement. They were assigned to help athletes in trouble with their grades. Maryanne had been infatuated with John longer. As often happens, Sis became interested in Paul and decided to date him. The school counselor agreed to let them tutor 'approved' students in school next year after they did their obligatory duty with the sports teams.

Sis called from the step, "Would you come in here a minute."

She led me in the house and sat on the couch touching me. "We have to talk."

I had heard about those dreaded words in stories but I never thought it would be my sister. She looked uncomfortable as she sat there. She said, "Do you remember making that game winning tackle in your last ballgame?"

"Vaguely. It caused my concussion."

"Marisa decided right then that you were going to be her man. When you were restricted from driving after getting out of the hospital, she drove you home. Actually, she didn't drive you home. She took you to her house. Am I right so far?"

"Yes, go ahead."

"I won't go into all of the delicious details, which she described to Maryanne at length." She held her hands about 8 inches apart and then giggled. "When she had you naked, she enjoyed your fine skill of licking her. Okay?

"Marisa told her that you were a good kisser on both important places." She then smiled, cocked her head, and asked, "Are you really a bilingual?"

"God Sis, this is getting too close."

She knew she had me and then smiled. "It gets closer. You got an A on the first course and then she wanted more. You apparently met all of her current needs and sent her into ecstasy. I mean, I wasn't there but according to Maryanne, Marisa came repeatedly. That's when she decided to keep you." She paused, "It only served to get jealous MA even angrier."

"I thought she wanted John."

"She can have John. Marisa probably could, too. MA wanted you to pursue her. Get the strange jealous picture here?"

I was totally embarrassed. She went on, "Marisa told you that you were her best ever. That's what this little story is all about. We all knew that Marisa had boyfriends before you, but we didn't know how many. Did you use condoms?"

I felt like a five-year-old caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "I didn't have any and even if I did, we hurried. Unfortunately, no."

She started talking fast to get it all out in one breath. "All the service corps members and cheerleaders that I know are on the pill. That's not the point. As they said in sex-ed class, you just inherited her sexual history, however long or short it might be. So, before you put it in anybody else, you have to go to the health clinic." She breathed deeply. "They're open late on Saturday. Have them give you your results on your cell phone." She heaved a long sigh. "No one else would tell you and I had to do it. Please don't hold it against me."

"I love you Sis and I would never hold anything like that against you. No one else would tell me."

"We all know how good-looking she is. She gets any boy she wants. Unfortunately, she wants too many. I couldn't stand the thought of your having that pus in your pecker."

"Jesus! When did you learn all of this stuff and all of these words?"

"In class, from my girlfriends, and on the Internet which is the best source."

"I knew you had grown up, but I didn't know how much you knew. Thank you for the information. I will go there this afternoon."

"Good. I want to know the results, too. Marisa may have other victims out there who are at risk. If so, I will leave them notes in their lockers. I couldn't stand to tell anybody but you. If you ask the nurse, they will give you a shot at the same time. If they find anything, they will give you another prescription. Within a day, the shot reduces your chances of infecting someone else. Promise you won't. You should know by Monday or Tuesday."

"Thank you muchly. The girls are not exactly lined up waiting for me."

"Wrong again. Before all that happened Maryanne wanted you to pay attention to her. She almost asked you out. I know this sounds peculiar but she is still angry with you. I'm surprised she asked me to invite you to ride today."

Sis smiled and moved closer as she touched her lips. She flashed her deep green eyes at me. "If you're going away and not mad at me, kiss me good bye." She held her entire body against me and planted a long wet kiss on my lips. I joined her tongue in the dance.

"My god Sis, what's that about?"

"Marisa was right. I just had to know firsthand."

Embarrassed and confused, I quickly headed for the lake. It's a half-hour from my house. The one rough place in the road was bad only when it rained hard. A creek ran over the road and you could only get across it then if you had a four-wheel drive that was fairly high off the road. I had one of those complete with a gun rack, although I was sometimes embarrassed by that feature. Anyway, I put my shotgun on the gun rack and the pistol in the glove box then departed.

There was no mistaking the kiss DeDe planted on me. She swirled her tongue, moved her hips, and I felt it all the way down. Although I might have had doubts about her intent before, she kissed me to excite me and it worked. Had she not been my sister, I'd have taken her up on it right then.

It took a while to get the house open, the air-conditioners running, and the hot tub heating. There was just enough daylight left to get a quick swim, then the hot tub would be ready to use. Life was tough. I grilled some hotdogs broke open some chips, found some cold beer and sat back to relax watching the ballgame. The game was long, but the Rays finally pulled it out in the ninth inning. Bedtime. Before sleeping, I had some dramatic fantasies about DeDe which resulted in my soiling a washcloth. I still lusted for her even after finishing. So, Maryanne is put out with me?

Next morning I faxed in the first list of materials that I needed delivered from the building supply. It would be there for them Monday morning. Suddenly I remembered to water Mavis' plants. God protect me if I forgot that task.

It must've been around 10 when I heard a car crunching up the road. I wasn't expecting anyone. When the car came into view I realized that it was Maryanne. She parked in front of the house and both girls got out carrying small suitcases. I was beginning to understand all their nonverbal communication.

"Well, my lovely ladies, how do I deserve the pleasure of your visit?"

Maryanne laughed. "We knew you would be lonely and we came to keep you company."

"Maryanne, you will go to hell for lying the same as you will for stealing."

They both laughed. "We wanted to come out to swim and then have a picnic with Paul and John."

"Oh, so you're having company?"

Sis said, "I had a lot more fun on our date than we anticipated. Maryanne's still crazy over John. When they found out we were coming out here, they wanted to come out and swim. After some wine coolers, we thought that might be a good idea."

Maryanne said, "I told DeDe if she liked Paul, we could invite them. I hope you don't mind. We're going to take a swim and then have a picnic and listen to some music. I don't think we will be in your way."

"Well, since it's your house, you don't need my permission. Enjoy yourselves."

They carried their bags into the house and shortly came back out wearing their nice bikinis. I believe that both of them could have been models except they were not emaciated. I wondered why they needed such a large bag to carry a bikini and a beach towel but I guess cosmetics take up a lot of room. They walked down to the dock spread out their towels on the loungers and quickly jumped into the water.

I joined them. We played around in the water for a while. For outstanding reasons I had to let them exit the lake before me. Then they went in the house, put on their jog bras, and gym shoes. They began yoga exercises. That was fun to watch, too. I often wondered how comfortable they could be with their breasts bouncing around, but I guess they were used to it.

When noon came around, I asked, "What did you bring me for lunch?"

Maryanne giggled. "We left the food to the boys. I'm sure they'll bring plenty and enough beer."

Shortly thereafter, we heard the exhaust roar of a car coming up the road. Sis got up from her chair and walked over to the deck railing. "Maybe that's their car now."

A stylish convertible came into view with both Paul and John, waving like crazy. The girls ran out to meet them acting as if they had not seen them in a year. After some rather intense kissing, they brought the food up to the deck. I stood up and greeted both guys as we exchanged the locally popular two-fisted handshake.

Within moments, the four of them had laid out a delicious looking deli picnic. They had potato salad, coleslaw, chips, deli dill pickles, hero sandwiches and beer. The girls looked in the cooler and found their wine drinks. While we were eating, Paul asked, "What have you guys been doing?"

Maryanne said, "We swam and then did yoga."

I said in my most lascivious tone, "You should have seen the yoga. It was really worth watching."

Sis slapped my arm. "Oh, that was okay, but we have done better."

I laughed. "It doesn't have to be better. That was wild enough for me."

When we finished lunch Maryanne asked, "Would everybody like to go swimming?"

John said quickly, "When you invited us out here you said we'd get a nice cool swim in the lake. It's getting hot."

After putting the picnic leftovers in the refrigerator Maryanne sent Paul and John to one of the guestrooms to change for swimming. I noticed that both of them brought in small overnight cases. They did not need suitcases to carry their swim suits and towels. Hmmm? This story kept getting more interesting.

Shortly, they all ran down to the lake laughing and having a good time. I went back to work checking all of the damage and rot that Malcolm asked me to repair. I had to caulk windows, replace many boards in the decks and stairs, paint several walls, and then replace gaskets in some leaky faucets. Then, I had to service the ski boat—hang the boat on its davits, clean the crap off the hull and then do all the inside stuff. Getting to the bottom of the list would take some time. Oh, and water the plants.

I saw both couples in canoes moving around the lake effortlessly. I had permission to use the canoes and ski boat, but just not today. I didn't have my regular partner to share it with. After their canoe ride they came back up to the deck and decided to have a snack. Maryanne brought out a nice tray of snacks and we were all enjoying them, praising the day and our good fortune.

I noticed the darkening sky and said to Paul, "You might want to put your top up, it looks like we're going to have some rain fairly soon."

He looked up. "My God you're right--that looks serious."

Both guys went out to the car to secure the top and barely made it back to the deck before the first thunderclap hit close to us. Within just a few seconds large raindrops began to pound the deck and we decided to move inside. Although the deck was covered and screened the wind was strong enough to get us wet.

Within just a few minutes, the couples paired and went to separate bedrooms upstairs. Having nothing else to do and feeling like a fifth wheel, I decided to watch the ballgame. Seeing that guy take Maryanne to a bedroom made me jealous. I had no right or reason to feel that way.

The clouds made the entire area dark and the rain came down hard. A while later I knocked on Sis's door and asked if I could talk to her for a minute.

It took her a moment to get organized and answer the door. When she came out in her bikini, looking slightly disheveled, I asked her if her plan was still intact. She waited a long time to answer. "They're going to stay all night and then get up early in the morning to go to practice."

"They can stay all night if they choose, but I wouldn't count on their being able to make practice in the morning. That car is too low slung to go across the creek after a hard rain. I can go across in my truck, but they will not be able to."

"What can we do?"

"Right now, I can pull them across with my truck. I probably will not be able to do that in the morning. It's important for them to make practice, so they might need to rethink the plan."

"Oh, shit. I better go talk to them." She shook her head. "Maryanne is going to die of critical horniness. She's so hot for him." She went across the hall and knocked on Maryanne's door. Sis explained the situation to her.

Maryanne looked frustrated, almost in tears. "How long do we have?"

I threw up my hands to the heavens. "I don't know for sure. Right now I can do it. I really don't know about later."

Shortly, we were all gathered in the living room and I went over the choices they had. I did not care which. If they wanted to stay, they might get a friend to meet them on the other side in the morning and take them to practice. After about a 2 minute conversation, it was obvious that they feared the possibility of missing practice the next day or admitting to a curfew violation.

Paul said, "I guess we have to go. You can pull us across the creek?"

"Right now, it should be okay. Maybe even for another hour, but I don't know that. It will be safer if I use a tow line."

John said, "Paul we have to go now."

I put on my rain gear and attached the tow chain to the cleat on the front of their car. I then attached it to the hitch on the back of my truck. When I got in the cab, I noticed that both girls had joined me.

Maryanne spoke first. "We just couldn't miss the action. I want to see how this works."

I had instructed Paul to follow me as we approached the Creek and then when he saw my truck enter the water he was to turn off his engine and lights. As I moved slowly across the creek, both girls noticed the water level coming up almost to the bottom of the doors on the convertible. I took about five minutes to cross the creek as slow as we had to go. Although it seemed longer, we made a successful crossing. I had warned them to let the car drip for a few minutes before starting it. I unhooked the tow chain from the car and the back of the truck and then gave them the thumbs-up to send them on their way.

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