Under Her Skirt
Chapter 1: Discovery

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Hairy, Public Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Discovery - While surfing porn sites on the internet, Kevin discovers nude pictures of Angela, the cute and hot babe from Accounting. He is shocked, as this is unlike her work persona. Her husband is an arrogant jerk, so he prints off some of the pictures and works up the courage to ask her if she even knows that they are on the net. He never anticipated the results of their meeting.

Ten years ago I came to the realization that I was a voyeur. The Internet unlocked my true nature. I have always enjoyed looking at women, whether it's on the beach, at the mall, an outdoor café in New York City, or even in the office. A great ass in a pair of tight pants or skirt is a joy to behold. My favorite websites are those where people send in photos of their wives or girlfriends. The fact that these women want to be seen is an added turn-on for me. Don't get me wrong, I love those models who posed naked, their exquisite bodies captured perfectly by the photographer, but there is something infinitely more pleasurable to me about the waitress, mother, secretary or professional woman who has the self-confidence and security in her own sexuality to say, "I may not be perfect, but I'm hot!" When I look at the models, I know that there's no chance that it would be someone I know. When I peruse the "Send Them In" sights, I always fantasize that I'll discover a neighbor, the daughter of friend, or even a co-worker.

Last week I was scanning the titles of the daily submissions to my favorite voyeur site when "Gina's hairy pussy," caught my eye. There's a dark-haired Italian beauty named Angela in the accounting office of my employer. I had fantasized frequently about seeing her naked. What was her pussy like? Did she have an untamed Old World bush, modern trim, or new millennium bald? I said a little prayer and clicked on the title. That day the gods favored me, as there was Angela, sitting naked in front of her living room fireplace. Her legs were spread; her dark pink pussy lips open for inspection. Her left shoulder was thrust forward, her arm between her magnificent thighs. The mass of black curling pubic hair couldn't hide the swollen clitoris. Her nearly waist –length hair came over her right shoulder, hiding one breast. It made the left breast, with its half dollar sized dark areola and erect nipple look even more naked. More than her pussy, the thing that made my dick jump was the look in her eyes. Her chin was tilted down and her smoldering brown eyes were looking up, directly into the camera. The look said, "I need your dick, now!"

Instantly my heart rate jumped and I had trouble breathing. I could feel my heart beating in my chest. Was this really her? It was her! In the corner of the picture was her other pussy, her cat. She and her husband had invited me to a barbeque last summer, and I remembered the cat and the stonework around the fireplace. It was Angela, and untamed Old World was her style. I moved to the next picture. She was lying on the sofa in a red satin camisole without any panties. Her arms were over her head and her legs were spread as wide as possible. There was a huge infectious smile on her face as her husband spread her pubic hair away from her glistening pussy. I unzipped my pants and unleashed my throbbing prick. Three quick strokes and my prick ejected rope after rope of hot cum all over my keyboard.

It took me twenty minutes to clean the keyboard enough to use it again. Tough I had just cum, my dick began to tingle as I moved through the rest of Angela's pictures. There were ten pictures in all, including a worm's eye view upskirt that made my cock start to throb again. Then I arrived at the final picture; the lust of my life was on her knees leaning forward, her luscious ass in the air. Her husband (who's an obnoxious jerk) had his average sized dick halfway in her hairy snatch. What brought me to another mind-blowing orgasm was her asshole. Even though surrounded by damp, matted hair, it was obvious that it had been penetrated numerous times by a stiff cock. The thought of my dick in that hole was more than I could take. I had to replace the keyboard after the second load.

I've been too nervous to say anything to Angela. Every time I see her at the office, her large, moist cunt lips flash into my mind, followed by her ass in the air, the wrinkled opening just begging me to lick it and shove my prick in as far as it will go. But here's the funny thing – knowing her you would never believe that she would let those kinds of pictures be posted on the Internet. No one in the office ever told an off-color story or joke in her presence. Even though she sometimes wore low cut, or tight tops, there was an overriding prudishness in her attitude. I'm convinced that her dick-head husband put them there without her knowledge. She has a right to know, and I'm going to have to find the courage to tell her.

There was a knock on my office door followed by, "Kevin, do you have a few minutes to go over these sales reports?" There stood Angela, her hair in a single waist-length braid, smiling for all she was worth.

She stood next to me behind my desk, pointing out results that she thought would interest me. Her fresh scrubbed scent made my cock swell. Two minutes later we were done and she went to leave.

"Angela, I need to talk to you."

"About what?"

"I don't really want to talk about it in the office." There was a quizzical look on her face. "I saw where you parked this morning. I'll drive by after work and you could follow me to the Mall. We can talk in my car."

She seemed skeptical.

"Trust me," I said. "You'll understand when we're finished."

"Ok, I'll meet you in the parking lot at 5:30."

She turned and walked out of my office, the bottom of her skirt flaring as her ass wiggled down the hall. Now all I needed to do is to control myself until 5:30.

"What's so important that we can't talk about it in the office?" She questioned me as she slid into the passenger seat of my car, her skirt riding up her thighs to a medium level of modesty.

"I uh ... I don't know if I should say anything, but I was on the Internet the other night and I came across some pictures of you naked," I blurted out.

She was stunned for a second, almost as if I had told her that her mother had died. Her eyes got wide.

"You made a mistake," she said defensively. "That's not possible." Her denials were overridden by the panic on her face.

I handed her an envelope. "Look inside," I whispered.

Cautiously she undid the clasp and slid out the four pictures. Her hands began to shake and tears welled up in her eyes. "He promised me that no one we knew would see them." Her voice was cracking now. "I love posing, but just for him. Oh God!" Her head sunk into her hands and she began to sob. I touched her arm in consolation, but she shrugged it off. "You must think that I'm some kind of whore! I'm so embarrassed! How can you look at me?"

I waited a minute and handed her a tissue from console. She glanced at me, her eye makeup in disarray. She took a breath to compose herself.

"Well," she asked, "What do you think of me?"

I touched her arm again. This time she let it stay. "I think you're beautiful."

Amazement overtook her face. "You do?"

"Yes. Your body is so smooth and perfect. Seeing you naked with your long hair is such a turn on, and I'm a sucker for hairy pussies. But you know what turned me on the most? Your asshole. I can tell that Ryan fucks it regularly. I jerked off twice looking at it."

Angela had stopped crying and was now blushing. "I love a dick in my ass," she murmured. She was staring out the car window in a daze, when suddenly she turned toward me.

"You can't tell anyone about this!" she screamed, panic returning. "Please! Please! Promise me you won't!"

The pleading look in her eyes made me promise. "I promise. Are you going to remove them?" "I'm going to talk to Ryan tonight, but I want to. It seemed like a fun thing to do until now."

"Are they only on that one website?"

"Yes. They have monthly contests in various categories and we were hoping to win some money. It was foolish of me. What if Mr. Bernard (he was the president of our company) saw them? My career would be ruined!"

"Worse than Mr. Bernard," I responded, "would be Vinnie in the mail room. He's such a pervert that you can bet that copies of those would be all over the office. You would have to quit." I put my hand on top of hers. "I wouldn't want that to happen."

"Kevin, you're so sweet." She leaned over and gave me a sisterly kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad you told me."

I took my hand off of hers and noticed that her skirt had ridden up to the potentially dangerous level. My thoughts once again turned to Angela's creamy thighs and slick pussy.

"I am disappointed about one thing," I ventured.

"What's that?" "I won't have any pictures of you to look at, plus the prospect of more to come has just vanished."

Angela relaxed in her seat. Carefully grabbing the hem of her skirt, she lifted it up to her hips, then raised her ass off the seat and pulled it all the way to her waist. She was wearing nude sheer to the waist pantyhose without any panties. Her legs fell apart, exposing her hairy pussy confined by the material. My dick responded immediately, struggling to attention in my briefs. Angela hooked her thumbs in the top of her pantyhose and seductively pulled them down. She paused at her hips, the barest hint of pubic hair peeking out. The silence in the car was deafening. She raised her ass again, and slid the pantyhose to the top of her thighs, exposing her magnificent bush. Her legs were now closed, hiding her pussy from my view.

Without thinking I stroked my dick through my pants. Her eyes noticed my response and a smile appeared. Ever so slowly she lowered the leg wear until it was around her ankles. My focus was on her pubic hair as she spread her knees. It felt like an eternity until Angela was fully exposed. The damp pink folds of her labia were clearly visible through the mass of black curls. A thin finger from her right hand descended to the bottom of her cunt and slid upwards between the lips, parting the hair to give me a better view of her most precious spot. My hand was rubbing my prick so hard that a wet spot appeared on my khakis.

Angela whimpered softly as her finger encircled her clit. My vision was glued to her finger as it ventured over the hood and then around and through the folds of her pussy lips. They were swelling now, and pussy juice was collecting on the dense patch of hair surrounding her cunt. I could smell her. Her scent was musky, warm, comforting. My cock had never been this hard before and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I didn't care if I came in my pants. The sight of her spreading her pussy her lips and revealing her now swollen clit were too much. If I died right now from a heart attack, I would die a happy man. My hand clamped my tool even harder as I spurted hot semen into my underwear, my eyes never leaving her hot cunt. My feet kicked the underside of the dashboard as I came and jolted the two of us back to reality.

Angela removed her fingers from her pussy and closed her legs. She reached forward and struggled to untangle the pantyhose wrapped around her feet. As the wet spot on my pants spread I watched her slide the pantyhose up her legs and once again encase her womanhood in nylon. We were still both breathing hard when she had finished.

"I can't believe I did that!" she said as she smoothed her skirt and returned her appearance to normal. "That's quite some spot you have there," pointing to my pants.

I laughed. "I have you to thank for it. Thank you." I took her right hand and lifted her fingers to my nose. I inhaled deeply. Emboldened by her powerful odor, I sucked on her forefinger, and then added her middle finger to my mouth. The fingers were still damp with her juices, and she started to squirm in response to my actions.

With a breathless, "Stop!" she pulled her fingers out of my mouth and returned them to her lap. "I've never done this before with anyone but my husband. I don't want to get myself in trouble."

I felt my heart race at the sound of her words. "I would never do anything that made you feel uncomfortable. It's just that the sight of you like that, your pussy so hot and wet, gives me crazy ideas."

She gave me a quizzical look. "What kind of ideas?"

"I want to photograph you."

Angela looked into my eyes, then down to my wet spot, then back to my eyes. "I think we can work that out."

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