Day 1 - Cruising With Rachel

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Rachel spotted him sneaking back into the dispersing safety briefing crowd after he'd fucked Lara. She came to his room to give him a one-on-one special safety briefing but finished up sampling what Lara had received and a whole lot more.

I'd lashed out on this cruise and paid for the royal suite on the ship. It had lots of room including a spa. I was back in my suite after having fucked Lara during the safety briefing. She was attending with her family and I'd been able to sneak her away into an accessway and give her a fucking to remember. The only trouble was that Rachel (the assistant cruise director) had sprung me sneaking back out of the accessway.

She'd made a comment about a security camera and things appearing bigger on camera. I thought it was a veiled reference to the fucking that I gave Lara in the accessway. So I wasn't sure what to expect when Rachel came to my suite - she may very well be bringing the captain to throw me off the ship.

It was about 6:30 PM when I heard the knock on my suite door.

I opened the door to discover Rachel standing there - she was alone and dressed in a BINGO logoed t-shirt (she was the BINGO number caller for the cruise). I invited her in, smelling her perfume as she passed close by me. I closed the door and followed Rachel into the sitting area of my suite. I stood a little closer than you would normally do - I was trying to intimidate her a little with my close proximity.

"Grant. You have been a very naughty boy. The safety briefing is an important part of your cruise." Rachel said with a stern face that gradually changed into a beaming smile. "Besides I know that your attentions were wasted on that woman. She wasn't a very good cocksucker."

"Oh" I thought. Rachel had probably seen everything that happened in the accessway.

I'd had a shower since my encounter with Lara and I was wearing just a pair of boxer shorts. At the mention of cocksucking, my monster cock had started to waken and unfurl in the confines of my shorts.Rachel stepped closer and ran the palm of her hand over my bulge.

"Hmmm ... that feels so fucking big" she commented before she pulled out on the waistband to peek inside my boxers. "Holy fucking hell" she groaned as she spied my monster cock unfurling in front of her eyes. She pulled the waitband down until it was under my cock and balls. I was now on full display for her viewing (and feeling) pleasure.

She dropped to her knees to get a closer look at my 10 inch very fat and very hard cock. She tried to cup my huge balls in her hand but they were too big to fit. After a quick feel, she moved her hand to grasp the cockshaft at its base.

"Oh my god" she muttered as she inspected my cock from tip to root. She took her time with the visual inspection until she started to caress it by running her finger tips just gently up and down the shaft.

Her touch was sensational for me. I was rock-hard and leaking pre-cum in response to her touches. Her tongue came out and licked up the pre-cum. "Hmmm..." she groaned as she tasted me. "That's sensational. I can't wait to taste your cum." With that statement made, she popped my cockhead into her mouth and ran her tongue around and around me. Her hand returned to play with my balls as she sucked and licked the top few inches of my cock.

Before things get out of hand too much, I had better describe Rachel. She stood about 5ft 4ins tall with a slim body that had been blessed with a nice set of C-cup tits and a killer ass. Her hair was curly, long and rusty brown in colour. She had a nice pleasant face which at the moment was in my crotch looking after my very hard and very big cock.

She had succeeded in taking almost half my cock inside her mouth and I was butting up against the entrance to her throat. She wasn't having much luck ingesting much more of me despite her best efforts. I could sense that she was getting frustrated, so I grabbed her upper arms and pulled her into a standing position. As she stood up, my cock popped free of her mouth and stood at attention.

I pushed my shorts off my hips and they fell to the ground. I stepped out of them and walked forward a step to take her into my arms and lock my lips to hers. We must have looked strange - I was totally naked and she was still fully dressed. But this was a situation that I was going to remedy very soon.

I was grinding my erection into her tummy as my hands held her ass cheeks and pulled her closer as we kissed. I caught her active tongue between my teeth and sucked on it for a moment before releasing it to continue its parrying with mine. My hands slipped up from her ass cheeks to the back of her shirt, grasping it and lifting it higher and higher until we had to release our lip lock to remove her shirt completely. Her bra was off in a flash and her tits and their erect nipples were quickly boring into my chest.

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