Day 1 - Cruising With Lara

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Size, Public Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He was supposed to be paying attention at the safety briefing at the start of the cruise. However a delicious MILF parked her butt directly in front of his oversized crotch and did a slow grind with her ass. What was he to do...other than fuck her during the briefing.

It was day 1 of a 14 day cruise of the South Pacific. At the time, I was 54 years old, reasonaby fit and moderately wealthy thanks to a few shrewd business investments. On the cruise I was travelling alone, but not expecting to be sleeping alone during the cruise. I had this knack of attracting female company, both attached and unattached.

Before we set sail, all passengers assembled at their life raft stations to hear the safety briefing. At my station, I had the luck to be standing behind this very shapely MILF. She was about 5 ft 5 inches tall with long straight raven-coloured hair to mid-back; and a nicely shaped ass. Her husband and two teenage sons were standing to her right and left. Her presence and her perfume were arousing me, with my "king cobra" cock waking up from its slumber and causing a significant lump in my shorts.

More people arrived at the life raft station and she was forced to shuffle backwards until her ass was rubbing against my bulge. She was startled for a moment when she realised that she had connected with someone behind her; then she realised exactly what she was rubbing her ass against. I took the opportunity to push my crotch harder against her ass whilst putting a hand on her right hip to direct her movements.

Her head swung around to catch a look at who was molesting her ass. Our eyes met as I ground my crotch into her ass once again.

I introduced myself with a "Hi. I'm Grant. I'm pleased to bump into you".

"Oh ... oh ... I'm Lara. It's a bit crowded here" she replied as a new wave of people arriving pushed her further back onto me and away from her family. I placed my other hand on her other hip - now I was directing her hip movements as I worked her ass against my engorged bulge.

Lara had a very pretty face. At a guess, I put here age at around 35 years old. Her body was well proportioned and from a quick glance she had a nice set of full tits. They were bra-less and modestly covered by a sleeveless pink blouse. The ass that teased my cock was covered by a floral mid-thigh length cotton skirt.

The movement of the crowd had worked both of us to the back of the throng, and away from her family. There were plenty of people to our sides and front, but no one was behind us, just a closed door. I used the closeness of the crowd to slip my hand upwards from her hip, and under her blouse until my hand was cupping her firm tit.

"Oh my god, you are such a beautiful MILF" I whispered into her ear as I caressed her bare tit. She knew exactly what I meant because she pushed her ass back into my highly engorged crotch.

"Come with me ... quickly" I whispered again to her as I pulled her through the door behind us. Closing the door we found ourselves in a narrow dimly lit accessway. I spun her around and locked my lips to hers as we kissed savagely in the confined space.

My hand was on her ass as I pulled her tightly against me, with my cock now pushing into her tummy. The kiss continued in length and savagry as we attempted to devour each other. I grabbed the bottom of her blouse and pulled it off over her head as we momentarily broke our lip lock long enough to dispose of both our shirts.

We came back together, this time with her bare tits and rock-hard nipples boring into my chest. Our lips and tongues fought for supremacy as we savagely kissed, almost bruising our lips in the process. I slipped a hand to her waist and pushed down on her skirt waist band until her skirt fell to the floor around her ankles. Lara was wearing a skimpy G-string for just a moment longer before I ripped it from her body, leaving her totally naked.

She broke off the kiss and fell to her knees, grasping the waist-band of my shorts and dragging them towards my feet. My cock popped free as my shorts went lower until they pooled around my ankles.

"Oh my fucking god ... you're fucking huge" Lara exclaimed as she grasped my cock by the root, her hand not being big enough to wrap around its girth. She milked my cock with firm strokes as she gazed at it - probably wondering if this was a good idea.

After a few strokes, with a little effort she was able to pop the cockhead into her mouth. Her lips were stretched wide apart to accommodate my girth, but this was a woman on a mission and soon she was sucking the first couple of cock inches with some gusto. I was enjoying the sensation but what I really wanted was to fuck her pussy - the briefing was getting close to finishing and her family would be looking for her.

Reluctantly I pulled out of her mouth. "Come on up here. I want to fuck you, and we don't have much time left" I said.

She stood back up, and I directed her to face the door, spread her legs and put the palms of her hands flat on the door. Soon she was in the classic position to allow me to doggy fuck her. I ran a finger or two through her pussy furrow to discover that she was extremely wet.

Satisfied with her wetness, I grasped my cock and directed its head up and down between her pussy lips, gathering her juices on my cockhead before I paused and engaged its head with the entrance of her pussy canal. I could feel the heat scorching my cockhead as I prepared to slide deep inside her.

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