The JOMB Club
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The girls of the JOMB Club tell their story.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Masturbation  


You might have been in some kind of club when you were in high school but I'll pretty much bet you weren't in one like the one I started.

I wasn't quite in high school, it was the summer between middle- and high school.

I had a girlfriend over to spend the night and we were in bed with the lights out talking about boys and sex when Candace asked me, "Do you know if your brother masturbates? If he jacks-off?"

"David, you want to know if David masturbates?"


I laughed a little and told her, "Yeah, I actually saw him about two months ago; he was sitting at his computer with his headphones on, I'm sure looking at porn, and he was going up and down. It was really hot to watch."

"You saw the whole thing? Even the end? Him shooting?"

"Yeah, so cool, it really flew out. I'd never seen it before."

"Was it big, his dick?"

"Candace, why do you want to know that?"

"Your brother is hot, that's why. I'd go and do it for him right now if I had the chance."

"No you wouldn't, that's just talk."

"I would, I'd go do it right now. I think David is the hottest guy there is."

"You mean you'd go down the hall and go in my brother's room and offer to give him a hand job?"

"Just thinking about it has me so hot, yes, I'd do it. Do you think he'd let me do it?"

"He's a boy, Candace, I can't imagine any boy turning down a hand job. You're serious, aren't you?"

"Do you think I should? I just want to hold it in my hand so bad. Oh, I bet it gets really, really hard."

"You're crazy, Candace."

"Crazy for your brother. That's what I am, I'd do it in a minute. Your parents sleep downstairs, they'd never know. I could just slip off my nighty and go in his room, he's right in the next room. Omigod, I'm so horny from thinking about it."

"Well, do it then," I told her, exasperated at her indecision. I felt the bed move and the door open and then close, leaving me in silence.


Janie was my best friend but one of the reasons I loved hanging out with her at her house was her older brother, David. He was two years older than us, he'd be a junior next fall, and he was tall and handsome with brown wavy hair and hazel eyes. What I liked best was his wicked-sexy grin and every time I saw him I felt my middle get warm. And I knew enough about that to know it was sexual attraction.

When Janie told me she'd seen him masturbating, actually saw his penis as he stroked it up and down, then saw it shoot, omigod, I put my hand down in my panties and put my middle finger up inside, dreaming it was her brother's dick. I just wanted to take his cock in my own hand and make him happy.

Then, after talking about me going and jacking him off, I just decided to get up and go to his room and do it, no matter what happened. They say guys think with their dicks but, well, pussies do our thinking for us sometimes, too.

So, I sat up, slipped off my nighty and eased her door open. The hallway was dark and I felt my way down to the next door, David's. There was no light coming from underneath, so I slowly turned to knob, went in, and eased to door shut.

"David?" I whispered.

"Janie, is that you? What do you want?"

"No, it's me, Candace."

"Candace? What do you want?"

"It's kinda chilly in here, can I get under the covers?"

"Um, uh, sure," he said and I moved over to his bed and felt where he was holding up the covers and got in.

"Are you okay?" he asked and I moved to him, resting my hand on his chest, then, dragging it down to his penis which was hard and long and stiff.

"Oh, Candace," he gasped.

"Shh, just be quiet," I whispered, as I lifted my hand up and drooled saliva on it and took hold of him again to begin stroking.

"Oh, Candace, omigod, that feels so good."

"Just be still and enjoy it, I want to make you feel good. Is this nice?"

His hand touched my breast as his fingers softly circled my nipple.

I moved up, trying to get my nipple to his mouth which he found and began to suck as I slowly masturbated him in the darkness of his room.

The only sounds were our breathing which was becoming heavier and heavier as I went on. I had talked with several of my friends about hand jobs and how to do them, even practiced on one girl's dildo. It was one her mother had given her and she also had several vibrators as well, all from her mom.

So, I had a pretty good idea of how to jack a guy off and, from what I was hearing with my ears and feeling with my hand, I was doing pretty well.

"Mmm, mmm," he moaned softly as I moved my hand up and down. I was so turned on, my dream of holding my best friend's brother's hard penis in my hand, now come true.

"Mmm, yeah, this is incredible. At first I thought you were my sister coming to ask me something. But, oh, man, this is awesome. You do it so good, I think I'm gonna shoot."

"Can we turn on a light so I can watch when you do?" I asked and he shifted a bit and on came his bedside light. I looked down at my small hand sliding up and down his swollen penis, long and with a beautiful, round head.

"You look beautiful, Candace, really beautiful."

"You do too, David, I can't believe I really am doing this, it's so hot and sexy."

He leaned over and kissed me on the lips as I stroked him up and down; oh, yes, this was sex, this was making my pussy just go crazy.

I was still kind of nervous but I was also super-turned-on. His hand was now on my boobs as I took him to closer to his orgasm.

His mouth opened as he groaned, "Oh, I'm gonna cum, oh, it feels so good," and I could feel it throb and his wet cum shot up out from the end over and over and began running down my fist. I kept going, now slicker than ever.

"Does it still feel good? You want me to keep going?"

"Oh, I never want you to stop, it just feels so good when you do it."

It was so cool to see him cum, to see the white, gooey cum go flying up out the end of his dick, then to see his face look so happy. I did keep going and after a while he did it again, though not as much came out.

"Oh, Candace, that was wonderful, thank you, you've made me feel so good," he said as he kissed and felt me.

"I need to get back to Janie's room, okay? Maybe I'll come and do it again in the morning if you think you'd like it again."

"Oh, more than anything, it was awesome," he gushed and kissed me goodnight and I tiptoed back down the hall and got into bed.


"You must have done it, you were gone a long time."

"Oh, girl, have you ever done a boy like that? With your hand?" Candace asked me.

"No, tell me what it was like. I'll bet my brother just loved it."

"Oh, he did, had me do it twice."

"Twice? Did he cum both times?"

"Yeah, it's the coolest thing I've ever seen, it really shoots."

"God, my brother. Does his dick feel really hard?"

"Oh, girl, I wanted to suck it but that would have been too slutty. So I jacked him off twice. Oh, I've got to get myself off, I'm so horny," she said. "Mmm, that's better, it's three fingers I'm so horny. Wanna join me, I'll tell you all about it."

So, I pulled my panties down and started finger-fucking myself as she continued, "I went in his room, the lights were out and he thought it was you. I told him it was me and that it was chilly and could I get under the covers. Then I just reached over and my hand found his dick pretty quick. Oh, did he like that."

We were both stroking our fingers in and out as she told me more, "I spit on my hand and started masturbating him. Oh, did he love it, started moaning and stuff and began feeling my boobs. It was so sexy, just the max."

"Yeah and did you have the lights on?"

"Not at first but I asked him to turn the light on, I wanted to see him. Well, I also wanted him to see me, too, see me naked."

"I'll bet he liked that, you're really pretty now that your boobs are the size they are."

"Oh, he went for those, he sure did, even sucked on them while I did it."

"How did that feel, him sucking your titties?"

"Oh, girl, it was so sexy. You've just got to have a boy do it. You'll love it."

"Yeah, but what boy? Where am I going to get a boy to suck my boobs?"

"I know this sounds weird but I did your brother, you could do mine?"

"Simon? He'll be a senior next year, he's three years older than us."

"He has a dick, girl, that's all you need. And he's cute, right?"

Oh, she was right about that. And I just knew he'd already have a girlfriend.

"But he must have a girlfriend, right?"

"Broke up about three months ago. I don't think he's even had a date since," Candace told me.

"And you think he'd let me do it like my brother did?"

"He's a guy, a horny guy, of course he'd let you do it," she told me as we both masturbated side-by-side. "You should come over my house next and you can sneak into my brother's room and do him. Oh, he'd love it," she panted.

"He is really cute. Have you ever seen his dick?" I asked.

"Not hard. I did see it a couple of times when I guess it was soft. It was fairly small so I don't think it was hard."

"Was he naked when you saw him?"

"Yeah both times. He didn't know I saw him but he's pretty hot-looking when he's naked. I think you should come and do my brother, after all, I did yours."

So, that planted the idea which hatched a week later.


Janie's brother, David, was awake when I snuck into his room the next morning and slipped into bed with him.

"You came, I was hoping you'd remember," he said as he took me in his arms and kissed me, pulling me tight so I could feel exactly how excited he was to see me.

My hand went down between us, I boldly knew what I wanted by now, and gripped his erection.

"Oh, you're really hard. Were you really wanting me to do it?"

"Oh, Candace, you made me feel so good last night, it was incredible what you did. I've been wanting more, I hope that's all right?"

"Mmm, I liked doing it, it was fun and to see you shoot and how good it felt, well, that was really hot."

"Can I do anything for you? Maybe you could show me how girls do it so I could do you?"

There it was. He was asking me to do something that meant that I would have to take my panties off and open my legs for him to see me. I knew I wasn't ugly there, in fact, I shaved down there like almost all my friends and, really, my pussy was nice; two plump halves that looked like the girls I'd seen in Playboy and in porn videos. So, I didn't think he'd been turned-off; no, it was just so intimate to show him myself down there.

Then I thought about how he might have felt when I asked him to turn his light on so I could see him. Maybe boys were bashful about their equipment, too? So I asked him, "Do yo think your parents will be up yet? Would they come up here?"

"Nah, they like to sleep in on Saturdays and they never come up here anyway."

"Let me get you off, then we can see," I stalled as I stroked him up and down, loving the feel of his hard penis in my hand knowing that I was going to soon make him cum.

"Am I doing it right? Does it feel good?"

"Oh, Candace, it feels so good, yes, you're gonna make me cum in just a minute," he moaned. I just loved doing it, the feel of a boy's hardness in my hand was awesome and when he cummed, oh, man, that was the best. I loved watching it.

"Mmm, mmm, oh, I'm cumming," he gasped as it shot out of him over and over, falling back down on my hand in thick, white globs. "Oh, that feels so good," he groaned and I kept going until he shot again.

"I should get back, David, I really need to go," I told him. I knew the real reason for me leaving was that I still didn't want him seeing me so intimately. So, I jumped up and silently went back to Janie's room.

"Did you do it? Get him off?" she asked as soon as I came in her room.

"Yeah, he loved it and, girl, I did too. Is that fun. And am I horny. He asked me if I wanted him to do me? The way girls do it?"

"Did you let him?"

"I just couldn't. I'd have to take off my panties and let him see everything I've got."

"You should have, Candace, I'll bet it's just awesome to have a boy do your pussy for you."

"Yeah but he's got to see it," I said as I got down on the bed, pulling my panties off to begin masturbating. I was just so horny I had to.

We both got ourselves off that morning, now sharing the knowledge that I'd now masturbated her brother four times.

That wasn't the end of it, either, it was just the beginning. David started coming over to my house and I'd always do it at least twice and whenever I was over at Janie's house, she'd always wait for me to do her brother while she did herself in her room.

So, now David and I were a regular couple and I invited Janie over to see if she really wanted to follow-through on doing my brother.

"So, do you still want to jack-off my brother?" I asked her.

"I don't know. I'm a lot younger and maybe he'd think I'm just a kid."

"I've seen you naked, Janie, you look hot. He doesn't have a girlfriend and I'll bet you anything he's horny as can be. Go do it, girl. I did, look what it got me, David's my boyfriend now and I get him off all the time. In fact, I've been thinking of having him do me."

"Let him masturbate you? You're ready to let him see everything you've got?"

I nodded and she told me that she was going to do it and she went out of my room and closed the door behind her.

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