Spelled Innocents

by shrike

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Lolita, TransGender, Fan Fiction, Brother, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Safe Sex, Transformation, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: The changed girl starts working as a lawyer and meets someone from her past. Then people start changing and she gets involved.

This story is a sequel to Spelled Racist, it is advisable to read that story first.

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As I stood in front of the building where I was going to have my interview at the law firm of Bascomb, Hanner & Trevelyn, I thought back at how I had gotten here. After having been changed from a white racist boy into a beautiful Chinese girl, I managed to find a new life and family and finish my college with a law degree. I smiled, thinking back to my graduation day. My good friend Cassie, with her fiancée Brett had been there as well as Helen, another friend that helped me out of a jam then. I remembered everything clearly, it helps if you have a Eidetic memory. I could recall everything perfectly.

I threw my cap in the air just like all the others before I walked over to where my friends Cassie and Helen were waiting. I told Cassie, "I don't have the money yet, but I'll pay you back as soon as I can."

Cassie responded, "No need for that Xia. It is my graduation gift to you. If you hadn't done so well I would have asked for it back, but you performed even better than I expected."

"But Cassie, I can't accept this. It is too much. Please let me pay you back."

Cassie smiled, "I don't have to worry about my financial situation. You need the money, so just indulge me in helping a good friend."

I hugged her, "Thank you so much Cassie, I'll never forget this."

A horn blaring on the street took me out of my reverie. I looked at my watch, it was nearly time for me to go in. I hadn't taken any Catataxin, the anti magic drug, today as I felt fine, and wasn't bothered too much with my power. Catataxin was invented to help people being bothered with magic use to get relief, but it was also to keep criminals that used magic in line and it even protected people mostly Federal Bureau of Magic officers safeguarded against magic users.

I was very confident about this job interview. Of course my precognitive power had something to do with that as well. It showed me two outcomes, but the one in which I got the job was much clearer.

I waited for several minutes on a plush seat before being admitted to Mr. Hanner himself. I hadn't expected to be interviewed by one of the partners in person. I did know that the firm wasn't that big. But it was highly praised and prestigious. He shook my hand and pointed to a plush seat, while he didn't sit down himself, but went to a table behind another seat. I couldn't see what was on it, but I thought I clearly heard, "Maybe you would like something to drink?"

I answered him, "Yes, may I have a tea please."

He turned around and looked at me strangely, before preparing the tea behind the seat's back. Then he put two cups on the table between us. He sat down and asked, "So, Miss Wu. I see that you just graduated from Tulane. Tell me why I should hire you?"

In my clear voice I answered, "Well, I finished top in my class and can offer a lot to the firm. I'm a hard worker and have already done an internship with a small law firm in New Orleans."

"Yes of course, but all the law graduates that apply here have that. What sets you apart from them?"

I started talking about my accomplishments during my internship, and soon we got into a discussion. Then I thought I heard him say, "I don't know why I should hire you. You're a good looking girl, but the practice needs more than just a pretty face."

I answered, "You're right of course, you don't only need a pretty face. And I'm not just that. I have an eidetic memory and can think quickly on my feet."

Mr. Hanner looked strangely at me, and before he opened his mouth I thought I heard him say, "Maybe there is more to you than meets the eye."

I nodded, "Yes Mr. Hanner. There is more to me than meets the eye. I have already proven that I'm good at what I do. It would be bad for your business if I were hired by a competitor."

Now I knew that he did speak, "Damn it, you don't even give me a chance to ask my question. You already know what I'm going to ask. Are you psychic or something? Are you reading my mind?"

Only now I realized what had happened. I was unconsciously using my precognitive power and knew what he was going to say before he said it. I sagged into my chair feeling so down. I even started to cry a little. Mr. Hanner got up and sat down next to me. "I'm sorry Miss Wu. I didn't mean to upset you."

I quickly dried my tears, "I'm so sorry Mr. Hanner. I'm not reading your mind. It's just that I have a magic power. I'm a precognitive. And I also have a weak whisper power, though it is just enough to make people feel at ease and get them to talk to me." I smiled meekly, "It comes in handy at times."

Mr. Hanner smiled at me, "Why didn't you tell me before? I also don't see it mentioned in your resume."

"I don't feel proud of it, and I even try to suppress it. My precog power is more like a curse mostly."

Mr. Hanner stood up and started pacing. "Miss Wu, I am going to be frank with you. I do like your resume and how you handle yourself. But I would have appreciated more honesty. You should have told me of your magic powers."

I looked down to the floor. 'There went my chance of working with this firm, but my precog power still showed me a bright path that I would work here. How is that possible?'

Mr. Hanner sat down again, "But I feel that your talents and power might be an asset in the company, so I'm going to offer you the job."

My face lit up in joy. I almost couldn't believe what I had just heard. Then again, my power had showed me that, hadn't it? I shouldn't doubt it.

He continued, "But I do have some issues that I want to make perfectly clear. First of all, unless you announce it before court, you can't use your powers in an official capacity. You may use it to help you in your cases, though I don't want to know about it. Do you have medicine against your power just in case there are objections for you having that ability?"

I nodded, "Yes, I have a prescription for Catataxin. Sometimes my power gives me headaches or causes too much burden in showing so many outcomes of all decisions that I can't stand it. I always have some pills with me." With that, I showed him my medicine.

He examined it for a moment, and then gave it back to me. "Another point is punctuality. We like our people to be on time at all times. Now a third point is that we have a dress code here. You do look great and what you're wearing now is perfect." I looked at my business attire, which consisted of a dark gray skirt, a cream-white blouse and dark gray jacket matching the skirt.

Meanwhile he continued, "But you are expected to wear something like this all the time. Maybe a little more heel would be better." Now I looked down at my shoes. Mine only had a 1 inch heel, but I had several shoes with higher heels.

"You can wear tasteful pants when the weather or the situation, like going to a client outdoors for instance, demands it. In all other times you are expected to dress like you're going appear before the Supreme Court."

I nodded, 'Well that won't be a problem.' Ever since I changed and lived with my adoptive family Hsu, I wore almost exclusively skirts and dresses. It sometimes drove my adoptive sister Kathy nuts. She wanted me to wear more pants, but some part of the programming of the spell was still intact, making me dislike pants.

Mr. Hanner sort of ticked things of on a virtual list in his head I think, as he cocked his head and said, "I want to talk about something else. I hope you don't find it too intimate or too inquisitive but I need to know what I'm getting. I need to know your personal status. You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but of course it will make things harder for you to get accepted in the firm."

I nodded to him again, I had a feeling what he wanted to know. He asked, "So, what can you tell me about your personal status?"

I thought back to what had happened a few years back.

After my change into a girl, I had been forced to like men. Papa Bob had lifted the more devious curses, but it still left me with a high sexual attraction to men. Unfortunately, I didn't want any sexual relations due to my experiences. But as I became more frustrated, I had decided to try a relationship.

I had met a nice good looking boy named Jed Bointon on campus. On the second date we started kissing and one thing led to another. Soon we were at his place and we started to undress ourselves as we continued kissing. I had to admit that he was skilled at seducing women. He kissed my body all over and made me ready for him as I ever was. But then as he started climbing on top of me, I had a vision. 'I saw Jed getting worked up very quickly and ejaculate inside me without satisfying me. I would yell that I hadn't come, and he would just shrug and lay next to me.' So just as Jed was about to put his dick inside me, I stopped him.

"Jed, this isn't going to work. You're going to fuck me and you won't care if I am satisfied or not." I saw he wanted to protest, "No, don't try to say otherwise. I have seen it with my precognitive power." I pushed him away and put my clothes back on. I was really disappointed, I had wanted to get laid, but my precog power was now making it impossible. 'Damn! I hate my power sometimes, especially when it is so powerful.' Jed was really flustered and put off. I said my goodbye, and knew that he would never bother to ask me out again.

Later I talked to Kathy about what had happened. She tried to console me, but I sulked for a several days. I did try a few more dates, but I never let them get that far again. I already saw that I would be disappointed. And I was to blame for most of them. I just didn't want to go through such an experience again.

I took some Catataxin to deaden my power and had a nice evening out with a young man, but when we started to make out I didn't feel the attraction or the need for having sex. It appeared that the Catataxin deadened my feelings and senses as well. We did have sex on a date later, but it wasn't that enjoyable for me.

After that I resigned myself to limit myself to a vibrator and never to have someone special in my life. Kathy felt sorry for me and tried to hide her dating from me. She only started dating again after several years in therapy. She had gotten over the rape she had endured, and now had a steady boyfriend.

I snapped out of my reverie to answer Mr. Hanner's question. I sighed, "I found that my power is interfering with having relationships. I guess I'll never have someone close to me. I'll probably always stay alone."

Mr. Hanner smiled, "Never say never. There might be someone special for you out there. But for the moment that is good news for me."

There was a knock on the door to his office and the secretary, whom I had seen outside, entered. She gave an envelope to Mr. Hanner with, "You were expecting this Mr. Hanner."

He said to me, "I'm sorry Miss Wu. Do you mind if I..."

I smiled, "No, go right ahead."

He opened the envelope forcefully and pulled out a file folder. I couldn't see what was inside but Mr. Hanner started reading and flipping through some pages. Then I got another vision. In a flash I saw myself looking distraught at something Mr. Hanner asked me. I found it most disturbing so I asked, "Does that folder have something to do with me, Mr. Hanner?"

He looked up from the folder. "Very perceptive Miss Wu, or is this another vision that you had."

I looked guiltily at him, "Yes it is. I saw that I will be very distraught by something you are going to ask me."

He thought for a moment, "Right then, I'll ask you straight. I had a background check done on you. Don't be alarmed, we do it for all our new perspective employees and clients. But it appears that you didn't exist until 3 years ago. Care to tell me where you were before then, are you maybe illegally in the country?"

I looked distraught, just like in my vision. The truth had caught up with me. I pursed my lips, "Mr. Hanner, since you have been so frank to me I'll tell you. But only if you promise that it will stay between us." I could see him frown, but he kept quiet. "I'm telling you this in confidence, since I was asked by the FBM not to divulge information on what happened. I used to be a young man going to college on a football scholarship. But I got set up for rape on a college girl. I was acquitted from the charges, but the father of the victim, in a rage of anger, hired someone to put a spell on me as revenge. In short, I got changed into the young woman that I am today. Since then I found out who the real rapist was and have been adopted by that girl's family as compensation for what had been done to me."

Mr. Hanner looked at me without saying anything. It lasted several minutes before he finally moved and said, "I see, that does explain a lot. You are right to keep this information secret. I do know about a few cases involving magic gender change, fortunately. I can't go into that now, but I understand your situation. Including that you were living with the family Hsu, who paid most of your expenses. Only the tuition of your college degree was paid by someone else."

I smiled, "Yes, during my days of hardship I met a good friend. She's been very helpful and offered to pay me the tuition. I wanted to refuse, but she insisted."

"That must be some good friend you have there."

I smiled thinking of Cassandra. "The best, she's a lawyer too, but she lives in New Orleans."

Mr. Hanner got up from his seat, "Well, I have seen and heard enough." He extended his hand and I shook it. He continued, "Welcome to the company. You start on Monday morning early. We always have a meeting on Monday morning 8.00. I'll introduce you and another new employee starting here on Monday."

I was outside the building before I knew it and was exhilarated. I had a job! Then I remembered that I still had to look for a place to live. I had marked several choices from a newspaper and made my choice with my precog power, sensing what would be the best and most affordable for me.

About an hour later I inspected the spacious room in my new boarding house. It was good and the landlady was nice. I signed the lease and since it was already furnished, I plopped down on the sofa. I called my adopted sister Kathy first with the news. "Kathy? Hi, it's me Xia. I just wanted to let you know that I got the job and found a room."

Kathy squealed in excitement. "I'm so happy for you. So when are you going to invite me? I'd love to see your new place."

"Well, it is furnished, but I think it is better after next week. This way I can get some work done first."

Kathy agreed and we chatted for a few moments more before I ended the conversation. I wanted something to eat. Of course I didn't have any food yet, though I did have a small kitchen with a fridge. A close inspection showed that it was totally empty. But shopping would have to wait. First I wanted to call Cassie with the good news.

Cassie was thrilled as well, but said that she was too busy to come up to Baltimore in the immediate future. I teased her a little, saying, "Yeah right, busy with a certain specimen of the male species I think." She was quiet for a moment, and I think she was glad that I couldn't see her blush. Now being African American she doesn't blush very visibly as well. Then she changed the subject and asked about my amorous adventures. Darn it, she knows I don't like relationships due to my power. We chatted for several minutes but said our goodbyes quite quickly.

As it was only Friday I went out for some shopping and ate at a Chinese restaurant. The waitress didn't seem surprised when I ordered in Chinese but when I was specific about some choices she looked at me with surprise. Later I began to acquaint myself with my surroundings. I had never been in this city before. On Saturday I slept in, then went out shopping again. I bought a few more business suits for myself, and anxiously awaited the arrival of my moving truck. They were on time, fortunately. The rest of the day, as well as Sunday I was busy hanging all my clothes, which consisted mostly of dresses and skirts with nice blouses and some coats into my closets.

I only had two pairs of pants in my collection. I knew it was another result of the spells that changed me. I liked wearing dresses and skirts. Sunday evening I made a light dinner and read in the newspaper that I had bought. The paper had several stories about some strange mishaps that were contributed to illegal magic use. The authorities didn't know what to think of it and since the consequences hadn't been that severe, the FBM were only now getting involved. They didn't give any comment yet, but the author of the article speculated that someone or a small group of people were testing out newly gained powers.

Monday morning started not so good. I woke up with a headache from my precognitive power and took some Catataxin to relieve my pain and discomfort. Then I had to use an umbrella. Normally the weather is magically regulated. It was supposed to rain only at night, but somehow a big rain cloud had managed to intrude on the Baltimore sky. The morning news on the radio suggested that it was yet another use of illegal magic.

The streets were quite wet and there were puddles everywhere. I was just across the street of my new work when I had to juggle my briefcase, the umbrella and press the button to cross the street. As I was trying to do all of that, a car raced by on the street, hitting a puddle and soaking me from top to toe. I was, all at the same time, embarrassed, furious, disappointed and down. If I'd had a real power then and there, the driver would've been very sorry.

Out of habit I looked the way the car had been going and to my dismay the car had stopped and the driver got out. 'Good, now I can vent my anger on him.' The man quickly ran over to me, already saying, "I'm so sorry, I didn't notice you until the last moment. Are you all right?"

I couldn't utter a single word from shock. I was flabbergasted, shocked to the core of my being and happy all at once. I recognized him immediately. He was my younger brother, Gordon. He looked me over, "I'm so sorry to get you all wet. Please say something Miss eh..."

Automatically I answered, "Wu. Wu Xia is my name."

He quickly said, "Miss Wu, I'm really sorry, I would like to help you, but I'm pressed for time. I have to be somewhere. Here is my card, please have everything cleaned at my expenses. It's the least I can do."

I still couldn't utter anything intelligent. Here I was in my body, that of an attractive Chinese girl standing before my own brother who didn't and couldn't possibly recognize me. I had missed him so much and now that I had found him again I couldn't even find anything to say to him. I couldn't even come up with some cuss words or something stupid. 'I can't just blurt out "Hi little brother," now can I?'

Before I knew it, I was standing there with his card in my dainty hand as he got back into his car and sped away at a breakneck speed. Only now did I come to my senses. 'I just missed my chance to say hello to my brother. Well I do have his card, maybe I can call him. And say what? Hi I'm your older brother, I've changed a bit since you last saw me? I can't do something like that. It was nice to see him again though.'

I got roused from my thoughts by two older ladies approaching me. One said, "Oh my dear, we watched the whole thing, why don't you come with us to see if we can get you dry. You should've yelled and cursed that man for doing something like that to you, you know?"

I smiled at the ladies, "I was just too surprised, sorry."

The other woman said, "No need to be sorry, I'm Abigail and this is Susan. Come with us to the shop please and get those wet clothes off."

I saw that I had little choice, so I followed the two ladies to a small clothes shop. They told me to strip out of my wet clothes. They offered to clean and dry them. As I stripped out of my clothes I asked them, "How long will that take?"

Susan answered, "About an hour or an hour and a half."

I cried, "That's too long. I've got to be on time at my new job." I looked at my watch and exclaimed, "Shoot I'm already going to be too late."

Abigail looked at me, "I think I have something that you can wear in the meantime. We made a dress for a customer who didn't want it anymore. She was about your size, so you could wear it till you get back here. Your clothes will be dry and waiting for you then."

I contemplated the offer for a second. It was the best solution at the moment. "Okay then. I think I need some dry underwear too. But I'll buy it, if I still have a job that is."

Susan hushed me, "I'm sure that you will. Now here is some underwear. Abby, get the dress will you?"

I went into a dressing room with the packaged underwear. I quickly stripped my panties and bra and ripped the packages open. I was stunned to see the delicate French cut underwear. They were way too nice to wear for work. However I didn't have any choice but to put them on, so I did. As I stepped out of the dressing room the women were already waiting for me with a long blue dress. Draped on Abigail's arm it already looked nice. When I put it on it fit me like it had been made for me. I did think that it was a bit long as the hem almost touched the floor. But I wasn't wearing shoes or anything yet. Susan said, "I know it's a bit long, but it's supposed to be worn with a petticoat. However I don't think that would be practical at work, so we didn't include it now."

I admired myself in the mirror and I looked fantastic in the dress. I could imagine how I would look with a petticoat under the skirt. I would love to wear something like this on a party. I turned back to the women, "I can't accept to wear this beautiful dress to work. Don't you have something else?"

Susan smiled at me, "Sorry but this is all we have at the moment in your size. We don't make clothing that much anymore. We can't compete against the new shops that use magic to make clothing. We still do it the old fashion way. And we would love to have you wear it. It looks so good on you, like it was made for you."

I couldn't argue with that. I did look stunning in it. I capitulated, "Okay, but only today. I'll be back as soon as I can to pick up my dry clothes."

Abigail nodded. "Of course dear, now fix your makeup and get going. You said you were going to be late right?"

I looked at my watch again, "Yes, you're right." I quickly fixed my makeup, and with matching blue pumps and a borrowed coat I scooted out the door towards the office. The guard at the door held me up even longer and I was sweating bullets looking at the time. Finally I reached the floor and hung up my coat. Caleigh, the secretary, looked at me with a pained expression, then looked at the clock. I whispered, "I know, I know. Where is everyone?"

Caleigh pointed to the meeting room, "The meeting already started, maybe you can slip in."

I opened the door very slowly and carefully. As I did I heard, "And we have two new people. I would like to introduce Benton Nevins." Some people started clapping while I slipped through the door and saw everyone sitting at the table except for a young man who was standing looking around. 'I guess that is Benton Nevins then.' Then I looked at Mr. Hanner, who scowled, looking directly at me.

I got frightened. 'He did mention that we were expected to be punctual.' I swallowed and just tried to go to an empty seat as inconspicuously as I could.

However Mr. Hanner put a stop to that. "The other new employee is Miss Xia Wu, who just managed to join us here in the meeting." Now all the eyes were focused on me and I felt my cheeks blush fiery red. The people started clapping again, while I just stood there like a deer caught in headlights. As quickly as I could, I sat down on an empty chair and listened as the meeting went on. They quickly discussed ongoing projects and went on with new ones. Then they assigned new projects to the various people and Mr. Hanner said, "I will assign Mr. Decker to take Mr. Nevins under his wing. I will personally guide Miss Wu in her work here."

After that the meeting was adjourned and everyone started leaving the room. Mr. Hanner said, "Miss Wu, please stay seated." When everyone else had left, he closed the door and sat next to me. "Miss Wu, I did tell you that I expect people to be on time. And we talked about the dress code as well. Not only were you late for the meeting, you show up in a party dress that is hardly the attire I expect from any of my staff at work."

I really was depressed now. I already thought that I would lose my job before it even had begun. I started crying softly. Mr. Hanner gave me a hanky and asked, "Why don't you tell me why you were late?"

I started with a wavering voice, "I was on time below on the street, when a car sped past me and hit a puddle. I was soaked after that. Some women from a nearby clothes shop loaned me this dress, so I could still get to work dressed in something dry. I'm sorry that I'm not dressed in the right attire, but my suit is soaked and won't be dry for at least another hour."

Mr. Hanner lifted my chin, so I had to look at him. "So that was you down there? I saw that scene and felt sorry for the woman who was so unfortunate to get splashed. From up here I didn't recognize you." He smiled, "I'm not going to fire you anyway. I just was a bit disappointed in your tardiness. But I can understand how you must feel. It has been a difficult morning for you, right?"

I nodded. "I really wanted to show you that I can be the best new junior associate. And then I got splashed. It really felt like everything fell apart."

Mr. Hanner interrupted me, "Don't worry about it anymore. Besides, you look lovely in that dress. Maybe I should change the dress code."

I looked startled at him, "Are you serious?"

He laughed, "No, of course not. But you do look lovely in that dress. Now dry your tears and let's get to work."

I followed him to his chamber and soon was reading up on several cases and writing some briefs for him. After my first full working day I hurried back to the clothes shop and was greeted by both Abigail and Susan. They had laid out my own clothes which were clean and dry now. For a moment I was tempted to just put on my familiar suit and return to my apartment, but instead I said, "You said that the customer who ordered this dress canceled the order?"

Susan confirmed, "Yes, she did. She was a spoiled brat who just teased us into making a beautiful dress. Then she just canceled it without reason. She did pay the down payment, though it barely covered the costs that we made for making the dress."

On a whim I asked, "How much does it cost?"

Abigail looked up for a moment and said, "Normally about $500, but I'll let you have it for $100"

Susan looked at her sister, startled, "You can't mean that."

"Sure I can. It's just sitting in our shop. I'd rather sell it cheap and have it worn than just hanging here. I just hope that Xia will tell people where it was made."

I smiled. She had good ideas. "Of course I'll praise your shop. You did make a fantastic dress."

Then Abigail said, "But you've got to try it with the petticoat. Here, I'll help you." She pulled out the petticoat and hiked up my skirt so I could step into it. Before long I was admiring myself in the beautiful dress that came even more to its right with the petticoat underneath it. I really looked like going to a party or a ball.

"Gee, it really looks good like that. I'll definitely buy it. Maybe you have some more clothes for me?"

Susan now piped in as well, "Not at the moment, but of course we can make lots of clothes for you. But we'll have to measure you exactly for that."

It meant taking off my dress, and standing before them in my new undies. It didn't take long, fortunately, and soon I dressed myself in my business suit that was clean and dry again. Before long they promised to show me some designs soon, and I had to promise to stop by lots of times.

I returned to my apartment loaded with a big box containing the dress, my briefcase and some other bags. Fortunately a neighbor helped me get everything up to my place. I thanked him profusely, but I think he wanted to ask me for a date. I didn't need my powers to see that. He didn't ask me however, I think he was too shy. Maybe I should encourage him, he seemed a nice guy, but I wasn't interested after my previous experiences.

After a light meal I relaxed on my bed and took out the card that my brother had given me. It read,

'Gordon Wood

special investigator

Baltimore Police Department'

with the telephone numbers below it and an address which was probably the police station. I kept looking at it, pondering if I should call him or not. I really wanted to, but I felt afraid as well. I could just talk to him, as if I didn't know him before today. But I might slip up and reveal who I had been before. I decided to postpone the decision till later and tried to get to sleep early. But hours later I was still awake, lost in thoughts about meeting my former brother.

A week went past and I was getting well underway with my work. The next Sunday I was waiting on the sofa when the bell rang and I opened the door. Immediately Kathy stepped in saying, "Mèi mèi!" {younger sister}

I smiled at her, "Xie xie, Jiě jiě. Fù qin, Mǔ qin."

Kathy hugged me, "I'm so happy to see you. So this is your new apartment, nice!"

My adoptive father just grunted to me, but my adoptive mother looked all around the apartment. She checked the refrigerator to see if it was stocked, and all the cupboards for dust. 'Whew, am I glad that I cleaned it all yesterday.' I didn't say anything though and soon she smiled thinly back at me. She approved of my housekeeping.

I had a great day, though it was tiring to be on guard for my adoptive parents. Being with Kathy made more than up for it though. 'Next time I'll just invite only her.' It's not that I don't like my family, but they can be bothersome sometimes. I was glad to see them go, but sad that Kathy was going too. We hugged saying goodbye and I added softly, "I want you to come again soon, but alone next time."

Kathy replied just as softly, "Sure Sis, I would love that."

The weeks after that everything fell into a kind of routine, with only a visit of Cassandra & Brett as an interruption. I tried to do my work as well as I could, but every time Mr. Hanner had something to comment. I even tried to use my power to anticipate what he would comment on and do it to his specifications. But still he always made some comment on what could be done better and more efficiently. Then one day he asked me in his office and had me sit down. I tried to guess what was on his mind now, but unfortunately my power only shows potential outcomes and which one is the most likely. I can't read minds with it. I was a bit puzzled though, that my power showed me being exhilarated and happy.

Mr. Hanner started, "I've been on your case a lot Xia. But I always do that with a new charge. I want them to do their best work and learn the most in as short a time as possible. Now I guess you used your power a few times to make me stop commenting, because I had to look very hard to see something with your work that could be improved."

I perked up hearing that. 'So he thought that I was doing a good job?' That was good news. I had heard from other new associates that Mr. Hanner was always hard on his charges. Then Mr. Hanner continued, "I even have some good news for you. You already assisted me with a few cases. So tomorrow I will assign you a case of your own with me assisting you."

Now I was really ecstatic. 'I'm getting my own case already?' "Oh wow, Mr. Hanner. I don't know what to say."

He smiled, "How about thank you?"

"Of course thank you. I really appreciate this. I won't let you down Mr. Hanner."

I prepared my very first own case with even more care. It was about an abused girl that had stabbed her own father. She claimed it was self defense, which I believed to be true. Still, the prosecutor wanted her to do time. The girl's mother wasn't that wealthy, but the office takes on several Pro Bono cases every year. They took even more cases than is mandatory for a law firm anyway. I was puzzled however that Mr. Hanner would be assisting me in such a minor case. Meticulously I went over the whole case, looking up the details of the policemen and professional helpers that worked the case. I failed to investigate a few of them however, one in particular. He was just a minor entry in the case, as a consultant, a policeman with the initials G.W. was asked to do some assessments.

Finally my first own case was going to trial. We already had a preliminary hearing, which revealed nothing new. Now I was waiting for the judge to come in. I was sitting next to the girl, Chiselle Bellows, and her mother, Lainie. On my other side was an inconspicuous Mr. Hanner reading a little in the case file and observing me. I was amazed at how he could blend into the background. If I didn't look straight at him, I would forget that he was even there. It got me thinking that he might have a magic power himself, perhaps he was a Nil. I had heard of them, they are supposed to be very rare, then again so am I, being a precognitive. I didn't have any more time as the judge arrived and the bailiff called, "All rise! Judge Croner presiding."

The trial started quite well, my opponent was a rookie like myself, but he hadn't prepared his case as well as I did. After about an hour I was ahead on points, but got a headache from my precog power. I thought I could do without it, so I took some Catataxin. Mr. Hanner looked at me with a questioning look. I pointed at my temple indicating that I was getting a headache. He nodded and whispered, "If you don't feel up to it, I can take it over."

I smiled, "I'll be all right." I had barely said that, when the prosecutor announced his next witness. "I call Detective Gordon Wood to the stand."

With a jerk I turned around and saw my former brother walk down the aisle to take his place at the stand. I felt flustered, scared and elated at the same time. 'What is he doing here? Why didn't I see his name on the list?' Then I remembered seeing a detective with the initials G.W. on the list. 'An eidetic memory comes in handy, though it's a curse as well.' I knew that the prosecutor was grasping at straws, and hadn't thought things through well enough. I had learned quite early that you never ask a question in court when you don't know the answer beforehand.

My opponent asked, "Mr. Wood, would you tell me who stabbed the victim, with what and how?"

Gordon calmly looked at the prosecutor, "The girl sitting with the defense attorney's stabbed the man with the letter opener. But..."

The prosecutor hastily interrupted, "Yes, thank you, detective that is enough. Let the records reflect that he identified the defendant as the one who stabbed the victim. I have no more questions for this witness, your honor."

The judge looked at me, "Your witness Miss Wu."

I just looked at Gordon. I couldn't move nor say anything. The judge repeated his words, still I just looked. Then I came a bit to my senses and started gathering my papers, though I knew everything from memory. I was confused at what I should do or say. But Mr. Hanner came to my rescue. Fluently he got to his feet and said clearly, "Excuse me your honor, my colleague isn't feeling well, so if you don't mind I'll take over."

The judge waved to Mr. Hanner to proceed and he asked, "Mr. Wood, can you tell please the circumstances about the stabbing?"

Gordon explained that the father had been abusive before and had been drinking. Chiselle had been fearful, and after receiving a blow from her father she fell down near the letter opener that lay on the floor. She had clutched it in her hands as he came to her again. That's when she blindly raised it to fend off her abusive father off. Mr. Hanner asked, "And how do you know all this?"

Gordon smiled, "I'm a post cognitive and have seen the whole scene played out like I just said."

I didn't even hear that last sentence clearly as I was still flabbergasted by my confrontation again with my former brother. After his testimony, Mr. Hanner killed the prosecutor's case effectively and won the case. I just sat at the table keeping quiet. As he congratulated the girl and her mother, I did the same on autopilot. I just didn't think too much about what I was doing.

As we were filing out of the courtroom, Mr. Hanner pulled me into a small conference room. There he sat me down before sitting down himself in front of me. "Okay spill it Xia. I've never seen you react like that. This isn't like you. You'd better get it out of your system, I don't have use for a lawyer that is lost every time she sees a good looking young man. What is it about that detective that got you so spooked that you couldn't function anymore?"

I looked at Mr. Hanner, "He was the one that splashed me totally wet that first Monday."

Mr. Hanner's face relaxed a bit, "Is that all? Well, I don't see why that should affect you so much. Unless you're..."

I interrupted him with, "And he's my former brother, though he doesn't know it."

Now Mr. Hanner was a loss for words. I continued, "I can't very well tell him that I used to be his brother. But I'm afraid that if I talk to him, I might say something that will alert him to who I used to be. I'm scared, Mr. Hanner."

Mr. Hanner hesitated, but then said, "Well, I don't have a ready-made solution for that. I understand your dilemma. And you were doing great with the case till the incident. Maybe it also had to do something with you taking your Catataxin. I can only say that you'll probably meet him again, so it would be best if you just had a talk with him."

I bit my lower lip, "I'll try, thanks Mr. Hanner."

As we exited the room Mr. Hanner quickly disappeared, I mean one moment he was near me, the next I couldn't even see him. I really think that he might be a nil. I walked towards the exit of the court building myself when I noticed someone waiting at the exit. He was probably waiting for me, as it was my former brother Gordon. I hesitated only for a moment, before deciding that I wasn't going to avoid him. As he saw me coming, he came right at me. "Hi again Miss Wu, I would like to apologize again for splashing you all wet that day. Though I'm curious why you never called me or sent me the bill for cleaning your clothes."

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