Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Lolita, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Male, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young black college student dates, has sex with, and subsequently impregnates a teenage girl from Bangladesh.

I was 22, going off to college for the first time to an historically black university in a rather diverse city when I met Rudmila, the young south Asian cashier of my local mall's candy store. We would casually chat every now and then while I made a small purchase. Rudmila, 17, had recently moved to the US with her parents only a few years ago. Though naturally shy, my new friend was open with her love of her new home and had a sweet beauty about her. She wasn't exactly petite, but standing at 5', her 32" chest lightly draped by medium length dark hair made for a full, sexy body.

I soon found myself think about her at random parts of the day, what it would be like to kiss her thin, soft lips, to press her young body next to mine. The next day, I visited her again. "What would you like today?" she asked, clumsily tossing her hand through her black hair, slight red highlights hinting at her youth. 'No, actually I just came by to say 'hello''. She lit up with reserved joy to hear that. I was surprised. You don't typically see many black guys asking south Asian girls-- let alone while they're still in high school. But she seemed to like me and much as I liked her. Her excitement became my excitement. I was on auto-pilot.

'So, I know you're Bangladeshi, but do ever watch Bollywood movies?'


'There's a movie theater by my college, we should see one soon."

She laughed, nervously "I don't know, it sounds like a date..."

'Only if you want it be.' I replied, on queue.

She stared at me briefly, not as a customer, but as a potential suitor. Her innocence seemed to melt away in front of me as I could feel her gently eye-fuck me with her big, brown eyes.

She managed to meet me the next night, telling her parents she'd be studying at a friend's house late. Rudmila went to a private school with a generic uniform of white blouse and gray skirt. The movie house is never busy on weeknights, so we ended up being the lone couple in this Indian romantic comedy movie. We shared popcorn which allowed me to "accidentally" graze her hand and forearm every few minutes. Without hesitation (and even realizing it), I began massaging her arm, working my up towards her shoulder, neck, then in front to her--. It didn't occur to me what I had done until she tugged away from me. A cold wave of fear washed over me, because all she had to was tell ANYONE; After all, a 22 year-old feeling up a high school student wouldn't go over well with many. I could tell she was staring at me, but I was too terrified to return the stare. When I finally decided to turn to apologize, our face collided and she pressed her lips hard into mine. I could feel her heart pounding through my own heaving chest as she tried to calm herself, slipping her tongue into my mouth.

I resumed feeling on her breasts and she quietly began to awkwardly thrust her b-cup into my palm. Rudmila ran her fingers down my shirt, to my pants where she started to rub my bulging package through my jeans. Both inexperienced, we fondled each other in this way for another minute before she pulled away, announcing "This is all I want to do tonight, I come from a very traditional family. Marriage first" she smiled, attempting to break the tension. I laughed, telling her. I understood and resorted to watching the rest of the movie.

This became our regular schedule until one evening after I picked her up after school for dinner. We went to one of her favorite fast food places, and we halfway through eating before I realized that she was wearing her school uniform without a bra or usual stockings. The sight had me painfully hard, but I decided not to press the issue. We returned to the car as the restaurant was closing and began our usual make-out session. As we kissed, Rudmila started to unbutton her blouse. I didn't need encourage to slide my hand in to start stroking her mocha brown breasts. She usually kept a stoic look of concentration while we were 'together', but this began to buckle when leaned over an started to suck and bite on her dark nipples. With my hands free, I pulled her small body onto my lap. I could instantly the heat from her dripping crotch as her teenage dew dampened my jeans. With panicked difficulty, I tried to unbuckle my pants. With my dick finally free, I rubbed my throbbing manhood across her soaked patch of hair between her legs. Her gasps became louder as I positioned the head of my black penis to the month of her quivering Asian pussy.

"Do it, please..." she cried.

Rudmila grimaced as I began to enter her. My Bangladeshi girlfriend was stretched to capacity. All I could do was gently rock from side to side, cock buried deep inside of her. Soon, she grit down, digging her nails into my chest as my angel climaxed for the first time. She shook uncontrollably as the extra juices flowed down my shaft. Finally, I was able to move inside of her-- not that I needed to. As her orgasm died down, I splashed a load of hot cream into her fertile teenage womb. After three or four bursts, she collapsed on top of me. Out of breath, she finally mustered "I guess you have to marry me, now" she said, grinning. I still don't know if she was joking at the time. It didn't matter to me though. I was hooked, and so was she.

That's how it started. I would leave campus a little before her classes ended, pick her up for a movie, or dinner-- but ALWAYS dessert. Rudmila and I fucked everyday without protection. We never discussed that we wanted children, but she would never stop a fuck session until she was sure she had all of my cum in her vibrant body. She wanted my black baby as badly as I wanted to give it to her. So it was natural, and only a matter of time before Rudmila started oversleeping, and even sooner before she started throwing up each morning. Little by little, her belly began to stretch the skirt of her school uniform, as our brown baby grew inside of her. The morning sickness and fatigue didn't seem to affect her sex drive, though she began to prefer laying on her side, bracing herself, and resting her baby bump on my dorm room bed. She'd cum several times, me, playing with her swollen nipples as I plaster her insides with more sperm-- as if she needed anymore.

The next day came with the shock of my life. I drove to Rudmila's school as class ended as I did everyday, only to find that she never came out to meet me. I tried not to panic, and simply called her phone-- Disconnected. My best and most justifiably paranoid guess what that her parents had discovered her pregnancy and decided to either send her away or "take care of it" (though I had no evidence of anything outside of her disappearance). At any rate, she was gone. I now had a difficult decision ahead of me: Ignore the situation and be thankful I haven't been thrown in prison (yet... ), or risk prosecution in a rescue mission to save my love and my unborn baby.

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